Live from GDC 2010! PlayStation Press Conference

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UPDATE: Hit the play button in the Ustream box below to replay today’s PlayStation Move press conference from GDC.

Greetings from GDC 2010! This year we’re going big at the Game Developers Conference, with a major press event today. Couldn’t make it in? Sure you can! Just watch our live stream below.

The show starts at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern:

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  • hey guys, can you use a streaming program that doesn’t pop up ads in front of the video?

    otherwise, looking good so far.

  • nah I dont think that they will COMBATCSOLDIER. they will show off their paid network before that.

  • PlayStation Move logo is awesome and artsy.

  • We also announce the PlayStation Move Deluxe Set. Comes with a PS3, a PSEye, a PlayStation Move, and M.O.B.! You know, for Moving Operating Buddy!

  • WOOT! It’s live! GDC 10 finally here! :D

  • jesus, nancy, inside the lines!

  • at VincentVendetta. I do wonder what game they will have with it.


  • You’re delaying Eyepet for almost a full year for that?

    The move controller stuff seemed extremly limited and pointless.

    Give us the game already.

  • wow. I want to try playstation move and socom 4. that actually looks kind of fun.

  • pff, what a joke, frickin party games, and some figthing ones that look unresponsive as they can get…

    also eyepet, so yeah in the european version you get the magic card,. which does exactly the same as the “move”(stupid name btw) does, but in the US version the “move” will be required, so in sum you’ll have to spend more money to play US eyepet having the exact same content… LAME

  • Is the full press conference going to be up on PSN tomorrow?

  • @61 That stuff was pre-alpha, hater. Stay quiet.

  • SOCOM 4 looks great

  • this was hella cool…the playstation move looks really precise.

  • Thank You Guys for the video. I now have a reason to be interested in Socom 4.

    How much is the PSMC without the camera? I already own the Camera.

  • Looks like most games require two Move controllers.

  • Way to go, Sony. You are now Nintendo. All set with Move. All set with 3D. If you want 3D, look around.

    Gaming is dead. Toys now reign.

  • Yep, I was right not to get my hopes up.

  • Im getting that. The SOCOM4 footage was awesome cant wait for that either.

  • @67 No, most games for Core gamers will (so yeah).

  • I’m hoping we just can buy only play station move what if I allready have PS3 Eye? lol

  • good job guys.
    more positive to this motion thing now. and the name is good,. seeing it up there with the logo and stuff looked really good.

  • Wow thats some major lag, is it really 1:1 tracking?

  • watched it, yep…still dont care about motion controls.

  • The demo’s were not impressive. Should have held off on showing this for the press conference. If this is suppose to be better than the Wii controls, how can anyone expect that Natal can provide a better experience with just a camera and body controls?

  • pretty cool, guys. i was hoping for some more info on software, and wasn’t really expecting much on Move, but it’s still pretty interesting. or maybe some new changes in the xmb or so…

    also, are those two guys really like the “face” of Playstation?
    cause i mean… c’mon…

  • Congratulations Sony. I am fully impressed. I really saw the potential for you guys to screw this up whether it be the price point, the precision or just dropping a bunch of “kiddy” shovelware, you actually stepped up to the plate and silenced a lot of the criticism. I am concerned about having to buy the nun-chuck-lick sub controller separate and though the price sounds good Im wondering how much it will cost me to own a couple of these things so I can enjoy them with friends. This is the level of control I had hoped from out of the sixasis and never got. Can’t wait to see how this might also be used in PS Home as well. Great work. Now just give it to us already.

  • @71 He announced that you could. Now you know and EVERYONE WITH THE SAME QUESTION CAN NOT ASK…

  • well, i was expecting a lil bit more like a firmware update with cool feautures but what we got was a motion controler that is going to be a lil bit on the expensive side when bundled with the eyetoy

    gotta expect less from these game shows :0

  • Cool didn’t know Jeff was gonna interview Jack Tretton in the Ustream video.

  • I think having the multiple bundles will be cool but I do home they have like a family set where you can get a couple controllers for a decent price. That and I can see the return of the light gun games I grew up loving.

  • Ok, this is probably an off the wall question but will you be able to charge the new controller with a USB cable just like the dual shock? Please say ‘yes’!

  • How will Move work with GT5?

  • PS3 > Nintendo Wii

  • I just hope Sony sticks to their plan of releasing games with both control schemes because I can’t imagine playing anything like Soccom 4 or Infamous 2 with the motion controller. I have a wii and I wish that games like Super Mario Galaxy were compatible with a regular controller.
    The controller looks nice anyway, I hope we see a new Ape Escape at E3.

  • LOL @TheKevinButler twitter posts are always hilarious!!

  • This is Sony’s year not yours

  • i know im complaining alil too much but cummon could the video play without it skipping every 15 seconds! sheesh..three dissapointments in one day. THANKS SONY :/

  • Awesome job, Sony! I’m looking forward to PlayStation Move. :D

  • man that fighting game looks epic

  • Mr. Trenton on behalf of the Playstation Nation, put this thing out now and you’ll have earned that pay check! LOL

  • I was generally impressed, but I’m only willing to assign to them that most horrible of words:


  • Can we get some HD footage of SOCOM 4 in action, please? I want to see it in more detail!

  • Thanks Jeff and Chris, was a great way to view the conference :)

  • its great!!!

  • I hope “Move” will always be optional. I don’t like a “Wii2”. I have given up my Wii because I’m fed with almost every game I like ended using the motion sensing tech.
    I see many casual games flooding the PS3. Cheap and short development result in a products not worth the money…
    Well… maybe I just should sell my two PS3’s and get me a fast computer…

  • Was hoping for more HOME info. Doesnt look like Move will work in home… :(

  • Bring it on!!

  • Since you guys said we can ask for anything. I want inFamous 2 and Heavenly Sword 2 :)

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