Live from GDC 2010! PlayStation Press Conference

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UPDATE: Hit the play button in the Ustream box below to replay today’s PlayStation Move press conference from GDC.

Greetings from GDC 2010! This year we’re going big at the Game Developers Conference, with a major press event today. Couldn’t make it in? Sure you can! Just watch our live stream below.

The show starts at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern:

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  • I’m confused when exactly does it start at 4pm or 3:45 ?. I live in California D:.

  • Jeff could you give out a direct link. I cant see the embedded video on the PS3.

  • @1

    Probably the stream will start at 3:45 but the conference will go live at 4 pm

  • its 6 central right

  • Cant wait to see what sony have to show!

  • Curious what you guys have to show. Hopefully a new big game announcement like you had with LBP, Killzone 3 or Resistance 3 maybe. Not that interested in the motion-controller, but hey, maybe you can convince me.

  • what time is it there??? here is 20:11!

  • I’m waiting to hear big news! Big PS Home news. Like t.v’s and radios are coming.

  • Sweet deal. I was wondering when this was gonna come up.

  • Okay, how is it that some do not know their respective timezone and how the time listed by Jeff applies to theirs? It’s not exactly rocket science people.

    If you’re genuinely confused about it, I recommend using Google to identify what your timezone is in relation to PST.

    Looking forward to the conference. Always get giddy over these things.

  • can’t watch on my PS3. a playstation web that i can’t see why? fix it please you ues to be able to but I do have G4TV but no HD

  • Don’t care about motion controls, Home, or 3D. Hopefully their is something aside from that ;)

  • You Da Man Jeff, Thanks!!! 8)

  • im just wondering why you guys dont stream these event in Playstation Home because i cant see the embedded video on my ps3 for some reason. you would think playstation site would use video thats compatible with the ps3 browser.

  • Just in case you’re too lazy to check Google, the stream goes live in 25 minutes.

  • I am keeping my expectation low for now.

  • Damn, i thought you guys fixed that video issue in firefox, where if you move your mouse over the video it becomes white and has to reload :s. This video has it again.

  • this is great that you are streaming this live.
    unfortunately my PS3 is my only web access at home, so i wont be able to watch it.

  • @ 18 It’s not that I don’t know my timezone, I do, it’s just I’m a bit confused, well was, I thought I missed it till number 3 explained it for me.

    I hope it’s a game, also whats the point of Little Big Planet 2 ?. LBP is a game in which theres no need for a sequel. So I hope it’s more cool stuff for LBP.

  • Fantastic! I logged online just now to see if I could find a site streamig the conference and decided to check here first. I’m looking forward to more information about the (soon to be named?) PlayStation motion controller. It is a shame, as many have already pointed out, that I can’t watch it via the PS3 browser.

  • i’m happy that you guys are going to stream the conference.hope to hear good news :0)

  • I’ve got it bookmarked at G4 on my Satelite reciever since Attack of the Show n G4 will cover it on there show…

    And now Sony’s Ustream I have it all covered…

    They will finally show the Motion Controller that will release this fall at TGS and some games that will work with it like LBP, hopefully an RPG (FFXIII). And then some other game related news…

    Maybe even some news about the 3D FW update for PS3’s that will be needed when Sony release’s their TV’s and broadcasts the FIFA/EUA World Cup in June (10th)…

  • 45 minutes to go..tick tock tick tock

  • oops not 45,more like 12 minutes or so

  • lets bring a few megatons sony! XD

  • Very awesome. I’m looking forward to some good stuff, Sony.

  • at#6 killzone 2took 5years i doubt they will annonce it before next year

  • thanks again for the live stream.

  • I love you I love you I love you I love you!!

    Cant wait till 4:00. Except my girlfriend needs to be picked up at 4:30. So lets make this event a quick one plz!

  • Oh Great…. Maybe they will announce something worth while… Such as good games available on PSN. That have trophies and actually matter. Yes I am pissed and I want more out of Sony Store. Give us good games that are not self created art. Its good every once in a while but stop with this echochrome flower crap and give us more games like final fight, and castle crashers. You know…. actual games that will sell and people enjoy. Flower is nice while it lasted .. One playthrough that is. And if you want to cram ps1 classics down our throat at rip off prices. Atleast add trophies. How about some ps2 classics you cheap skates. I want sony to personally contact me and apologize for having such crappy updates while its competitors wii and 360 get all the good games. Sony I love you but you really need to step up your game.

  • Sony better announce some things I want….

    I want a paid service that offers as much content if not more then xbox live. You know voice cross game chat…. MAJOR BONUS PLEASE!

    Games that matter for PSN and not more crap like noby noby boring and flower junk. Give us violent good stuff.

  • Oh god, please don’t listen to CombatCSoldier. A paid service is the worst thing Sony could do.

  • Why is that awful Tiktok song playing?


  • @34….

    Hey brother no disrespect and I completely understand your view. However Sony already has plans for two different premium services in the future. They will still offer free online. However others such as myself that want a few perks will have the option to pay for it.

    Regardless dont worry brother, I dont believe in pay to play like that crap on xbox live. I just believe in getting a few perks for a few bucks is all.

  • inFAMOUS 2 with ARC controls FTW!!! 8)

  • i though G4tv was going to be broadcasting it live as well

  • Was hoping the blog would do a live stream…Now tell us when is destination playstation! :D

  • Yah!!! Intetwebs+Sony, I think you for the ablity to view this awesome event!!!

  • @37 cross game chat is needed for free though wont work if some people have it and none your friends who dont pay dont have it
    otherwise i would like a few options to pay for aslong as they keep what currently have for free just have different premium service options to choose from

  • @ #37 yah thats true. i wouldnt mind doing that either.

  • Watch they announce Arc Sports, Arc Kinetic, Arc Play, Arc whatever, basically all the Eye Toy game iterations but in HD and using Arc.

  • this is very cool of you guys. I cant wait to see what new stuff you guys have been cooking up for us. Since you getting ready to release god of war and have released heavy rain I cant wait to see the new stuff you have penned up for us. I hope it has something to do with the agency or dc online.

  • also I wonder if anything new about LittleBigPlanet is going to happen. But I doubt that ;D

  • lol… The video says Playstation GCD. Not GDC.

  • Hope this is going to be amazing!!!

  • Thankyou Guys for the support and if we all voice our views and opinions then they will be forced to listen to us.

  • Sony, Please announce cross game chat…

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