Live from GDC 2010! PlayStation Press Conference

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UPDATE: Hit the play button in the Ustream box below to replay today’s PlayStation Move press conference from GDC.

Greetings from GDC 2010! This year we’re going big at the Game Developers Conference, with a major press event today. Couldn’t make it in? Sure you can! Just watch our live stream below.

The show starts at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern:

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  • Let’s see where this will take the PS3 :)


  • Loved it guys! It looks very promising. Also really liked the Live Vlog thing, you should keep that up especially with the E3 in sight!

  • I can honestly say this sucked

  • If anyone can do motion control right, it’s Sony’s creative studios. So yeah, good tech. Jack Tretton is such a swell guy!

    Also, how about some more PSN avatars?

  • just watched the stream…good job guys…really liked having the CEO talking after the show. do more of these for sure…and drop up to canada as well lol

  • Great stuff, they should do this all the time with all the events. Move looks intriguing but i’ll have to see more of it before i’m sold.

  • Great job guys,love the live-stream! couldn’t of done better Thank you so much for all your hard work up in SF!


  • Great show !

    The Move (Arc) looks impressive and each time I see a demo, I like it more. (Socom 4 and the boxing demo were amazing).

  • that was great, Thanks guys!!!

    ps you guys rule

  • you can see the passion in jack and jeff, this is why i love this ps3 so much, as well as the games that is :) thanks! move is a 1st day buy from me.

  • Awesome…can’t wait for SOCOM 4 with or without MOVE!

  • looks pretty sweet, but yeah the main thing I would like to see is cross game voice chat!!

  • Great Live Coverage, guys.

    Must say though, I am not excited about Playstation Move. DS3 FTW.

  • I’d love to see a full on action RPG like Diablo or something use this. Sony’s been slacking in the RPG department and I could see this bring something fresh to the table. Can’t just throw all your chips in on FFXIII. Also what about a Mech game. That would be hot!

  • Thanks guys for streaming this. Also thanks for not using any of those lame blank screens during the demos like Microsoft uses during there presentations.

  • This was awsome guys! Keep up the great work. I am getting PlayStation move for sure.

  • dam it i missed it

  • ..OK you have to do it… nice for my 5 years old child.. NOW.. don’t bring it also to E3.. and give us GT5 release date.. or.. well.. don’t spend other 30 min at E3 please

  • Excellent coverage! Well done – only a couple short hiccups with the feed. Watched it in full screen! I had the choice to make between G4’s feed and yours – I made the right choice. Please do more of these!

  • Florida O_O

    Also, will you be doing something like this for E3 as well?

  • Jeff and Chris definitely would like to see more coverage like this for future game conferences to see here on PS Blog.

  • Cant wait to see the SoCom demo in HD!

  • Leaving the comment you guys asked for. The one thing I noticed was during the EyePet trailer it seemed that some of it was cut off.

    Honestly, that’s it. Good job covering guys. Liked the intro/outro with you all talking to us keeping us entertained and providing extra little details like the talk with Jack. I’ve watched a few livestreams where its just music 15 minutes into the presentation and everybody is going ‘wth is going on, are they going to start’. So yeah, thanks for helping us kill the time. Hope to see more of these from you in the future.

  • @ Jeff & Chris,

    Great to be able to see the presentation over live stream. Thanks for that.

    No complaints here.

    On another note… Hope E3 brings to light all the great games we the fans are for: TWISTED METAL among many others!


  • wait wait wait wtf? if i want to play the fighting game or the gladiator game then i have to buy 2 move controllers?

  • Oh…and more streaming coverage of everything PlayStation please! You guys rocked…how about a podcast now?

  • i liked the ps move a lot

  • You asked what you could do better… Well, it’s pretty hard to say!!!
    You support us, you listen to us, you give us the oppurtunity to see so many things through the blog, updates, etc etc.

    One thing :)

    HD Stream :) (Little big planet on SD is a crime)

  • That was okay :D.

    I mean I expected more about games for PS3, and not Playstation Move, but I can say it was pretty good. I might get this for christmas.

  • Great coverage, guys. The PS Move seem to be all right though I hope there will be some more great titles coming along the way.

  • That was awesome, I loved the live streaming. Hopefully I can coax my parents to get me a PS3 for my birthday. Great Job

  • Jeff Rubenstein thank you for the great stream video. You guys were awesome, and thanks for shedding light on PS next big thing, thing PS MOVE.

    Will I will able to test it in a Sony Style store in Los Angeles?

  • It was also disturbing that they didn’t have a price point for the following:

    1) The bundle that includes the PS3 itself and,

    2) the controller alone (with no PSEye).

    I guess #2 HAS to be well under $99.99 (which is alright by me, I bought Eye of Judgement).

  • Thanks for the live stream guys, you did great. Just one more reminder why I’m part of the playstation nation.

    By the way, will the video of the conference be posted on the psn store or the blog? I wanted to show the Playstation(r)Move to some family members.

  • Awesome! i am so impressed with how Sony has taken their time to implement their games and new technology. I would love for them to also be number one in sales of console which probably will happen at the end of March. Great things happening for PS Nation.

    PSN: stennex

  • Not sure if you guys were planning on it but it would be nice to be able to watch the conference in it’s entirety after the stream ends. I missed the first 10 minutes ;)

  • This Was A Great Idea Of Streaming it online….cant wait to buy playstation move….

  • The live stream is an awesome idea. I definitely think you should keep doing it for events like these. As for the motion controller tech, it looks decent. It’s something that people really have to try out themselves in order to give it a good judgment.

  • Hope we will get a live feed from E3 too! Anyway, staid up all night for this. Actually it’s 02:00 over here in The Netherlands and I have exams coming up at 11:00 but it was well worth the wait.

    Motion Fighter and Socom 4 with PS Move looks good, just hope you saved all the big announcements for E3 as this was more of a big demo run rather than a press conference.

    Still PlayStation is moving forwards and I’m happy to be part of the PlayStation Nation :)

  • I really liked the fighting game demonstration but I wish they would’ve shown more of the archery rather than just what was in the trailer. That archery was one of the things that first got me interested in this motion controller as you were shooting at skeleton warriors. It seems like there will be a Wii type game where you have a bunch of games like gladiator, ping pong, etc all in 1 which is a big plus and it seems like a great first game starting out. Hopefully this also means we can see some Wii ports such as Dead Space Extraction coming to the PS3 since the PS3 already has the 1st Dead Space & will be getting the 2nd game in the series as well.

  • wait, wait, wait, wtf? if i want to play the fighting game or the gladiator game then i have to buy 2 move controllers?

  • Have to say I do appreciate the fact that we were allowed to view a Live stream of the press conference. Looking forward to see more games from PlayStation Move.

  • nix my question, it was recorded as being streamed

  • Good job! always nice to see jack tretton answer some questions too. I never been a fan of motion controllers but ill buy it anyway to see how good it works. I just hope they dont compromise new ‘regular’ games for games that works with that controller.

  • Kinda neat. I wanted to see HVB. LBP and some of the others were strait up gimmicks which weakened the show.

  • Great liveblog Jeff, Chris. Even better, the live stream was embedable, so lots of sites were able to spread the joy. Hopefully in the future live streaming will find its way into Playstation Home.

    Was not expecting SOCOM 4 to have motion controls. Not sure what to think on this yet.

  • You guys are awesome, I was a little skeptical on the Motion Controller when I first saw it at E3 but now I am a believer, Playstation Move is here, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I am a SONY convert for life, the Playstation 3 is definitely, hands down, one of the best purchases I have ever made. Along with the Playstation 1, 2, and PSP, in my mind you guys are on an unstoppable roll, keep doing what your doing, cause I’ll keep buying and supporting you every step of the way! You guys rock!!!

  • Thanx for the live update. Wonderful.

    BUT, what a horrible presentation. Ugly games, interesting examples but pretty badly shown. I’m shocked!
    What is exciting is the accuracy, well, the idea to have what the Wii could have been in the first place: an HD console with totally accurate controller. At least they opened the way.

    You never talked about the ‘move’ feedback. Well, is there a vibration option? If there isn’t, it would be a shame, as you wouldn’t feel anything happening to you (hitting the ball, hitting a shield etc.).

    You really should work your E3 presentation, you have probably the best technology, wich has to my eyes the best potential, but if you don’t do anything to make it sexier, and tie it to triple A games (like Nintendo does with Mario and Zelda), nobody will ever spend a dime on the device.

    Well, I’m still looking forward to seeing its evolution. I’d really like to play Wii games like with HD and 3D graphics.

  • Socom 4 looks great!!! :D

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