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Hey everyone, Greg Batalucco here to bring you the next installment of MLB 10: The Show posts. This entry will focus on the realism and experience within our stadiums.

Beginning with last year’s version of The Show, we wanted to make the game even more accurate. In MLB 10: The Show, we have taken it further and added more to your gaming experience. New for this year’s edition are real-time players in the dugouts and bullpens, fireworks, rally towels, thundersticks, working digital and analog clocks, and much more. All these realistic enhancements to the game make MLB 10: The Show feel and sound like you are actually at the ballpark. Throughout this post we will focus on the stadium enchantments and how they make The Show come alive!

Real-Time Players in The Dugout and Bullpen
New to this year’s version of The Show is having the dugouts and bullpens full to capacity in real time. What this means is that players will be seen in actual game time sitting on the bench, standing, leaning on the railings and moving around. The players will even react to the action on the field, so if a foul ball comes in the dugout, they will quickly move out of the way. You’ll also see bullpen activity – with pitchers getting up, stretching and starting to loosen up. Managers will be seen giving instruction to the bench players and calling out to the fielders in play. This realism gives you, the user, the element that you are involved in a real-life baseball game.

Stadiums Experiences (Fireworks/HR/splash counters/clocks)
Last year we added quite a bit to the stadium experience, but this year we wanted to make MLB 10 stand out even more. We set out researching how the stadiums looked, finding the little nuances of each stadium. If you’re going to include fireworks, they have to look and sound real. Each fireworks explosion is designed to recreate the actual fireworks display that is seen when the home team hits a homerun or wins the game.

Another area of detail with the stadiums was adding in the famous Home Run Splash Counter in San Francisco. This also includes a special Splash Camera which follows the ball as it splashes into McCovey Cove. Also added to our stadiums are working clocks which show the actual time from game start until finish. There are digital and analog clocks throughout the stadiums, so check out the time as you play the game.

Crowd Detail (Reaching over the rails, thundersticks, rally towels, detail)
This year we added so much more to our crowds and their animations. The crowd in MLB 10 will now react to a ball hit into the stands either on foul balls or home runs. They will also reach over the railings to try and grab a ground ball that is hit into foul territory. Play The Show and you may actually see a fan take a tumble over the wall. Another thing we wanted to spruce up is crowd accessories. We decided to add in thundersticks, rally towels and the ever-present “cowbell” in Tampa. These little touches of realism add up to make MLB 10: The Show a home run!

Final Thoughts
As you can see, we went into the making of MLB 10 asking the question, “What can we do to make this game more realistic?” Our community and fans wanted even more detail and realism. If your favorite team, stadium, or crowd does things a certain way, we want to make sure it’s reflected in The Show. This attention to detail is what makes us stand out. From new fireworks, splash counters, thundersticks and more, we want you to feel the sights and sounds of real live baseball. We appreciate your feedback and will always listen to our fans as we try to make the best game possible. Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy MLB 10: The Show and the realism we bring to you.

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  • NYCthebest14345 | February 23rd, 2010 at 2:07 pm
    is the demo this thursday?

    if you read my post earlier you would have seen it will indeed be out thurs,confirmed by scea

  • Do the Rangers still have those horrible two colored helmets they they NEVER wear? i can’t tell.

  • Is there a way for 2011 to maybe have downloadable content for each team? for example getting a download to have vin scully do the play by play?

  • Yes, something I would like but wouldnt care whatsoever if it didnt happen would be new commentators. But I dont care. lol

  • Thanks for the continued updates. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

    Quick question: Any changes to manager/umpire arguments? Are they user-controlled to any degree and can a manager be ejected from the game?

  • I like the idea of adding an online mode where on person controls their own player. Have 9 on 9 games. Or even 8 on 8 and have the cpu do the pitching. I like to play NBA live 10 and control one guy. Just a thought.

  • About the rangers helmets they actually got rid of them. Here is an article too.

  • Any chance of of an Umpire Mode for MLB 11? You know where you make the calls as the ump. Or even an Umpire RTTS. I think that would be cool.

  • By the way, given the RPG elements in the Road to the Show thing, how about a pre-order bonus where you get a special pair of socks or a hat that helps you bring in points to apply to your player?

    I’d compare it to Dragon Age offering a ring that offers a bonus to EXP, but in this case you could improve your player a bit more.

  • Hey thx for the hard work you guys put into this yrs game,looking fordward to playing it. There is one question i have in regards to City Field,did the center field wall get cut in half as it did in real life? Thx keep up the good work.

  • Bata Who?

    Batalucco Noodles!

    I love that add in The Show at Fenway in place of the WB Mason one.

    Once again you guys never seem to disappoint. Love all the new features added, and can not wait to get my hands on this gem this year.

    Best sports series of all time. Your guys attention to detail and professionalism on how you incorporate new things is a pinnacle and testament to the industry. And more developers out there should take notes.

    Keep up the great work, and looking forward to the 2010 baseball season.

  • Looks great man! Simply amazing what you guys do year to year. Doesn’t even compare to The Show 09 ata ll. How anyone can not already be blown away at the upgrades from last year is beyond me.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Everything has been great, with the new additions. This game is the reason I bought the PS3. I do have a few questions:

    1.) Is their an in-game ticker that shows other games around the league.. perhaps the commentators remark about it. I love the Scoreboards carrying the scores thats awesome, but with in-game updates, I wont have to pause the screen and replay to zoom out to keep up with the other games.

    2.) The player cards… will they carry season to season info for minors? Example: If I have a AA player in 2010, will on the back of his player card it carry his stats for the 2010 season. Then when I move to the 2011 season will I be able to go back and see his numbers from the 2010 season and hos his progression is coming with AAA 2011?

    Thanks… great work on the game. Looking forward to Tuesday

  • for teams in the baseball/football stadiums like the A’s and Marlins will they have football field lines in the late season like in august and september.
    in the madden games they had the baseball dimonds for the dolphins and raiders for the stadium in the season.

    if not look to do it for MLB 11

  • Again….DEMO PLEASE!!!!! MLB 2k10 is going to be an inferior product but at least they put out a demo so we can see for ourselves before we purchase the game…..What is going on??????????????????????

  • To Greg:

    If not in 2010 already, is it possible to have Cub fans throw back an opposing HR at Wrigley? This is a HUGE part of the experience at Wrigley!

  • This years edition looks amazing as always. Just a suggestion for 2011 if its not in here already- on all groundballs and pop-ups/fly balls to the outfield, itd be really cool if the closest outfielder busts it to back up the other outfielder whos fielding. Sometimes the ball can deflect off the heel of the glove, but the other OF is already backing it up and stops the runner from advancing. Just thought that would add an element of realism to the game

  • All this looks great on paper, but there’s still no mention of the demo, I might pass up getting the game next week just to see what the initial feedback is.

  • Another idea for MLB 11 The Show is a have Fans in the stands holding signs saying things like “Lets Go Phillies”

    Maybe even have a create a “sign” feature?

    That would be cool.

    Thanks again for making such a wonderful baseball game!!

  • Wait I second, I saw your comment above about the two tone Ranger helmets. Please tell me we can change this in the game. This might be picky, but that was one of the worst things about MLB 09 (just shows you how little wrong the game had). Still, as a die hard Rangers fan, you can expect us to use those ugly two tone helmets they they never wear in game?!

  • Hey Greg,

    to somewhat continue on what #36 said, as for the celebrations, you know how at the end of the game (if the home team wins without having to get a walk-off of some sort) and they all the players high-five each other, will a guy like Jered Weaver (6’7″), not be the same hight as a guy like Chone Figgins (5’9″)? because i always kinda didnt like how every player was the same hight, so Randy Johnson was as tall as Chone Figgins at times. lol

    also, i noticed that in some games, my pitcher would high-five himself after the game (there would be two of him) as if one was supposed to be the starter, and the other being the reliever, have either of these issues been fixed?

    other than that, i have no complaints on the show, i cant wait for mlb 10 to come out, nothing truely gets you closer than the show

  • this game will be the greatest baseball game ever no question

  • is there any chance for each team to have there offical radio and tv announcers as a dlc later in the year

  • I think id’d be a great idea to give pitchers a “Composure” rating. In real life, so many pitchers a meltdown prone, and in the game when things start going bad, the controller could start vibrating or it could become much harder to be accurate and pitches would be flat or very wild and a mound visit, or even a different pitcher would be necessary. What do you think?

  • i really don’t like baseball but this game is making me want to play it, and i will buy this and try to learn baseball through this, this game look great on all cylinders

    I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, I hope you guys male the next NBA game this realistic and great as this because I’m tired of the arcade-y basketball game like NBA live and the old NBA: the life

  • Is their an in-game ticker that shows other games around the league??????

  • Add players signature moves for example like when pujoles hit a homer he thanks god when he gets to home plate

  • Your game is simply AMAZING! And you guys nailed that water shot. Awesome!

  • The pitchers really seem to have got some love this year. It really looks like they are throwing that ball hard now. The team that worked on that did a great job. Also, Greg on HR’s at AT&T do the stack pipes shoot water out this year? And thank you for putting the retire numbers up in left field upper deck!

  • great work on mlb10 any chance for mlb11 to have a view from the sky like every other inning and like if in the yankey stadium the crowd chanting !A ROD! !A ROD! or any other player in their home park?? thank and keep the great work.

  • you should def look into putting bat boys in or people down the foul lines who get the foul balls and give em to the fans like they did in 2k7 i thought that was pretty kool but otherwise u guys blow 2k outta the water love you guys!!!!!

  • 7 more days i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is that rumor about the demo bein released on the 25th accurate or not??

  • Great job guys Im just loving every moment as I look on this blog site now I know that MLB10 is gonna b the best baseball game I played so far.But there’s one thing that I wanna know. If the the players on the field gonna be the same players in the dugout.Cause on (MLB09) One day I was showing my friends that THESHOW is better than 2k9 and they bust on me cause of that :( Anyway I got over it cause I know what game is better. Anyway just make sure to feed back so I could know about this quick to fix problem. keep up the good work. xoxo happy valentines no homo lol…. I can’t wait 4 MLB10 bring it haters lol…

  • MLB10 I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN U BRING OUT THE DEMO B4 THE GAME COME’S OUT. (PLEASE)!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL…

  • Greg, I noticed the Phillies have HR fireworks in the video. The one issue is that they only use fireworks for HR’s during the playoffs and never during the regular season. I’m assuming that the fireworks are in Philly for the entire game, playoffs or otherwise but please tell me my assumption is incorrect.

  • will you guys have towel in the playoff like they do in real life…and will a player get momento when the crowd is load and it screaming “Lets Go Red Soxs”.

    thank you gustavo{thereal32

  • wil the managers gonna come out like in real life and argue and even get ejected from games

  • will you guys have trophies and are you guys gonna put a lot.

  • Dear Greg,

    Is it possible rain and other new realistic weather effects will make it into MLB 11? Rain is so common in baseball and it would add a whole new level of immersion….

  • I also forgot to mention just like Rain Delays and Rain outs where games will be delayed to a later time or a game will be cancelled all together…

  • My favorite blog every year…. you guys have outdone yourselves once again. Unbelievable!

  • I know you guys have easier difficulty settings but even on rookie my friends had trouble playing and lost interest.

    Maybe you should add an even more arcadey mode so I could try to get them into it.

  • if any1 that keeps posting about the demo read my post earlier you would have seen it will indeed be out thurs,confirmed by scea..its a dead question,i want it really bad too but if you read posts you would of answered your question because greg as you can see will not answer any demo questions

  • will you be able to ask for a replay or will it automatically do that? and also manager arguements would be awesome, but reagrdless this game makes last year look bad… keep up the great work, i cant wait for this game and then for baseball season itself

  • sorry to double post but i mean replay to overturn foul/fair calls

  • One thing you guys should add is when Alfonso Soriano goes for a fly ball he does a hop and drops the ball. Other than that the show is the best game ever.

  • will some crowds be doing the “Wave”?

  • This game is perfect for a dynamic theme. After GoW3 I’m definitely picking the show up this year. It looks incredible!

  • I think for MLB 11 you should incorporate the MLB Network or something like that. You could have a pre game show similar to NFL 2k5 and a post game show. Something to think about for next year and for the record I’ve never heard the “Let’s Go Birds” chant at a Cardinals game so can you fix that? Alright thanks you guys are great!

  • hey greg are the rumors true on the 25th ps store will have the demo for the best baseball game evr made?

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