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Hey everyone, Greg Batalucco here to bring you the next installment of MLB 10: The Show posts. This entry will focus on the realism and experience within our stadiums.

Beginning with last year’s version of The Show, we wanted to make the game even more accurate. In MLB 10: The Show, we have taken it further and added more to your gaming experience. New for this year’s edition are real-time players in the dugouts and bullpens, fireworks, rally towels, thundersticks, working digital and analog clocks, and much more. All these realistic enhancements to the game make MLB 10: The Show feel and sound like you are actually at the ballpark. Throughout this post we will focus on the stadium enchantments and how they make The Show come alive!

Real-Time Players in The Dugout and Bullpen
New to this year’s version of The Show is having the dugouts and bullpens full to capacity in real time. What this means is that players will be seen in actual game time sitting on the bench, standing, leaning on the railings and moving around. The players will even react to the action on the field, so if a foul ball comes in the dugout, they will quickly move out of the way. You’ll also see bullpen activity – with pitchers getting up, stretching and starting to loosen up. Managers will be seen giving instruction to the bench players and calling out to the fielders in play. This realism gives you, the user, the element that you are involved in a real-life baseball game.

Stadiums Experiences (Fireworks/HR/splash counters/clocks)
Last year we added quite a bit to the stadium experience, but this year we wanted to make MLB 10 stand out even more. We set out researching how the stadiums looked, finding the little nuances of each stadium. If you’re going to include fireworks, they have to look and sound real. Each fireworks explosion is designed to recreate the actual fireworks display that is seen when the home team hits a homerun or wins the game.

Another area of detail with the stadiums was adding in the famous Home Run Splash Counter in San Francisco. This also includes a special Splash Camera which follows the ball as it splashes into McCovey Cove. Also added to our stadiums are working clocks which show the actual time from game start until finish. There are digital and analog clocks throughout the stadiums, so check out the time as you play the game.

Crowd Detail (Reaching over the rails, thundersticks, rally towels, detail)
This year we added so much more to our crowds and their animations. The crowd in MLB 10 will now react to a ball hit into the stands either on foul balls or home runs. They will also reach over the railings to try and grab a ground ball that is hit into foul territory. Play The Show and you may actually see a fan take a tumble over the wall. Another thing we wanted to spruce up is crowd accessories. We decided to add in thundersticks, rally towels and the ever-present “cowbell” in Tampa. These little touches of realism add up to make MLB 10: The Show a home run!

Final Thoughts
As you can see, we went into the making of MLB 10 asking the question, “What can we do to make this game more realistic?” Our community and fans wanted even more detail and realism. If your favorite team, stadium, or crowd does things a certain way, we want to make sure it’s reflected in The Show. This attention to detail is what makes us stand out. From new fireworks, splash counters, thundersticks and more, we want you to feel the sights and sounds of real live baseball. We appreciate your feedback and will always listen to our fans as we try to make the best game possible. Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy MLB 10: The Show and the realism we bring to you.

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  • will there be ccutain calls….especially in the playoffs in a big moment in the game comment greg plz

  • forgot to mention im from brooklyn n i love the fact that u guys made the old school stadiums but where classics like tiger stadium,comisky n especially since im from brooklyn ebbets field?the mets citi field is a wannnabe u guys should bring the real thing in a add on or sumtin will that be possible????

  • I know it’s been asked numerous times but never responded to… what about managers arguing close calls and possible ejections? or player contesting a close play? ex: like a called strike three?

    What about wind elements and flags? Ex: Wrigley Field flags atop scoreboard. No wind=limp flags, and if wind is blowing out, flags appear respectively and know it’s a good day for the long ball.

  • about jrest comment once a batter argues balls and strikes u are out automatically so its really piontless to have that i do though agree with managers arguing on close plays and bang bang plays as well

  • @101

    Yes, it was in last years game and the year before that, etc.

    And I am sure it is beefed up with the beefed up playoff presentation.


    Was in last years and previous years before that. Players argue close calls and get ejected, same for managers. It is computer controlled, but you do see it happen.

    And the wind changes and the flags respond accordingly… I seen games where they were limp and others where they were flowing in the same stadium.

    Wind also effects the flight of ball, as well as Coors Field effecting it more so than Arizona. It is very deep their physics engine.


  • I got banned for 14 days from the 2K Sports site because I posted a video of MLB 10 The Show lol. Bunch of babies

  • What you should add for 2011 that I was hoping would be in this years version, is eye toy compatibility.

    Exp: Everytime someone scores, hits a homerun, gets struck out, have the camera take a picture of the players reactions. Kinda like burnout paradise’s license feature. Also, add it to RTTS so we can put our own faces in the game.

    It’s the only game that I play on my PS3!!

    Great work!

  • Greg-
    Have the goals for RTTS been changed since ’08? I was greatly displeased at the implementation for pitchers in RTTS, when an AL’s first half-dozen goals were improving bunting and fielding rather than actual pitching. That combined with the ridiculous frame rate while pitching for ’09 led me away from a purchase.

    I’d rather have an elimination of a ratings goal system altogether and have more of an NBA 2k10 method where you’re discouraged from upgrading non-essential aspects, and have progression based either solely on the practice mode or pure stats.

  • I’m from the South, I’m talkin’ ‘bout the Bible Belt, where the tiny, slender pin near the buckle pierces the belt’s leathered, tapered end…so, cursing is not my lot. My mother washed my mouth out with soap, Ivory too, if a “bad word” ever slipped my little lips. Even today, I have dreadful nightmares when before bedtime I wash my face and incidentally allow a bubble of suds to pass my tastebuds. So, for me to curse, even in this article, is a big deal, a crossing of the line, as rare an event as Congress balancing the budget.
    But I am mad as HELL!! Where is that damn MLB 10 the Show demo? Yes, I am a fan of baseball and of that tremendous video game called MLB 10 the Show, and I have prognosticated as to when the demo might appear on my Playstation 3 online menu. I noticed last year that the demo came out almost a month before the game was released, so I have been figuring the same this year. Therefore, at least two times a day (sometimes, 3), I have been checking to see if the download was ready. I got up several mornings around 3:00 AM to see if the West Coast entities may have slipped the demo in while I was having nightmares of soap bars in my throat, but each time the damn demo was not there. Sorry.

  • if possible have blur – song 2 play for angels home runs like in real life

  • and the fireworks and fountain shoot from the rocks on a angels home run and to see the smoke from the fireworks during next batter haha

  • Good stuff as always.

    The question on everyone’s mind now.. will we see the MLB 10 demo in the PSN store tomorrow? (02/25)

  • I’ve noticed how the Sony staff has ignored our questions about the demo, which again is more cause for concern.

    Last year they spent alot of time and effort putting together the new lighting system and adding vendors to the game, however, the game specifically the player models suffered a bit. With 09 I got tired of seeing my catcher’s knees go through his glove when he set up for pitches. This issue was not in 08.

    I also got tired of the vendors walking through the walls of the backstop with their beer and peanut bags.

    My point or rather question is did SCEA focus so much on the “realism” and “real time presentation” aspects that other areas of the game had to suffer in order to keep up the framerate? Or even worse, did the framerate drop?

    2K9 pulled this stunt last year to mask their flaws, I hope this is not the case with SCEA and why they have yet to release the demo.

    The Show is by far my fovorite sports game and I’m hoping they haven’t taken any steps backwards with their new additions. We’ll find out Tuesday.

  • so now yo need to earn spring training in road to the show and in create player will you guys have new stuff like for example putting batting gloves to your player….

  • what kinds of new stuff will you guys put that you guys havent metion!!

  • JIMINY CRICKETS can someone please shoot straight about the demo??!! Will we finally get it tomorrow?? A whole whopping 5 days before the release or is the PSN going to release it after the game is already out??? I can see the intention of them releasing the 2k10 demo late but why wouldn’t they want to promote their own product??? JIMINY CRICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • will the splash counter be included at PNC Park too? it seems like its only been mentioned with ATT Park

  • Thank you for this great game. just some thoughts/questions

    1) is there any way to have the all-star game played in the real uniforms like in real life. they did this in triple play 97 and no one has done it since. ex grinke pitching in royals uni, mauer catching in twins uni.

    2) is there a way to utilize the playstation store, and make items availble to purchase. ex. franchise packs for the mets you could sell the 69, 73, 86 and 2000 teams, then you could play with some of the greats of your team and recreat world series matchups.

    3) is there anyway you could bring back what you did in 05 (ortiz) with the pregame coming in from outside the park. ex. baltimore coming in from B&O railroad on eutaw street.

    would really appreciate any feedback. thank you.

  • Greg I have a question for you.

    Will the commentary ever be redone and make it more dynamic?

    Would love to hear new things, keep up the good work guys.

  • Few suggestions/questions:

    Are there/will there be aerial views of the stadiums or views of the cities skylines since you see a lot of that on Sunday Night baseball or on MLB Network and they show some places of interest in the cities as well, like people at the beach in San Diego or Chicago. Stuff like that.

    And do you have actual people sitting in the Bull Pen Bar in US Cellular Field or is that still empty?

  • Hey Greg,

    in MLB: 10 the Show will the teams coaches be accurate (like names and uniform numbers.) like I remember playing MLB the show last year and Matt Vasgersian called Charlie Manuel something different from his name like Rocky Cunningham or something like that but that was only for PSP. For the PS3 it said Charlie Manuel #41.

  • Hey Greg,

    When will the demo be available?


    Please answer thoughtfully.

  • I’ll be looking forward to your reply.

  • Will MLB 11: The Show allow us to continue a RTTS or Franchise from the previous year? It is a huge deterrent to picking up the new game if we constantly have to start over. There could be options like: use new/old player attributes, use new/old team rosters, etc…I find it hard to believe that no sports game has done that yet.

  • Will the eeaphus pitch be in MLB 10? If not, can you guys put it in MLB 11?

  • in the home run derby in real life the teammate of each team have camera and more baseball player…and also little kids getting the outs in the stadium i think you guys should add that in next year MLB11 The Show.

    Thank You,ThEReAL32

  • i very much agree w/ @74 if u’re able to add that in for next year. there are DEF some pitchers that hold their own in tough situations than others and it would be cool to be able to see/”control” that by (like @74 said) a mound visit or even a catcher visit or just the user taking a little longer btw pitches??? just an idea for next year. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Greg, is there any possibility of a fully functional online franchise with CPU controlled teams for ’11? For being such a realistic and enjoyable game, The Show consistently disappoints me in this area. Also, only one of my close friends plays baseball games and we would love nothing more than to be able to do a fully functioning online league with just us two (the league would ABSOLUTELY be played not only to completion but well beyond…) Thanks for your consideration.

  • DEMO.. please…

  • Greg, being a die hard white sox fan I’m glad you’ll brought back fireworks, but when the sox hit a home run at the cell will the scoreboard light up like it does in real life, that would be great to see the scoreboard lighting up also with the fireworks going off, thanks a lot for all you’ll do to put out the best sports game year after year

  • Hey Greg, you guys should add in the element that when a team is blowning out another team…you here booing and fans begin to leave the stadium..that would be great!!!

  • When will the demo come out!!!!!

  • @133

    They already did leave early in 09 the show

  • hey do you know where i can get a poster of the mlb the show 10 cover at??

  • Hey Greg? Is it possible to have Cub fans throw back an opposing HR at Wrigley? This is a HUGE part of the experience at Wrigley!

  • Is there any way you can add full stats? Like career hitters averages vs. a certain pitcher, certain team, or at a certain stadium?

  • Hi Greg,
    I think if ya’ll used the same graphics engine and physics engine and controls as mlb the show and integrated that into a college baseball game fans would go nuts with excitement. I know you would convert 360 users to the ps3 for college if not both. Maybe hire a seperate dev team for that using the show but with all the collegate atmosphere. Including export, import draft classes as in madden and college football. Just an idea.

  • A idea for next year game if you guys are capable of doing it is to do something similar to what madden had where you can pick 10 to 20 games of baseball history and replay them and see if you can change the outcome of what happen. Maybe even give trophy’s for them as well. If you haven’t already thought about it.

  • greg did u guys fix like in the playoffs i was yankees at yankee stadium facin the angels n i saw like all red instead of yankees colors also angel fans cheering wen my yankees would hit hr pretty lame hope u fixed that…lemme know if ya did

  • sweet thanks for the update also do u have any idea if gamestop is having a midnite release of the show cuz ill be there at 11pm waitin to pick it up and play it all nite long!!!!!!

  • come tuesday, i no longer have a life…last year i bought a ps3 for one and only reason,THE SHOW…MLB 10′ will only the be the 2nd game ive bought for ps3

    you guys do an AMAZING job at creating the most realistic sports game in the world…its just too bad that Longoria got wasted on such a horrible game at 2k

  • hey greg will damon be on the tigers in mlb 10 or will he be added once we update the rosters wen we go online n if he is will he have tigers hat or that korny mlb hat on same with all other trades like granderson halladay lee ect.. lemme no plz

  • @143 i too will have no life wen mlb 10 comes out my life will be to make the yankees roster lol

  • While i am still highly upset with Sony for not putting out a demo before release. Monday at midnight i will be like a kid on Christmas. To whoever the person was that asked if gamestop will be doing a midnight release for this; they will be doing a midnight release for battlefield 2 which comes out on the same day. You can pick The Show up at this time as well…..

  • @ Greg Batalucco

    In MLB 11, I would love to see hot & cold zones that change from the start of the season to the break and then from the break to the start of the following year based on performance. Instead of the usual unchanging zones. Anyone else think that this is a good idea??? Lemme know what you guys think…

  • BTW i was talking bout in Franchise and in RTTS modes….


  • No demo till after release AKA…

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