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Hey everyone, Greg Batalucco here to bring you the next installment of MLB 10: The Show posts. This entry will focus on the realism and experience within our stadiums.

Beginning with last year’s version of The Show, we wanted to make the game even more accurate. In MLB 10: The Show, we have taken it further and added more to your gaming experience. New for this year’s edition are real-time players in the dugouts and bullpens, fireworks, rally towels, thundersticks, working digital and analog clocks, and much more. All these realistic enhancements to the game make MLB 10: The Show feel and sound like you are actually at the ballpark. Throughout this post we will focus on the stadium enchantments and how they make The Show come alive!

Real-Time Players in The Dugout and Bullpen
New to this year’s version of The Show is having the dugouts and bullpens full to capacity in real time. What this means is that players will be seen in actual game time sitting on the bench, standing, leaning on the railings and moving around. The players will even react to the action on the field, so if a foul ball comes in the dugout, they will quickly move out of the way. You’ll also see bullpen activity – with pitchers getting up, stretching and starting to loosen up. Managers will be seen giving instruction to the bench players and calling out to the fielders in play. This realism gives you, the user, the element that you are involved in a real-life baseball game.

Stadiums Experiences (Fireworks/HR/splash counters/clocks)
Last year we added quite a bit to the stadium experience, but this year we wanted to make MLB 10 stand out even more. We set out researching how the stadiums looked, finding the little nuances of each stadium. If you’re going to include fireworks, they have to look and sound real. Each fireworks explosion is designed to recreate the actual fireworks display that is seen when the home team hits a homerun or wins the game.

Another area of detail with the stadiums was adding in the famous Home Run Splash Counter in San Francisco. This also includes a special Splash Camera which follows the ball as it splashes into McCovey Cove. Also added to our stadiums are working clocks which show the actual time from game start until finish. There are digital and analog clocks throughout the stadiums, so check out the time as you play the game.

Crowd Detail (Reaching over the rails, thundersticks, rally towels, detail)
This year we added so much more to our crowds and their animations. The crowd in MLB 10 will now react to a ball hit into the stands either on foul balls or home runs. They will also reach over the railings to try and grab a ground ball that is hit into foul territory. Play The Show and you may actually see a fan take a tumble over the wall. Another thing we wanted to spruce up is crowd accessories. We decided to add in thundersticks, rally towels and the ever-present “cowbell” in Tampa. These little touches of realism add up to make MLB 10: The Show a home run!

Final Thoughts
As you can see, we went into the making of MLB 10 asking the question, “What can we do to make this game more realistic?” Our community and fans wanted even more detail and realism. If your favorite team, stadium, or crowd does things a certain way, we want to make sure it’s reflected in The Show. This attention to detail is what makes us stand out. From new fireworks, splash counters, thundersticks and more, we want you to feel the sights and sounds of real live baseball. We appreciate your feedback and will always listen to our fans as we try to make the best game possible. Thanks for your time and we hope you enjoy MLB 10: The Show and the realism we bring to you.

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  • Awesome, as soon as work is over on the 2nd I’m THERE picking it up from BB! Thanks!

  • This looks great. Can’t wait to pick up this game.

  • IT looks amazing!!

  • Demo on Thursday????? Please!!!!!

  • Great job on the stadiums and the realisim of MLB 10 The Show SCEA San Diego. Can’t wait to pick up the game next week.

  • Ugh…focus on the actual game of baseball, not people reaching on to the field. The hit variety, fielding, etc can still be improved, so why not focus on that?

    • We definetly focus on those things as well, this blog was done to fill you in on the other things added to the game this year.


  • You should add fans go for the foul balls and HR’s in the stands not just field level seats, either way it looks great.

    DEMO????? lol

  • I’m sure they don’t have it in there but I would LOVE to see the Chik-fil-a Cow up on top of Turner Field doing the Chop!

    THAT would blow my mind

  • The game looks great guys. I’m definitely picking it up Tuesday no question! Would love to see a demo this Thursday. Cmon….CMON!

  • make.believe in full affect

  • @8 They can’t put in the chik-fil-a cow because of licensing issues, so they added a dalmation in its place.

  • I think this’ll be the year I upgrade. I initially bought 07 and then replaced it with 08 once that got cheap, and I skipped 09 all together… thinking 10 might be a full priced purchase this year.

  • you guys are making it extremely difficult for me to wait for next week.

  • WoW I am 100% blown away by how good MLB The BHSow is looking this year!!

    However I do have 1 little issue.

    The Liberty Bell animation at Citizens Bank Park in MLB 10 The Show is still not is not 100% accurate.

    In real life The bell is White all the time. But when a Phillies player hits a home run or the Phillies win the bell turns Red,White and Blue and the stars on it blink! And the Green Citizens Bank Park Sign under the bell also blinks.

    See video here

    Maybe you can fix this for MLB 11 The Show?n Please

    Having said that I am still BLOWN AWAY by how improved MLB 10 The Show looks over 09!!!

    THANK YOU SONY!!!!!!

  • The demo was scheduled to be released on February 11th, 2010. The demo was delayed and was rumored to be released February 18th, 2010. The Playstation Store still does not have the demo available for download. However, it has been confirmed by SCEA on the MLB 10: The Show Community Website that the demo is scheduled to be released along with the February 25th PlayStation Store update

  • How are the crowd noises? In my opinion, that’s what makes a sport exciting — not the action on the field alone, but the crowd’s reaction to the action on the field.

    It’s the key ingredient missing from games like NHL 10, NBA 10, etc…

    The crowd just isn’t loud and intense enough, especially late in close games and after goals/homeruns/awesome plays, etc…

    I want my surround speakers to ROCK during the game. Not sound like tennis fans are politely clapping in the background.

    • The crowd sounds and atmosphere have been beefed up. In the appropriate situations and game type the crowd will be amped up even more than before. Playoff crowds, close games and great plays will showcase the new levels of sound.

  • @16 That’s from Wikipedia, and it’s wrong. Nowhere on the is there a confirmation about the demo.

  • Jason Villa replied on February 19, 2010 at 3:37 pm
    So I can see there’s some interest in the Demo. Ok, understatement, I know. I can tell you that we have completed it and it’s been approved. We are working on trying to get it released as soon as possible.

    I guess your not working that hard cause it would be out by now but that said still looking forward to getting the game next week. Awsome game as with other years. can’t wait. keep up the great work all at San Diego Studio

  • I know I’m a guy who calls out Sony on a regular basis, but I’m preordering this game and I think the San Diego Studio just “gets it.”

    This game is better every year and has made baseball sims fun for the first time in a long time for me.

  • I wonder if you guys at San Diego have thought of an online mode allowing multiple players to take part in a huge online versus game? Maybe similar to eashl, but doesnt have to be it’s own league, just online team play would be good, especially if implemented correctly, it could be very fun to play. I’d get the game regardless, but wouldnt mind seeing some new online features implemented in the future. I’ll admit that I dont usually play online, but something like this (in addition to better online, or so I hear) would definitely get me to try the online.

  • Dear Greg Batalucco; Will The Anaheim Angels Have Their All Star Game Paches On Their Jerseys??

    PS:Only 7 More Days Guys

  • Watched the video again and had a few simple questions that hopefully will get a Dev’s Answer.

    In Cincinnati, when a HR is hit, do the smoke stacks pour out steam/fireworks?

    Also, lots of guys reaching out of the stands for the ball but do they ever actually “get” the ball? I know at a real game, more times than not it seems the fans are able to scoop the ball up.

    Also, do fans ever throw opposing team HRs back, particularly in Wrigley?

  • Are we going to get a new “Dear PlayStation” ad for this? The game that started it all.

  • rally monkey in anaheim and rays tank in tampa would be cool too…cant wait to get this game, love it!

  • “… the ever-present “cowbell” in Tampa.”

    The creators of such a realistic game doesn’t even know that the Tampa Bay Rays play in Tropicana field, which is in St. Petersburg? >.>

  • Are there any outside stadium visuals yet? It would be nice to see an outside shot during the pre-game, with fans entering the gates and what not.

    How about mascots broom sweeping the visitors dugout after a series sweep? I know I brought this up last year and was told that he will definitely put it on the wish list.

    And a bit off topic here, but how the awards. I know one huge problem I have with them is that the gold glove always goes to an Atlanta pitcher. My pitcher could have more assists, POs and fewer errors, but still the Atlanta pitcher gets the award. Not just that, but all three contenders are all Braves.

    With all that said, I have to say that this is THE BEST sports game out there, period. Year after year, you all continue to put out the best quality product and continually push yourselves to improve an already near perfect product. Kudos to you all.

  • can you guys do a dyamic theme for mlb 10 for each team?

  • Addition of rays cowbells is amazing touch!

    Any word on when we will see a trophy list?

  • I’m getting this on both PSP and PS3 and just wanted to know if any of these improvements have been added to the PSP version as well. At least having umpires out on the field would help greatly. That and not having the commentators saying, “Don’t see this combo to often” on a 6-4-3 or 4-6-3 double play.

  • the only thing tht is anoying me in MLB09 is durring RTTS(only been playing that) that baserunners all have the same stop animation. they all stop and kick one leg out and then turn around and what makes it even worse is the fact that they all do it in sync.

    its a great game and i cant put it down but it just anoys me for some reason.

  • The only thing I can suggest for 2011 (if not already for 2010) is that you make it easier to search for a specific player. I like to keep my roster as up to date as possible. When I begin a season, that roster is locked and I cant update it anymore. SO… I make the trades that have been made in the majors. This is REALLY hard to do if the CPU has made a trade you are not aware of. A search by name would be AWESOME!!!

  • @Greg – Good to know you’re still working on the on-field gameplay. Would LOVE to see a feature on all those changes, like you did last year with the new routes to the ball in the outfield.

    Right now I’m on the fence, and unless I get blown away with reasons for why this year’s game will play a better game of baseball, I’m probably sitting this one out.

  • Can’t wait to get this game on Friday, thats right I said Friday….jealous lol

  • I’m loving this game and can’t wait to get this. Thank you very much for adding the Splash Cam at ATT Park for my Giants. It’s one of the distinctive features for the ballpark and I also noticed that you got the maneurisms for my boy Pablo “Panda” Sandoval everytime he steps up to the plate.

    Awesome stuff. Good job.

    • Thanks, these are just some of the cool features. We had a really fun time adding them in and hope everyone enjoys them.


  • Hey Sony, this game and baseball series is great thanks so much for all you do for us fans etc.

    One little question though. Have the celebrations in MLB 10 The Show been beefed up as well?

    Thanks for an apparent exceptional job this year and cant wait to get this game! Any answer to my question would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Celebrations for home runs, game winning runs scored, winning playoffs/WS, etc have all been beefed up as well as the crowd atmosphere.

  • oh i also hated that when i hit a home-run in RTTS that i couldnt celbrate it cause it would cut to the next career event. <,<

    im just nit picking but i want it to be the best that it can be.
    it already in a league of its own as far as im concerned.

  • You guys are so far ahead of the competition it’s actually sad. Soon you will have to start adding arcade like stuff to make it less realistic :-)

    Great job I look forward to this game every year.

  • Is there the ability to have a
    bench clearing
    brawl? That’s a big part
    the game
    these days with suspensions and all. It’s big in the hockey games.

  • Will their ever be a feature in create-a-player mode where you can use the playstation eye to scan your face?? If it’s not on the game now, would it be possible to add the feature in an update of patch??

  • Greg, Great game, big fan. Can you answer this question please. Is the american league east standings scoreboard at fenway park on the green monster going to be a working scorboard (update the standings as i play my francsise) or still be a fixed graphic? If not in this year maybe you guys can add in ’11. thanks Greg.

  • Question for Greg Batalucco,

    Any chance of getting Ball Boys and Ball Girls sitting on chairs down the first and third base lines added for MLB 11 The Show?

    I would like to see them picking up foul balss and handed them off to different fans.

    Also Bat Boys coming out of the dugout between at bats getting the Bats and handing the ump new baseballs?

    This would be great to see for the new “RTP” feature :)

  • The Phillies always use Ball Girls!

  • Greg,

    Just wondering if the Maple leaf made it onto the Jays uniforms this year? Thanks.

  • greg..i saw how features were added in for dugout/bullpens where the players will interact with each other and be realistic but when the inning ends and the players are leaving the field, will they keep walking at the top step of the dugout but stop like its a wall?

  • Just one more question for Greg Batalucco,

    This is a very small thing but why is the “rosin bag” always missing in realtime on the pitchers mound in every ball park in MLB The Show?

    As you can tell I love the little things!!!

    Will the rosin bag ever be added to the mound in real time?

  • Wow definitely anticipating this game more and more as it nears the release date. I’m a hardcore baseball fan and especially of all the stadiums and features.

    I do have a question and hope I could get an answer. Aside from baseball, I’m also a trophy hunter. I’ve been checking twice a day hoping to have a trophy list suffice. Any chance we will be able to see the list before release or are we just going to have to wait?

    A rep said a couple weeks back that it would be released the second week of February but still no list.

  • Hi Greg,

    One thing I noticed last year is that the umpires and base coaches don’t get out of the way when there is a play near by. Has that been fixed this year because in this video the 3rd base coach doesn’t get out of the way of the foul ball that is hit at him?


  • is the demo this thursday?

    also will there be ebbets field in the game

  • this is just awesome – you guys put in dugout interactions in real time.. simply all I could have asked for after the home-run derby was put in.. but with all of the other new atmosphere and crowd additions this is sure to be the best Show yet and most likely the best baseball game put out ever!

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