Coming to PSN this Week: Assassin’s Creed II – Battle of Forli

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If you played through Assassin’s Creed II this winter (Platinum Trophy right here, folks), then you may recall there were a couple of corrupted sequences that Desmond wasn’t able to access in the Animus. Well, this week, you’ll be able to play through the first of two “repaired” sequences, as The Battle of Forli hits the PSN on Thursday.

Producer Frederic Lefrancois (you remember him, right?) has some more details on the DLC:

The battle of Forli is an actual battle where the Orsi brothers attacked the city of Forli which was ruled at the time by Caterina Sforza. Ezio and Machiavelli – leader of the Florence mercenaries – make their way to the citadel of Forli with the apple of Eden to request protection from Caterina Sforza. As they approach, something goes wrong: Forli is under attack! Borgia guards are laying siege to the city. The attack seems to be lead by the two dreaded Orsi brothers. Players will have to protect the city alongside Sforza and the great Machiavelli who they have met towards the end of sequence 11. The flying machine will also be accessible in the city/region of Forli to players.

Oh wait, did I make you read about history? You can just watch this video instead :-)

The Battle of Forli DLC hits PSN tomorrow for $3.99. The second AC2 DLC, Bonfire of the Vanities is scheduled for late February, will run you $4.99, and will *not* feature an early-90s Tom Hanks.

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  • I can think of numerous DLC’s that didn’t include trophies. To me, this is no new thing and I don’t understand why everyone is so upset. What do you actually GAIN from trophies? After all those hours hunting for them, doing mindless tasks that you never would have done last generation.

  • ok all i see is complaints from you so called gamers. if ur not an AC fan at all then dont buy the game period. i for one am a HUGE AC fan and ill buy the dlc becuz i want 100% sync and cuz its part of AC2. the fact that you can take the time to complain about this saddens me. other dlc is jus like this one but do you bag on those? nope u just bag on AC2. if u wouldnt buy AC dlc then dont buy AC2 or any other AC object period its honestly that simple. to all those buying it cuz its awesome NULLO E REALE TUTO E LECITO!

  • I AGREE WITH 32!!!

    I need the REPLAY Function!!!

    Hey Jeff, on the UbiSoft Site there was some kind of petition on the AC2 board that people were signing and submitting to UbiSoft in order to get replay functionality back! Since you’re going to be asking about Number 32’s question, can you include mine as well please?


    ~ The Shattered Raven ~

  • DLC that could have easily fit on a Blu Ray….. i hate this trend

  • Hey jeff do we have to replay threw the game to play this dlc if you have already beaten it?

  • This looks pretty good. The trailer was nice

  • Not buying it. The DLC was said to have already been on the disc but it was removed plus there is no trophies for the DLC (not even a simple completion of the missing chapters in the trophy list). Plus, after the whole Splinter Cell being exclusive to a faulty console, I’m not gonna support Ubisoft just so they can give the other console more exclusives while we just get leftovers or nothing at all.

  • Trophies aren’t everything, SO GIVE JEFF A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! Go to Ubisoft about it! If enough people email the request to them POLITELY then they must do it because the public demands it.

  • This Jeff guy seems like he’s pretty good at his job.

  • This looks cool. The only fact that is bothering me is the fact we can’t replay missions, so this is a one time deal. I love the game. But I don’t have the time to start all over again. I have written the concern politely to ubisoft. I hope this will be arranged.

  • nice
    been waiting for this since christmas.
    totally worth it son

  • Buying it day 1, loved AC2. But dammit Ubisoft, please unlock the save file! Jeff, can you ask them about that?

  • you guys are retarded. Why are you guy crying about DLC without trophies. obviously it would be unfair to have more trophies than someone else because you shelled out extra cash for DLC. and when was the last time that trophies even matter. who cares if it comes with trophies. you guys are fags

  • Reviews are saying that just like the other missions in the game, once you play the DLC (all one hour of it) you CANNOT replay it. Ever. Again. See IGN’s review.

  • Congrats on your first Platinum Jeff!
    I think its time for me to get another one….

  • Congrats on the platinum Jeff. I got my platinum also…30 minutes before my 60 gb PS3 got the yellow light of death, so my whole AC2 file is gone. Got the new slim model literally 2 days later though lol.

  • I will not buy any DLC for Assassins Creed II until they fix the framerate and screen tearing on the PS3.

  • I really like how we actually get replies to comments put on these posts, that’s great!

    Now to the topic:

    That kinda sucks that there’s no extra trophies. If it did though, I would’ve wondered if the new trophies would make my platinum trophy go away.

  • Quick question:

    I still haven’t got around to playing AC2 (work and life got in the way! lol) so if I buy this DLC and play the game will it follow into those two sequences or will I have to finish the game and then replay for the dlc?

  • When exactly is tomorrow? :p

    At what time then content will be available? (Eastern time, please.)

  • this may be really off topic but. do you know the fate of Tales of Vesperia for PS3 over in NA?
    anyways… i can’t wait to download this!

  • @69 I’m assuming based on my experience with download-able content that if you installed it upon starting the game, the content would become available to you at the appropriate time within the story, It would not require you to go past that point in the story’s time line and then afterwards play a “flashback” of shorts into events that occurred after chapter 11, or level 7, or whatever the case may be for that game.

    As for the people complaining about the lack of trophies…would you have prefered they just came out with no DLC? Was the game such a disappointment as it was released? If you enjoyed the game, then why spend energy being upset? You got what you paid for, and are required to pay for no more. For those that would be willing to pay more to experience more of the story that they already enjoyed, then let them indulge. Your game play should be no less enjoyable because of their experiences.

    It should also be no less enjoyable for the absence of small words and an icon that pop up on your screen. It’s just a gold star. A digital gold star. If you’d like one so badly, just upload a big gold star picture to your signature proclaiming that you are a great gamer. Let that small praise be enough. Enjoy!

  • Thank you for the information Jeff

  • I would say thats a big mistake on not adding trophies to DLC. They would of gained a lot more sales in doing so.

  • look at that no dlc 12:50am 28th QQ

  • #72 I need a way to positive rep comments here.

    Although I am slightly curious if I’d lose my platinum if they were to add new trophies.

    I’m hoping this is up by morning so I can start downloading it before class and have AC2 goodness waiting for me upon my return.

  • The content for AC2 and UC2 is up on Japan’s psn so I don’t think there should be any delays with the US release.
    @72: Thanks
    @76: DLC content never affects your platinum. The platinum trophy is dependant on the disc-based trophies only. The thing that changes is the completion percentage, even if you don’t have the dlc it will show you with 80% or so and a platinum.

  • screw payin for a meaningless DLC. i’m fine with just not playin ac2 anymore lol i’ll move to platinum tekken 6.

  • The Platinum for AC2 was the easiest to get for the games I have … and I have NCAA Football and NCAA BAsketball 10 …

    Trophies ARE NOT That big of a deal … I had a PS3 ( DAY 1 ) before trophies were out and enjoyed the games very, very much!

  • this game is off the chain

  • AC II is one of the most boring games of 2009. I will say though that the final mission is very well structured and exciting. Also, I will give credit where credit is due. Graphically the game is impressive, but in the end it’s still a boring game. Take my word on this one guys, do not waste your money! Looking for 100 feathers suck ass! It’s been 3 days since I’ve been looking for the last feather and still no luck. Tedious side quests like these do not extend your games life span, it just makes it an annoying piece of crap.

  • Jeff, Could you also forward this request?
    If it’s possible, could they patch in a cutscene viewer? Thanks.

  • @81
    Are you unsure abbout the last feathers area?
    Cause the game breaks it down to the area of the city.

    Otherwise, it looks interesting.

  • 01-28-2010 9:40 AM PST = NO DLC
    Am I not looking in the right place or what? I really wanna play this even thought I agree it’s crap that I am now going to be paying something like $70 plus tax for ONE game. UBISOFT is real lucky they make quality games.

  • assassins creed 2 is an amazing game just bought it 3 days ago best game i ever played but i prefer uncharted 2

  • hawker123456789 has got uncharted it rules

  • 12:38pm CST, still no DLC. :(

  • Very funny getting lectured about how i have to have my fun and what i should get for my money and what not. Really really cool. Not.

    But here is my story: I played AC2 like so many gamers this winter and was mindblown by the game-engine. i had a blast doing the tasks and everything. But oh my,.. what was that lame excuse for a story. I really could only produce one facepalm after the next. That was absolutely not my taste. So i wanted to trade the game after platinum but i heard of two addons.
    I wanted to avoid a “85% platinum forever”-situation, so i waited for the DLC to come out and bought it without hesitation. I should have been alarmed by the low price, but i was not thinking it through. Of course. If there were trophies, they would have charged double the price.

    Situation: I now actually BOUGHT a piece of the story i could not care less about. And why? Because i read somewhere last year about trophies being now oh so mandatory with every release and addon and blah blah blah.

    Really lame business you are doing, Ubisoft.

  • wow… this seems erm..interesting! i’d like to say that this is a rip without the trophies… but i’d be lieing. i mean, c’mon! ugh, anyway! i’ve been waiting all morning and some of the afternoon for this dlc to show up on my playstation store thing… can anyone tell me why whenever i try to go download it,it tells me it’s never heard of this battle of forli of which i speak?

  • Jeff,
    Regarding 54, Thanks!

    ~ The Shattered Raven ~

  • I also have my first platinum trophy with this game!

  • Umm…it’s Jan. 28 and I’m trying to find the DLC but it’s nowhere to be found. Great, what a way to let fans down

  • Hey, UbiSoft! You’ve heard it right here. It seems you could easily develop a new game with little or no story line and no background, only some coordinated button activity and synchronized graphics.
    Just so long as it has TROPHIES….lots and lots of TROPHIES! And, you could have a weekly DLC which did nothing but award more TROPHIES! Then you would satisfy all these Pokemon grads….gotta get ’em all!

  • I want it now… :( ;)

  • Why is it already on the Xbox Live Marketplace but not on the PS Store? Sony, get your crap straight!

  • Has anyone been able to download this? I have looked over the store and on here and I can’t find where to download. Can someone please help and tell me where to download it?

  • I have no beef or complaint … huge fan of the AC franchise … i bought the master edition, platinum trophy status and will be getting 100% sync off of the DLCs … I’m good

    Everybody’s got a right to their opinion and that’s mine

  • I just have one question: Is there some Leonardo in this? Never mind, I see him~.

    Oh yes, I’m definitely going to buy these when I get enough money. :D

  • just a quick Q: will the DLC from the US PSN Store work for a european AC2 disc?

    btw, i think AC 2 is a great game

  • when will this be available on amazon…

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