Coming to PSN this Week: Assassin’s Creed II – Battle of Forli

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If you played through Assassin’s Creed II this winter (Platinum Trophy right here, folks), then you may recall there were a couple of corrupted sequences that Desmond wasn’t able to access in the Animus. Well, this week, you’ll be able to play through the first of two “repaired” sequences, as The Battle of Forli hits the PSN on Thursday.

Producer Frederic Lefrancois (you remember him, right?) has some more details on the DLC:

The battle of Forli is an actual battle where the Orsi brothers attacked the city of Forli which was ruled at the time by Caterina Sforza. Ezio and Machiavelli – leader of the Florence mercenaries – make their way to the citadel of Forli with the apple of Eden to request protection from Caterina Sforza. As they approach, something goes wrong: Forli is under attack! Borgia guards are laying siege to the city. The attack seems to be lead by the two dreaded Orsi brothers. Players will have to protect the city alongside Sforza and the great Machiavelli who they have met towards the end of sequence 11. The flying machine will also be accessible in the city/region of Forli to players.

Oh wait, did I make you read about history? You can just watch this video instead :-)

The Battle of Forli DLC hits PSN tomorrow for $3.99. The second AC2 DLC, Bonfire of the Vanities is scheduled for late February, will run you $4.99, and will *not* feature an early-90s Tom Hanks.

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  • Not sure why comments toggled ‘off’, but they’re back on now. First!

  • is it true there will be no additional trophies for this DLC?

  • Will this unlock the hidden secret areas exclusive to preorders and the black edition so I can finally get 100% sync?

  • @2 Frulond
    Nope, there is not additional trophies. That why I am buying the Uncharted 2 DLC rather than this.

  • ill pass no trophies.
    i guess it time to trade this game

  • no trophies=Epic fail

  • how far behind are the europe updates to the us

  • @BloodyCow thats too bad… guess I’ll do the same :D

  • @8 Frulond
    Well the Uncharted 2 DLC doesn’t have trophies either because they are just characters skins. I am just buying them to play as Cole and Hale :)
    I love Resistance and inFamous

  • Ironic that you mention getting the platinum trophy when talking about DLC that includes no additional trophies?

  • why no trophies? i’ll pass then

  • Looks good might get it, was hoping for some new trophies though.

  • Thanks for fixing that Jeff!

    yes, seriously… no additional trophies means two things.
    1) the devs were too lazy to write any additional code
    2) most likely this was content cut from the final game so that there could be DLC.

    Doesn’t matter if only one, or both of them are true, this upsets me especially since it was such a good game.

  • thanks jeff, this is cool…plus catalina is one sexy chick…

  • No DLC Trophies for Jeff to get? T3h sham3!

  • I’m not buying this, as even Ubisoft accepted that it was going to be on the disc originally.

  • how far behind the us is the eu psn store in terms of days/weeks or more

  • Jeff, can you ask Ubi why this DLC has no trophies? I thought they were manditory. Ubisoft shouldn’t be let off the hook for this. Especially if Xbox 360 is getting the same thing WITH achievements. It simply comes across as biases and lazy.

    • Not mandatory for DLC. I can ask, thought I don\’t believe there are Achievements either. No anti-PS3 bias!

  • is there any actual content for this DLC or is it just new missions in the original cities?

    • According to Ubisoft: \”There is new content in respect to the ability to take flight in Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine and the new missions take place in the original cities.\”

  • You mean the ones Ubi took out so they could charge for them later? Ah yeah i remember.


  • @BloodyCow yeah I know, Zev looks amazing in the screenshots they released last week. It seems will be more fun to play U2 online after tomorrow’s store update :D

  • im in london and wondered when the dlc will be availible here

  • um so how long should we wait to buy the bundle that includes both dlc packs for a discounted price??? i mean that would follow sony’s pattern for dlc.

  • i’m sorry but i hate dlc. it’s just such a blatant ripoff from the developers. this unfinshed story crap started with prince of persia(hey ubisoft again). guys seriously gamers are not stupid(or rich for that matter). if u wanna sell half the game with dlc behind it charge half the price and stop trying to rip peole off. u already sold 6 million copies of the game worldwide show some appreciation to the people that supported ur admittedly great product.

  • with all that ranting out the way i have to admit it does look amazing and will probably end up buying it eventually (once they bundle the packs for a discounted price anyway). and hey i cant complain i got the game off amazon for $44 as part of a goldbox deal.

  • haha jeff got first

  • Is the 2nd DLC really called Bonfire of the Vanities?

  • Well Im not THAT mad as must people here seem to be, this DLC has been excluded from the game, but they are now selling this at a very fair price I may say, I like it this extends the life of an already long game that Im actually playing and I will purchase both DLC when a bundle shows up, so I can go back to AC2 and play some more.
    Why are people so upset about no trophies? back in PS2 there was no trophies or DLC and everybody was very happy :s
    Nice one, the video looks amazing!

  • #28 Yep

    And.. no trophies, no buy. It’s just UBI being lazy greedy bastards, so no support from me.

  • Nice.

    Off Topic: Jeff, you must really dislike Applenow according to your tweets :P

  • Jeff, could you ask ubisoft if they could release a patch to let us replay the story missions?

  • Hi jefff, i would like to know how long is the dlc ?

  • First off, to all those complaining about trophies: Is that the reason you bought the game? Trophies? Sad.
    Second, Ubisoft didn’t hold onto this content simply to charge you for it later. They weren’t able to finish it in time, so they took it out so they could finish it.

  • @Jeff.

    When is more GOW3 news coming? I thought the drought was over.

  • Congratulations on nabbing that Platinum Jeff

  • I have my Platinum in AC2 as well. But I was looking forward to the DLC and getting a few more trophies. How come there is not a single trophy for this DLC? That kind of upsets me :(

  • Me, I’ll be refreshing the store every 5 minutes tomorrow until it shows up. Between now and then, I’ll be playing through again.

    Can’t wait.

  • Cannot wait to get this. I see the flying machine returns too. I hope I can still get the trophy for kicking a guard while using it in the DLC because I forgot to when you use it and it’s the only trophy I need to platinum the game. :(

  • Will we need to restart the game in order to use the DLC, or will it be playable after the game is beaten?

  • Jeff, could you, if it is not too bothersome, forward our request for Trophies for these DLC packs (via a patch) to Ubisoft?

    Thank you sir!

  • DLC :D Good stuff there. Looks like I’m going on another AC2 binge leading to addiction. When will this be updated on the PS Store?

  • And to all those complaining about no trophies in the DLC, I can bet you the DLC would be $4 more simply because there would be trophies. Go whore some other game, the lack of trophies in the DLC don’t make the game any better or worse.

  • @44

    Trophies are an important part of gaming now. Deal with it. Just like multiplayer used to be out…now its in. Same for trophies.

    Go have an unrealistic view of the world somewhere else.

  • lol at jeff posting the first comment and saying “First!”

  • its pathetic that people can’t enjoy a game or DLC unless there’s some pointless e-trophies to be ‘earned’.

    I loved AC2… my GOTY, but this DLC doesnt look too interesting. Just looks like something from the game, which is likely was before Ubisoft saw some extra dime to earn on the side

  • Platinum Trophy right here too,

    I’ll get this one as soon as it gets out!!!!

  • I agree with 44 & 47! I don’t recall anyone ‘not’ playing games prior to establishment of trophies in 2008. Now all of a sudden a game or DLC sucks because there’s no trophies. Losers! I have platinum trophies in ACII, Unch 2 and so on and I really can care less for DLC trophies. I actually am HAPPY they didn’t add any. You know what else I am happy about, is that morons like ‘you’ who complain about trophies are not going to play the DLC. That way when I see you in the gaming room or Multiplayer I can laugh hysterically at you losers who gave up a ‘GAME’ or DLC because of something stupid. FAIL to all of you!

    Jeff, funny comment being first and all! :) Nice work and keep it up!

  • Paid DLC without trophies is pretty unacceptable. Unless this DLC comes with a patch that improves the PS3 rendering or adds more 24-bit music/audio assets, I’ll be skipping it. Unless, of course, there are gay character arcs — that might entice me.

  • This sounds an awful lot like material they developed for the game, then some exec told them they needed to rape their customers for DLC cash later so they pulled it…

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