Coming to PSN this Week: Assassin’s Creed II – Battle of Forli

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If you played through Assassin’s Creed II this winter (Platinum Trophy right here, folks), then you may recall there were a couple of corrupted sequences that Desmond wasn’t able to access in the Animus. Well, this week, you’ll be able to play through the first of two “repaired” sequences, as The Battle of Forli hits the PSN on Thursday.

Producer Frederic Lefrancois (you remember him, right?) has some more details on the DLC:

The battle of Forli is an actual battle where the Orsi brothers attacked the city of Forli which was ruled at the time by Caterina Sforza. Ezio and Machiavelli – leader of the Florence mercenaries – make their way to the citadel of Forli with the apple of Eden to request protection from Caterina Sforza. As they approach, something goes wrong: Forli is under attack! Borgia guards are laying siege to the city. The attack seems to be lead by the two dreaded Orsi brothers. Players will have to protect the city alongside Sforza and the great Machiavelli who they have met towards the end of sequence 11. The flying machine will also be accessible in the city/region of Forli to players.

Oh wait, did I make you read about history? You can just watch this video instead :-)

The Battle of Forli DLC hits PSN tomorrow for $3.99. The second AC2 DLC, Bonfire of the Vanities is scheduled for late February, will run you $4.99, and will *not* feature an early-90s Tom Hanks.

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  • Can anyone please answer me here this is what will make or break my purchase, I do realize that you can use the flying machine but are there gaurds because I missed that trophy and am pretty angry about no replaying those certain missions. Thanks.

  • 102. Yes, there are guards to be kicked.

  • Thanks man , definately gonna pick this one up then!

  • looks pretty cool

  • Hey Jeff, it’s my first time online with my ps3 and when I’ve put my AC2 in, I got a message saying: software update version 1.02 for this game. I did it, but what was the update for? It didn’t say!Can you light my bulb on this,please?Thx!;)

  • I finished the game but noticed i did not get the Prison Escape trophy added to my accomplishments. I have all the seals which means I have been through all the tombs so I’m not sure why it’s not showing up. Anyone know if i replay the tomb using the DNA sequence if I’ll get the trophy? No sense completing the last 5 trophies that I need for platinum if I’ll never be able to get the Prison Break trophy.

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