MAG is Out This Week!

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It’s been a long time coming, but after years of hard work, everyone here at Zipper Interactive is happy to announce that MAG, our 256-player shooting juggernaut – and our first PlayStation 3 game – has officially made it to stores all over North America and parts of Asia – with releases due out in Europe, Japan, and Korea later this week.

If you haven’t seen MAG in action for yourself, or you have seen it and you just like awesome trailers, then you owe it to yourself to watch our launch video below.

As great as it is, that trailer is just a sampling of the action, scale and insanity that MAG brings to the table – as scores of you are already finding out for yourselves, with roughly four new players joining the MAG universe every second!

On behalf of everyone here at Zipper Interactive, we’d sincerely like to thank everyone who has supported us leading up the release of MAG and who continue to do every time you log on. You have our gratitude; we couldn’t have done it without you.

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  • Isn’t Game Crazy suppose to be giving out Raven codes for pre-orders? Every time I call, they say it’s been cancelled. Is there way I can get a Raven code???

  • @33:
    Then you’ve never played with people who have mics and actually fight as a team. There our plenty of people out there that do, but a lot that don’t also. And normally the fights aren’t right on the spawns, and if you don’t want to die instantly after spawning, select a spawn point where there’s less fighting. And the game got an 8 on Kotaku.

    I personally love the game, has some great concepts and I love the chain of command. Looking forward to seeing some of you on the battlefield!

  • #42 MadmanEU wrote:

    Madman, use your own advice and “for the love of god (and your own dignity), stop posting here.”

    You asked Jeremy if the game had in-game music. It clearly does. And he BURNED you with his response.

    So flitter off now little June Bug and spare us anymore of your idiotic rants.

  • To correct my post:
    I meant Destructoid, not Kotaku.

  • i picked mag up today in hopes to see a improved game and i did.i was sadened also no custome controls why!is it possible zipper will add this feature in a patch.i lothe the placement of the melee button on all presets. why oh why in 2010 can we not map our own controls.other then that more guns please and team death match in dlc thankyou

  • To Jeremy or Jeff,
    I was in attendance @ the event in Las Vegas. We were told the great news about receiving the game via mail. I read jeff’s answer to SteveLV702 about them being mailed on Friday and should arrive today. I have gotten my mail today and much to my dismay i found no MAG in my mailbox. Please help, I cancelled my reservation after the event and am really looking forward to receiving this once in a lifetime reward.

  • I guess I was wrong, I though in yesterdays post he said there was custom soundtracks, my bad

  • I hate the beta and will not buy or rent it in the future.

    I’d love to know about MASS EFFECT 2 coming to PS3. Gamers buzzing about that game. 9.6 Metacritic score is worth playing even in other console.

  • am i missing something here or is this game been abandoned? only about 7000 people online right now?!??!?!

  • @24

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • @60

    The game hasn’t been out a full day yet. MW2 is the only game on PS3 that has a large online base anyway.

    @Mr. Dunham

    What does “a significant frame rate increase in larger player count games” mean? Has the game been upped to 60fps or maintains a solid 30fps?

  • does the game have killstreaks to bring in air support? sorry i missed all the buzz on the game.

  • ac130 online

  • What are the technical workings of Veteran Mode exactly?

  • Why is Madman even posting on MAG threads?

    He made it clear he wasn’t buying it due to trophies.

    Talk about attention mongering

  • Great work Zipper! My Collectors Edition will be mine tomorrow! See you on the battlefield as Valor!

  • DANG IT!! I can’t seem to connect to the SERVER!!! earlier this afternoon I was able to play a couple of games. I’ll tell you to those who are skeptic, THIS GAME IS THE BOMB!!!! WHYYYY MUST MAG PUNISH ME NOW?! LET ME CONNECT DANG IT!!

  • I got this game and it is great, but there is a huge problem. I left a comment on the blog Beta vs. Final Game, and i adressed this problem. The game kicks me out, signed me out, and it’s just unbearable. I’ve searched this up and i’ve heard that other people have had this problem, and i was wondering if anyone had the same problem. It’s a great game, but i can’t play it if this continues.

  • Holy smokes, your Jeremy Dunham from ign. I didnt know you left to work for zipper! So, how is it to work in the creative side of the gaming industry now?

    Wish you luck with MAG’s sales. You got my money.

  • Looks like MAG cannot handle the traffic. Bought the game after work and have been trying to get on the server ever since. Based on my experiences with COD2 when it first came out, I image it will take a while to fix. It is frustrated seeing as I just spent $65 bucks on a game I cannot play. It better be a good game/experience when it does decide to work.

  • Sooo a amazing work guy the game is completly crazy for me, i think that put a step foward for fps style. And please try to put a demo out for poeple dont get a chance to try the beta, (like my brother his screen broke for the last week of the beta and he live to far away to try at my home ) tx and keep up the amazing work !!!!

  • Dammit the servers are down already. :(

    • Sorry \’bout that. We\’re implementing a server patch. The patch should be totally uploaded and the servers ready to go within the next hour.

  • yea dont worry Zipper gets on it fast. it will be on in no time. and the is awsome. i got to level 14 before the time out.

  • Even is down.

  • I just picked up the game, made a character but can’t get any farther. It gives me an error about losing the connection after a few seconds. I was going to report this to the developers, but the MAG website won’t load for me. I’m guessing enrapture6 is right.

  • yea poly give them less than an hour. they will have the reset. it will be back on tonight.

  • I had the connection problem while playing the beta also, so i don’t know what’s wrong.

  • Come on, guys… this has to be fixed – not “Repaired”… FIXED. There are too many haters out there… and this is the food to fuel their flames against MAG. Just bought the game… haven’t played yet, but still optimistic.

  • Problems for this title just like Socom. What a shame. Zipper and /6 should throw in the towel.

  • i ll return this game tomorrow first thing in the morning the beta was one thing but the actual game its another.. i mean there’s no campaign mode so what am i suppose to do until they fix it which they post it will be 7 p or 11 eastern that messed up…and im not going to go through with that

  • Jeremy, if you were too dim to realize the question meant in-game custom music, then you are in the wrong industry.

    Get out and go back to creating amateur videos with Doper-Roper. You aren’t needed here. You never were.

  • I got MAG, last copy in K-Mart all of them were sold our except mine. MUHAHAHA!

  • luving the game!

  • @ MadmanEU

    I see you were removed from the titt a wee bit too early eh..


  • Who else has tried the 256 player thing? Ok. What happened to positivity? Just chill, and give them some time to fix it. Play another game (plenty out there) until its fixed, and if it’s past your bedtime then play tomorrow before the bus (short or regular size) picks you up and if not play later. I just picked it up too and have to wait, o well its not the end of the world. Try to think positive in any situation: Servers are stressed – probably because so many people are trying to play it. I’m confident they will fix it and I’m still looking forward to playing.

  • i noticed that the servers were down in MAG and hopefully everything can be fixed. I am a huge war/shooter video game player and this game was really fun for the few matches I played. I don’t want to give up on this game, it has great potential.

  • <— laughing at MadmanEU's inability to state a question clearly… and that he's mad that Jeremy didn't answer it right. :)

    More seriously. A server patch update on launch night? Really? Who came up with that idea? In interview at CES it was said that: "you learned a lot from the beta and you were pretty sure that you will be able to handle the server load on launch day". Guess not.

    Played this afternoon and the game is great but the whole point of selling an online-only game is to be able to play… online!

  • OK SONY SUCKS, If they knew that this was going to happened, why did they launch it?. WE ALL PAID 60 bucks for a game that you can not play right off the box.
    The game looks great but, you can not let this happen.
    I will return it tomorrow. Servers like this will not make.
    %0 …..

  • Servers down?!?! Ouch…heartbreak.

    Can you please clarify exactly what the Gamestop pre-order codes are/were supposed to provide? The code seemed to enter OK, but nothing downloaded, and the only “Hazard” item that seems to be available is a camo color in some cases….no helmet or vest…??

  • helloooo…
    Game servers are down. is down.
    Forums are down…

  • Mr Dunham i have a question…. I pre-ordered the game and i got an in-game character for it…i followed all the steps but my in-game character is not there i got to the point after i confirmed the code…but it did not take me to the download screen…im utterly confused please help me

  • @82

    Then your too dim to see he knew exactly what the question was, obviously if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have schooled you with his reply.

    They have said before there will be no Custom XMB music to be played in MAG. Clearly your too butt hurt to see reasoning, therefore your constant attacks at him, only clarify one thing:

    Someones a hater. He replied to your post you got your answer, now shut up and get over it.

    Constantly attacking someone because theres no trophies for half ***ness or custom music in a game, only point to you being a hater.

  • ok, game servers are back on…

  • Wow, the internet hate on this game is astounding, and sad. But it’s EXACTLY why I bought the game just an hour ago. Every single time the internet is raging about how bad a game sucks, I ended up loving it. Examples of this are Killzone, Ghostbuster, LAIR and Star Wars The Force Unleashed amongst others.

    I wasn’t so sure if I was gonna get this game because I was honestly planning on just sticking with Killzone 2 for my FPS fix, but seeing all the internet RAGE towards this game, I decided to go pick it up on just the strong faith that pretty much everyone on the internet is an idiot, and wrong about everything.

    I’m disappointed the servers are sown (that’s a wierd move, care to explain why you’d pick such a bad time instead of just waiting till tomorrow morning?) But I can’t wait till the servers are up so I can create my character and start playing. Congrats on the launch, and try not to let all the idiots on the internet get you down.

  • Guys Sony does not suck, neither does Zipper. Stop flipping out about this, i mean really. If these companies really sucked, would they have been on the problem right away and trying to fix it as i speak? No. I mean, true they should have been able to know that their servers would hold up, but everyone messes up, calm down. Sony makes some of the stongest games out there, i mean i just played Uncharted 2 and it absolutely blew me away. I have a feeling that MAG will be very successful as well, just give it time.

  • I really want MAG it looks so much fun! I have been saving up money for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but now I think Mag would be way better

  • I’m so glad I played this at midnight :)


    I don’t like silence when guns are blazing.

    How do I recommend that as a patch to Zipper?
    Like LittleBigPlanet you can play your own music from your PS3 in your POD. I want to do that during the game when I am playing.

    All I want is Meet The Creeper by Rob Zombie full blast as I die on a suicide mission :)

  • I wonder what MAG stands for???

  • So if Jeremy Dunham is on maybe he can tell me why I pre ordered the game picked it up and now on the opening night of the game I have been waiting for so long to play I can not play it cause there is server maintaince that was a great idea and when can I play again

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