MAG is Out This Week!

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It’s been a long time coming, but after years of hard work, everyone here at Zipper Interactive is happy to announce that MAG, our 256-player shooting juggernaut – and our first PlayStation 3 game – has officially made it to stores all over North America and parts of Asia – with releases due out in Europe, Japan, and Korea later this week.

If you haven’t seen MAG in action for yourself, or you have seen it and you just like awesome trailers, then you owe it to yourself to watch our launch video below.

As great as it is, that trailer is just a sampling of the action, scale and insanity that MAG brings to the table – as scores of you are already finding out for yourselves, with roughly four new players joining the MAG universe every second!

On behalf of everyone here at Zipper Interactive, we’d sincerely like to thank everyone who has supported us leading up the release of MAG and who continue to do every time you log on. You have our gratitude; we couldn’t have done it without you.

For more on MAG, including all the latest info, storyline updates, status reports, check out

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  • Picked up a copy at Future Shope here in Canada! Looking forward to getting online tonight! See you online!

  • GET IT OUT IN THE UK! ;) Quick!

  • Giggity. :)

  • Just picked mine up like I said I would. About to load up and hop on in a few

  • The Game Looks Good Now too bad i didnt get play the last beta i only played the first beta the one that came with qore so i want to know if the game is imporved more but too bad its hard to get that question answered because Reviews Sucks always give ps3 games low score but ill try to ask friends about the game

  • i am getting it today, but does it have custom soundtracks? i would like to listen to my music from the xmb.

  • I’m picking this up on the way to work. Which unfortunately means I won’t be able to play it till after. Fortunately, this should give everyone else enough time to buy it as well so the servers are stocked when I get on tonight. Only a 3 hour shift so the wait will be palpable waiting to play sweet retail MAG goodness… Everyone saying it’s another bland shooter with a lot of people is missing the point and should go play more MW2 fer chrissakes. 1 Billion in sales.. I won’t deny helping that along but that is quite ridiculous. Why don’t we just sign our souls over to Kotick.

  • S.V.E.R. World Domination Starts Today!

  • @#6 – It has custom soundtracks

  • Played beta, Will not buy the game.

  • Is mag downloadable or will it EVER be

  • I hope this game sells a lot.

    (It needs to sell 256 copies just to get a full game. :))

  • I just pickedup my pre-ordered copy along with my DLC voucher, The game Rocks Jeremy, thank the team at Zipper for me and I’ll see you guys online very soon!!! :D

  • Will there be any Playstation Home content from MAG?

  • M.A.G is for kids to Teens Sony..Seriously what direction are you people trying to head to? Teens only now in FPS?..Its enough that we have to deal with underage kids in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2..But really is there any response ability anymore for what kids should be doing?.Not really.!..I think if this never gets an enforcement in 2010 it will just get worse with the hacking & cheating in FPS..

  • Bought it! Thx, I’m really looking forward to this game. Has there been any mention about DLC plans in the future? This game seems to be made with DLC in mind.

  • The game is only available on disc. Too big for download or it would tale forever…

    Unfortunately I have to wait for payday to get this game. Loved the beta.

    This time I hope more people will have mics and would want to work as a team. If not, then you are on your own. I can’t help you if I can’t undertand or hear you.

  • I like the “it only does 256 players” commercial better. I hope God of War gets one of those commercials

  • You should of made a Next Gen Socom instead with the features in this link.

    Face it MAG is a basic FPS with a 256 player gimmick!

  • Just picked it up this morning and haven’t shut it off since. Awesome game!

    @6 and 9
    There’s no custom soundtracks, I just tried and it says that it can’t be played

  • Just finished two rounds. It was awesome, for some reason I enojyed a lot more when compared to the beta, but then again that was a beta.

  • Dear playstation comercials are geting old, should just focus on 15 or 30sec ad on the game rather than humor.

  • Forgot to mention, I love the music in this game!

  • @ 23

    kinda agree

  • Ditto #16 – premium avatars for each faction = easy money.

  • Bought it but will have to take a back seat to Mass Effect2 for awhile. Sorry, see ya online soon!

  • Picked it up at lunch, now release some info On SOCOM 4 already. :)


  • Updating my copy right now. Take it easy on the updates… I don’t want to download gigabytes of patches in the future.

  • Zipper, thanks for providing players like me with an unseen before experience on the PS3….or any other console!

  • I’ll try asking again:
    -is the audio 24-bit? lossless?

    -what’s the native rendering resolution? what kind of AA does it employ, if any?

    • Ooh, tech questions!

      There\’s no blanket answer on this. But weapons and explosions are mostly lossless, while other sounds are a combination of lossless or not lossless based on what they are. As for the bit-rate, there are two aspects to consider: what\’s your source and what are you putting out? Most of the game\’s sourced rates are 16- and 24-bit and then we output through the PS3 via what makes the most sense/what the limitations are.

      Native resolution is 720p, we upscale to 1080i when needed. AA is built into the game.

  • Ps3 may “only do 256 players, but MAG “only does” some of the worst Fps gaming I’ve seen in a while. I mean really this game is terrible and a lot of people agree with me. Watch it get somewhere between 6 and 7 on IGN “only” because its been hyped so much, trust me for those of you who havent played it yet you are in for a HUGE disappointment, nothing is more annoying then spawning over and over again in the same spot only to shoot, die, do it again because no one works together because the gameplay mechanics invovling so many players are broken and on top of that it is a very UNpolished game, I was EXTREMELY dissapointed and so will many others. The “only thing MAG does well is keep lag down” but thats just about what it “only DOES”.

  • Hopefully Im not disapointed

  • epic game epic box art epic win!

  • Se ve muy bueno el juego, espero poder tener el dinero al final de esta semana para poder comprarlo.

  • waiting for my copy in the mail – snipe you soon! thanks zipper!

  • I liked the beta but i’m not a big fan of FPS and theres many games im buying in the coming months but i hope you get great sales. Congrats for the launch.

    By the way Best buy is offering 20$ off on the official sony headset if you buy MAG.

  • I too was in the BETA and though things could be better. HOWEVER! just 2 blog posts ago there was a huge change log posted that, on paper, seems to address my concerns.

    So! Unlike ironheart901 who seems to feel we need about 2 paragraphs of ranting on BETA class software, I will simply state that I will rent first, ensure the updates fix my concerns..then buy if it meets my expectations.

    (I do have a bit of bitterness left over from the SOCOM debacle)

  • I just bought it 5mins after class and I have to wait until 9pm before i can play…Digital Signal Processing class I hate you lol

  • :D Just wanted to thank Dunham for answering our nagging on the forums and in PMs. And the developers for aiming so high and sticking to what they had in mind with MAG.

    It’s turned out great – the disc will be stuck in my ps3 for a long while, no doubt about it.

  • Dunham, you said to a commenter in your VERY LAST post that this game supports in-game music, and now you are telling us that it doesn’t. You’re a liar and a coward. How original!

    More Dunham failures.

    For the love of god (and your own dignity), stop posting here. Leave the PSBlog to the parents, mmmkay?

    • The question in the post yesterday was, \”is there in-game music?\” to which I replied yes.

      There is music in the game; that is accurate. The question itself did not ask about \”custom\” soundtracks. If that\’s what was meant, then it wasn\’t clear in the question.

      However, regarding any questions about custom soundtracks in the past, our answer has always been \”no.\”

  • the lack of custom soundtrack was the deal breaker. based on the beta, the game can be boring. a lot of camping and respawning.. good luck to zipper, though you should have just made another socom

  • @41

    He didn’t lie. There is In-game music.

    What the hell do you think a soundtrack in the game is?

    Theres a difference between Custom and In-Game music. In game music is music already in the game. Custom is your own music out side the game.

    Which is why most people sound ridiculous when they say sony doesn’t have in game music. -_-

  • Hey Mr. Dunham…. When can we expect a New SOCOM title by Zipper on the PS3? Thank you

    • Right now we\’re focusing on MAG and making it a success. Any future project (real or imagined) isn\’t something we\’re really worried about at the moment.

  • I just got my free copy in the mail earlier today! There seems to be server issues, im having trouble connecting to the server and a few times ive gotten kicked from the game because of some error. Please fix it asap, I love playing when I can actually get in, but half the time im just trying to connect.

  • Just got home from work with my copy of MAG, I will be on later tonight. So excited.

  • Wait a second!? Are you Jeremy Dunham former IGN? Cool.

  • Gotta wait till i got to work to pick up my preorder….next time i only order near my house…

  • @MadmanEU comment #42

    You really need to step your comprehension level and interpersonal communication skills up before you start posting these madman comments at people.

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