It Only Does 256 Players

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It certainly has been a great start to a new year here at PlayStation and we want to thank you for helping us to break some pretty big milestones this past holiday. Not only was it our single highest sales month for PS3 in its history, it also marked the highest single revenue month for PlayStation Network. It was also a banner year for our software line up, which boasted more than 200 industry awards and accolades across our first party releases, ranging from VGA’s Game of the Year award for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves to PS3 crowned “Platform of the Year” by Metacritic’s 2009 Game Platform Power Rankings for overall game quality. We’ve also seen incredible momentum from our publishing partners with the launches of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Madden NFL 10 and Assassin’s Creed II, which were the top three selling publisher games in the U.S.

We’re incredibly excited for this new year and have lined up many big reasons for PS3 fans to keep coming back for more. Not only do we have truly groundbreaking technology that will be filling living rooms this year with 3D and motion controlled gaming, but we’re celebrating our most MAG-nificent line up in PS3’s history. And our good friend Kevin Butler will be at it again, taking over your TV screens and other mediums to showcase why it’s never been a better time to be a PS3 owner.

Next Tuesday, Zipper Interactive will be unleashing the industry’s first and only 256 online multiplayer shooter game, MAG. We know there’s tremendous appetite for this game as you’ve downloaded more than a million MAG beta clients worldwide during the last open Beta period. So, as a special treat to MAG fans, we’d like to give you an exclusive sneak peek of the TV commercial airing this weekend, here. The commercial depicts a job applicant asking Kevin Butler whether his MAG platoon leadership qualifies as management experience.

If you’d like to see more of Kevin Butler before the next commercial, check him out on Twitter to get a daily dose of his perspectives on PlayStation and pop cultural events.

Hooah and Happy New Year,
Peter Dille

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  • I’m gonna say that from now on… Son of a MAG.

  • Son of a,…………….MAG

  • This has to be one of my fave PS3 ads. So perfect lol.

  • These crack me up… keep em coming!

  • This was great. Please do not stop these awesome commercials xD

  • Is mag ever gonna be downloadable from the PS store???

  • oh my god XD XD XD

  • lol i love the commercials.

  • ok it officially aired c n adult swim. the news is out. thankfully my SONY tuner runs the sound so it on sat while im in blogs and typed chat. its going to be a great year


    And please tell me this video will be in the playstation store this week with the other M.A.G goodies eg. Dynamic Themes,Wallpapers

  • @assassin4321…. Zipper Interactive has said MAG is way to big to be downloaded form the ps store the file size would eat up all your HDD space…

  • dude its 1:00am here in NY and i jus watched the ad. i laughed so hard my fiance was about to kill me for waking her up. funny stuff. 2009 own. 2010 next,BOOM

  • This commercial was comical yet “Ironic”. Job Competition in today’s world could be considered WAR in today’s economy.

    Still not buying MAG though.

  • Dear Sony,

    Can you PLEASE do something about the lack of avatar choices? Can we get the option to have custom ones perhaps?

  • ROFL! Love the last line :D

    Wish we can have some of these ads over at my place, they’re brilliant!

  • LAWL that’s beautiful

  • Totally not interested in the game, but the commercial is hilarious as ever :-) Too bad in Europe we have such dull commercials.

  • Son of a MAG, that was funny! xD

  • Hilarious!

    Keep these great ads coming!

  • HA HA that was great! Keep it up

  • ok if your not buying MAG fine one less moron who cant see getting a top shooter or wn it for the lack of ability to worry about. maybe you are one of those i cant play it unless it some simple shooter for simpletons like call of duty mw wm2. where mommies lil tard boy can play let me shoot anything that moves. or some single player campaign noobery is more your speed. for me its online only. and the bigger the better. it has to be steeped in teamwork required to win. where little noob boy who has no team skill is not wanted and will never win. so MAG to me is a dream i had a wish for a bigger more advanced game. and there is a record of this. at EA. where i asked them if they could make a 128 or 256 shooter in 2007. but was told it would never happen. and even if there are no manned jets and choppers no tanks. still its 256 player. so go play barbie dtes kin for girls 10 and under but stop with the MAG slers noobs

  • Thats pretty funny.hahaha

  • NICE! So far all of these have been winners. Cant wait to see the one you guys do for GOW3!

  • lol thats great,VALOR FTW

  • Im Valor all the way.

  • Once again, an awesome commercial from the SCEA marketing department. It would have been better to have these ads 3 years ago, but better late than never I suppose.

    I’ll see you knaves on MAG, Raven For The Win!

  • I’ll stand by this: Kevin Butler MUST be the host for this years Sony E3 press conference. That would be an automatic win.

  • There should be an ad featuring Keven and Sackboy…

  • great commercial.

  • no e3 belongs to 1 man only the CEO for Sony usa. Keven is cool but E3 is his alone. your both valor. by the way if your against my team it valor FTL for you will most likly lose. if you see a RAVEN team and you cant seem to stop them let alone get out of your spawn without dieing. you will know im around somewhere or that in some way there affiliated with my me and my friends. not to mention in sabo valor map. well in beta 1.4 took valor down in 2 minutes 56 seconds. and RAVEN got the win. then we took sver in 3 m 49 s. now the RAVEN aqusis and dom maps are well how to put it hard to hold. bunker turrits have blocking pobs and they gullies were hard to keep them out of. where the vlor were coverable and sver were the meat grinders. and from what we have heard there not going to b fixed.

  • dam typos that is what ya get for watching sat and typing. good to hear poly. RAVEN needs loyal troops. now i do know there will be trophy hunters. but we will have other players that do not care will be with RAVEN and loyal to RAVEN alone. Good to hear your as loyal as i am to RAVEN. so let me exstend a hand. Welcome to RAVEN Poly.
    Remember RAVENS we may need to shoot more rounds to kill our enimy but where our weapon lacks our skill takes over. know your enimy and there bases use all you can to effect a win. i cant stress this enough be a team work together as a team. it is how we will beat valor and sver. use all you are given to your advantage. remember this RAVEN and WIN .

  • Freaking Greatness =)

  • 1 more day to MAG

  • That is HILARIOUS! He all sounds scared, then “sure son!” then SON OF A …… mag.

    Notice how pretty those graphics were? wow.

  • Disappointing M.A.G 256 players?.I doubt it when Sony can’t even get the Beta to work! lol..Well good luck with this game.. Not buying it..the ESRB is also a another reason why I’m not buying it. Its a watered down version of Socom .lame idea SCEA.. Hey maybe you guys should get those promised updates out?.Cross Game Chat with In Game Music! I want this patch to support all my games!.. Cheers..Until then I have my 360..

  • It only does hacking SCEA! An example would have to be Modern Warfare 2 glitching and ending the game early wth!?..Fix the game already jezz..Sick in tired of people cheating in COD!..

  • Yea this is gonna be a great game. More great things from playstation.
    Competitors dont stand a chance.

  • snakeeyes MAG works the beta worked flawlessly. and di play 256 players smoothly. it has nothing to do with socom. its a fps ok first person shooter not 3rd. watered down socom i bough socom. it sucked baddly. im a fps player. 3 star general from battlefield 2 pc. ok MAG graphics rival bf2pc. with way more players. i dont know what peoblem you have with the beta. but you obviously did not get it working. but mag is so far above socom. your retarded piost makes no sence. then i saw you play cod mw call of duty. lol you play baby shooters so mommy must still tape your underpants on. look do not insult big boy games just because you do not understand how to use them. as for cheating welcome to online gaming. ive put up with cheats sence 1998. who do i blame simple nintendo. cheat code. look simple enough. play know who you play. deal with it ive been shot stabbed and kill from inpossable distances knew it was an aimbot in ro isaw bbies on triks with bazookas. it happens do not insult mag it works well and i more cheat safe

  • lol nice commercial = D

  • Ps3 may “only do 256 players, but MAG “only does” some of the worst Fps gaming I’ve seen in a while. I mean really this game is terrible and a lot of people agree with me. Watch it get somewhere between 6 and 7 on IGN “only” because its been hyped so much, trust me for those of you who havent played it yet you are in for a HUGE disappointment, nothing is more annoying then spawning over and over again in the same spot only to shoot, die, do it again because no one works together because the gameplay mechanics invovling so many players are broken and on top of that it is a very UNpolished game, I was EXTREMELY dissapointed and so will many others. The “only thing MAG does well is keep lag down” but thats just about what it “only DOES”.

  • Lmao you just suck at Socom lol..
    SCEA needs to Charge a yearly or monthly fee to get rid of cheaters etc..Sorry junior your days are up.. Get a Job!..

  • ok again this game works well. and requires alot of teamwork. it played well worked well. and did everything it promised. ironheart. fps you die everyone dies. its inherent in shooters to get shot. if you or who you are with do not get the idea of teamwork. you are in troble. the Beta was a very scaled down vers of the true reliese. why simple to keep other companies from stealing MAG. the beta was a lesser ver of the true game. in almost evrery way. just a few maps turned down cntrols and graphics. just enough to test thre dedicated servers, without putting the unreliesed game in view of possable spies. you see only a very scaled down vers you dont get the graphics maps or real tech tree or mdl/rbn acomodation tree. this lets Zipper test MAG with no worries of it being stolen. you were there to test the servers let the tech ajust them to insure that MAG ran flawlessly on reliese. not a MAG demo. it was to test the servers over a distance and load condidtion and to allow Zipper see how the server would react. this was why you would see problems then suddelny you got a message. lost conect reset new dl. got it zipper was fixing problems setting the server to do what i had to

  • ok take it from here we were there to let Zipper ajust the server to do what it had to….. not a demo. so you have yet to see MAG really. aka the disclosure. this is a beta not thr reliese. MAG is a work in progress. the betsa dose not reflect the finnished product. instead is a work in pogress. game play graphics will change and get better. so yo do not know what MAG looks like or plays like. you only have a small look at what MAG has to offer. the fact is team work is needed in any squad based shooter. do not down it just becasuse you lack the skills needed. that reminds me of my buck private days in bf2pc lol stuck my head up to get killed by a brt. 30 deaths no kills why a brt is a armor personel carrir. fast shooting cannon. but i learned. soon 135000 kill 89000 deaths. why because i learned. do not just whine because it is not cod shoot anyone baby shooter.

  • its snake eyes again. i knew it was a socom have no skills. look if youi hve no shooting skills yo bash the game that takes it to play.socomk shoots fo you. go shoot him go heal them go there shoot wo im wining. well yea you have 4 guys shooting for you. wow what skill. bordom at max. socom blows chunks. and as for cheats lol and microsft. money or no money. MICROSOFT could care less if they cheat. its not to stop cheats. its to make more money off you. sakle neyes you messages to me proves you brain is defective. i know more about MICROSOFTgames than any xbox 3pissy noob. look At the name ai reversed MANGUDAI FORCE as in age of empires fool. aka MICROSOFT GAMES. who for years we begged for help aginst cheats. GOT NO HELP EVER. y are just a fool boy with no brain bought an xbox cant stand PS3 dose not charge. hush go on play your xbox 3pissy.

  • now every one listen MAG takes skill teamwork. you cant play it like call of duty or any other shooter. it steeped in team work. oh and sorry typos are abundant on this itty bitty kb. if you have a hard time in mag. that is understandable. most games are solo single player shooters. very minamal team work. just run n shoot. mag no not at all it is based in heavy team work. you have to work together. to effect a win. do not think you can just go out shooting and win have some monsterious score be the super dude killer in your mind. no your 1 little man amoung many. that is how it is. only skill with teamwork. ability with time will help you. very few will be able to go alone and effect the game. mostly those who have been part of heavy teem based games of previous times. now do not dislighten MAG if you do not likt it so be it do not throw yo oppnion in and try to lessen MAG. you just are not ready for such an advanced game. go play cod or socom. and leave the ADVANCED GAMING to the men. kk lil tiny boys.

  • LOL!!!! that’s awesome!!

  • Can we expect the ‘Sony – make.beleive’ logo to now be a part of all things PlayStation now? it seems that your really pushing this make. believe thing.

  • Awesome Idea:

    Kevin Butler as host of E3 Sony press conference.

  • one more day left people. then the greatest milestone game will be reliesed. funny part of time the months passed quickly. the beta came and went quickly. is the last minutes that drag out. the antisiption the clock watching. suddenly the last 15 minutes zone and there it gose. the second hand slows you can alomst hear a sound like rusty breaks as it majickly grinds to a screeching halt. you watch looking for any movement as if you can see everyone moving in stop frame motion. are they talking sounds like a tape recorder on slow very slow. oh dam it here the lasts mundane droll minutes where time stands still. you look to see how much longer. to hear a loud clang clang dam second hand its getting slower and slower and that slow loud clang as it slows. and thats when you know. you have the last minute reliese date jitters. your hyped and now time is standing still. everyone have fun tomarrow

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