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It certainly has been a great start to a new year here at PlayStation and we want to thank you for helping us to break some pretty big milestones this past holiday. Not only was it our single highest sales month for PS3 in its history, it also marked the highest single revenue month for PlayStation Network. It was also a banner year for our software line up, which boasted more than 200 industry awards and accolades across our first party releases, ranging from VGA’s Game of the Year award for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves to PS3 crowned “Platform of the Year” by Metacritic’s 2009 Game Platform Power Rankings for overall game quality. We’ve also seen incredible momentum from our publishing partners with the launches of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Madden NFL 10 and Assassin’s Creed II, which were the top three selling publisher games in the U.S.

We’re incredibly excited for this new year and have lined up many big reasons for PS3 fans to keep coming back for more. Not only do we have truly groundbreaking technology that will be filling living rooms this year with 3D and motion controlled gaming, but we’re celebrating our most MAG-nificent line up in PS3’s history. And our good friend Kevin Butler will be at it again, taking over your TV screens and other mediums to showcase why it’s never been a better time to be a PS3 owner.

Next Tuesday, Zipper Interactive will be unleashing the industry’s first and only 256 online multiplayer shooter game, MAG. We know there’s tremendous appetite for this game as you’ve downloaded more than a million MAG beta clients worldwide during the last open Beta period. So, as a special treat to MAG fans, we’d like to give you an exclusive sneak peek of the TV commercial airing this weekend, here. The commercial depicts a job applicant asking Kevin Butler whether his MAG platoon leadership qualifies as management experience.

If you’d like to see more of Kevin Butler before the next commercial, check him out on Twitter to get a daily dose of his perspectives on PlayStation and pop cultural events.

Hooah and Happy New Year,
Peter Dille

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  • I always thought it would of been fun to remake
    the grandma commercial with a mother playing
    the kids PS3.

    Kevin would go something like.

    “You know what she did for fun when she was your age? She played Space invaders with
    a stick! (Joystick)”

  • lol i played that. it was the first arcafe game. it was a desk type at a pizza hut. black and white. but at home we didnt have it at first. it was attari 2600 that was the first console. before that they were more like 2 paddles and a box no cartrages. attari changed it all now you got 1 console and to change games changed carts. wow thaT brings back memories. then in the early 80s the PC wow a blinding 2 mhz clock 512 k of ram and2 yes 2 big 358k floppies. wonderfun monocrome graphics. now look where we are 256 player game consoles that do evrerything. you know why some of u dream of bigger things. so did Zipper. and they did the unblievable. MAG. all because some man made what the first game PONG. from pong to MAG wow it been a great life to see it get this far. just a little further to go.

  • ok my last comment yea i see things. have ideas. i love flying and ground wars. mech as well as inf. comand. and very harsh condidtions. now i like harsh realisim. mass distruction in a very realistic theater. a non candycoated way. if your hit by a blast if your to be pink mist so beit. if shot close quarter shotty let there b light threw the enevatable hole.the blood n guts of war that is so often lacking let see it. ok shellshocked yes horror yes. face it war is not pretty it grusome. so it should be. i like it big bigger more realistic. i want to be the stratigic comand. in charge of a massiver army. full coms satalite tracking and imaging. uav fighter bombers attack choppers. tanks everywhere. men marching killing in every mannor. thern isend a set of 52s up 2 bombs each. 2 unthinkable bombs there comand now hears a warning scrambles jets to intercept. yes 4 nuclear bombs are in the air. now that would be a cool war game

  • One thing!!! i love my ps3 and i constantly brag to my less fortunate gamers who have the 180 lol. but one thing that makes their eyes bulge is when i tell them that the PS network is totally free!!!!! they cant believe this. i think that this fact should be pushed more in commercials alot of people dont know that it is free! so this will definately help you sell more systems!!!! come on Dille lol get the word out

  • Hey since the motion control scheme the PS3 uses is a junction between both the EyeToy and a physical controller, how about calling the controller the PlayStation EyeBall?

  • this looks like an awesome game i dont think it can beat modern warfare two though.
    p.s. the ad was hilarious and i agree that they need to bundle it with a headset.

  • Looks great picked it up today, waiting to get home and try it out.

  • hi i no this is toatly of topic but i need some help my ps3 wont let me sign in and when i go te settings i type in my password and it says that it timed out how can i log back on ?

  • ha it took me a while but i got the camecial

  • it took me a while but i got the camecial

  • hahaha great commercial for an awesome game!

  • I’m excited about MAG. Also for more PSN PSOne classics this year. I hope we still have a lot of unreleased titles to look forward to.

  • Sony wants to come out on top? What they need to do is put the blu-ray to use. When you got a mutiplatform game”mw2″, have the delvepers add extra stuff to the ps3 ver. Add 8 extra maps to our disc,add 12 extra wepons to our disc, put 256 player online to our disc. Things that xbox players will have to download and pay for. you have all this space on this Blu-ray disc but we are getting the same thing that other consols are getting. You need to do things that other consols CAN’T do. All this disc space it should be easy to do. I can tell you this…. You do that and those players with other consols will either buy a ps3/ or buy the ps3 ver. of the game. That will also get ps there exculsves back!


    I appreciate everything that you have done with PSN sir. Especially giving gamers a free option. I do however have a suggestion. It would greatly improve the functionality of the PSN to be able to get an invite, and while it is still on your screen be able to hit the home button, and have it take you straight to the “Join” page, instead of meandering through a bunch of sub-menus to finally arrive at the message screen allowing you to join. I also think that the ability to leave voice messages would significantly enhance the PSN experience. Finally, have you guys ever considered offering a higher-level PSN. Yes, I am talking about a paid version. This might sound contrary to my compliment earlier, but I for one (and there are many others) would be willing to pay a small fee for enhanced capabilities with PSN. I would like to be clear on this point when I say “small”. XBL is I believe $50/yr. If you could create a $10/yr fee with a more interactive experience, I’m confident it would not only boost earning for Playstation, but swing a lot of players from the Xbox 360. I talk to gamers almost every day that are hanging onto their Xbox solely because of the XBL experience.

  • To Sarcastic ^^ You’re describing a very slippery slope buddy. If the PS3 gets highly exclusive content for a game, M$ is going to do the same from the gaming companies that it owns stake in. Before long, end-users would have to purchase two copies of every major title just to enjoy all there is to enjoy.

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