It Only Does 256 Players

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It certainly has been a great start to a new year here at PlayStation and we want to thank you for helping us to break some pretty big milestones this past holiday. Not only was it our single highest sales month for PS3 in its history, it also marked the highest single revenue month for PlayStation Network. It was also a banner year for our software line up, which boasted more than 200 industry awards and accolades across our first party releases, ranging from VGA’s Game of the Year award for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves to PS3 crowned “Platform of the Year” by Metacritic’s 2009 Game Platform Power Rankings for overall game quality. We’ve also seen incredible momentum from our publishing partners with the launches of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Madden NFL 10 and Assassin’s Creed II, which were the top three selling publisher games in the U.S.

We’re incredibly excited for this new year and have lined up many big reasons for PS3 fans to keep coming back for more. Not only do we have truly groundbreaking technology that will be filling living rooms this year with 3D and motion controlled gaming, but we’re celebrating our most MAG-nificent line up in PS3’s history. And our good friend Kevin Butler will be at it again, taking over your TV screens and other mediums to showcase why it’s never been a better time to be a PS3 owner.

Next Tuesday, Zipper Interactive will be unleashing the industry’s first and only 256 online multiplayer shooter game, MAG. We know there’s tremendous appetite for this game as you’ve downloaded more than a million MAG beta clients worldwide during the last open Beta period. So, as a special treat to MAG fans, we’d like to give you an exclusive sneak peek of the TV commercial airing this weekend, here. The commercial depicts a job applicant asking Kevin Butler whether his MAG platoon leadership qualifies as management experience.

If you’d like to see more of Kevin Butler before the next commercial, check him out on Twitter to get a daily dose of his perspectives on PlayStation and pop cultural events.

Hooah and Happy New Year,
Peter Dille

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  • Son Of A……..LOL

    Keep it up SONY…and Kevin Butler

  • Hahaha great! But that kid better not get the job, the current VP of FPS is the best man for the position lol. :)

  • Kevin Butler best ad yet

  • “Son of a-..MAG!” LOL! Kevin is the best, Sony you have a great marketing team =D

  • That’s how it man! beautiful!

  • Cute. Very, very cute.

    MAG is in the bag. I’ll be there.

  • Congrats Sony on all of your success this gen and for innovating the industry the way you guys have so far, I can’t wait to see whats next!!! :D

    P.S. I have MAG pre-ordered and THAT COMMERCIAL IS FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! I practically fell out of my chair when poor Kevin realized the kid was applying for HIS job BWAHAHAHAHA, Home run with this one Sony Home run!!! :D

  • MAG would be better if it was delayed till Summer ’10 and more polish and effort was put into the graphics, sounds, and other things. Too much stuff is coming out this quarter like Mass Effect 2, Bad Company 2, FF-XIII, etc.

    Great commercial tho.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO You can’t take Kevin Butler away for that no name. :(

    Great commercial guys!

  • That commercial was EPIC WIN!

  • Sony is owning with the ps3 andMAG!

  • it can do everything the xbox360 can’t (lol)

  • yeah and pigs will fly you guys better get your lawyers ready and sue zipper interactive for false advertisement as it does not do 256 players online as you would think its 2 teams of 8 on each team on different maps not 2 teams of 128 players on each team on different map as it would sound as they are saying dont say im stupid because thats how most people would assume they are advertiusing it

  • Fan-freakin-tastic!! LOL

  • Commercials don’t get any better than that lol.

  • @dangerousbrian0 – I thought it was 2 teams of 4 Squads, each containing 4 platoons of 8 people?

  • I don’t understand this commercial. Is the Kevin Butler guy not *actually* the one talking to the interviewee? Because at the end he turns and looks through the window to see the same exact guy in a different room. What’s the point of this, exactly?

  • Sorry it’s:
    2 teams
    with 4 Platoons per team
    with 4 Squads per platoon
    with 8 members per Squad.

  • yeah that is more like it sorry for the confusion

  • LMFAO Great.

  • Heck Im putting Platoon leader on my resume after I saw this… LMAO

    S,V.E.R FOR THE WIN!!!!

  • Really funny. Great Stuff!

    Kevin Butler is awesome.

    White Knight Chronicles commercial coming next month?

  • These ads are absolutely hysterical and actually really well written. Great comedy, to the point and informative for everyone, rewatchable and short. They also manage to include small ‘inside’ jokes like keyboard cat and touch upon topics like if MMO management should be applicable for a CV and more.
    Btw, Kevin Butler is perfectly cast.

    You need to keep these ads going.

  • Peter, this ad was great, tell me, are there plans for ads with Kevin Butler for White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain and of course, God of War III? also, is it true about rumors pointing to a Superbowl ad for God of War III? :)

  • By the way, congrats on the success of the PS3, here is hoping to a great 2010, keep kicking Microsoft’s butt!! Get Mass Effect 1+2 to PS3 for the Holidays :) We want those games!!!!!!!

  • Truly awesome!! =)

  • i love this commercial. its more funny than the push a hoop with a stick commercial. sony put this in the PSN i want to save this one

  • Very good!

    Now air TV spots like crazy so the sales for first party titles go way up!

  • Freakin’ hilarious! Please keep making more commercials!

  • I laughed, I cried.

  • dangeriousbrian the only thing dangerious for you is trying to think. you played sabo. in sabo you have 2 squads of 8 attacking an objctive while two others are attacking another objective securing those allows you to move to c where 4 squads of 8 now try to destroy the final objective all this is on 1 get it 1 map then there is aquisition where 8 squads of 8 attack then finally you have domination 16 squads of 8 attack one 1 map ooooooh look 16 x 8 by 2 hmmmm 16 x 8 128 by 2 hmmmm 256. wow all on 1 map brian stop trying to think. it is not your fortey. now go let mommy change yu yo smelling up the room.

  • I’m impressed, someone finally outsmarted Kevin Butler! It’s a fortunate thing for him that he’s still got all those other job titles to fall back on. :)

  • now as for the other post yes there is mention in the beta and in blogs in another thread. if in the beta while signing on to the server. it stated MAG is a work in progress. not the final product that the play graphics and feel of mag will inprove for the final product. the zipper rep jeramey states the beta was a scaled down ver of MAG a very drastically scaled down vers. ok yo zipper you wish to test online 256 player action. be carful there are other out there spying. EA and several other but EA held the top FPS for years BF2pc. now there is rumor of zipper taking this away. beta for it comes out with the full game vers and they reliese it 1 week earlier than you. 2 years of work gone ruined over a beta test. kids ZIPPER is not stupid they scaled it all down to test it with no fear the real mag was still safe. untouched never seen untill reliese day. then you will all see the true MAG. and be stunned by it massive splinder. awwed by the new war. forever changing the gamming industry forever. only online only on playstation3.

  • hands down, the best one yet

  • Good Job, SONY! Let kicks Microsoft’s ASS!

  • ROFL! I love the Playstation guy(Kevin Butler).

  • It’s Hoorah.

  • These commercials always keep me laughing and are well balanced with information. Great commercials keep it up. Love that guy.

  • Great commercial!

  • Great ad. Whoever are writing these need promotions and raises.

  • AWESOME! Looking forward to MAG!

  • That had to be the best one yet.Especially when he says the title for the job he is going for.

  • ok, that was hilarious. People say they lol, but i really laughed out LOUD!!

  • not really interested in MAG, but that ad was funny

  • Sony’s advertising campaign is doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

  • Look out Modern Warfare!

  • NOW THAT WAS GOOD! Glad to see a MAG commercial. 256 players, can;t wait. I enjoyed the MAG BETA very much.

  • I LOVE this commercial. Kevin Butler should be Sony’s spokesman from now on. Lol…

    I especially liked how Kevin went “Son of a…” before being cut off by the words “MAG.”

  • Modern Warfare 2 is not a good game. Spike VGA’s are meaningless.

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