Update — PS3 3.15 System Software

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Just a quick note to let you know that firmware update 3.15, an optional update that was released in early December, is now a mandatory update. You can read about the contents of the update in the original post here.

In addition to the features that were communicated back in December, the update also improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 software. If you’ve already performed the update, there’s no need to do anything. If you are using an older version of the firmware, you will be prompted to update when you start up your system and when you access any network features.

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  • Is this going to Un-Brick my system that stopped working the second I downloaded 3.0?

    That would be a great update then…

  • more PsOne game
    and PC and Arcade game with extra feature on psn,
    get 3D-realms and SNK’s Support for PSN and PSP!

  • i was wary and steered clear of this update because of various complaints regarding it in the updates forum. now you have given me no choice in the matter and i can see just what the complaints are all about. thanks so very much for the freezing and errors. i truly hope someone loses their job over this.

  • I`m always happy when updates help to create a more stable system, unless by “stable” Sony means disabling certain features such as video support.

    I would still like to chime in about the scrolling news ticker. It is repetitive, annoying, and doesn’t convey much actual news. Please put in an option to disable it or scrap it all together.

    Love the new blue Star Trek dynamic theme, and of course love my PS3!

  • 1)increase the number of friends we can have.
    2)cross game chat.
    3)my music on whatever game i play.
    4)a free avatar based on your subscription date (july2007 would be a booger, and may2008 would be a fish, and Aug2009 would be a pencil, etc., etc.)
    5)i can haz cheezeburger?

  • In-Game music?

    Cross-Game Party Chat?

    More Avatars?



  • Oh and yeah, lately everything has been lagging like crazy, response time, and especially online while playing MW2. I hope these little bugs and glitches get fixed soon. I don’t want to go back to xbox :( i<3PS3

  • Patch to play ps2? I have a 60 gb so I’m good but I know so many people that won’t buy a PS3 because of no bc and that I want more friends to play with.

    Also cross game chat? Even just one person at a time would be an improvement over now.

  • lol pleae listen up>> theres a back game supprt thing inth psn store downlaod it..

    2. allt dvr. mpg14 . is already enabled. why ask 4 all that when its already there. ome o that window stuff is copy right protect. we ll know who own it, so dont cry 4 it…

    3. its Free> it wont cost you 19.95 and your wife and kids, it FREE. yes u read correct FREE…

    Eric lampel is a bizzy man.. he see al our wants and needs , yes he knows bout cros game chat. he left this qoute” Were on it, ands very tricky”

    4. Since i gave you guys that qoute. REad it 100 times. That whay you can undersand there making it..

    5. You still reading this,.. back to your video games,, Eric Lampel has been left the building..

  • Hi Eric

    Just Wondering is theres any chance of the trophy system getting

    Because i know of alot of people that have been waiting for the ability to get ride of the games they dont want to finish due to it being boring or crap and dont want this ugly not completed game on the list.

    Thank you

  • I downloaded this FW update, 3.15, and a few days later my PS3 would not spin disc’s anymore. Don’t know if the update was the cause but it seems funny.

  • Hi Eric

    Just Wondering is theres any chance of the trophy system getting any updates upgrades like the ability to delete games or trophies off your own my trohpy list.

    Because i know of alot of people that have been waiting for the ability to get ride of the games they dont want to finish due to it being boring or crap and dont want this ugly not completed game on the list.

    Thank you

  • Dear Eric Lempel, I would like to request .mkv container support for the PS3. Most codecs used in .mkv are already supported by the PS3, I think, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

    Thank you for your time!

  • my original ps3 fat packed in i now have a slim and bought a ps2 slim and i feel tht sony are letting themselves down by not lsitenign to the consumer FROM THE VERY BEGINNING because i got my ps3 on launch and people have wanted to play there own music whilst playing games since march 2007! nearly 3 years soon…

  • I know all new systems being sold that contain the Netflix logo, The Software for the streaming portion of Netflix is preloaded on to the system.

    Any thoughts of making the software available via The Playstation Network however not limited to improving the overall experiance by means of a firmware update.(Making it a icon under the network services row)

  • I cant get the update. I tried like 10 times and it doesnt work.

  • I got in December, but I want to say something nice in between all these mean people.
    Thanks for your hard work. :)

  • Hope you guys can do flash in browser and much better streaming of video contents. Thanks!

  • oh boy, forced to download more bloat

    here’s an idea for an update: make the aesthetic crap you changed in 3.0 optional. I’ve never heard anything but complaints and you still haven’t fixed it in the months you’ve had.

  • Yeah, so I just tried the firmware update to 3.15 about an hour ago and immediately afterwards, my PS3 started to YLoD.

    Needless to say, I’m not happy with this update.

    (OMG…3? 15? The numbers are cursed!!!)

    But seriously, some sorta fix that isn’t gonna hit me in the pocketbook would be nice…)

  • Stop releasing worthless updates. Do something worth the time, like you spend all that time for HOME but can’t make actual updates that do something besides “we made it more stable, huzzah”. OUT!

  • Before i downloaded the up date,my ps3 was acting up and not reading discs and freezing.So i downloaded it off the computer.Install it and same crap.then i got mad and now i have a partially broken controller.All i can say is sony better be working on something.

  • I do have to say i am a little disappointed that after all of these updates and issues there is no way to listen to personal music during game play and that some owners have to have a disc every time they use netflix (which has an unbelievable lag anyway) I also saw online a few months back an application where users could watch a wide variety of music videos and yet it isn’t available in the US… Please listen to the people using your system b/c im beginning to become jealous of 360 users

  • Yeah, i don’t want to lose faith in Sony but i already have.

    They’ve been sucking lately.

    no new good stuff.
    No news at all about anything (interesting)
    we want information on motion controls
    God of war III release date and bundle info.
    that’s all i really care about.

    They can’t even do that, that’s not much. some people out there want way more then that.


  • Where is cross game chat??? Is it so difficult!?

  • I can see that there are people complaining about the new update to course problems to their ps3 system. Like fan speed goes up and that the blu-ray drive stops reading discs.

    Can you confirm that this is really happened?

    I have been reading all the follow ups regarding this new update and it seems no one have asked about the possibility take the harddrive from the fat ps3 model and swap it with the new one inside the slim model. Would that not work? keeping all the save games etc.? or is a hard drive bound to only that one ps3?

    Thanks for making an effort doing the ps3 even better than it is.

  • Why should sony care when they update or what is updated. whatever they do most people complain anyway.This update made the browers more stable. I think the browser works well and there is more fuctions than the wii browser. No console can go online and do what the ps3 does.downloads including divx movies and most music. But if that is good enough convert them.Even itunes will do that.
    now lets complain some more.
    wiistation 3 is best of both worlds

  • Make it possible to add multiple pictures to an album at once. I have 300+ images in the “Unknown” album and its dreadfully annoying to have to add each individual picture to the album I want it in.

  • I can not give you hard proof on the problem, CozmoZIP, just my word. I have not been playing for over a week, as Best Buy is looking at it. It could take up to 2 months before I see it again. My PS3 was working perfectly up til I did the FW update.(3.15) Coincedence?? I don’t know. Just a little POed thats all. I am having withdrawl syptoms, HaHaHaaa :)

  • Would it be possible to update the data transfer utility so it can transfer only one profile off the system?

  • mathaytes: Did you have the reading disc issue afterwards? What model do you have? Have you inserted a bigger hard drive.


    It’s very annoying that there seems to be some who experience problem’s after a mandatory update. I use my Blu-ray almost every day and would not be satisfied if a update could make it stop working.

    Sony Please confirm that the update is ok.
    I can’t get in the Playstation Network Store, before i update.

  • Well since there making us download firmware 3.15 that probably means a major update is in the works. Mabye one with cross game voice chat?

  • Guys for crying out loud in game soundtrack, custom soundtracks, your own music ingame this has been supported for a LONG time. so quit asking for it.

    Thing is Sony has implimented it as far as they are going to. You will not get any better soundtrack support from sony, so if you want custom soundtracks start emailing devs about it.

    Sony gave them the option it’s easy to do, it’s backwards compatible. Many companies spend way too much time, money, and effort to give you a good soundtrack so they’re never going to agree to use the custom soundtrack stuff, and quite frankly the only reason why the 360 supports it, was because companies didn’t have a choice originally.

    Microsoft has better software. But I’ll take the fact that after 3 years my PS3 works flawlessly over a few software enhancements. Get a freaking MP3 player GEEZ!

  • Eric it’d be cool if these were looked at :(

    Still waiting for Pan and scan/letterbox zoom in when playing 4:3 DVD/Blu-Ray content: http://tinyurl.com/ykjkm88

    and PS2 is still dealing with scaling issues as explained here: http://tinyurl.com/yde8apr
    (hint, give us a customizable screen adjust like when playing PS1 games on PSP OR fix the aspect ratio )

    and give back Ps1 texture mapping graphics like the PS2 did:

  • I have been having some trouble with media playback after the update.. If I try to watch an avi at random points it says the file type is unsupported and it is happening on files that worked fine before.

  • Since i made this update for 3.15 my games PS3 discs dont load.

    Any suggestions?

  • Just wondering, but will there ever be a complete XMB overhaul like the NXE for the 360?

    I still support PS3 100% (I don’t even own a 360), but after using the 360’s interface at a friend’s house, the XMB seems outdated almost.

  • Hi i have the same problem …after install this firmware i can´t play disc based games and bluray movies neitheer….what can i do???

    this way it´s almost useless 4 me

  • ok as the uniofical, nothing to do with eric lempal spokesman,, ill aswer all questions you have…

    @sfdhg My playstion disk dont read after the update.

    I highly suggest you clean you disk.. or cut the ps3 off for a few days then come back to it . should work..

    ll3co@ i cannt play any disk or blu ray..

    I suggest u clean your disk and wait a few days, hope fully it will work..

    random soundtracks are support by developer team only.. most games dont support it.. you want to make music list while u play your free to do , check each game and see if it supports it.

    @topfcp. wheres cross game chat is it that difficult..
    No its not difficult, If you want cross game chAT send ME a million dollars in a brown paper bag onthe corner white wine ave in idaho. I will give a recommendation 4 cross game chat and huge blow horn will appear attched to your ps3 the next day.

    ty 4 your time. all this was done in great humor.



  • Dear Eric,

    not that this will get a response but where else can people request new features in future updates?

    I would love to see an update that allows a system restore or transfer from a broken (YLOD, Bicked)ps3 HDD to another system via USB. Something similar to the data transfer but for machines that cant power on so the hard drive have to be put into a SATA usb enclosure.

    With all the YLOD going on people are losing lots of save data and the locked saves are impossible to back up from one system to another.

  • This is what you need
    In Game Voice Chat
    Improvements OF The playstation store
    Backwards compallibility
    Cross Game Voice chat
    A better message/chat sysyem

    Is that all

  • Eric lempel, i got a problem with FW 3.15
    the official playstation headset no longer appears on the screen when im using it like it did a while back.

  • one more thing

    when i play uncharted 2 among thieves, the fan is louder and when i play uncharted drakes fortune the fan is quiter.

  • Still no cross game voice chat
    Still no party system
    Still can’t send voice messages

    Still an Epic Fail

  • can you fix the transfer app i cant even transfer my stuff from my old to new ps3 due to “corrupt data” it so called fixes it but when i try again i get to about 70 80 % and guess me an error and telling me to reformat my new ps3

  • Hi Eric, could next update address these issues? Maybe you can help?
    1.Please allow the option to choose the “system start-up” I want.
    a. Original “Sony Computer Entertainment/ classical music”.
    b. New “PS3/ neo-classical music”.
    2. Allow me to have the XMB icons/words stay visible or fade.
    3. Allow me to turn on/off the “adticker” in top right corner.
    4.Please allow me to choose which “media boot-up” screen I want.
    a. Original “PLAYSTATION 3/ jingle” splash screen.
    b. New “black screen/ no jingle”.
    The original splash is comfortable and heart warming!
    5. Please bring back basic black! I want the old black colour theme with my sparkles please! PSP has lots of colours to choose from PS3 doesn’t.
    6. Allow me to turn off the Whats New icon, completely removing it from my XMB.
    7. Allow multiple profiles to login on same console for each controller in use & earn trophies.
    Everyone loves customization. Many PLAYSTATION 3 users would use these XMB options.
    Thanks for your hardwork, I know Sony is trying to make PS3/PSN/XMB better,I appreciate that. I know SCEA may not be responsible for the changes, so please let SCEI know too. Happy NewYear!

  • I hope it’ll solve the bug in Oblivion which I have ever since the 3.?? update. When pressing R1 to make my character sit down it takes a long loading period and instead of the character sits down she’s still standing, really annoying. I never had that before the latest updates. Its annoying that updates messes up games.

  • Just one question: Why?

    Actually, one more question: What the **** do you mean by system stability?!

  • Could you please let PS1 virtual memory cards be detected as PocketStations so we can use them on PS3?

    PocketStation has its own icon in the memory card adapter, but its useless since it’s not detected by games, so they wont save PocketStation games

  • I made a list of suggestions here: http://sites.google.com/site/neotechni/Home/suggestions

    A lot of them come from me being an obsessive compulsive user interface designer, and others things I feel we need.

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