Update — PS3 3.15 System Software

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Just a quick note to let you know that firmware update 3.15, an optional update that was released in early December, is now a mandatory update. You can read about the contents of the update in the original post here.

In addition to the features that were communicated back in December, the update also improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 software. If you’ve already performed the update, there’s no need to do anything. If you are using an older version of the firmware, you will be prompted to update when you start up your system and when you access any network features.

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  • Nice. What was once optional… is now mandatory!

    I’m all for system stability. Lets hope for something robust next time.

    Happy new year friends.

  • Why is this posted now?
    It became mandatory last night. My friend turn his ps3 on around 11pm eastern time and he was prompt to download the update.

  • Stop putting in new icons in these useless firmware updates, I can’t update my themes!

  • i don’t like this…

  • Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next point release :)

  • So uhhhh making this Mandatory makes me wonder if 3.20 is coming sooner rather than later…..

  • Eric, are there any plans for the US getting a DVR device for the PS3 so we can record TV shows? Also will we get some kind of music service or music video service (BET, MTV, VH1, CMC) like the UK?

  • Has there been any talk of 3.16 or 4.0?

  • @ Heisem

    …DO NOT QUESTION THE WORD OF LORD LEMPEL….for he shall smite thee for being insolent!


  • No need to complain about this people…
    You act as if you have to like… take a shot or do something that is a HUGE disadvantage to you and that it’s the WORSE thing in the world.

    Come on people… it’s an update.
    When you aren’t using your PS3 just update it… you can say it takes a long time but it really doesn’t take that long.

    Stop complaining about such small things, I don’t like to be the one that say these kind of things, but I just felt the need to speak my mind here.

    Hopefully, as stated in previous comments, this marks the upcoming of a feature update in the near future.

  • Hopefully some descent improvements come in 3.20 it’s been awhile since there has been a good firmware update.

  • LOL :)
    Watch the Colts beat the Ravens Tomarrow.
    Playoffs are here Go Colts!

    improves system stability during use of some PlayStation 3 software (I have heard that so many times I lost count). How many times can you improve system stability? Before it becomes unstable that is the question?

  • Any idea when they are going to add a Universal Memory Manager since you can’t manage all your memory in one place and fix how you can’t delete individual DLC for each game.

    How about a fix for how you the only way to organize photos and games in ALBUMS is to type in the cAsE-SeNsiTiVe album name for EACH file?

    What about improved integration of storage devices instead of forcing users to organize by video, music, photos folders on thier storage device unless they force it display all and let you view files inside sub sub folders. Like you added for the PSP.

    MKV container support.

  • Sweet….updates always good…keep em coming.


  • Eff that

    Sony is screwing up lately…

    i’m getting tired of it.

  • this was a lame update on the blog..we need to hear about NEW PS3 updates…like one that allows you to VOICE CHAT with your friends while playing diffrent games..and n update that allows you to see the xmb while watchin a movie..- that would be very impressive..so till then..THANKS but NO THANKS >:P

  • hmmm…me thinks the following update is close seeing as this one is mandatory now

  • Come Sony please add the following codecs!!

    Divx 7 with MKV

    .mov for HD Quicktime

    All .WMV 7,8,9 HD WMV

    .flv for flash videos

  • Is there any chance of going back to the original music score of the Oobe that brought the symphony together instead of the current “fiddler on the roof” start up?
    Anyways, I am sure they are trying to make sure your system is stable to support M.A.G and GOW III.

  • Firmware 3.10 actually eliminated the use of many codecs on the PS3. After this update, I could no longer use Zshare. Sony needs to fix this ASAP. Lots of other sites I could previously watch videos on through the Internet Browser stopped working.

  • I got this update as soon as it went live as an optional update so I could play the tetris mini . So , when is tetris going to become ps3 compatible ? seeing all the forum posts it’s obvious that tetris is the one mini everyone wants for ps3 but it’s still psp only . except for that , nice update , keep them coming and maybe next time do more to fix stability issues surrounding the ps3 browser .

  • Still nothing on the “friends met” bug huh? I tweeted to the PSTeam and Sony and got nothing. I bet if I said some crap like, “OMG, those God of War III screens are EPIC!!!” I’d get a response.

    Wake the frack up!

  • i just read this now its 11:22pm pst in cali no update recieved

  • I think the fact that this one is now mandatory means there won’t be a new one soon as they wouldn’t want to force 2 updates on people in a short time period.

  • With all the threads on the playstation forums about this firmware screwing things up you would think they would come out with a new one before they cause others to have the same problems.

  • That’s cool and all, but can we PLEASE get in-game music?

  • Sony’s firmware strategy confuses me sometimes.

  • Some good ideas.
    -Cross-Game chat
    -Sony’s version of a Party System on your friends list
    -more robust profile page (more bio & Comment room please!)
    -And I know you guys are working on it, so no rush, but more avatars please! Even a Flag avatar pack would be great. But it’d have to be all flags for one set price not to be a rip off.

    More and more people are getting a ps3 now (I’m sure you know this) so more group PSN features are going to be wanted. Like being able to login on multiple profiles on the same console for each controller in use. & earn trophies per profile.
    Just some ideas. But knowing you guys, it’s already in the works.

  • *PS2 BC supported PS3’s to have KB+M support for bluetooth devices.

    *Cross Game Party Chat

    *BC for PS2 games on non-BC PS3’s via emulation

    *Unified Party System for PSN for transitioning from one game to the next or when on XMB. Such as automatic chat room assignment etc.

    *Special Application for managing music in addition to what is in place, more options for handling music, sub sorting for music (Artist -> Album levels would be nice).

    *More Sorting options for games that are installed on the system.

    *Sorting Options (in addition to the current sort) for Trophies (By Genre, By Name, Show only games I have when comparing, etc)

    *More Website Integration with the PSN including identifying when someone is on the PSN, the game they are playing, and sending a message without having to turn on the PS3.

    *Option to accept copy & pasted content from PSN members that are not on your friends list or from anyone etc.

    *Better MPEG 4 support, in particular Part 14, Part 17, Part 18, and Part 22. Also allow this to be streamed.

    *AAC to Dolby Support would be a bonus for Surround sound content.

    *Expansion of PS Store downloaded video to also include subtitle support. This isn’t to much to ask.

  • 1 thing i want is –

    PS2 playback on PS3 please :)

  • @2

    Uh, maybe because it was at 11PM eastern when the firmware update went live? You basically answered your own question.

  • Please let out PS3’s record live TV please!!

  • Hmm…this is weird. Seeing this update as mandatory & that it improves software stability…there must be a HUGE (Note: HUUUGGGGEEEE) Update on the way since its mandatory to improve software stability. Cross game voice chat perhaps?

  • Nice… Any hints to future updates? Maybe cross-game audio chat?

  • Yawn. Store update was a huge letdown, the next real update will most assuredly be a huge letdown. I’ll bet we’ll get new photo organizing options. Yay.

    Also, an update that allows another update? The PSN Operations Team strikes again! Keep up the good work…

  • I wish you guys would let people play their PSP games on their PS3 instead of the Mini’s…

  • I want 3D TV!

  • Since there are some rumors that ps3 has been hacked, i guess this update may related to that.

  • anything special coming soon?

  • Besides needing a cleaner more graphically rich GUI the main thing XMB needs is a better update system. Like why can’t it dl updates in the background just like demos? Also trophies STILL don’t auto-sync. This is unreal. They should at least sync on shutdown or when idle.

  • Cross game voice chat?! And when it comes, plz be of high voice quality!

  • This update makes Bioshock almost unplayable. Fix it.

  • I really do hope that they do make the newer PS3s BC, its possible to do it, so maybe they’re stablizing it to get it ready for this? and the party stuff would be nice :) and it wouldbe nice to get a response or two from sony themselves, or atleast a rep :)

  • Why is it these updates kill more and more of my video sites? I already bought the system, got Netflix, ANC rent movies from Sony. Why take away my other movie sites? Or is this going to be available on the Pay premium PsN. Oh yea, make it so I don’t need a disc for Netflix. Thanx

  • Here’s to custom soundtracks and voice chat in the next update!

  • Thank you Eric

  • I saw great stuff on PSP: SenseMe App, Skype, Internet Radio, RSS Reader, much more music visualization – would be great to see this on PS3!

  • another words, a new FW update should be incoming relatively soon, say the next month or so?

  • I’m still experiencing a Progression Breaking freeze in Battlefield: Bad Company. It started happening after you guys released a firmware update a while ago. I can’t complete the campaign in Hard Mode meaning I can’t unlock all trophies if I wanted to.

  • Hi Eric,

    Any chance on updating the PS3 so that we don’t always have to press the home button everytime we play a PS2 game, it’s sooo annoying? Also, is there an official site where we could make suggestions for future updates? Thanks for
    the heads up and listening to our thoughts!

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