Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23 — Win Metal Slug Goodies!

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Assembled denizens of PlayStation Blog,

Do you spend your days longing for a colorful, fast-paced throwback to the good old days of arcade action games? Do you daydream about grabbing an ally and riddling wave after wave of enemy soldiers with an endless stream of lead? Does your PlayStation Portable whisper to you, asking you to sate its hunger for old school awesome?

Metal Slug XX PSP Box

If so, seek help, but also, check out Metal Slug XX, coming February 23 to a PSP system near you (preferably yours).

Metal Slug XX explodes with the same winning formula of over-the-top action and cartoon mayhem that’s kept Metal Slug a premier franchise for over a decade. Frantic and fun, serious Metal Slug fans and casual gamers alike can relive the glory and charm of old school cooperative arcade play, teaming with a friend via ad-hoc multiplayer to outrun and outshoot hundreds of enemies and liberate as many prisoners as possible.

Metal Slug XX Screen 3

And there’s more here than just running and gunning, although as the test of time has proven, the running and gunning in this series can stand alone pretty darn nicely. There’s also a Combat School, which offers Metal Slug veterans a chance to put their cred on the line in over 70 challenging mission-based trials.

Ultimate Metal Slug fans can purchase Leona, a seventh playable character with her own unique abilities, via PlayStation Store for just 99 cents!

To celebrate the game’s announcement and/or upcoming release, we’ve got a small handful of rare collectibles to give away.

Metal Slug XX Underwear

First off, FOUR random commenters will get some nifty Metal Slug boxers. They’re not quite for wearing, although we’re sure as long as you’re good about keeping things under control that they’ll last you a nice long time, but they’re certainly the perfect prize for a Metal Slug fan to show off. Guffaw at your friends as they look with envy at your striped blue and white authentic Metal Slug boxers.

We’ve also got NINE Japanese promotional posters to give away. Nothing says hardcore like a poster in a language you and/or your friends may not speak!

All you need to do to be eligible, aside from being a resident of the United States or Canada, is comment under this post in response to the following: what is your favorite aspect of Metal Slug? We’ll randomly choose winners and get in touch with you!

Metal Slug XX Screen 5

Lock and load, friends: Metal Slug XX is set for release on February 23, 2010! We’ll be back soon with more info about this explosive upcoming retro romp!

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24 Author Replies

  • My professors are not going to like me this semester….

  • co-op by far is the best. its great shooting up enemies and bosses with a friend

  • I’m totally in. Thanks for letting us know. Also, I could totally use a new pair of shorts after what happened when I read this article. It’s exciting, damn it!

  • I never have played it…

  • My favorite thing they ever did with the game was the Camel Tank… soooo funny.

  • great,the series from ps1 to psp,same graphick same character ,same chontrol its was cool,

  • The non-stop side scrolling action of course!

  • My favorite aspect of Metal Slug is just how fun the series is!

  • I’d love to get those underpants! Two things I love coming together Metal Slug + Atlus = Explosion of Too much Awesome!

  • Wowzers! i can;t wait for this! I’ll be sitting here, in my Rocket Lawnchair!

  • sorry, glitched out there. my favorite aspect of Metal Slug is the whacked out humor.

  • I may be a girl but I would still like to rock some video game themed boxers around the house :)

  • I love the non-stop frantic action and the comedy! Bring it on Baby!

  • I love Metal Slug because it’s remained a great hardcore side-scrolling game. It’s formula is one that you never get tired of.

  • I can’t wait to play this…it has been a while since I have played any version!

  • My favorite part about Metal Slug is the Co-Op, playing with my cousin when we went to Italy 2 summers ago, our only source of video games was the arcade and one PSP. But whenever we went to a bar the first thing we looked for was a Metal Slug cabinet and if not it was foosball.

  • what is your favorite aspect of Metal Slug?

    Nazis and Aliens! <3

  • My favorite aspect of the Metal Slug series?

    Baby, it’s lighting fools on fire with a FLAME SHOT, then watching them dance in it.
    That’s what I call a victory dance.

  • I love Metal Slug because it is easy to pick up and enjoy, but challenging enough to become addictive.

  • My favorite aspect of Metal Slug (aside from the awesome art and intense action) is the screams the enemies make when I’m killing them.

  • Metal Slug caters to that good ol’ side-scrolling shootin’ nostalgia that modern games just don’t seem to hit that often. I also like the artistic style of the promo posters and the in-game vehicles.

  • The best part is eatting the food and watching the characters get fat, while continuing to fight these enemies as bigger people.

  • this game seems to be fun. man,this year is going to be great for us gamers.btw,any news on the winner(s)of the atlus faithfull contest?

    • perrandy,

      We\’ll reveal the winners as soon as we can verify them all. We have to make sure they\’re not cybernetic organisms first… you know, living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.

  • This looks Awesome!


  • Awesome! Can’t wait!

    if(MSRP <= 19.99)

  • I love Metal Slug because of the side scrolling goodness!

  • I’m awful at Metal Slug, but my favorite part of it is Fio.
    We share the same birthday!

  • My favorite this about Metal Slug is two words:

    TEAM WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Metal Slug because it’s stuck to its roots of being a hardcore 2-D run and gun. It doesn’t feel the need to update it’s graphics or change anything with the gameplay. It’s phenomenal.

  • Keep it coming atlus

  • Love Metal Slug for its side scrolling arcade action madness!

  • I love the mad action and the oh so fluid animations. Oh yes, and explosions. those are nice too.

  • Metel Slug is great game idea for the PSP! This is very exciting!

  • My favorite part of Metal Slug is that it is published by Atlus. *sigh*

  • Metal Slug = Fun

    That’s pretty much it. The humor doesn’t hurt either.

  • Metel slug is frantic and fast pased – that’s what I love about it!

  • My favorite aspect has to be all the side scrolling action and all the crazy guns. really takes me back.

  • SNK has made Metal Slug a classic shooter for many years. The mix of action, humor and a huge arsenal of weapons and power-ups make this game a joy to play!

  • I love Metal Slug because there is no other 2D shoot-em up experience quite like it. The awesome mayhem action is what keeps me coming back for more every time!

  • I cannot wait, but I hope that it is going to be released on UMD (I do not think it said).

  • Metal Slug has always had that ‘contra’ feeling to it, and it gives me a nostagia when playing. plus, the coop (for which that have it) just makes the game That much better!

    Looking forward to it (unfortunatly my psp died last year D: )

  • Oh those would be perfect for when I get the game for my boyfriend! I remember when I got him the dog tags from GameStop because no one there wanted them. People don’t know how good Metal Slug is…

  • Favorite aspect has got to be the guns, especially the shotgun. The series has consistantly delivered the most satisfying version of the shotgun in videogame history(and that’s saying ALOT!).

    Honorary mention would have to be the series’ humor. I don’t know how many times I’ve loled watching the baddies random body and facial animations.

  • I love metal slug!!! I made my roommate buy it, just so that I could play it.

  • I like metal slug because is has never let me down with all its shooting and awesome gameplay. The silly storyline does it for me too

  • Oh sweet Jesus!! This is AWESOME!!

  • my favorite thing about metal slug is the humor without speech

    sorta like those old timey films

  • Gun Power ups

  • My favorite aspect of Metal Slug is the over-the-top feeling of the boss fights and level design. ESPECIALLY the end of the second game (I think it’s the second) that pays homage to the crop duster flying into the alien mothership core from Independence Day. So good!!

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