adhocParty for PSP: The Walkthrough

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Hi everyone! Last week, we announced the availability of adhocParty here in the U.S. As we mentioned before, adhocParty for the PSP system is an online service that allows PSP owners with a PS3 system to connect to one another via the PlayStation Network. Today, you can download the application for free from the PlayStation Store. We’ve put together the video below to walk you through the new service.

Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite are some of the great titles that work with adhocParty.

We look forward to hearing your feedback soon. Enjoy!

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  • connection type issue
    i have nat type 2

  • @11 Gao_Kai

    And others that have difficulty “hard wiring” the PS3.

    Buy the Linksys WGA600N

    I have it hooked up to one of my PS3’s and it works GREAT on 5GHz wireless N

  • seems like everyone using the ps3 browser after the update can’t watch any of the videos on the blog myself included. please fix this since I usually check the blog on my ps3 and I would assume so do most of the other folks on the blog.

  • @Kristin Neirinckx
    I’d like to be able to setup a private room for myself without going through this convoluted mess and invite my friends off my PSN Friendlist to join in. While there is a password feature and what not, it seems like a complete waste to have me go through the group setting just to setup a private house with a password. I’d also like a means of seeing what PSP Adhoc titles my friends have available under their user ID.

    I’m really interested in this feature especially for Final Fantasy Tactics, FF Dissidia, Soul Calibur Broken Destiny, and my many other PSP titles.

    I’m glad to have Adhoc party, but the ability to setup a private lobby is a must. Thanks again for bringing this here.

  • Heeeeeyyyyy Kristen. Whats your psn name? ;) Lol. Anyways, I think the way this is done is stupid. I can’t even do it cause my ps3 is runnin wireless. The router is upstairs and at the other side of the house. I understand why it can’t be done wireless, but that eliminates alot of people tryin use this. Thats why its dumb.

  • Protip: If you can’t hook up your Ps3 to a Wired Connection because the modem/router is too far away:

    1) Get an Ethernet cable
    2) Get a Laptop
    3) Hook up Laptop and Ps3 with said cable
    4) Bridge LAN and WiFi on the Laptop, enable “Share Connection”.
    5) Run a wired internet test on Ps3, don’t do Automatic, choose manual and when prompted pick Auto-IP/etc.
    6) Test passed! Now please stop whining.

    This is my favorite update the Ps3 has gotten in recent times. Everything runs sleek and I love the menu and the community is HUGE.

    One of the finest moments for the Ps3 and PSP connectivity aside from Remote Play.

  • does it only work 4 the psp go an yall should add twitter on to this just like yall did with facebook.

  • i still don’t get it, i mean i get the concept and it’s about frakin’ time but that was probably the worst tutorial ever i still don’t understand how to use it

    then again i am probably the retarded one can someone help me out

  • Last I checked there were a lot of people online using this playing Tekken 6, GT, Final Fantasy Dissidia, and other random games. Oh, and saw a SFAlpha3 game up too!

    And @21 you can voice chat through the AdHoc Party while playing through your PSP. No camera though, but this way you can turn your tv off if you run your sound through a receiver to cut back a bit on your “light bill”.

  • @53

    We aren’t whining. I don’t have a laptop and can’t get a cable from my room the living room where the router is, so I’m just asking if they could make it so that I can use my ps3s built in wifi, I’ve been waiting for this for sooo long and I can’t even use it :-(

  • @56 sorry

  • Hey Kristin Neirinckx.

    How the hell do you pronounce your last name?

    Just curious.

  • @ Me (Last Page)

    Apparently, I misspoke. Last night I wasn’t kicked off so I figured the update wasn’t mandatory. My mistake. Business as usual, eh? A damn shame.

  • funny thing is, i have had adhoc party since it released in japan, now i can navigate it easier.

  • This is totally awesome! Way to go. And for those that are using PS3 wireless vs ethernet to connect to the internet: If possible, run a cable. It is so much faster and less lag then wireless. The difference is night and day. Even at the fastest wireless g speeds there is still a ton of overhead. Ethernet does not have this overhead. If you have a comcast or other Cable internet, you will notice a difference with ethernet, especially downloading.

  • Thank you.

  • Just a quick question:

    Who shoots and edits these videos for the blog?

  • Great job Sony as I’ve been really looking forward to this but you completely ruined it by making a wired connection a requirement. I saw someone mention about networking so I can understand if thats the problem but still many of us don’t have a choice. We have our HDTVs (Sony brand of course!) in our living rooms but our routers are usually in much further away places. I’m definitely worse off as I’m in railroad style apt living room is on 1 end and my room on the other with my router. No can’t move the router because the cable for the internet comes through a wall in my room only. Heartbreaking. Great for those that can use it!

    Can anyone verify what games this works for?

  • the information button does not work in the app. You get an error message about not enough memory, heres a blank page…

  • Great addition to PSP.

    Now why can’t the PS3 interface look something like that or even make it an option to change from XMB to that kind of look.

  • Wow that is one hell of a awesome software update for the psp. me and my friend were deadly hooked on Monster Hunter Freedom 2. but got to the point it got really hard, having another 2 extra would be such a bonus. And now with this feature, it can happen. tThanks for the amazing software

  • i’m having trouble connecting to my psp. something about my wireless network. if both devices are on my network can’t it work THROUGH my router?

    (I’m assuming the ps3 antenna is preoccupied with the psn)

    Also the ability to use the ps3’s voice chat during the session would be GREAT. thanks

  • @69 I get the same error message: Not enough memory to load the page then it goes blank white page and continues spinning like it is trying to connect to the original page…

  • So I had a prime rib for dinner (medium well, thank you), came home to see this excellent video walkthrough by a beautiful woman, and then had my first ever WipEout Pure online adhoc games.

    Truly a perfect day…

  • WOW!! Where can I get a T.V like that? Imagine killzone 2 on that screen!! Dam.

  • I don’t get it?

    If I own a game can someone who does not own that game join in?

  • It does not work in PS3 connection wifi = FAIL

  • If youre serious, youre equipment is hard wired.

  • To the people using Wi-fi who want to use this feature but can’t run cables and whatnot, two words:

    Powerline Adaptors.

    A little expensive, but you will thank me later.

  • Wi-fi people, two words:

    Powerline adaptors.

    A little expensive, but you’ll thank me later.

  • oops, my bad on the double post.

  • Really a bummer that I can’t see the video on my PS3. I’ll chalk it up to an encoding error (too recent a flash version was used for saving).

  • I don’t get people’s comments on the wi-fi issue. As it stands now, you can remote play directly to your PS3 (not through the router) and still access the Playstation store. So the PS3 is using the wi-fi connection to do remote play (directly) and to download games from the internet (through your router). Why would adhoc party work differently that it would required a wired connection. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Replying to Msg #56 -> ChibiMrBubbles.

    Your method should work, but doesn’t sound very green to the environment. Imagine you already have a PS3 running as a proxy for the PSP, which consumes a lot, and now you pop in an extra laptop. Not worth it that way.

    I think ppl should get the M4dcatz W1reless-N adaptor that works on the exbox3sixty, which plugs in through the ethernet port, and works with the PS3. I haven’t tried that yet, but I think that would be the best solution for the ppl that have the Older 20gb version of the PS3, and the ppl that doesn’t want to pull a 100ft ethernet cable to their PS3.

    I really was disappointed when this morning of finished installing it required a wired connection.

    Regarding to Msg #83 -> Greema.
    Yeah, why does adhoc party has to be different from Remote play. I don’t know, maybe it’s because the name is ‘adhoc party’, LOL. But if you think of it, it might even be working in the same way, since adhoc party is connected to the internet to send/receive information from other’s adhoc party thingy. Whatever…

  • Very cool.
    Also never seen Kristin.
    Very good presentation Kristin.

    @ Jeff,

    May you please talk some sense into Kaz Hirai.

    If Sony start charging for online I’m going to quit gaming forever. I don’t want to quit gaming.

    The Ps3 is catching up to it’s competitors at a good pace. Can’t they just be patient. Come on, Ps3 took this year 2009 and it would definitely take 2010.

    Please advise them for me since I know they would never get to see my suggestions directly through my messages.

    Check this link out. I don’t like it at all.

  • First off, I love the update. Very intuitive.
    But…when I d/l’ed it, it was an add-on file. Is this the right file? Also, I have no trace of it whatsoever on my system. Not in game,psp nor ps1…not in game save or game utility…its nowhere, but its there. What did I do wrong (and its not like this is rocket science either). Also, the add-on pack was the only ad-hoc party in my PS Store (North America, non-Canada). Thanks!

  • Very easy to use and nicely set up.

  • Wired connection has to be required, the reason is the Wifi has to be used in order to direct-connect to the PSPs. It can’t do both functions at the same time.

    This is also why the 20 GB doesn’t work, since it doesn’t have built in Wifi.

  • Now this is a great feature. Thanks Sony!

  • Maybe you’ve mentioned this before, or maybe no one really noticed it but….

    At the :58 second mark of the video where the lovely Kristen points out you have to first register the device. I noticed it also says “Mobile Phone”. What is that all about? Is this something to be implemented later. I’d lie more details on that feature.

  • @86– Thanks.

    @88– That feature has been there. Its on my system anyway. Since 3.01, I believe.

  • adhoc is a super idea but the ethernet thing will be a hassle for my current setup. oh yea can’t see the video either.

  • Great feature, but please next time let people know about its limitations when announcing new software……



    PS: also, I have not been able to view any videos on the blog since 3.10, and on top of that I have not been able to SYNC my trophies ever since the update.

    Can the nice people at SONY provide some feedback????

  • Glad this finally came over. Now we’ll be able to enjoy it too!

  • For those people that stated they couldn’t watch the video properly, here are instructions I viewed from the Sony Forums on Adhocparty.

  • great feature… i sony going to be coming out with more great ideas like this?

    I just wish i had my psp fixed right now

  • I still don’t know what this feature is? Playing to many Great PS3 games. I need a a BOOK DUMMY’s for ADHOCparty. :)

  • Finally, we can now try adn use the adhoc mode on the psp. Finding someone randomly with the same game at the same time is hard! Thanks for putting this out.

  • loving it so far , i have played GT online twice , i just wish more psp games use infrastructure instead is so much easier , hey Jeff can you explain a little more detailed the new online service sony will be offering early next year?? im almost certain they will offer it on PSN ( so playstation products are a given ) i heard something about an itunes look alike app for psn is that true?? the article said Sony’s business empire spans gaming, electronic , movies and music , Kaz words ” Thats the kind of combination that i think its not seen anywhere else ” , whatever it is Jeff i just hope PSN stays free

  • wow I have to be hardwired to use this. So lets see PS3 Cell chip but I have to be hardwired. Jeez Sony come on. That is just crazy. I am not going to hardwire my ps3 with a cable across my house. Nice add on bad support.

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