adhocParty for PSP: The Walkthrough

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Hi everyone! Last week, we announced the availability of adhocParty here in the U.S. As we mentioned before, adhocParty for the PSP system is an online service that allows PSP owners with a PS3 system to connect to one another via the PlayStation Network. Today, you can download the application for free from the PlayStation Store. We’ve put together the video below to walk you through the new service.

Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite are some of the great titles that work with adhocParty.

We look forward to hearing your feedback soon. Enjoy!

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  • Any chance of releasing some type of usb wifi so it will work on us 20Gb owners? Or maybe some future firmware enabling the use of usb wifi adpaters on 20Gb PS3s?

  • Amazing. Now i can play my 2006/07 games online. Thanks Alot for this feature. :)

  • what a great feature.. it saddens me that I cant use wifi to connect to adhoc party.. maybe one day just for fun i will pull out my 100ft Ethernet cable to check out this amazing feature..

  • Cannot wait to try it when I get home tonight!

  • to bad alot of people cant even get the remote play to work

  • @1

    I also have a 20GB PS3, and I think that you dont need to Connect DIRECTLY to your PS3 via Wifi to get this. Maybe through your “Router” then to your “PS3”, like I do with remote play. But if it requires Wi-Fi, I will be mad…VERY.

  • I was really excited. I mean REALLY excited. i hit “Start” and was told i cant use wifi. i have a home with computers/the ps3 on all floors of my house. can’t believe this is only available for Wired connectivity users. What a shame…
    PS a warning would have been nice

  • The PS3 has to be hard wired via ethernet, and the PSP and PS3 communicate via wifi/wireless.

  • Hey guys, This is a great service Iv’e been waiting for a while. I got a chance to play with it for a couple of hours and I noticed a couple of bugs.

    When AdHocParty is running for a decent amount of time, the UI menus in the software become corrupted, making them almost unreadable.

    Sometimes the AdHoc connection would drop if the PSP is left idle for a short period of time. Really annoying when playing Monster Hunter.

  • I am RAEGING because my wireless router is in the living room and my PS3 is in my room. ;________;

    What’s even worse is that even if I move it to the living room it’s hard to connect it. :(

  • Tnks so much Sony! PLEASE Make a wireless version! Also, it would have been cool if you could load your home character besides cartoony ones.

  • Expect PSP AdHoc titles to become a LOT more relevant over the next month or so. Probably see forums explode with people looking for others with the same games. This is going to be very good for the PSP community, which up to this point has been almost non-existent. Hurrayz for relevance!!

  • kinda looks like a lot of work and ant the point of a pap 2 be mobile like not at home.

  • I used the japanese adhoc version and it worked perfectly, had to run a cable to my ps3 across the house so its already hooked up and ready to go! now wheres my little big planet?

  • Thank you guys again for bringing this out here.

    And thank you Kristin for showing me US adhoc party at Capcom’s event on Tuesday.

  • I love adhocParty! Thanks for finally bringing it to the US.

  • Any chance there will be an update so I dont NEED a wired connection? Like others, the router is in another room from my PS3 and I REALLY want to play some Monster Hunter T_T

  • Also, to the people begging for a “wireless” version of adhocParty… you need to understand something about networking. There won’t be a “wireless” version because your PS3’s wireless connection is used to connect to your PSP, which is why you need a wired connection to your router/modem.

  • Hello Kristin.

  • adhoc play with your PSP friends ONLINE..doesnt the psp ALREADY GO ONLINE..WIFI..LAST TIME I CHECKED ..IT DOES! so no thanks for this feature..having my ps3 on and my tv to just play the psp… would just run up my light bill! THANKS BUT NO THANKS..WHAT WE REALLY WANT IS A CHATTING CONNECTION WITH SKYPE AND A CAMERA FOR THE PSP…NOW THATS BEYOND!!! ;)

  • Nowi have Adhoc Party U.S. to rock with my PSP Go along side my Remote Play and LocationFree LF-v30… Peopleneed to realize the things u can do with a PSP because all u can do is not Advertised. Speaking Legit. Im Lovin my PSP Go. Gran Turismo anyone?

  • I just have one question, why did it take so long to get this trnaslated for NA and EU?

    You could have really pushed more Monster Hunter sales if you included this with the marketing campaign.

  • I like the background music.

  • I know it works because of the compatibility with PSP but is it possible to implement this similar technique to allow connections in downloadable ps1 titles so we can play some classic games with some friends?
    This would really tempt me to buy more ps1 games.

  • looks cool. Something that always confused me about the PSP is that why isnt it always connected to the internet like the iPod touch.. Every time I want to use the internet I have to go through the loading screens.

  • love the demo presentation and the girl that did the demo too ;0)

  • Awesome, no more using dificult software Xlink Kai

  • Great feature.


    It turns off to save battery life.

  • awesome feature!!! Thanksa alot :D

    BTW dont you think its better to move the icon to some other place than just the Game XMB Icon, since this feature is not a game.

  • Is there a way to report a bug?

  • I wonder what kind of settings are under debug settings…

  • hey Kristin thanks for showing us adhoc question is is there a list of what can and can not be used on this yet? gamewise

  • This entire idea seems really cool, but it’s a lot of steps to just set up an online adhoc game. This might turn some people off. Pretty cool stuff though! =)

  • The video is showing ‘this application is not supported’ on my PS3 browser.

  • Not that this includes me but what about people who want to use this feature but don’t have a PS3?

    Are there any plans to provide something like this through PC or maybe even direct from the psp(why not do this anyways)?

    A few friends that I know have PSPs and I’d like to play online with them but they don’t have PS3s(yet).

    So anything planned for them that I can let htem know about?

  • Will old games like dissidia get a use for this adhocParty system?

  • Near any game with adhoc mode will work. No, what gets me is how the English Adhoc Party is segregated from the Japanese version. Is there any plans to connect the two versions or will they remain segregated like this?

  • Rad feature.

  • Where can I report a bug?

  • I’m one of the many 20GB users and purchased the console at the launch event, the same for the PSP when it came out. I really wish something could be done in order to play adhoc party on my PS3. I find this is a terrible exclusion. I hope a wireless USB dongle solution could be done, it would be great!

  • Needs Remote Play capability. Anytime I don’t need to pick up a TV remote and controller is a plus. If the wife and kids are watching TV, I have to interrupt them. Not a good idea.

  • Pretty nice add-on.. This will get me playing more PSP games online.. and the add-on has a really cool look..

  • By the way, if anyone’s reading this, I think it’s VERY cool that even a significant update like the one that went live last night isn’t being required to log on to PSN. That’s a very strong display of the fact that you’re listening. I’m not sure how most people are going to learn about the update (or future ones for that matter), but when they DO find out, it’s almost like getting new presents! (Ever had a REALLY slow computer, defragmented it and then marveled at how faster it suddenly was? The idea that YOU made it faster, better. The tool was always there, but it becomes a personal discovery. It’s that sort of feeling that I’m getting from this- it’s a really good feeling.)

  • I want to congratulate SCEA for this awesome tool. I was playing GT Portable a while ago and I had so much fun. GT Portable is another game with Ad-hoc mode. Please bring us more features like this one. Thank you guys ;)

  • Great!!! now only 2 problems… my ps3 browser wont let me watch the vid, and ican nly hook it up wirelessly. if you made it wireless compatible, thi would be amazing for me and tons of others

  • This should be PS3’s every game party system omfg.

  • Yo Sony, I’m really happy for you and immma let you finish updating my Ps3 firmware to 3.10, but Ad Hoc Party is one of the best software updates of all time.


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