adhocParty for PSP: The Walkthrough

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Hi everyone! Last week, we announced the availability of adhocParty here in the U.S. As we mentioned before, adhocParty for the PSP system is an online service that allows PSP owners with a PS3 system to connect to one another via the PlayStation Network. Today, you can download the application for free from the PlayStation Store. We’ve put together the video below to walk you through the new service.

Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite are some of the great titles that work with adhocParty.

We look forward to hearing your feedback soon. Enjoy!

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  • – This video wasn’t working with the PS3 browser for some reason.
    – Wish I didn’t have to use a wired PS3 connection to use adhocParty. Otherwise it’s a great piece of software, but I’ve read other comments stating there were bugs to work out.

  • Thanks Kristin for the walk through but you forgot to show everyone how they can also voice chat while playing ad hoc psp titles with ad hoc party. Now we can play some GTA LCS online. Woot!

  • @19

    Seems you have never used Remote Play directly to the PS3.

    You can connect via PS3 WiFi and still connect to the router to access the internet. Having the PS3 connected to the PSP and router at the same time.

    Thus it is not a networking problem or hardware limitation.

  • Are we able to setup adhoc party remotely through the ps3?

    Similar to how we can access ps3 from psp remotely.

  • I’ve been using the Japanese version for some time and I’m glad you brought it over. Great work guys!

  • This is pretty cool feature but before I put this in… did they fix the damn Remote Play on PSP?

    It used to work fine when PS3 first came out and I never had problems but after few firmware updates I was NEVER able to connect back to my PS3 outside of my house.

    Meh I guess I can try and find out… been months since I last tried remote play.

  • I have NAT 1, but my connection is wireless, can this still work?

  • I’d love to use this to play GT PSP online, but my PS3 is too far to connect by Ethernet. Bummer. Cool feature though!

  • Look, Sony, this is seriously awesome. It’s probably one of the most valuable new additions to the PSP capabilities you’ve ever rolled out. Kudos.

    But look — you guys do a great job of adding in these incredible features, and then do a terrible job of telling consumers about them. Rather than the dumb “high concept” commercials you like to air that try to make the PS3 and PSP look like they’re part of the party scene, you really need to focus on talking about these sorts of features. Playstation is a lifestyle, but the lifestyle is one of integrating hardware to do cool stuff, not going to raves and hanging out with models.

    I remember, back when I worked for GameStop, one of your marketing managers expressing the concern that people really don’t know what the PSP is capable of. He was right. But it’s YOUR fault for not trumpeting these awesome features. So get on it, eh?

  • This is so awesome! Now if I could just find some actual racers to race with. So many noobs makes it hard to run a competitive, clean race.
    BTW, If you’re not winning the race please don’t quit. Many races are won in the last few hundred feet.
    Virtually every race I do, everyone quits cause they’re not winning. Sissies.

  • Looks like a good app Gotta get GT PSP next.

    Kristin, you are HOT! Can I have your number? :-)

  • I like the idea but I must admit that I hate the idea of having both devices running at the same time. What of waste of eletricity. Just let us login with our psn accounts on the psp.

  • This AdHoc Party would be EXTREMELY useful except my PS3 is connected using a wireless connection.

    Any chance to release a USB dongle for the many of us who connect to the internet wirelessly??

  • Is there an offical list of supported games other than the 2 mentioned?

  • Thank you, I can finally play Power Stone 1 & 2 online. Though it would be nice if you could connect to the PS3 through your router, like remote play, freeing the PS3’s wireless.

    Though you can use a wireless ethernet bridge. I’m using an Apple Airport Express to connect my PS3 wirelessly, via ethernet, to my router and it frees up the built-in Wi-Fi for Adhoc Party. On Amazon there’s a Netgear wireless N bridge going for $55 (MSRP $120.

  • I downloaded it but no icon

  • hey sony? what about us with 20 gig systems?

  • Please Answer this, I have my PSP connected on right, and when I launch Adhoc Party on my ps3, it tells me to have it wired, Why is this?

  • Have the Adhoc party to be able to connect through router, and that would be helpful.

  • :( there has to be a better way, maybe? i fall into the category that my ps3 uses the wifi and is too far away from my router. oh well

  • Why would you need a wired connection to use this when one of the selling points on a PS3 is that it has built-in wireless? I don’t know ANYONE who uses it wired. What a disappointment. And I can’t even find the app in the PS Store. Where is it?

  • ad-hoc should work wireless because I use remote play wireless and i browse the internet on my psp throught the ps3 browsers using remoteplay

  • I dont think im going to try this at all,Its gotta be another US only thing

  • @25 that would be amazing

  • I also would like see it being able to be used Wirelessly. As some people have said above that when using remote play regularly we can use the PS3’s Browser & download things off the PS Store while still in Remote Play so this should be able to work while using your PS3’s Wifi too. I will be waiting for the next update for it & hopefully it will include a way to use it wirelessly. Until then though I can’t use it :-(

  • Well guys, maybe they will release an update to use adhocPARTY with wifi soon, especially since there is so many complaints on the blog. I agree, not being able to use it wirelessly really does suck, and most, if not everybody here, has a wifi connection.

  • I love the user interface. I see it works for only select games. Is this a compatability issue? I would think Ad-Hoc has standards on PSP. Thanks for the service it makes playing PSP more fun.

  • So what about us 20 gig users sony? i don’t think it’d be too much to ask for ad-hoc party to allow the 20 gig users to use a WIFI or bluetooth dongle to mimic whats standard in all other PS3 versions by applying a line of code to make it search for such devices…

  • Will there ever b a way to listen to our own music and play the game like the xbox 360 do………….

  • is there a way to get aN EXTENDED HARD DRIVE ONTO DA GAME

  • i just got back into gaming after 10 years, and started with a refurb psp phat, just to see if i would be spending any time gaming, to my suprise i am hooked again, and was thinking about getting a ps3 but afraid that I would lose all that I bought for my psp due to a new way to play games, this is a way for me to still use my psp along with the power of the ps3, i was wondering if I can use my laptop to connect to my ps3, i dont know if that is called networking or not, i am still new to all this inter-connecting tech, but it would be cool if i could figure it out since our home wire-less router is in a certian room and all of my family have thier owm laptops in each room, i was hoping to find out if i could use my ether-net on my lap top to “hardwire” my ps3, guess im off to the forums to see whats up

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