Ratchet & Clank Come to PlayStation Home + Deadquarters Personal Space

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It’s that time of the week, my friends! And by “that time” I mean “Blog time” which is also known as “fun time” for all of us on the SCEA PlayStation Home team. Why? Because this is the time where we can finally loosen our lips and spill the beans about all the cool PlayStation Home content that we’ve been working hard to bring you, the PlayStation Home community. And today is especially exciting, because we get to announce one of the single best game spaces to ever grace this platform.

Ratchet & Clank: Time Travelers is arguably the most interactive environment we’ve published during this phase of Open Beta. Boasting three mini-games ranging from super-casual to über-deep – like the massive Skunk Works’ tower defense game – this space is jam-packed with things to do, rewards to win, virtual items to collect (like a full-on Ratchet outfit), and sheep to wrangle (huh?). We’re even releasing a Ratchet & Clank apartment – set in a galaxy far, far away – that is a must-have for every die-hard fan of the franchise. And this space is even launching ahead of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, which means that if you want a taste of the future of the Ratchet & Clank series, you have to get into PlayStation Home. Put your eyes on the below vid, as PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser walks us through more details.

We’re celebrating Halloween PlayStation Home-style this year by releasing a very special personal apartment that you can use to “undead yourself” and all of your friends. The Deadquarters is a hideout set on the other side of the proverbial tracks where you can let your inner zombie loose. But the best part isn’t that the Deadquarters transforms you into a zombie upon entry; it’s that the Deadquarters transforms you and all of your friends into zombies upon entry. But we warn you – not everybody wants you to have fun this Halloween. Mr. R. Phunrooner, President of the so-called “Society of People Against Zombies” is on a mission to ban the Deadquarters and all related zombies from the world of PlayStation Home. So if you are decaying and proud of it, you’ll need to log in to PlayStation Home, grab your closest friends, and head over to the Deadquarters to make the transformation this Thursday. You can learn more about this space and what you can do to ensure an epic Halloween in PlayStation Home by visiting http://undeadyourself.com/.

Home Deadquarters 1

As announced last week, we have partnered with EA SPORTS to produce and distribute exclusive virtual items that serve to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of proceeds for these items will go to the Brees Dream Foundation in support of breast cancer research and awareness programs. Please join us by picking up these items on Thursday and showing your support to all the breast cancer survivors around the world.

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  • Really Locust_Star your “trying to fix the problem” i have read that post you made and I did delte home, restart it, and now I CAN’T GET PAST THE WARNING WITHOUT IT FREEZING! What is with this? You also promised us that people who bought the hockey pants would get them soon but post here so we know who is missing them. I havn’t gotten the pants and it’s been I don’t know like 6 months! i really hope that You all are really “trying to fix home fast!” because I’m getting sick of not being able to log in when all of this new stuff is being unleased. So by the time I get to finally get on all of it would be expired or gone.

  • home is an epic fail. all it’s composed of is 12 year old boys chasing around other 12 year old boys, who are pretenting to be girls, and 30+ year olds trying to “fit in” with the kids. sony has done nothing with home other than make a bigger pile of crap than microsofts cheap knock-off version of the Mii. what a bunch of tools

  • looks kool, i might get the deadquaters-it looks snazy!

  • @JiggaSam
    I think I fit in very well. And not everyone is 12 some are 11 or even 16.

  • I don’t get why people yotlly bash HOME. It’s not forces apon us, we have the freedom to decide if we would rather use it or not. I think it’s a decent dustrctimn pre or post game play. It might not be for everyone and if it’s not for you don’t use it.

    And for the guy trying to recoil his money because he can’t or is not using home any more good luck with that. Unless someone bought that stuff fraudulantly on your account, good luck trying to get thar money back.

  • Not going to use Home again until the freezing issues are fixed but I’m not interested in any of this week’s stuff anyways since the personal space probably costs money.

  • @ HatmanTc the reason I want my money back now is because we had the chance to get it back or wait until it was fix. I’ve waited long enough and it’s even stupid that we have to pay for stuff on home. IT’S A FAKE WORLD IT SHOULD BE FREE- HINT ONLINE IS FREE! So I’m really dissapointed with the lack of organizeing that the home creators have put into fixing this problem.

  • People are very mistaken to think just because its online it should be free. That was the case like 10 years ago (maybe 5) but it is certianly not now.

  • @55, trust me it’s already done. Don’t be so gullible and let Sony tell you you can’t recover your money when it has been taken away as well as what you purchased.

    I filed a charge dispute with my Bank about 2 hours ago, sent them all of my transaction records from the very first purchase and informed them I did not have what I paid for. I should expect my account to be credited within 48 hrs.

    You really don’t think I’m dumb enough to try and get it back from sony directly do you? Now they can play with the bank and lets see how far they get with their [DELETED] terms of service.LMAO…all the way to the bank! :D

  • @55, trust me it’s already done. Don’t be so gullible and let Sony tell you you can’t recover your money when it has been taken away as well as what you purchased.

    I filed a charge dispute with my Bank about 2 hours ago, sent them all of my transaction records from the very first purchase and informed them I did not have what I paid for. I should expect my account to be credited within 48 hrs.

    You really don’t think I’m dumb enough to try and get it back from sony directly do you? Now they can play with the bank and lets see how far they get with their BS terms of service.LMAO…all the way to the bank! :D

  • Now, do I want to be a zombie…? I am so tempted. I think I will!

  • I’m Glad home is making all the haters look foolish, keep up the good work LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

  • Awesome a Rachet Outfit!!O_o

  • This space looks amazing there is just one problem I CAN’T GET ON TO PLAYSTATION HOME i have tried everything but when ever it says initalizing it alwasys freezes and i can’t do anything but i checked all my friends ps3’s and they don’t have that problem please help if can send email to [DELETED]. I really want to be able to go and buy this Ratchet and Clank stuff please help me

  • Hi

    Are you guys going to do anything about the slow log in times and when I buy stuff from the mall it takes forever to check out like 5 minutes to leave the mall store, is it because I have lots of purchased clothes? I asked other users and they said they take a couple of seconds but me takes 5 minutes

  • @37 Deleting Home and re-installing won’t fix all freezes, just the one at “initializing”. If you log out in a personal space and it saves, you will freeze when that space tries to load the next time you log in. The only way to get in at that point is to delete your save files, but since they get recreated again, you will freeze the next time you log out and back in.

    The work around is to never log out in a personal space, but it would be nice if this was fixed. It obviously isn’t an easy fix or the Home development team would have fixed it already.

    Finally for some people deleting Home and the save files doesn’t work and they simply can’t log in.

    Even if it doesn’t freeze, it still takes a very long time to get into Home because the “verifying item purchases” step now takes forever, as does buying and downloading items in the mall.

  • Well thanks for this great update! Loving my PlayStation 3 lots!

  • @57 they give you enough for free. they give you a meeting area and loads of free mini games. it cost money to develope these areas. so for them to have a few items that cost a few bucks inst really an issue. plus there are a bunch of free items hidden and not hidden through out the HOME community. its not like Sony is pulling a MS and making us pay for the ability to our games online.

  • Hey Locust, will Dallas Cowboys jersey for male appear tomorrow?

  • The day Sony decided to become my Mom and Dad (by killing voice chat…and replacing it with a heavily censored text-chat utility) was the last time I logged into HOME.

    For those still using HOME though, that Breast Cancer thing sounds like the first legitimate reason to even consider paying real dollars for a virtual object.

    I encourage everyone to do so.

  • kudos to all who has been working so hard to bring us new content to home woooohoo ty

  • Locust_Star your my hero ^_^ lol (Cameron’s voice from Ferris buller’s day off)

  • Can’t wait for the deadquarters. Not big into R&C, but the space seems pretty cool. Hopefully it will have more amusement than the Singstar space and Hot Shots Golf space did for me.

  • Maybe I’m the only person thinking this, but when would it be possible to make stuff either in Home or be able to import custom made objects like you can in Second Life? I’m wondering as I’ve been modeling objects for some time now and I’ve always love the mod scene for games. Home could greatly benefit from something like this.

  • uh, i’m all for saving the tatas, but how come no one does anything for prostate cancer?! men get cancer too, ya know?! sigh –

  • @74, i doubt they want to open up that bag of worms. just look at LBP, they had to delete some many levels at the launch of that game because of copy right infringement. i dont think Sony wants people to make some Gears 2 shirts, Mario lamps or whatever else someone can think of.

  • @75 because its not as big of a threat as breast cancer is. plus men game get breast cancer too.

  • yea i’ve been having trouble logging in… always freezes after i hit ‘Connect’ or whatever. kind of a bummer, i’d like to see the R&C world.

  • Hey Locust_Star,
    Im loving all the new content being released lately, but pleeease put SOMETHING in the stuff store. At least like that unicycle in the window or something :). Also, when might you be releasing TV’s and Radios so we can stream our own content into our homes. Just wondering when

  • big question!! ive been thinking about this a long time for about a year or so and i never saw any news if trhey were coming out with ratchet ANd clank stuff for little big planet?


    Please for the love of god find a more positive genre of music to play in listen at home, or at least give out guns we can fire in the air to go along with the music you think we all need to listento@home.
    Seriously- do you guys even listen to the lyrics those rap dudes spit out, it’s retarded, gang banger who has the biggest ego garbage, I’m sorry, I don’t have rap crap in my house and I don’t need it in my home. enough is enough. Please- get it gone.

  • I was having a problem with my PS3 locking up during log in for Home after the update, All you need to do to fix it is delete home by hitting triangle on the home icon and then reinstall it. After it reinstalled it worked great and I didn’t lose any items, because those are saved to your PSN username and/or your hard drive.

  • SWEET! love all the new things. I’m a Home Beta junkie, therefore I fly through all of the new stuff in a weeks time, maybe 2 if that. Keep them spaces, games, rewards, prizes commin, and keep up the good job. I’m pretty sure I’ve only had 1 or 2 issues tops, but nothing extreme or that I couldn’t easily resolve via the Home Support forums on the official site.

  • Thanks home team for finally acknowledging the problem. I know yah did it before, but most of us just wanted to read it here on the blog. Alot of people don’t go to the forums. I do, but it seemed like a public statement was needed to calm the masses down a bit. I think this finally did it. Maybe not.

  • “Social tower defense”? Whats that? Like a fancy way of sayin tower defense with multiplayer? Whats that mean? Casual? Why not just say casual? What are they sayin?

  • This all sounds great i’ll be the first 1 to have all this!!! i have all personal spaces so far and animated clothes lets get a kick off from this 1 =]
    Thank you MODs!!!
    hmmm wheres eefinem? he put me on ground while i was on pond for 2 hours =[

  • @55: I totally agree with you with your first statement. Why bash on something that you don’t even use, anyway? It’s like giving a movie a poor review without even watching it first. It just makes your point moot.

    What people don’t realize is that Home is nothing more then a social community for gamers, and it’s your own choice to whether take advantage of the free items that are provided with the updates and through the mini-games; or add more variety by buying virtual items through the micro-transactions. I can’t stress that choice enough. [con’t on next post]

  • Sorry for the double posts, the comment feature is acting up.

  • come on im tired of listen at home5 tracks add all of eminems music there and john cenas cd please that would make me hang out at listen at home also add a grand theft auto personal space

  • locust_star why dont you reply to my messages on the network also people should be informed what items are new in home that are free by playstation message cuse not everyone goes to home everyweek to find free stuff like the criss angle coffin table and couch

  • also tvs in home that work to stream stuuff from your hard drize and kick ass stereos to stream music also figured out how to get times played thing counting again on music to everyone go to system information then go to restore settings one that doesent warn you doing that will delete everything on hard drive that will fix it i have played eminems we made you 1000 times

  • and i received item in home when i hit boat on practice rage in ea space said i got reward but didnt say what it was and make a gta space and smackdown vs raw space where people can fight in there and put things in stuff like for all the holidays then leave it in there and i see about home forum partys in plaza but no one seems to be participating also read about home guides havent seen them and when the trophy vault supposed to be coming and one you can view trophys for games you dont have and stop it with the multiplayer trophys for any game leave them to single player and there should be spread out more evenly andfix glitches in smackdown vs raw multiplayer lets people cheat when wont let me up also multiplayer trophies take all the fun out of multiplayer also never saw dizzie rascal in singstar and put eminem sspace bring eminem and state specific time he will be there and make it not freeze on you to go into space

  • and put in a smackdown vs raw personal space and give us nfl hats and john elway jerseys and mlb uniforms and arena football jerseys a arena football personal space mlb personal spaces and nfl personal spaces and dont charge people at the end of the year for having a club you charge people for enough stuff have big ass flat screen tvs that can play their own video content

  • and make it able to download dvds or blu rays discs on to your system that people bought at the stores also having trouble with wanted game cant seem to find one or two items always somehow missed

  • also put in wwe clothing and anything wwe related like the belts and d generatiox glow sticks and put holiday stuff for all holidays in stuff space and leave it there and get rid of one of the estatses stores you got it on both levels they have the same stuff one of those spots could be used for something else also the ea stores is still closed and put on the ticker above the theater you can go to the mall and get the jerseys there too

  • and add like the new years glasses like you see in new york on tv on new years eve and create a specific space for home forum partys cause with it in central plaza you dont know who is participating or what area of central plaza they are in

  • Your new Zombie Apartment has a glitch, when you receive the male zombie head and put it on your avatar it looks like a rainbow colored helmet.

  • Can we get the Penthouse Personal space please?


  • When I arrived at Ratchet & Clank Time Travelers I recieved a prize for finding 8 sheep. It took me a good 3 mintues just to figure out what I was supposed to do once I figured that out it only took two mins to find all the sheep, pretty easy. I’m upset by how many people are playing the games in this space I can’t even enter the groovitron testing. I was tricked I went to a friends place they have bought and I thought this place was their personal space. Now I understand why people are upset with the fees of the personal spaces. Also, when I went to the mall I didn’t even see it listed. Well I’ll be sitting here waiting for the servers to get less busy so I can play, ttyl.

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