Ratchet & Clank Come to PlayStation Home + Deadquarters Personal Space

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It’s that time of the week, my friends! And by “that time” I mean “Blog time” which is also known as “fun time” for all of us on the SCEA PlayStation Home team. Why? Because this is the time where we can finally loosen our lips and spill the beans about all the cool PlayStation Home content that we’ve been working hard to bring you, the PlayStation Home community. And today is especially exciting, because we get to announce one of the single best game spaces to ever grace this platform.

Ratchet & Clank: Time Travelers is arguably the most interactive environment we’ve published during this phase of Open Beta. Boasting three mini-games ranging from super-casual to über-deep – like the massive Skunk Works’ tower defense game – this space is jam-packed with things to do, rewards to win, virtual items to collect (like a full-on Ratchet outfit), and sheep to wrangle (huh?). We’re even releasing a Ratchet & Clank apartment – set in a galaxy far, far away – that is a must-have for every die-hard fan of the franchise. And this space is even launching ahead of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, which means that if you want a taste of the future of the Ratchet & Clank series, you have to get into PlayStation Home. Put your eyes on the below vid, as PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser walks us through more details.

We’re celebrating Halloween PlayStation Home-style this year by releasing a very special personal apartment that you can use to “undead yourself” and all of your friends. The Deadquarters is a hideout set on the other side of the proverbial tracks where you can let your inner zombie loose. But the best part isn’t that the Deadquarters transforms you into a zombie upon entry; it’s that the Deadquarters transforms you and all of your friends into zombies upon entry. But we warn you – not everybody wants you to have fun this Halloween. Mr. R. Phunrooner, President of the so-called “Society of People Against Zombies” is on a mission to ban the Deadquarters and all related zombies from the world of PlayStation Home. So if you are decaying and proud of it, you’ll need to log in to PlayStation Home, grab your closest friends, and head over to the Deadquarters to make the transformation this Thursday. You can learn more about this space and what you can do to ensure an epic Halloween in PlayStation Home by visiting http://undeadyourself.com/.

Home Deadquarters 1

As announced last week, we have partnered with EA SPORTS to produce and distribute exclusive virtual items that serve to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of proceeds for these items will go to the Brees Dream Foundation in support of breast cancer research and awareness programs. Please join us by picking up these items on Thursday and showing your support to all the breast cancer survivors around the world.

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  • I love the Ratchet and Clank space, it’s sooo AWSOME!!! thanks very much Playstation Home Team ^-^

  • I must say..The Ratchet & Clank personal Crib..YES..When I got to the second floor I was like WOW!!Then I was like Whoa.lol.All this wood grain and brassy accents Woot.Perfect lighting.Then,I got down to the 3rd floor and I almost had vertigo.lol..Excellent man I tell ya.BTW..Saucer Pop tables and chairs are look great in this space so get out there and win ya some..Peace

  • Also,Im from Louisiana and I thank you also for the Bres Ea shirt..One of the best designs I have seen.It almost looks chrome.

    So happy to help such a great cause.

  • i love it! keep up the good work!!!

  • Hope this means Ratchet and Clank Demo should be in stores really soon (Maybe next week?):)!!

  • has it been clarified if the deadquarters is something we have to purchase? i really want to check it out, but i as well am having that initializing issue.

  • i cant get in home, it freezes at “initializing”…

  • Just delete home and re-install and it should fix your freezing problem.

  • How about a penthouse space?

  • The DeadQuarters Space is effin small…

  • Well i think that if we get online for free home should be for free. yes it does cost alot of money but some of that money can be donations to a home collections or profits off a game that has home items in it when you install the game on your system. i also like that not one mod has answerd my question on getting my money back for the equipment and to fix this home 1.3 problem fast. Great job mods your sooooo doing your work. Also I even emailed you both on your accounts here to ask you two to do an interview for a show I’m apart of and yeah no response either.

  • i’m a bit late to this thread, and it’s MY FIRST POST, HERE, EVER… but i wanted to thank my newest online friend, and PlayStation Home Guide, Asuka424 (who i met in The Mall) for inviting me to her Ratchet & Clank personal space, as well as Deadquarters and Neptune. no one had ever invited me, anywhere, on Home (not that im’ there that often) but it was very generous of her, and showed me a whole different side of what Home has to offer. she was very sweet, and i just wanted to offer a public thank you. :)

  • me and all my friends cant get on playstation home, our ps3’s keep crashing as soon as it says initializing? whats going on? :( i love home, and to not be able to go on it makes me really sad, worried, frustrated, annoyed, and angry.

  • ok its cool someone told me how to fix it and now its working (im going to let all my friends know), if your wandering how i fixed it and how might u fix it here’s what you do, go to home on the XMB and press triangle and press on delete, (thats the home icon in the XMB cross media bar main menu of ps3) then just click on the home icon with X and re-download it and then when it asks how much space to reserve on the HDD do not hit X (reccomended) press triangle and select 8GB high!! (very important), then it will work, if u dont have 8GB free space then im afraid u dont have enough space for home :(, but no worries the HDD is replaceable with larger one and there cheap!

  • OK OK OK!!!

    I HAVE AN ISSUE Regarding the Rachet and Clank mini game in playstation HOME
    (Escaped Sheep). I played the Sheep Game and I beat the Time. I went back to the Robot and I got the prize. I went back to my personal space and checked in my furniture BUT it wasn’t there.


    PLEASE FIX IT. I hope you can fix this little problem. I appretiate ur help.

    THANKS^_^ you guys r the Best

  • Nevermind^_^

    I Got the Item. idk y it wasnt there before but its there now so yaaaayyy^_^

    its a small toy Space Ship.

    Thanks guys, for HOME i mean, its a great place to hang out on ur free time.^_^

  • how come ps home don’t have more urban wear,jewelry,cars,basketball games,& free movies at the theatre. that would be real nice.

  • Can someone please tell me where to get the gold throne

  • Also, how about a jukebox and a personal tv that u can put in ur personal place that can play movies on your system or watch the new pulse or sumtin ?

  • Where is Ratchet and Clank located? I’ve wandered around the Central Plaza and can’t find it. I’m a NEGA HUGE fan of the franchise. I want to check it out. Thanks guys and dolls!

  • Is there some reason certain questions are being ignored, the certain questions having to do with the radios and tv’s for our personal spaces? I mean, c’mon, if you’re not gonna work on providing them(at cost, of course), then at least have the decency to say so. That way, you can not only crush our hopes, but also kill the repeater questions, all in one fell swoop.

  • Also, while I’m here, and since you fixed the accessories for the females, how about fixing the problem with the horns for the male avatars??? Getting really tired of having to put my horns back on every time I change my location…

  • Iv just DownLoaded home yesterday and have been having a good look around. First glance looks good, with some good tie ins with game rooms and things to do. I love the buzz area btw spent a few hours trying to top the leader board!
    A few things i think this needs though, a few more options for personal space more costomization etc, by this i meen free content!

    Im sorry but paying a fiver for a virtual house is a joke! com’on guys i know you have to make money but charge for games/advertising space etc not for ‘virtual’ outfits and houses! your billing the very people you want to get on side here!

    Other than that lil gripe though good effot on the whole home thing will be playing a bit more i think


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