Ratchet & Clank Come to PlayStation Home + Deadquarters Personal Space

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It’s that time of the week, my friends! And by “that time” I mean “Blog time” which is also known as “fun time” for all of us on the SCEA PlayStation Home team. Why? Because this is the time where we can finally loosen our lips and spill the beans about all the cool PlayStation Home content that we’ve been working hard to bring you, the PlayStation Home community. And today is especially exciting, because we get to announce one of the single best game spaces to ever grace this platform.

Ratchet & Clank: Time Travelers is arguably the most interactive environment we’ve published during this phase of Open Beta. Boasting three mini-games ranging from super-casual to über-deep – like the massive Skunk Works’ tower defense game – this space is jam-packed with things to do, rewards to win, virtual items to collect (like a full-on Ratchet outfit), and sheep to wrangle (huh?). We’re even releasing a Ratchet & Clank apartment – set in a galaxy far, far away – that is a must-have for every die-hard fan of the franchise. And this space is even launching ahead of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, which means that if you want a taste of the future of the Ratchet & Clank series, you have to get into PlayStation Home. Put your eyes on the below vid, as PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser walks us through more details.

We’re celebrating Halloween PlayStation Home-style this year by releasing a very special personal apartment that you can use to “undead yourself” and all of your friends. The Deadquarters is a hideout set on the other side of the proverbial tracks where you can let your inner zombie loose. But the best part isn’t that the Deadquarters transforms you into a zombie upon entry; it’s that the Deadquarters transforms you and all of your friends into zombies upon entry. But we warn you – not everybody wants you to have fun this Halloween. Mr. R. Phunrooner, President of the so-called “Society of People Against Zombies” is on a mission to ban the Deadquarters and all related zombies from the world of PlayStation Home. So if you are decaying and proud of it, you’ll need to log in to PlayStation Home, grab your closest friends, and head over to the Deadquarters to make the transformation this Thursday. You can learn more about this space and what you can do to ensure an epic Halloween in PlayStation Home by visiting http://undeadyourself.com/.

Home Deadquarters 1

As announced last week, we have partnered with EA SPORTS to produce and distribute exclusive virtual items that serve to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of proceeds for these items will go to the Brees Dream Foundation in support of breast cancer research and awareness programs. Please join us by picking up these items on Thursday and showing your support to all the breast cancer survivors around the world.

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  • cool i cant wait! hoepfully you guys will be fixing some issues on your side as well ;)

    • We have received reports from users regarding difficulties logging into PlayStation Home. We want to assure you that our development team is working diligently to address these issues, and we thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime. There are short term workarounds that you may employ to gain access to the service, which we have detailed in this forums post: http://tinyurl.com/yh99myd

  • Playstation Home always wins, baby.

  • CAN’T WAIT!!
    But Sony and EA are really generous and kind after sending all of the money to charity = P
    That’s what I love about Sony, they care about the community too as well as the company’s business, MICROSOFT don’t do this sorta stuff coz they’re THICK!

  • How about an Atlus/Demon’s Souls Space. That would be awesome, and I’d finally have a reason to go back into Home.

  • Looks cool.

    Any update on the freezing issues though?

  • how about a new updated uncharted 2 space..or a MOST ANTICIPATED METAL GEAR SOLID 4 SPACE..SERIOUSLY!! as for the donations ive already participated and got my NY GIANTS JERSEY..wish it had a number 1o on it but something is better than NOTHING :/ so thanks SONY and EA..Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!

  • Have you fixed the home client from freezing yet. Cause the last time I tried to log on it just freezes and I can’t do anything. So please fix this before bragging about thing we can’t access in home, thanks

  • “Society of People Against Zombies”

    SPAZ. lol

  • Am i crazy or did Jack Buser just say “Personal Spaces and other cool things that you can unlock” 0.o

  • Try geting @Home in a state where it is usable first and not an embarrassment to the XMB. Thanks!

  • Ummmm…yeah, the continued roll-out of new spaces is fantastic, please don’t stop with that, but seriously, PLEASE at least acknowledge that there are serious issues that cropped up with all Home users with the 1.3 update.

    Every time that you post one of these news bytes about “great new stuff” without mentioning that you’re working to fix an issue that basically has some people totally locked out of Home (even if they have deleted all Home shortcuts, save files and content on their PS3) it seems like you’re rubbing those users’ faces in the situation that they’re currently in.

    So, please, just take a moment to say “hey, we know there are problems, we’re workign on them, here’s some new stuff, but progress report – we’re working to fix the issues from 1.3″….

    • Hi, we hear you, believe me. If you look at Locust\’s very first comment reply, it was to address this issue because we know it\’s a big concern at the moment. The blog post is not the appropriate place to announce fixes, but please click on the forums link posted by Locust above to find more detail about what we\’re doing to fix the issue and some workarounds you can use now. And thanks for your patience!

  • Deadquarters sounds awesome! :3

  • Thanks Locust_Star the space looks great.

    Still waiting for a Home fix so I don’t have to leave Home in a public space.

  • WTF!!! The breast cancer donation was suppose to be last week.. Thats why I spent 20$ in Home.. Breast cancer took my Aunt when I was 12 and I made the small donation in her memory just to find out you guys changed the day… WTF!!! This is so lame.. Shame on you!!!!

    • The Breast Cancer Awareness initiative officially starts tomorrow. I clarified that in the comments section of last week\’s blog post, but apologies for not explicitly stating the start time last week in the original post. To be clear, the items whose proceeds will be donated to the Brees Dream Foundation are separate jerseys from the ones EA SPORTS released last week(the Breast Cancer Awareness jerseys are non-NFL team branded).

  • @ post 7 stay tuned next week for the uncharted 2 space

  • We here at PlayStation Home are all about spreading the love around and supporting important charities. This is why we have partnered with EA SPORTS to produce and distribute exclusive virtual items that serve to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of proceeds for these items will go to the Brees Dream Foundation in support of breast cancer research and awareness programs, so please pick up these items and show your solidarity with all the breast cancer patients around the world. Remember, together we can fight this deadly disease. ::::You guys are the biggest liars::::

  • @15

    It doesn’t say the purchases have to be made on a specific day, it just says certain items have been created, and the profit of these items will go towards the cause. I think your purchase still went to breast cancer.

  • home is a free app that has generated a ton of interest and produce accumulating results. to complain about something you haven’t invested anything in to improve is just ridiculous. i’m proud of Sony for trying something new and risky. Home isn’t something I use every day, but enough to know it’s special and is growing into a powerful program. keep up the good work, sony.

  • tee hee, shouldn’t it be the dreadzone

  • i mean dreadquarters, scuse me

  • I would like a confirmation that my donation went to charity!!!!! If not I’m reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. SHAME SHAME!!!

  • Is the Ratchet costume your referring to the same one GameCrazy is offering for preordering the game? If it is, thank you very much for making it available to people who can’t preorder from GameCrazy due to not living close to one and also due to them not taking online preorders :o)

    • Good question! The costume is separate from what we\’re offering for GameCrazy pre-order customers. Those customers will be getting an exclusive virtual shirt designed by Insomniac!

    • Hey BabeBro.
      The costume is different from what GameCrazy perorder customers will be getting. Those customers will be getting an exclusive virtual shirt designed by Insomniac artists!

  • That DeadQuarters thing sounds awesome.

  • Please answer #23, That is a very good question. Thanks for the updates, loving HOME even more since v1.3. If you are having problems with HOME then go to the forums and get some help.

  • Please answer #23, That is a very good question. Thanks for the updates, loving HOME even more since v1.3. If you are having problems with HOME then go to the forums and get some help.

  • Please answer #23 that is a good question.

  • Hey Locust are you guys the same team that is working on the “RooM” app for PSP ?

  • Nice! Thanks PlayStation Home team! I’m looking forward to the R&C minigames and halloween costumes, this should be great.

  • fix home first please.

  • Glorious!

    I hope to have a newfangled Ratchet Suit tomorrow :o

  • very nice , i will be visiting the Ratchet and Clank game space for sure

  • Its about time that game specific spaces started releasing before the game comes out. Whats the point of releasing a space for a 6 month old game?

    Also, every space should have mini-games and reward items. Again, without them what’s the point?

    Anyway, good job.

  • Good Show ol chap!

  • Playstation home is about as fun as a headache.

  • On my uncharted 2 game case it says it features Playstation Home support but I logged into home and theres nothing that would make this statement to be true. So I ask what support is there between Uncharted 2 and Playstation Home?

  • To the people complaining about Home freezing at the start up now, you guys REALLY have to work on being better informed gamers. Because seriously, I had it too, but the difference is, I had the problem solved within 5 minutes because the answer was availible to all of us since the problem came up. Though to be fair, the Home Team should have given everyone publicly the answer here on the blog.

    And also, to the Home Team, whay are you saying you are wasting resources to fix a problem that has SUCH an easy fix?

    The problem is EASILY fixed by just deleting Home from the XMB, and then reinstalling it. It’s a small file, it only takes a few minutes to download and install. Home is only like 67 Mb or something, then the new update which is 40something. There’s obviously just some conflict in the old and new caching systems, because without reinstalling, you don’t get asked about your cache size preference and it just freezes on initialization.

  • @ Locust_Star:

    I too cannot log onto PS Home since the update…it freezes my entire PS3 and I am forced to hard reboot with each attempt.

    Hopefully this will be fixed soon, it’s very annoying.

  • You know, I’ve really got to go to Home more often. I think I’m going to have a little party in there- though I run into a problem with the space-time continuum: apparently, a number of my ‘international’ friends aren’t even appearing in the same Home world. How you’d go about fixing this, I don’t know, but about half of my friends have an ocean (and a continent since I’m on the west coast) between us.

  • This = lame.
    Dissidia != lame.

  • To @19, you cant be serious. A lot of us have more invested in Home than you do in your entire gaming library.

    Home at this point is a complete mess. I contacted my Bank today to dispute all charges on my acct that are purchases on PS Home that I no longer have access to and urge everyone with issues to do the same.

    To Mr. Buser, you certainly need to give serious consideration to revamping your “Home team.” As of now, Home is a horrible and they are doing just as horrible a job of maintaining it.

  • @ 16 how can you confirm this? as for the MGS4 SPACE..come on SONY..GET TO IT! and BRING BACK OPEN CHAT! and OPEN the STUFF STORE ALREADY..i WANT to RIDE THAT TRICYCLE!! :p

  • i mean UNICYCLE!! :p

  • Wow. Must have space. Ratchet and Clank is one of my favorite series, thanks Home devs :D

  • Wow nicee

  • Where are the avatars?!

  • Nice to see R+C costumes! Thanks for this!

  • Yea, what 36 said! Whats up with that?

  • dont like HOME but hey those who do are in for a treat.

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