It’s GO Time: PSPgo Available October 1st

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Hi everyone! October 1st is nearly here and we’re extremely excited to have you experience the PSPgo first hand very soon. As most of you already know, the PSPgo is the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet and features 16GB of internal memory, as well as expandable storage to handle multiple applications – games, videos, photos, music, Internet and more. Designed specifically for those who don’t want to carry around physical discs, PSPgo offers the same rich and immersive gaming and entertainment experience as the PSP-3000 system, but in a smaller form-factor with sliding display panel. With over 225 games and thousands of pieces of digital content available (with more games and movies launching every week), you’ll see why the PSPgo is, without a doubt, the best digital portable experience.

We’ve seen a tremendous response to the “It Only Does Everything” campaign for the PS3 and with the launch of PSPgo just days away, we wanted to give you a first look at a new dedicated marketing campaign focusing on the PSPgo system. We’ve created a robust TV, print and digital campaign to show off this digital portable experience, and support the best lineup of content available on any handheld system. Digital games such as Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 are only possible on the PSPgo – no other digital handheld can support the depth of gameplay and graphical richness inherent to these titles.

We’ve once again partnered with Deutsch LA to create a new PSPgo spot with the tagline, “Its go time”. Starting today, you’ll see TV spots running through the holiday season. For a sneak peek on what’s debuting during tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys game, check out the video below.

From digital gaming, movies and TV shows, to built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth, to Skype and Remote play, PSPgo offers a complete, digital entertainment experience. With the sheer amount of games and entertainment content arriving on the PlayStation Store, PSPgo owners will get to enjoy the very best digital handheld experience.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Be sure to pick up a PSPgo on October 1st and enjoy the newest addition to the PSP platform!

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  • Jeff please can you somehow get Chrono Cross into the psn store on psp and ps3..its one of the most wanted ps1 classics to be added to the psn store.

    Thank You

  • Why is Sony ignoring the fact that the PSP still cannot play youtube. We have wifi which is excellent and a browser, there needs to be a youtube app to be able to compete seriously with an Ipod as portable entertainment. Youtube app needs to be the first ‘mini’ when the PSP Go launches.

  • Overpriced
    UMD good will program my a$$, LIARS!
    No dual analog.
    No touch screen.
    Not a phone.
    NOT buying it!

    Make it a touch screen dual analog phone with 64GB internal memory and memory stick duo support and I will gladly hand over $1000+ for one!

    It’s time for the PSPtoGO away!

    Not your fault John, Sony just isn’t giving you the hardware to market.

  • i just bought my first psp 4 weeks ago but wish i wouldve saved to get this, although the price is insane and its download only the design is awesome

  • Sorry but im gonna wait for that one, got my psp 2000 with tons of umds. transferring my umds to digital would help but for now im pretty happy with my 2000. Just got motorstorm artic edge and it rocks. Im gonna buy one next year at some point as well as the psp3 slim. Also, 249$ for a handheld, not sure, I would pay 200$. go job on the design thought.

  • 101, im with you, we need chrono cross on psn right now. make it happen sony.

  • Looking forward to our feedback? You’ve totally ignored the pricing and UMD’s to digital feedback so far.

    What’s stopping you from doing a “Mail in your UPC Code and $5, get a download code” program for all SCE developed/published games?

    What’s stopping you from making it easy for other devs/pubs to offer the same thing(reduced bandwidth fees, streamlined code aquiring process etc)?

    What made you think doing NOTHING was better then something?

  • Oh and Canada still doesn’t have any video content.

    When are you finally going to make that a priority and get that finished?

  • I am a big fan of the ps3, psp.. and I really wanted to get a pspgo right when i heard about it before E3.. as my current psp is a first generation and i thought it was time to update it… but there are so many things making me indecisive about the buy…

    1st.. there is the wifi.. is it still at B? comeon sony.. at least make it g already… we are downloading the stuff straight off wifi.. and you leave it at B??

    2nd.. no transfer for my old games.. well i guess the legal issue is hard to work around.. but the incentive program that are being offered to UK and Australia.. 3 free downloads.. would be nice.. i own around 20 psp games.. and i wont be able to play them on my new machine.. :(

    3rd.. price.. a bit on the high side…

    4th there is no mac support??

    I really want to get this cool new device.. but give me more incentive..

  • My girlfriend and I pre-ordered two PSP Go’s totalling $548 at our local Best Buy. We then downloaded the Media Go program to see what kind of games we could purchase on the PSN Store – what we saw was a horribly small and uncurrent selection. I decided to contact your company, both at your 800-345-SONY phone number and at the Sony Style Store phone number.

    Six phone calls later and I had a lady hang up on me, I had one not know what the PSP Go was, I had one tell me it was NOT coming out October 1st, and I had one put me on hold in the middle of a sentence for 25 minutes without warning for seemingly no reason.

    After such rude behavior, you should consider yourselves lucky my girlfriend and I later cancelled our PSP Go pre-orders and picked up two PSP-3000 bundles, 4GB memory sticks, 3 UMDs and two $20 PSN cards.

    If you expect any support from us in the future, by the way, it would be nice to receive contact from somebody in the know at Sony to apologize, or let me know why you have such horrible customer service. Maybe then I’d have incentive to support your company by purchasing games new instead of used, and actually care about Sony instead of now hoping they and their horrible customer service go out of business.

  • Also, if you have a device that uses digital distribution then HAVE SOFTWARE TO DIGITALLY DISTRIBUTE.

    And have it be GAMES – if I want to watch TV shows, I’ll turn on my God damned TV, not spend money on one of 13,000 TV shows polluting the PSN Store in place of where games SHOULD be.

  • Can’t wait to pick mine up on Thursday!

    Will Dissidia ever be available for download for Go owners?

  • I love my PS3. I love my PSP 3000.
    But the PSP GO is a slap in my fanboy face.

    Unfortunately the PSP 3000 is superior:
    • It can play all the games the GO can, AND UMDs.
    • It can use all current accessories. The GO has a new PROPRIETARY (BACKA55WARDS) port.. NO USB. SONY’s way or the highway.
    • UMDs will be cheaper.
    • MEM stick Pro Duos are VERY cheap.
    • Its cheaper AND you get more (usually a game and MS pro duo)
    • You can trade UMDs to gamestop
    • You can buy USED UMDs.

    So why would I want to “upgrade” when its going to cost more for the machine, AND I have to buy all my UMD games and Movies over again, at FULL MSRP?
    PSP Go? Go Fug yourself. I feel so betrayed.

  • can’t wait – already ordered mine! thanks for thinking about us on-the-go gamers! :D

  • The PSP Go frustrates the hell out of me. On one hand, going all digital is absolutely the right move and the next step for the game industry. On the other hand, the system is too expensive and without an incentive to upgrade, I’m worried that it will fail. If it does fail, companies will think twice before going all digital.

  • UPGRADE MEDIA-GO TO BURN UMD’S ONTO PSPGo! plug old psp to pc, run media-go, transfer to pspgo – SWEET!

  • we want migration of our umd games. if i have to mail you the umd to get the digital download fine i will do it. otherwise i will stick with my heavy psp 2000.

  • the whole problem with migration if Sony was crazy enough to allow it is what prevents us from going to gamestop and abusing their return policy to get ever UMD game released get it installed or saved showing we have the game and taking it back to gamestop and claiming we do not want it.

    The price is the standard price for majority of things out. Probably wait until i can get a complete library list of games coming Oct 1 and then after that additional updates will determine if this is a purchase for me

  • I love the PSP GO despite it doesn’t have touch screen or a dual analog stick (it would be a very nice touch). I also LOVE the fact I wouldn’t have to carry all my UMD’s to play my games. Also, I still have my Original PSP 1000 and been wanting to upgrade, I saw the PSP Go as an opportunity.

    HOWEVER, I have a good chunk of UMD games that I would still like to play on the PSP Go. The fact that you will not have the Goodwill program implemented (which I understand there are some legal issues and a whole bunch of pirates out there)has turned me off from spending $249+ on a new PSP GO and accessories.

    PLEASE figure out something! I would LOVE to have all my titles digital considering the fact that UMDs can break pretty easily and this can be a remedy for that.

    I guarantee that if you find a way for our UMDs to be playable or digitally distributed on the PSP Go, you will have A LOT OF SALES just on that ALONE. Until you do so, I’m sticking with my PSP 1000, hasn’t failed me yet.

  • Nice commercial by the way lol.

  • Pretty hard to justify this when I own a PSP phat. $250 is crazy high when none of the peripherals work and I can’t play any of my UMD games on it.

  • mywhitenoise | September 28th, 2009 at 4:23 pm said:

    yeah, an iPod with about 100GBs less, and a battery that lasts about 20 hours less.

    Yeah…but can an iPod play PSP games and PSone classics? Multiplayer with other users? guess not….. stfu ok? thanks.

  • so we are getting 15000 trailers? Gotcha.


  • The commercial makes me feel poor lol

    The limo
    The Models
    The pool side mega party

    Damn, what audience is the PSPGo intended for?

    I’m getting the PSPGo but at $250 it is overpriced, especially when you can get a PS3 for $50 more…

  • I saw that the PSP Go lets you use a SIXAXIS/DS3 in-game! Impressive.

    In the next firmware, could you:

    For PSP Games
    -map the second analog stick to the face buttons (up=triangle, left=square, right=circle, down=X)
    -map L2 to L1, R2 to R1 (Maybe we like the bottom triggers better)

    For PS1 games and RemotePlay
    -map all the controls to their actual buttons so it works like a full Dualshock

  • Terrible ad, all the people shown in it would laugh at you for playing video games. Sony was robbed by the director who took their money, had a party and simply filmed it. Also he took the opportunity to order a bunch of hookers for this terrible ad and told them they were going to be in a movie.

  • Too expensive- and the UMD conversion mess just turned out to be a lot of hot air and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Sorry, I love the new design, but it’s just too expensive and I have way too many UMDs to even think about paying for them all again. Maybe if I hadn’t paid Sony $300 (so far) to fix my PS3, I’d have the money for things like this… :(

  • Does the Vegas hotel orgy come with the PSP Go? Oh… I pay another 250 bucks for that. OK.

  • I want the White PSP GO :D

  • If I had $250 to spend, I would buy one of these awesome babies on October 1. But since I only have $5, I will probably buy Droplitz while it is on sale.

  • hw much is the psp gonna b priced?

  • It’s too expensive and I would have to buy all the games I already own again. I’d rather get another PS3 for $50 more.

  • If a solution for current UMD owners is made available, then I’ll consider it.

    Until then I’m keepin’ my munnies.

  • I think the design and the thought behind the no disk is great for most people. However, there is a few people that have been ruled out of the factor of this diskless feature. The idea of having to constantly connect to PN to download copies of the game leaves me unable to do. Being part of the US navy and with the constant underways, we have little time to connect to the internet, let alone the fact that we cannot connect game units to ships internet. So you can guess the fact of not being able to get a game for months on end (last deployment was 6 months long) because I can’t connect to the PN is ridiculous. For the first time in gaming history for me, I refuse to buy this system (Even thought Sega CD didn’t do well I still had it)

  • hope the graphics is mutually good as the ps3 nd 360

  • I can agree with most on price. 199.99 would of been fine but 250 is a bit much.

    However I have no issue with parity. I have already seen articles from EU retailers that decided to not stock the go cause they have no way to make money off DL games.

    Having a business is about ecosystems and if burn your retail bridge, it makes you unfavorable. It also help developers recoup cash from making said UMDS if DLC takes off. Until data comes back telling publishers via what medium their games are selling….we will have to deal with parity.

    As for the commercial, I much prefer ones like that of the recent PS3 ads. This one is alright but I don’t think it really pushes the GO like it should.

    I hope your early adopter strategy works out for you but for me, I will wait until the price drops or until the GO gets a need to have feature and purchase incentives.

  • i want one! for the people complaining, its the same price as the psp when it first came out, plus think about it your getting a 16gb internal hd! remember psp1000 with a 32mb? also pspgo is capable of bluetooth, price sounds right to me. if i get the extra cash im getting one!

  • PSPGo is the last nail in the PSP coffin. My prediction is that Sony will abandon PSP altogether in early 2011. What a comedy of errors.

  • @110

    You won’t be getting the comic’s store when the US does either btw.


    If you buy the ugly stepchild of an OS you should have expected less support. Protip, intall bootcamp.

  • @141

    And your sarcastic comment proves what? Grow up.

  • John,

    You guys need to quit working with Deutsch and find a new ad firm. I don’t know if you realize this, but Sony’s terrible ads for game hardware are the butt of many jokes in the industry. I work in marketing research, and I must admit being baffled as to why you guys insist on trying to appeal to audiences who are not at all interested in your hardware. If you want to achieve geek chic, you should really take a cue from Apple — they highlight their PRODUCTS and FEATURES and still manage to come off as being cool.

    I’m a PSP fan myself, but the PSP Go baffles me. It’s priced about $100 too high, despite the fact that the device is smaller than the original with a comparable battery life. Gamers will have to pay a premium for digital downloads since they won’t be able to get games used or on closeout, and there’s no way for those who have already invested in large PSP game libraries to upgrade without rebuying their software. That means your core supporters are alienated, and your focus has to be on acquiring new users instead of upgrading existing users.

  • (continued from previous post)

    Nintendo did something somewhat similar a few years back with the GameBoy Micro. It was an inferior GameBoy Advance that cost more than the GBA SP but which had fewer features and a smaller screen. Retailers couldn’t get rid of them. I’m sad to say I think the same thing is going to happen with the PSP Go. I know many of the front line salespeople I’ve talked to have little enthusiasm for the device, and I don’t know too many Playstation fans who are eager to buy the PSP Go.

    I keep hoping you guys at Sony Marketing will wake up and realize that your entire focus towards your customers needs to change. I love my PS3 and PSP, but I have yet to hear Sony articulate the real reasons why either piece of hardware is worth owning.

    Good luck to you!

    -Sean Jordan

  • Nice to see that the PSP Go’s advertisement campaign doesn’t fall to far from the Epic Fail Tree of a campaign that the original version had when it launched.

    1) I don’t see people who would actually own a PSP running around in the commercial

    2) It’s not informative or FUN at all, early PS2 and PS1 commercials were awesome what’s th deal?

    BTW I HATE LEGEND OF DRAGOON, but still ended up buying it because of good reviews and commercials like the ones above.

    3) Fire the person who made that commercial. We all Know that the PSP is portable, we do not need to see it run through the hands of various people. It’s about is retarded as that game face campaign in Japan.

    3) I hope this thing tanks horribly lol.

  • YES!!

    Fail from the start. All my psp games are now useless. All my accessories need a adapter that costs $. My extra batteries are of no use.
    I have to carry a solar panel on my back to charge the battery because the pspgo has no swapping available.

    I am looking forward to buying one asap when #1: A battery swap is do-able.
    #2: All my games can be used with it.

    I guess it’s a failure of a redheaded step child Sony. Good luck.

  • Sony, its overpriced. $199 and its as good as mine.

  • Looks like the PSPgo is in a similar situation as Windows Vista because of all the criticism.

  • @142…It isn’t sarcasm when it is the truth. You chose to buy an OS that is less with it. You also have a solution…install Windows with Bootcamp. It is alot easier for YOU to adjust than large corps having to release ‘special’ versions of software to serve <5% of the world wide market.

  • heyguys i was just wondering what that song in the video is?

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