It’s GO Time: PSPgo Available October 1st

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Hi everyone! October 1st is nearly here and we’re extremely excited to have you experience the PSPgo first hand very soon. As most of you already know, the PSPgo is the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet and features 16GB of internal memory, as well as expandable storage to handle multiple applications – games, videos, photos, music, Internet and more. Designed specifically for those who don’t want to carry around physical discs, PSPgo offers the same rich and immersive gaming and entertainment experience as the PSP-3000 system, but in a smaller form-factor with sliding display panel. With over 225 games and thousands of pieces of digital content available (with more games and movies launching every week), you’ll see why the PSPgo is, without a doubt, the best digital portable experience.

We’ve seen a tremendous response to the “It Only Does Everything” campaign for the PS3 and with the launch of PSPgo just days away, we wanted to give you a first look at a new dedicated marketing campaign focusing on the PSPgo system. We’ve created a robust TV, print and digital campaign to show off this digital portable experience, and support the best lineup of content available on any handheld system. Digital games such as Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 are only possible on the PSPgo – no other digital handheld can support the depth of gameplay and graphical richness inherent to these titles.

We’ve once again partnered with Deutsch LA to create a new PSPgo spot with the tagline, “Its go time”. Starting today, you’ll see TV spots running through the holiday season. For a sneak peek on what’s debuting during tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys game, check out the video below.

From digital gaming, movies and TV shows, to built-in wireless LAN and Bluetooth, to Skype and Remote play, PSPgo offers a complete, digital entertainment experience. With the sheer amount of games and entertainment content arriving on the PlayStation Store, PSPgo owners will get to enjoy the very best digital handheld experience.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Be sure to pick up a PSPgo on October 1st and enjoy the newest addition to the PSP platform!

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  • @148 well done

  • Great commercial Sony! Keep up the excellent work!

    Ignore all the Xbot/troll haters. Pathetic losers!

    *Give Jack Tretton a raise!* XD

  • Cool cant wait to get mine on thursday or friday !

  • The price is to high for the device and it’s features. Sure I know your aiming at the iPod crowd. But your price is equal to Apple, but the features are less, as is device quality. The price should have been closer to the Zune HD. I am interested in a newer PSP to replace my 1000, but I can hold off until you lower the price for the 3000 like you just did for japan.

  • I am getting a Go, but will admit that my biggest disappointment isn’t only the fact that there isn’t a UMD conversion program. I will admit that offering something like that is huge and can present a huge loss for some developers.

    But, that isn’t my issue. I only have four UMD games and have already bought the digital versions (I wish that Monster Hunter was available on the store in the US instead of being UMD only). My biggest frustration is the fact that we’re not even getting the rewards program or Gran Turismo Portable for free. Yes, I realize that they pay more in PAL territories which helps with the justification but how can you so easily re-nig on the conversion program without throwing us a bone.

    The extended feature demo of Rock Band Unplugged isn’t as good as getting the full version of the game or Gran Turismo portable in its place. I’d be happy if we simply were able to get the rewards program in the US. I’ve owned a 1000, 2000, 3000, and as soon as it arrives the PSP Go. I’ve even talked people into getting a PSP in general after they see how well it works with the PS3’s remote play. Where is my reward for customer loyalty?

  • Sorry I’m gonna stick with the regular PSP. I assume miniS are going to be available via the regular PSP as well? No UMD support, not being able to transfer my 35+ UMD game collection to the GO are both a complete turn off. Only reason to buy is the smaller, lighter version of the handheld, but since I’m at my third PSP right now (thick still works, slim pink from Japan broke and a slim black just form Holland) and the handheld is as completely new I don’t see the reason why I should get a Go asap. I just got Persona in, the collector’s edition and that game I can’t play on the Go.

    “Sony, what do you mean by “Digital games such as Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3 are only possible on the PSPgo”.

    Does that mean that all other PSP versions(1000 to 3000) will not be able to play those games and force us to buy PSPgo?

    You better not do that or else…”

    Of course you can, the PSP Go is connected via the regular PSN store, so you can download those games also onto your regular PSP or first to your PS3 HDD and then copy it to your PSP.

  • Another issue with the digital-only content: we live in a multi-PSP household. I have a PSP and my kids have PSPs we swap UMD based games between us depending on who’s playing what, when. In a digital only setup this isn’t possible.

    That means that if we were a three Go household instead of a three PSP household, we would have to physically switch PSPs or pay for an extra non discounted retail priced (because PSN sets the price on all go content) in order to share games. This is awesome for Sony but [DELETED] for the consumer.

  • Please clarify the availability of Dissidia.

    Add Mac OS X support. You are not hurting Apple by not supporting it, only customers that want to buy a SONY product. I have my laptop with me just about everywhere I go, I don’t carry around my PS3. Give ALL of your mobile customers the ability to buy games or other media anywhere they happen to be.

  • I would have considered it if there was a way to transfer UMDs over, but its a no-buy now.

    Also, it is severely overpriced.

  • First of all, it’s way too pricy for what it is. No battery life improvement or even way to get a better battery without breaking the warranty, smaller screen, feels cheap IMO, no UMD transfer solution which should’ve been one of the first things that was thought about in the conception stages of the device, and the PSN store has a seriously less than impressive selection of games. Start releasing more PS1 Classics (why does the JP PSN store have so many great titles for example, all of Square’s best, Grandia, Alundra, Arc the Lad, etc., and we get crap?), and get the entire back catalogue of PSP games + all future/upcoming titles, and maybe I’ll purchase this down the line once the price is dropped considerably.

  • Wow, that commercial is horrible. I didn’t know the PSPgo is only for beautiful, ultra rich models and their friends to be used between photo shoots, pool parties, and late night orgies. I guess that is who you are marketing to with your $250 price point. Seriously, who is going to be playing their PSPgo at an upscale pool party with hot men and women lying around everywhere? How about focusing on REAL people; the student sitting on campus, the traveler at an airport terminal, a family on a road trip? The only thing this commercial says to me is that the PSPgo is expensive, and it can be handed around to your friends when they don’t have a model to grope.

    After watching this commercial, the $250 price, and no UMD conversion plan…the PSPgo is definitely NOT for me. Good luck with your rich Hollywood hills demographic though as it looks like they are big gamers.

  • Cancelled my GO pre-order the other day. With no way to transfer my UMD’s its pointless.

  • And the price is way too high

  • guys this is the coolest thing that play station has come out whith yet and i have sve up my money ever since i found out about so dont hate the psp go … dont now why put that but realy need to get the pspgo it will be the best gaming system yet

  • I am buying a PSPgo, but only for its ultra-portability. I kept waiting and expecting some kind of incentive like Europe is getting. It is quite disappointing, really. I just received playstation the official magazine’s new one and it is also very vague about the possibility of transferring UMDs to the PSPgo. Please support this potential feature. I think all sorts of people would update to the PSPgo, if you fixed this SERIOUS problem.

  • As a retail employee I can honestly say that explaining to a customer the ups and downs of current psp owners to the new psp go it will be a tough sale.
    And more so to the select few who may not be able to access or afford internet based on their locations for downloading content.
    Honestly if you’re going to remake a system don’t just micro size it add a couple changes that works for you and not consider the rest of the communities outlook you have a large fanbase to consider and in the long run I see this hurting the company more in sales than it’s trying to market for.
    Though the system looks more to the technology today it’s really a step back that could have been properly thought over but if this is also due to UMD costs and such it’s something you could have just changed slowly into the current market psp 3000’s.
    Someone in marketing needs to work more as a gamer in the common public and not some high up executive who’s used to money throwing every which way like the one’s portrayed in your video.

  • psp go is cool, but sony must drop the price

  • Why is everyone bragging about the damn price is a BEAUTIFUL DEVICE


  • Still way too expensive. Great idea, terrible execution. Maybe next time Sony.
    The price and lack of a way to play UMDs were terrible decisions and killed it for me and lots of other people.

  • I preordered the PSPGo knowing that its overpriced…Now that i heard that they will be no UMD conversion program to DD,Im thinking of just canceling it. you guys really want to turn off your consumers, don’t you???

    BTW the Web Browser Sucks in the PSP. FIX IT. Get a company to bring in their own Browser, Like Firefox or Opera….

  • @159…if you are a: mobile and b: have your laptop you must be using WiFi. Thus…use wifi on the PSP and access the store directly.

    Bootcamp could also help.

  • If you already have a PSP why are you even pissing and moaning about no conversion on a PSPGo.

    Stop spending your parents money on something you don’t need and doesn’t even target towards you.

    They are looking to bring new people into the fold with the PSPGo.

    I have a Job, 249.99 isn’t that big of a deal, and since I currently don’t own a PSP at all, the PSPGo seems like a nice entry point. Especially since I’m looking to replace my ITouch which Apple wants $200 to fix and cant play games.

  • *Isnt even targeted*

  • Already on the shelves in Zellers (canada). I was looking for a bit more from this device.

    1. a 2nd stick

    2. a touch screen

    3. a build in camera (even the crappy ds has one)

    As for the umd being removed I completely agree with this decision. However, you should be ablt to send in your old umd’s to get the free download equivalent.

  • *isn’t even targeted towards you*

  • To expensive? What the hell planet do you guys live on? The main competitor 16G goes for 259.99 here in Canada and the PSP offers way better games then whatever you have on a those. Maybe it doesn’t have all the apps but seems like Sony wants in on it.

    Another system was at 249 for how long and how outdated is that technology? No hard drive, outdated graphics, a remote control that sunlight can mess up all the time. Nintendo marketing gig works well, I mean you see a pile of PS3 and a pile of Xbox 360 but only 1 Wii.

  • why would I buy this overpriced piece of junk when I can just get a bigger memory stick for my PSP 3000 & download the games I want while still enjoying the UMD based games I already own

  • If I buy a PSP, it will be a PSP-3000. I don’t see any benefit with the PSPgo.

  • I’m waiting for digital distribution at a lower cost than disc-based distribution.

  • I bought a PSP 1000 at launch. I also bought a PS3 60GB at launch, but I will not buy this over priced PSP ever at this price point.

    Sony is making a HUGE mistake here and I’m pretty sure it will come back to bite them in the behind.

    I’ll keep my PSP 1000 and all of the games THAT I ALREADY OWN, thank you very much.


  • why doesa europe get GT for free and we dont sony?tell me why and im getting a psp go when i already got a psp 2000 i love sony products they last long

  • Listen:

    I agree with all that say it’s overpriced. I have a 2000 model myself, but here’s the deal; I’m not the one being sold to. I will make it known here that I am telling EVERYONE who doesn’t own a PSP I know to not by a Go.

    That is the kind of thing the marketing group should pay attention to.

    P.S. It doesn’t help when Mr. Koller said at E3 that the pricing model was specifically designed to encourage retailers to carry the console (In other words: the price is high so retailers will make margin on the system because they can’t make money with game and accessory up-sells. This contributes to the high price)

  • a) $250 is way too much for a PSP GO

    b) You’ve completely alientated the MAIN group of people who WOULD want to buy it, current PSP owners/hardcore PSP fans, by not putting together any type of legacy UMD trade-in

    c) Now that latest is that NOT EVERY GAME released in the future is going to be able to digitally distributed due to “legal issues.” And I’m sorry, but if PSP Go users can’t even play every game that comes out for PSP from this point on, that’s a dealbreaker.

    That’s a recipe for disaster guys, I’m sorry. I would have been possibly willing to upgrade with a solid trade-in program, but this never materialized.

  • Anyone arguing that the PSP Go isn’t supposed to be for current PSP owners and that it’s to bring in a NEW crowd:

    If an individual has not been interested in a PSP before now (with games like GoW:CoO, FF7: Crisis Core, and MGS: Portable OPs), how likely do you think it is that NOW they will suddenly want a smaller unit that costs $250 (!) ?

    Yes, there’s a large market of people without PSPs. But the thought that a $250 PSP will suddenly bring them into the fold is really flawed thinking. And unfortunately indicative of Sony this generation.

    At least the PS3 end of things has been straightened out lately.

  • Just to add to the noise.

    It is overpriced.
    Not buying one till you can transfer at least 80% of my UMDs to digital for FREE.
    Screw your pricing parity. I know you have to keep retail ppl happy but it seems that they don’t give a crap about you anways. Give me my discount for no pre-order promos, no packaging, no shipping, etc.


  • @ All the Haters

    PSP GO is not overpriced. It deserves that price for it is an awesome piece of hardware.

    would you rather have a xbox portable that was cheap but rrod’s after you play it for 2 hours??

    Sony’s stuff is a little on the high side but totally worth it coz of the excellent hardware and software.

    so quit nagging and buy one quickly.

  • PSP GO-$250

    PSP GO apparently is not overpriced according to some people here on the blog. lol quit defending it. i have it preordered and i even know its overpriced.

  • Soon as you guys make it $199 I will buy it. Right now its over priced.

  • PSP GO-$250

  • I’m excited to get my hands on one. I don’t know about the price, with cash not coming in from hours of being cut at work, I don’t know when I can afford it….

    my friend went on the pspgo4it site
    and he claims to be getting one for super cheap like half off or something… if it works out then maybe I’ll go ahead find out how he got such a deal.

  • Bulls**t. What a load of bulls**t. The PSP Go is bulls**t. Lame content, lame updates, lame s**t in the PSN. I bet the PSP Go is going to be nothing but a complete failure. No wonder Nintendo’s DSI is going to kick PSP Go’s a**.

  • @bcpop, I don’t hate the PSP Go, absolutely not, its a beautiful device and I really considered getting one due to the slim, lighter look. Though I already have a PSP and I can’t transfer my UMD games to the Go. At some point I can understand Sony though, as usual, people would cheat with the system and download games while they don’t even own the UMD’s. Plus the price is indeed “pricey”, only 50 Euro more than a PS3 console over here, well same for the US except in Dollar currency. Though, I wouldn’t bother the price if my UMD’s wouldn’t be useless all of the sudden.

  • Oh and the PSP Go is also more meant for people on the “go” and not owning a PSP. Those who already own a PSP can do everything else that is possible on the PSP Go, which means including downloading PSP Games / miniS (right?). Except on the PSP you’ll need a pro duo memorystick with quite the amount of memory to store it.

    Concerning the commercial, hmm, as someone mentioned, feels like a “rich guy / girl” type of commercial to be honest. Complete the opposite now from the PS3 slim commercials.

  • 250 euros?????????!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus. Ps3 has 299 euros. 50 euros less from the all mighty Ps3.

    Very expensive for a device with 5 years old tecnology and nothing new at all.

    Maybe if it costs 150 euros would be nice.

    Psp go. No thanks.

  • Don’t expect a drop in price for this unit anytime soon. See, any brick-and-mortar store has no reason to sell this because it will never be a money-driver for them. To make up for this (just like Apple has done with their iTouch and iPhone), they have increased the share of the pie for the brick-and-mortar stores to make up for the loss in revenue for the lack of those users showing up at their store to purchase games. Ignore the ‘premium product’ argument that Sony gives you; their retail partners are the *only* reason the PSPGo is more expensive than the one that comes with a UMD drive.

    Considering the huge library of PSP games I’ve collected since 2005, I’m not going to be first in line for this system. This is a niche product for people who don’t have any PSP UMDs but are interested in carrying games around with them without having to worry about packing disks. That’s it!

  • I’m afraid that i won’t be supporting this, while it does have some new tweaks to the psp system, as stated multiple times in this forum, the price is too high. I have 2 psp’s already a 1000 and 2000. All things considered there really isn’t that big of a difference for the earlier psp systems, the new one has a new look, but is missing the dual analog sticks that everyone wanted it to have, amongst other things.

    I think it’s also unfortunate, and will keep alot of people from upgrading if they can integrate having thier old psp games carried over to the new system. I would have to rebuy all my psp games as digital content, and I’m sorry that doesn’t seem like a very wise thing to do from the consumer perspective.

    Sorry sony, I won’t be onboard with this one.

  • There is simply no driving reason for a current PSP owner that has several titles to ever upgrade to the go. Price, zero UMD support and the lack of great new options over the previous models has me simply waiting for the PSP2. The smaller unit and built-in memory is cool, but that coupled with the other so-so additions does not equal a price jump.

    And Sony, stick with the PS3 ‘It only does everything’ ad-style. They are the only ones you have made that were not complete and utter garbage.

  • I’m getting mine tomorrow, but I’m leaning towards sending it back to Amazon. Backing out of the conversion program just kills it for me and I only really have a couple of games. Why should I have to pay $32 for Resistance Retribution when I already paid $40 or God of War when it came out and I have the UMD. I don’t mind sending the UMDs back so as to keep just one copy. How come they figured out a way to give Europeans 3 free downloads for their UMDs. I’m sorry, I really like this device, but it really just seems like they want to punish early adopters like me who are forking over $250. There’s really no benefit.

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