TGS 09: Motion Controller Details, Other New Info

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Earlier today, Kaz Hirai, President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., kicked off Tokyo Game Show with a keynote speech that unveiled some interesting tidbits about the future of PlayStation.

Customarily starting with some sales figures, it was revealed that the new, slimmer 120 GB PS3 has sparked a massive sales surge, with over 1 million PS3s sold through to consumers worldwide in the three weeks since its launch on September 1st.


Hirai also showed off the PS3 motion controller, reiterating that it would be released in the Spring of 2010. They feature a pair of motion sensors, a three-axes gyroscope and a three-axes accelerometer, along with Bluetooth and a rechargable Li-on battery. A list of games in development for the peripherals was revealed, (click here for the release) and it was confirmed that PAIN, Flower, Hustle Kings, High Velocity Bowling and EyePet will get compatibility patches to add motion controller functionality. Later on, LittleBigPlanet and Resident Evil 5 were also demonstrated to be working with the motion controller.

The PSPgo will also be getting a couple of new peripherals in January – a Bluetooth Stereo Head-set Receiver and a Converter Cable Adaptor. The latter will allow you to use any PSP 1000, 2000, or 3000 peripheral with the PSPgo. For a full list of upcoming PSPgo accessories and their prices, check the press release.

Finally, Gran Turismo 5 now has a Japanese release window – March 2010. An American and European release date will be announced in due course.

We’ll be looking to go into more detail with the above information over the coming weeks, and stay tuned for more from Tokyo Game Show on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • Gran Turismo 5 on 31 March 2010? This is [DELETED]! I’m really disappointed in you, Polyphony Digital. I’m seriously going to cancel my pre-order now.

  • Not pleased with the Gran Turismo 5 release date.


  • @ 46 wow claim down 1 i don’t think anyone bashing on the wii 2 the DS3 is a small controller it not as big as a 360 controller so yes you can use the wand and DS3 together just like wii controller setup. and 3 can we wait for sony MC before we judge it ? i just don’t get the rush to judgement now comment LOL don’t you have to test it before you comment?

  • Any chance you guys could post some TGS videos/trailers tonight on the PSN?

  • So, no confirmation about the emulator(s) for PS2 and Dreamcast games in the PSN?

  • @51….

    Circular arguments FTW.

    No…I DON’T have to wait for the release to know what holding a DS3 in one hand feels like. Especially as it would likely be held in your non-dominant one. If you have a controller laying around you can test it NOW. If you like it, bully for you, but I can forsee the majority of people seeing it as uncomfortable and inelegant (just like that abomination they just tacked on to the PSPgo)

    What about this is hard for you to understand?

  • Wow, I was wondering what mistake Sony would make to put the breaks on all the awesome momentum they have going for them. No analog stick on the Motion Controller? How lame is that? Even the PSP’s analog disc would have made it the ultimate device. Even Nintendo has the nunchuck add on because they knew that you needed to have a device for movement in a 3d space as well as the pointer. Do you mean to tell me that we have to hold a controller meant for 2 hands awkwardly with one and a motion controller in another? And I guess the line about the controller being able to be used in more hardcore experiences was just a smokescreen to mean re-releases? My interest in this thing just went from full throttle to a crawl.

  • @51, I’ve been testing it out myself by holding the DS3 in my left hand and holding the Wii mote in the right hand and I’m telling you… its giving me cramps in my left hand for sure! Nunchuck its weight is like 5 times less than that of the DS3, so it ain’t a surprise of course. If you checked further you’d saw my further comment, this blog only allows up to 1200 characters per comments and a few people respondend between my two messages. In there you read the very same thing you’re commenting to me ;)

    And fact is, on the whole Internet including Sony have always said that the Wii was just a gimmick, the controls were gimmicks, and now Sony and MS are copying the idea. Not that its bad because I encourage Motion controls more than anybody does out there, but at least I can’t be blamed for bashing about that.

  • I am extremely disappointed that there is no analog stick on this wand. Why do I have to move by holding a dual shock in one hand? The overall solution would be far better with an analog stick on the wand. This seems like half a solution. Third Party developers will complain endlessly about the missing analog stick, just like they do about the PSP. Please delay this release and add an analog stick.

  • Motion controller without analog controls is a complete waste of time.

  • And besides I’m never hard on Sony, neither am I now, I only wish to share my personal experience concerning motion controls and I just hope they’d take that into consideration.

  • Under Siege has just announced support to the Motion Controler. It will the the First RTS to try this technology. Let’s hope it will make the PS3 the first Real RTS console!


  • I Love that Motion Controller look. Keep it up

  • Quoute Violator
    Motion controller without analog controls is a complete waste of time.

    Just remember Violator the Body track thats just like project natal is on the ps eye so your body will be the analog

  • So whats the deal with the PSP converter cable ? Is that going to allow us to burn our UMD games from psp (1000,2000,3000) into the new PSP Go ? That would be a great feature… Please clear this up. Thanks

  • SONY IS GOING FOR THE KILL! Excellent, just excellent. Sony not only conformed themselves with the sales spikes they knew a price-cut would surely provide, they planned it all very well and re-designed the system,
    re-envisioned it, re-launched it (and this goes for PSP as well). But it didn’t end there, they made sure they could ride on the waves of that momentum while taking a more ambitious approach, serving themselves with the strength of their best franchises, partners and their brand. But above else what’s more important to note here is that good strategic thinking can put your business in a place where your technology and creativity can’t by themselves.

  • @63…no…it allows USB peripherals (1seg/gps/camera) to connect to the proprietary connection that the PSPgo has.

    Why the heck they don’t have PSPgo specific peripherals ready is beyond me. (or why there isn’t a camera and gps chip inside for that matter)

  • Gran Turismo 5 on 31 March 2010? This is crazy! I’m really disappointed in you, Polyphony Digital. I’m seriously going to cancel my pre-order now.

  • I guess it was better to launch GT5 this holyday because the line up of 1stQ of next year with mag, gow3, heavy rain so close. They never learn of the 1st party poor sales.

    About the motion controller ugly and do not seems ergonomic in any way.

    Another thing is the psp go. They never learned why the psp doesn’t had a good start when the launch the psp? The price is always a factor and more that with 50 more dollars you will get another ps3. But with the latest news I think I will buy one because with a portable console I don’t want to carry games with me. That makes it feel less portable and uncomfortable to carry a case with games and all.

  • To those COMPLAINING about the motion controller and the absence of an analog stick.

    You’re forgetting one tiny little bit:


    This is not the Wii. It’s not simply a “wii-mote” interface. It’s a lot more than that because the PSEye can track every movement you do. Haven’t you seen the videos around here? Have a litte faith and stop the f^%*ng whining already, it’s so loud I’d take any of you girls to bed with me, LOL.

  • @68: How will you control character movement with the Playstation Eye? If the Playstation Eye was the solution, why isn’t Capcom using it instead of a DS3 for Resident Evil 5. We are whining because we are tired of Sony making fundamental mistakes this generation. The missing analog stick pretty much confirms my fear that this motion system is geared towards casual gamers.

  • Kaz Hirai looks awesome. back on topic, agreeing with @48, analog stick please. Hopefully they’ll make awesome FPS games with this. Not those time crisis sort of games, where you can actually move yourself.

  • i was at kotaku following both the keynote and the media press conference and needless to say that both sucked big time. no new ips,no new services(except for japan),psp-3000 price cut just for japan only and get this most titles are coming in 2010!

    wow that was a big dissapoinment for me. it wouldnt have hurted if you guys would have showed a new ip or two in development specially rpgs….

    as for the pspgo i dont care about this device because 1)its pretty expensive 2)i only have wired internet service.

    like others have pointed out you guys had momentum with the ps3 price cut and all that jazz but it seems that you guys are your worse enemies.because it wouldnt have hurted to talk or launch a new service or two for all regions! (rant over)

  • Like dong 29 said… The motion controller is just like the right stick but need the left one for the character move and all. Without that this motion controller only will be used for very casual games. The ps eye is like the bar of the wii that recognizes you movements

  • @dong29 Obviously RE5 wasn’t developed “from scratch: to make use of the motion controller, Capcom is just adapting the gameplay that was exclusively designed for a pad to also work with the motion controller. Also remember that 2 motion controllers could work together too. Why don’t you wait instead of whining like a pansy? and just what “fundamental” mistake made Sony this gen? Include blu-ray and free HDD upgrading support, and free online so they had to charge a high price for pansies who would complain about for 3 years until they realize it was all F%$^& worth it?

  • @cmargary Bar of the Wii recognizes your movements? LOL. That toy can’t even recognize the Wii controllers movements 1:1!!!

  • Yeah I know lol… Even with the plus thing but, you know.

  • i stick to the ds3. It is so much confortable, i hate wii.

  • @73: If 2 motion controllers could work together to provide movement, I am pretty sure that Capcom would have demonstrated that. Maybe you can take your head out of the fanboy sand for a few minutes to actually read what I am saying. Based upon your prior posts, I am not surprised that you are oblivious to the mistakes that Sony has made this generation. This is not “whining” this is a criticism.

  • The GT5 release date is disappionting but you wont even notice considering all the games that are coming.With the exception of maybe December there’s atleast one AAA title coming each month until March. September-Ninja Gaiden Sigma2 October-Uncharted2,Demon’s Souls,Rachet&Clank A Crack in Time November-Modern Warfare2, Assassins Creed2,EyePet December-Previous mentioned games should get you through this month January2010-MAG Febuary-Star Ocean March-God of WarIII

  • Are we really having this analog stick on the motion controller argument again? This is such a dumb argument. The reasonse for using the dual shock for the analog stick are too compelling: (i) it is cheaper in that many games will require the use of only one wand instead of 2; (ii) there will be a wider userbase with only a single wand so that developers will be more likely to invest money into making games to take advantage of the larger user base; (iii) the dual shock weighs less than half a pound so holding onto it isn’t an issue and in all likelyhood weighs about the same as one of these rumble enables wands. And for those of you unable to appreciate these compelling points, I’m sure Mad Catz or someone will comeout with a blu-tooth enabled analog stick to satisfy what ever possible niche audience that might want one.

  • Im not disappointed with the release date of GT5. It feels like GT4 all over again, and people still dont understand its PD we’re talking about here, but they like to complain just for the hell of it i guess.

    Please make GT5 as good as it can possibly be, i dont care if that means i have to wait until mid or late 2010 to get my hands on it.

    You’re a really talented team and i certainly trust this will be a beast of a game.

  • If holding a DS3 controller in one hand is the solution for character movement, then that is just sad. There NEEDS to be an analog stick either attached to the wand or located on another piece of hardware…NOT a DS3.

    Maybe they are planning on releasing a new type of controller with an analog stick, and the DS3 can be used as an OPTION. If the final design is what we have seen, then I don’t have much excitement for this project anymore.

    I already have the PSEye, and while it is a great camera/microphone, it is fairly limited in low light situations. the glowing orb is ingenious for tracking movement, X/Y axis and depth; even in low light situations. I just don’t think holding a DS3 controller in one hand is a solid solution for player movement. Is that really the best option?

  • I hope you guys are prepared for the dildo jokes…

  • Motion controls are 6 months away Im pretty sure they will have time to fix any issues by then. And get a Final version of the controler. That ball of light on the top look like it would break off pretty easy just by droping it on the ground. But any I hope it dosent go flying threw my HDTV :)

  • Needs D-pad/Analog Stick!!

  • @ davivman

    They shouldn’t have to make it “cheaper” and play around with different “user bases”.

    There should be one standard for motion controls. A developer should not have to worry about what user base to make a game for. There should one standard and one standard only. Just like the Wii, and just like the PSP….that is why there is no 2nd analong yet, because it would split user base.

    Holding a DS3 could be a cheap option, but they should release a comfortable analog stick either on the wand or for your other hand, in one package.

  • I pray this is not the final design of the PS3 wand. That thing is soooo ugly. JESUS!

  • I hope Sony is wasting too many resources on motion controls. Keep those great games rolling in.

  • Hey Jeff

    Can you give us a status update regarding those two unannounced PlayStation 3 games that were on SCEJ’s official list of games for TGS? I’m a big worried since they weren’t at either conference.

  • i can’t believe in… it’s a dream…
    Resident Evil 5 & Motion Controller…

    F A N T A S T i C

  • The Tokyo Lame Show

  • Still disappointed, 1 week from PSP Go launch and we still do not have concrete info regarding UMD transfer to PSP Go.

  • @70 MarinoBrea

    So consider this.
    FPS game, the motion controller is the gun cool, got the trigger on the back … AWESOME! The little colored nub turns into the gun on screen … AWESOME!
    O [DELETED] I can’t move my character cuz I don’t have an analog stick … NOT awesome!
    AND NO I am NOT going to handle a DS3 in one hand that has to be the dumbest idea I have ever heard.

    Also moving the wand into the screen and back to move my character is rather limited in that I can’t go much further than the PSEye itself and I can’t go back much further than my living room wall. So I guess I can wander around in a tiny box.

    What is that switch looking thing in the middle where an analog stick should be? What purpose does that serve?

    Maybe it is a directional touch pad like a notebook?

    I would like to see it come in a set, one will have an analog, d-pad and trigger the other will have analog, x, square, circle, triangle and trigger.

  • I hoped that Sony would get motion controls one day and its happening!!! Thank you!!!

    This is day one pickup for me. My camera sits on my TV awiting for it..:)

  • Guys why did you change ‘March 31st’ for GT Japan to just ‘March 2010’, and change USA/EU date from ‘coming soon’ to ‘in due course’.

    Who on earth is doing PR on GT5? Seriously I think a group of students could handle this prestigious franchise better than you guys seem to be right now.

    TGS, TOKYO Game Show, the native country of PD and you didn’t even have a new trailer to show off. What is that?

    Please handle Gran Turismo better, or just be honest if the game needs more time to work on appearance for public showing, eg damage, just tell us.

  • @KidCommando, you got my point ;-) Totally agree with you. If you don’t put Motion Controls standard to it, it can never grow to a full success, like its doing on the Wii. And if the Wii is a toy, so is the PS3, 360, DS, PSP and any other “gaming” platform out there. A toy for young and old.

    @Dong29, eh because an analogue is missing its targed at casual gamers? Now, how does casual gaming sound so obvious if you need a PS Eye, Motion wand and a DS3 controller in your hand, while having a simple, light, easy in the hand lying analogue device sound even more casual to me. And you don’t have to be casual to like casual games. I’m a (hard) core gamer myself but I like casual games as well. Makes the balance complete if you ask me, besides PSN offers many casual games already “without” having motion controls.

  • Ape Escape (Working Title)

    Is that a new Ape Escape game or a remake with motion control?

  • Holding a Dualshock/sixaxis in one hand and the wand in the other hand seems very uncomfortable. This really looks like a half-finished product to me.
    The presentation was a little disappointing as well…I as hoping for some new games besides WKC2 and Yakuza4…but I guess the PS3 already has a pretty solid line-up for 2010/11.

  • Bwah except of a Flower and Super-rub-a-dub *stupid*

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