TGS 09: Motion Controller Details, Other New Info

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Earlier today, Kaz Hirai, President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., kicked off Tokyo Game Show with a keynote speech that unveiled some interesting tidbits about the future of PlayStation.

Customarily starting with some sales figures, it was revealed that the new, slimmer 120 GB PS3 has sparked a massive sales surge, with over 1 million PS3s sold through to consumers worldwide in the three weeks since its launch on September 1st.


Hirai also showed off the PS3 motion controller, reiterating that it would be released in the Spring of 2010. They feature a pair of motion sensors, a three-axes gyroscope and a three-axes accelerometer, along with Bluetooth and a rechargable Li-on battery. A list of games in development for the peripherals was revealed, (click here for the release) and it was confirmed that PAIN, Flower, Hustle Kings, High Velocity Bowling and EyePet will get compatibility patches to add motion controller functionality. Later on, LittleBigPlanet and Resident Evil 5 were also demonstrated to be working with the motion controller.

The PSPgo will also be getting a couple of new peripherals in January – a Bluetooth Stereo Head-set Receiver and a Converter Cable Adaptor. The latter will allow you to use any PSP 1000, 2000, or 3000 peripheral with the PSPgo. For a full list of upcoming PSPgo accessories and their prices, check the press release.

Finally, Gran Turismo 5 now has a Japanese release window – March 2010. An American and European release date will be announced in due course.

We’ll be looking to go into more detail with the above information over the coming weeks, and stay tuned for more from Tokyo Game Show on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • That’s a pretty tight slew of information. I really hope the best for these new items, but is that really how the motion controller will look?

  • i have a question about the RE5 : Motion controller Demo.

    Can we use two MCs instead of one MC and a Dualshock ?

  • This piece of technology is just amazing and doesnt even compare to other products out on the market! first day buy for me!

  • I don’t really get the Bluetooth headset receiver accessory? I thought the PSPgo had bluetooth built in

    Also, this motion controller should make HVB actually awesome again

  • I was on kotaku for the presser almost fell asleep, i would really have wished for Sony to show more of the Motion controller and maybe name it?

  • OK!
    How about voice control now?
    Do you consider adding voice control to the PS3?(like in XMB voice control or movie and music voice control like singstar)
    or the rumored 3D gaming with PS3 (and throug all tvs and not just sony bravia tvs).
    Come on….you can do it

  • great year 09 for ps great line up already paid off demon soul , gt5 psp , uncharted 2 , mw2 prestige , gow collection , mag , gt5 , gow5 , lbp psp , and pre order ff13 ps3 slime also rachet . man what a good come back also cant wait for heavy rain . quess my wallet dry haaa to much to little time.

  • “An American and European release date will be announced soon.”

    Please be 2009, please be 2009.


  • Gran Turismo is being well worth the wait.

  • So massive new stuff! Great presentation, can’t wait to get it! Now I need change my pants…

  • Boring TGS so far. And disappointed that GT5 is hitting 2010, probably late 2010 for us.

  • there should be a name for this already in order to start marketing it correctly. wonder if it will come in a ps eye bundle. anyway, kinda skeptical about this but hoping for the best.

  • @8 Goldrusher

    I highly doubt GT will hit the US or EU before the JP release.

    Can’t wait for motion control it will rock with HVB!

  • Awesome stuff there!

    Will FFVIII be out in the PSN though?

  • 1. The converter is nice to have and all (though ugly solution imo) but perhaps it would have been better if SONY actually had…1SEG/GPS/Camera attachments DESIGNED for the go in the first place?
    2. Now that I can convert my GPS/1Seg/Camera to the PSPgo…how do I get the SOFTWARE I own on to it? Eric Lempel promised news ’soon’ way back in June…since then…crickets.
    3. Since you have still refused to name your wand tech I don’t know what to call it. The media will soon make their own name for it and it won’t be pretty.
    4. Is there a strap for that wand thing? Did we learn something from the Wii remote?
    5. Is there no analogue stick? I saw the ’solution’ of a Dualshock in your other hand but that is SO inelegant and kids with small hands would not be able to manipulate a DS3 with one hand.
    6. RooM is nice…is it coming outside of Japan?
    7. With GT5 now hitting March 2010 it seems that SONY has no 1st party exclusives for Nov or Dec in NA/EU. Odd no?

  • Hooray for the wand!

  • Holding a Dualshock 3 in one hand for analogue movement is ridiculous. Completely uncomfortable.

    The guys who designed this controller clearly have no idea what they’re doing. There needs to be a nunchuck like device or there’s no way I’ll be buying such a badly designed device.

  • “Finally, Gran Turismo 5 now has a solid Japanese release date – March 31. An American and European release date will be announced soon.”

    What an epic fail. Sony should have two studios making racing games because PD are way, way too slow and inefficient. Especially considering the poor damage and AI they showed at E3. Either that or they need to outsource.

    Pretty sure everyone was looking forward to a December 2009 release after the long wait and now there is nothing. Yamauchi is too busy buying sports cars and traipsing around race tracks to finish the game. Meanwhile the competition is leaving GT in its dust.

  • I just hope the motion controller will always be an option, it just doesnt work for disabled people like me. 8(

  • PLEASE make sure something is done about the MASSIVE patch(es) that any user has to go through to start up PAIN. I downloaded it onto my PS3 and I spent literally HOURS waiting for patches to download, meaning I couldn’t do anything else with my PS3 during that time.

  • Any video of the Resident Evil motion controller demo?

  • Oh, hey! Resident Evil 5 is working with it? You simply have to show us how movement is being done. And I’m still uncomfortable with waving around something a big, magic ball attached to the end.

  • Seed Studios just announced they’ll be supporting motion controls (and other impressive features) in their PSN strategy game, Under Siege:

  • I really hope we don’t need to wait weeks or months to hear about an EU/US GT5 release date, that really wouldn’t be fair :(

  • it was awful, show me some true gameplay of GT 5.

  • Horrible waggle, no real Last Guardian info, and Polyphony Digital has stopped giving a damn. Worst. TGS. Ever.

  • @ 16 and 18 let wait before we judge it ok , i remember when everyone was say how the wii and the controller wouldn’t work and 50 million systems later i guess they have prove alot of people so i guess what am telling you and others is don’t make the same wrong judgement . as for the wand and the sixaxis working together am guessing you use the sixaxis analogue stick for movement of character and the wand do the rest just like the wii setup.

  • Completely underwelming event.
    No new trailers and no new news about or favourite titles.

  • The GT5 release date is bullcrap. I bet you we won’t get it until Fall 2010. I’m buying a 360 and the crap that is Forza.

  • @16…you like how the Wii controls? Really? Anyway…I’m not judging the accuracy of the wand type unnamed thingy…I’m questioning the ergonomic choice of havinga DS3 in your other hand if you are a young player.

  • This was some really good news guys! But one thing was negative…why doesn’t GT5 come before christmas?

  • Sony should have 1 wand and a game like wii play package in when they start shipping this in spring . Let hold our comment about it until we can test it then make judgement about it anyone doing this now is clueless . agin i remember all the comment about the wii and how it wouldn’t work and 50 million systems later they are proven alot of people wrong so don’t make the same mistake twice.

  • Hopefully it’s not too late to add an analog stick to the motion controller.

    Right now the only option to control movement in 3D games is to use a Motion controller + DualShock 3 which in my eyes is a somewhat inelegant solution.

    With an analog stick it would give us the option to use a second motion controller (in our left hand) for movement. It would also open up new possibilities like dual-pointing as well as 2x motion controllers replacing the need for a gamepad (each ‘wand’ representing a half).

  • @32…pointing out that a DS3 in your other hand in both inelegant and awkward for those with small hands does not make one ‘clueless’. It ISN’T about how it works on screen…it is about how it works mechanically.

    Are you incapable of imagining a 5 year old kid trying to hold and manipulate a DS3 in one hand?

  • Sony I really don’t get you guys… March 2010? What does that mean for the US, Summer 2010? It’s pathetic how long we have to wait for this stuff. DelayStation it is.

    And how many big titles are coming out in “March 2010”? Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy-XIII, ModNation Racers, God of War 3, and MAG a month earlier? Your 1st part titles are going to have poor sales with much bigger names like BC2 and FFXIII. Your marketing is doing a TERRIBLE job right now… Think about it.

    And where are the RPGs? In late 2009 we get NOTHING but suddenly in 2010 it’s White Knight Chronicles, FF-XIII, Star Ocean 4, Tales of Vesperia…


  • So they will make these controllers and then only give us a few games just like the PlayStation Eye camera. :(

  • You would think that they would also add the motion controller to Demon’s Souls, especially after showing those tech demos, of swords shields, and wands. But its not on the list.

  • You forgot to mention that FF VIII is now available on the Japanese PS Store. Can we expect a NA release soon?

  • @ 34 yes i like the wii controller and to me the DS3 is the small controller so yes kid will be able to use it with the wand . i just don’t want anyone to judge it now when no one have used or test it yet that all am saying

  • So they will make these controllers and then only give us a few games just like the PlayStation Eye camera. :(

    Sorry if 2X’s post

  • Does anyone have any quotes from Kojima about this tech? ’cause he just spent the morning talking about his interest in Natal.

  • Will his keynote go on the PSstore?

  • GT5 march?


  • @ 35 and you came to this conclusion how? hey men lies, women lies but number don’t if sony selling a million systems in 3 week if they keep doing that it will only mean everything else will go up in sell, PSN, software , home etc etc so i don’t get how you came up with that.

  • Consider some news about GT5 is better than no news, I am not too disappointed. What I really want to know is what is KY doing that is taking this long? Give us something.

  • So if I get this straight the motion controller is not even generally being integrated for “all” future games, like on the Nintendo Wii? For the record, with quite a few Wii games you also have the option to use classic control options.

    And why does the wand make the Wii mote better? Sorry to say this, but all you guys out there bashed on the Wii for I don’t know how long and now all of the sudden motion controls are epic? Yeah I have a Wii, I’m not ashamed to say it, as a huge Sony fan. No one can deny that Nintendo is ahead when it comes to motion controls especially now with the Motion plus which makes acurracy nearly 1:1

    The idea you need to use the DS3 to move around in a game doesn’t make any sense to me. Why not make a kind of nunchuck alike analogue device. Doesn’t feel comfortable to have a big controller in the left hand plus a motion device in the other hand.

  • A summer or later 2010 release for GTA5 sounds very likely. Sony you should have gone head-2-head with Micro#$*t this holiday season….very disappointed. I get that you already have a blockbuster in the can with Uncharted but seriously, how long does it take to make this game.

    As for the motion controller……cool!!!

    WTF Sony? Did you learn nothing from the dual analog lacking PSP?
    Doesn’t look like that is an analog stick on that wand.
    Please make it happen, there is still time!

  • I hope it’ll all be better than it may sound like at this moment because neither have I the option to test it out. I wish to see the motion want to succeed to be able to be used in all types of games, especially those which screams for motion controls (Tiger Woods, Virtua Tennis, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, you name it). I haven’t bought any of these sports games yet on the PS3 because I believe they’d play much better with motion controls and on the Wii they look kinda ugly…

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