TGS 09: Motion Controller Details, Other New Info

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Earlier today, Kaz Hirai, President and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., kicked off Tokyo Game Show with a keynote speech that unveiled some interesting tidbits about the future of PlayStation.

Customarily starting with some sales figures, it was revealed that the new, slimmer 120 GB PS3 has sparked a massive sales surge, with over 1 million PS3s sold through to consumers worldwide in the three weeks since its launch on September 1st.


Hirai also showed off the PS3 motion controller, reiterating that it would be released in the Spring of 2010. They feature a pair of motion sensors, a three-axes gyroscope and a three-axes accelerometer, along with Bluetooth and a rechargable Li-on battery. A list of games in development for the peripherals was revealed, (click here for the release) and it was confirmed that PAIN, Flower, Hustle Kings, High Velocity Bowling and EyePet will get compatibility patches to add motion controller functionality. Later on, LittleBigPlanet and Resident Evil 5 were also demonstrated to be working with the motion controller.

The PSPgo will also be getting a couple of new peripherals in January – a Bluetooth Stereo Head-set Receiver and a Converter Cable Adaptor. The latter will allow you to use any PSP 1000, 2000, or 3000 peripheral with the PSPgo. For a full list of upcoming PSPgo accessories and their prices, check the press release.

Finally, Gran Turismo 5 now has a Japanese release window – March 2010. An American and European release date will be announced in due course.

We’ll be looking to go into more detail with the above information over the coming weeks, and stay tuned for more from Tokyo Game Show on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • @kidcommando – I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. There wouldn’t be different standards to develop for. Whether you use a dual shock that everybody already has for its analog stick or use some new additional device that does the same thing, the signaling is the same. The difference is the number people that will have it. For example, if there are 10 million PS3 owners out there and 2 million of them buy a motion controller, by useing the DS3 as an analog stick you are guaranteed to have 2 million users with that functionality. If instead you required users to buy some additional piece of hardwar to have analog stick fucntionality (whether it be another wand or a nunchuck type device), some people will buy it and some people won’t. So if half of the people that bought a motion controller bought this additional piece of hardware your user base for games that require an analog stick in the other hand would only be 1 million instead of the 2 million you would have had using the DS3. Developers are more likely to support products that have larger user bases and so using the DS3 results in more and better quality games.

  • Sigh. I’m sorry this generation has officially depressed me. Motion is alright for mini games or arcade games, but I don’t want it in my platformers and action games. LBP with motion controller? No thanks.

    Way to follow trends Sony, with that really being your biggest announcement last night, I wasn’t stoked I stayed up to listen to it.

  • *Horrific* keynote *and* conference by Sony.

    Re-releasing games with waggle…..are you suddenly Nintendo?

    I was waiting for some actual news on good, exclusive games for the system.

    Worst. TGS. Ever.

  • I hate to say it, but this really was kind of a limp TGS so far. Pushing GT5 to March, or beyond? That’s really going to smart, considering all the people I know who’re going to wait for it to buy a PS3. I’m not too disappointed, I have plenty of games to play in the meantime, but you have to be hearing a massive tidal wave of “FAIL!” from millions of fans right now.

    In 2010, along with all these other marvelous franchises, SONY really really needs to push some developers to bring some tried and true franchises over to the PS3, like Jak & Daxter and Sly Cooper. Uncharted is great and all, but I’m not the least bit interested in inFamous, and The Trio really need to be reunited.

  • looks great!

  • @ davivman

    All I am saying is it should be sold as a package, wand and analog stick. You don’t buy the wand and if you want, then buy the analog stick. There should and would be NO user base issues.

    For it to be sucessful it needs to be a package. Im sorry, using the DS3 is cheap, tacked on, and it’s originally designed to be used with two hands.

  • Yo what the [DELETED]? Wheres the analog stick? How would i possibly control RE5 with a wand and a DS3,wouldn’t i need like 3 hands or something? With all that R&D money all you could think up was in one hand DS3 in the other wand? What the [DELETED] sony?

  • So now we have to buy not only this motion stick but also the camera? PASS

  • Dang! That looks so awesome. I love how they showed the option to play with the dualshock and the wand at the same time for RE5. Come to think of it, I actually thought in my head that a setup like that would be really cool and that it would actually work. I’m really lookin forward to it. Day 1 buy for me!


    Seriously, God wants an analogue stick on this.

  • Soooo….no analog stick…..

    Dang it. There go all my high hopes for it…

  • So the PSPgo will support all of the accessories I already have, but none of the games.


  • I think that PS button need to move too it’s practically in the middle of the controller where you hold it.
    That last thing I need to be doing is playing a game and the XMB keeps coming up.
    Or are you going to remove In Game XMB too Sony?

    Honestly Sony use to have really good design WTF is going on over there?

    Who keeps stealing all the analog sticks? hhmm that sounds like it might make a good motion controller game.

    You have that extra analog stick that was removed from the PSP (for being so last gen) so slap it on the motion controller.

  • @113 sonicthemonkey

    Yeah they rocked that adapter out pretty quick but still no “good will program” to get my UMD’s on the PSPgo.

    I am with you, the PSP can GO right on by.

  • @102

    You are exactly right.

  • Seriously, this is neet! But what would really get me to buy a PS eye would be SKYPE! Please, it would so futuristic and convienient to videocall my girlfriend from my living room seeing her on my big screen!
    Think about it please SONY, would be a big selling point.

  • I dont know much about motion controller designs but I just hope they come out with something very good and very simple.

    Hell why dont they just make a dualshock5 and have the ball connect to the side of the controller :)

    Just joking of course but I hope they take in consideration everyones comments and deliver on this device.

  • Is MAG gonna be shown at TGS?

  • @kidcommando – Yes! Sell the wand and analog stick as a bundle. What an absolutely terrible idea. Do you think that Sony would just throw in that additional device for free. I somehow don’t think they’ll do that. I think that this is a sure fire way to increase the price by at least 20 bucks. There is a reason that Nintendo sells these devices separately and not in some sort of a bundle. And since there are plenty of games that wouldn’t require an analog stick, Sony would ofcourse sell a stand alone wand. Which means that there would be user base issues. There is no reason have sticker shock involved with the jump to motion control and scare away potential customers. Additionally there is no reason to duplicate another analog stick when everybody already has a perfectly good one right there on their DS3.

  • i have one question!!! voice chat ingame? WHEN??! also it could help to have more control option when watching content, example, i have lots of music in my ps3 and some times i want to go to “s” section on my music and its boring having to wait ’till the scroll gets there, it could help having a r1+down to get a faster scrolling…

  • kinda plasticky i hope it will look better when it comes out

  • wow… I gotta say, this is quite depressing. At first I thought it would be cool to play RE5 with the new motion controller, but then I found out that you have to hold the dualshock aswell. That is seriously lame..

  • The Dual Shock 3 by motion controller combination is a good thing.

    By making the Dual Shock 3 the motion controller’s Nunchuck, Sony keeps the motion controller bundle affordable by not having to include two controllers, while ensuring that every motion controller owner has a Nunchuck-like device, making it possible for both casual and hardcore games to be released for it. And for those users who don’t mind spending extra money for maximum comfort, a one-handed controller with a d-pad, analog stick, and two shoulder buttons can be sold by Sony or a third party as an alternative to the Dual Shock 3, or those users can buy a FragFX and use the Fragchuck.

  • Glad to hear that developers are supporting this. I just hope that such support continues. Also I hope that some creative and impressive games are made, not just wii clones.

  • Very, very cool. Hustle Kings with this will be fantastic. And Flower…really? I wonder how that’ll work. Should be interesting to see. Everyone, go get yourself a PS Eye now if you want this, before the prices shoot up on them. I’d say snag an Eye of Judgement bundle which includes it, like I did – they retail for less than the camera standalone, and then you have a game to play or trade in.

  • It still looks ugly…..

  • There better be an analog stick on the final motion controller, or at the very least a d-pad. And a strap would be a good idea too. What happened to the interesting designs of US Patent Publication 20080304493?

  • when can we see the demonstrations? I’m totally getting Resident Evil 5 again with motion! Loved playing 4 again on my wii

  • I just wanted to pipe in and offer my suggestion for what the controller should be called:

    Playstation MOTION

    Sony tends to go for simplistic naming conventions when naming their products and services, and also loves to reiterate that it’s a Playstation family product:

    Playstation 2
    Playstation 3
    Playstation Portable
    PSP Go
    Playstation HOME
    Playstation ROOM

    Playstation MOTION seems like a nice fit. it expresses both the brand tie, and the motion functionality of the product.

    and it’s much better than “Sony’s Waggle Stick.”

    i’m so/so about motion controls, but the demonstration of the PS3-mote was very impressive. if there’s one company that could apply motion to hardcore games and make it work, it’s Sony (they’ve already done it with Ratchet, Uncharted, Warhawk, etc).

  • It’s so awesome to read about all of the things coming out from sony! I just hope they are able to fix my bricked BluRay drive that was broken by the 3.00/3.01 firmware update so I can play all of the exciting games and use the exciting hardware!

    Sony, please acknowledge and fix the problem with bricked BluRay drives caused by your firmware update. Thanks!

  • @Jeff Rubenstein

    Hi Jeff can you please ask Taku Imasaki if Polyphony Digital have a plan for a new Gran Turismo 5 Prologue update? :)

    I mean they could release a Spec IV update adding features such as partial damage modeling, a new track like Tokyo’s R246 and 2 new cars, the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

    that would make a great christmas present for the million guys -like me- who were waiting for a 2009 release of GT5 today.

    Thank you.

  • Its really awesome but it looks like a Dildo sorry but iLL still buy when i c some actual gameplay!!!

  • Wow, I’m very surpised with how many people think the same as me, in that the PS3 Motion Controller needs to have analog sticks. I was extremely interested in the PS3 Motion Controller when it was announced, but now, and after hearing that they require you to have a DS3 in one hand for games that need an analog stick, is just so ridiculous. Sorry sony, I love my PS3 and have boughten most of the accessories for it, and invested alot of money in games and the PSN, and honestly, if the Motion Controller had analog sticks, I would probably end up buying most of the games that support it, but I will not purchase the Motion Controller unless it has analog sticks, and offers something else that my Wii can’t. Extremely disappointed with the motion controls now. :(

  • I agree with everyone about the analog control on the wand. If there is not an analog control, the wand will only be useful for little mini-games. If there is not analog control, the wand will fail, I guarantee it

  • Actually all the same buttons that are on the DS3 I think would need to be incorporated into the Wand when you are using two hands.

  • Nooo!! o.O dont make multiple random peripherals just make a suit X) with the light thingy that detects movement with the pseye X) true one to one and then make a game like gamer except better than the movie ;) well imo anyway XP it would be kool tho :'( maybe someday… maybe someday >.< ……

  • Disappointed
    There’s no other way to say it. It’s obvious that there was something lost between the development and the guys with the money on this one. They are going after the casual crowd on this. Kind of stings.

    All they had to do was throw the light balls on top of a dualshock that can break into two parts. They would have sold so many!

    But now we are balancing a dualshock with one hand. We are facing ANOTHER wii rip off in a NUNCHUCK peripheral! And we don’t have analog sticks.


    But I’ll still buy my kids EyePet, that looks awesome.

  • Can someone please explain why they are going towards the idea of a nun chuck as opposed to simply having an analog stick on the wand itself? Also is that the final version of the wand?

  • exactly, if they were so interested in saving people money, then just put an anolog stick on the thing instead of making a whole other peripheral to buy

  • I like the idea of using a dualshock instead of another

    Though, this thing should have an analog stick of it’s own. And more buttons. And make the trigger clicky like gamecubes

  • is it me or is it ugly?

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