PlayStation on Facebook: Tell Us What You Want to See

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If you’re new to the Blog, or just otherwise haven’t been paying close attention, we’re on Facebook. We’ve been syndicating blog posts, hosting contests and announcing details around upcoming meetups and events. You may already know all this. Stay with me here.

As of late, Facebook’s been cracking down on unofficial fan pages throughout the site, including those pertaining to PlayStation. Since we *are* PlayStation, we’ve decided to open our doors to all the PlayStation fans on Facebook, and have gathered everyone in one place. You can now find us at If you are an existing fan of the fan page formerly known as “PlayStation.Blog,” you’ve already made the move. That was easy, yeah? If you’re not, no time to join us like the present. Go on, I’ll wait.

With all these new fans (300K and counting), this is a good time for us to make updates to the fan page… but we want to get your input first. After all, it’s you who are our fans. So what should we do with our Facebook page? Please take this 1-question survey to let us know your thoughts on the subject.

We look forward to reading your replies!

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  • I don’t like Facebook so i’ll just stay visiting PSblog everyday.

  • Jeff,

    Please do not add anything to FB that isn’t here. You have no ownership position in FB so driving traffic to that site is not necessary…have a presence there but make sure it doesn’t have content that is exclusive.

    Actually…as for a content suggestion…how about SCEA coming clean on the % of defaults occuring with PS3 machines? I am positive it is more than the 3% industry standard (I personally know 8 people with PS3s and 7 of us are on at least our 2nd (I’m on my 3rd)). I’d like to see SONY step up and acknowledge the problem and compensate us with extended warranties against BD failure and RLOD/YLOD. It is starting to resemble PS2 all over again on that front.

  • The Facebook page is cool I guess, but I come here for my gaming news so it’s not much of a difference.

    What really needs to be done is this blog needs a seriously housecleaning. Start temporarily banning some people like:

    – The idiot above me for typing all in caps.

    – Rude, obnoxious people complaining about 3.0 in unrelated blog posts, or just rude, obnoxious people in general because this blog is full of them.

    – The black/grayish background of this page needs to be changed to a lighter color, preferably white. The darkness here creates a negative atmosphere. The EU blog has a much better atmosphere.

    – Start asserting authority around here. For example Mike Kebby on the EU blog is very active and doesn’t take any crap, and for the most part the commenters respect that and act more civilized.

    – Warn people if they don’t act respectful they get temp banned. Warn them in the comment section.

    These are just a few suggestions, and they may help. There’s not much you can do about it, gamers can be a bunch of ridiculous crybabies. I’m not saying people shouldn’t voice their opinions, strongly even, about 3.0 and other stuff, but this blog is OUT OF CONTROL and not a pleasant place to visit.

  • proper Facebook app on PS3 please fully functionable, as Internet Browser cannot load Facebook pages properly & doing anything in there is an almighty pain!

  • any way you give a damn of what people think, we’re crap for you and you prove your SHIFT rotten.

  • Bring back the old XMB and ps3 logo!!Please…

  • I have Playstation on Facebook, but mostly come to this blog to read the news and posts.

    I may review something briefly on Facebook, but always come back to the source.

  • I just want to see my old xmb :P

    And no account in Facebook

  • Unfortunate Facebook doesn’t work too well on the PS3 browser.

  • I would like to see some useful apps integrated on the fb fanpage. Like others have mentioned:

    * integrate PSN with facebook – add an app that can post your earned trophies or PSN id banner image on facebook
    * make a facebook app that you can use to see your online friends in PSN
    * make a facebook app that you can use to message your PSN friends

    I dunno why the current fanpage is so barebones and terrible. My company develops fanpages for Sony Pictures, maybe we should extend the partnership… ?

  • Any chance of putting ‘Facebook’ & ‘Twitter’ & this site icons on our XMB? Would be cool that :)
    [well if we could do it with any site would be cool]

  • Why don’t sony transfer their resources from making crap like this face book to making better fw updates and games.

  • I think Facebook integration is a great idea. I was not aware of the Facebook page, so I’ve added you and am looking forward to seeing your updates roll onto my Home screen.

    Regarding features, I agree with others that an integration with the Trophy system would be great. The ability to “push” trophy acquisition, level up, and so forth onto my Facebook page would be cool. And the link out of Facebook could take viewers directly to the user’s new Trophy page for comparison and review. Additionally, it would be nice to see what others are currently playing on their PS3 on a Facebook profile. Again, this would be a push to the profile page.

    Within the PS3, I think a limited amount of Facebook integration would be nice. Take a look at the Facebook app for the Blackberry. It is pretty stripped down, but allows you to view friend’s statuses, post a new status, and upload photos. Just linking the Comment field in w/ statuses would be a great start.

    Good ideas! Looking forward to seeing more from Sony !!


  • I don’t like Facebook and Twitter

  • the opposite.. facebook on ps3 outside the browser :P

    btw.. any chance of skipping the button press of “i already have an account” when logging onto the blog.. just an extra unnecessary click if you ask me!

  • I wish the PS3 could pull up these web pages and I still don’t understand why I need a PC to be part of playstation comunity. Oh well back to some great gaming on PS3. And would rather play PS3 than Twit Twat or look at face book (I have never been on those sites and really don’t care to be). :)

  • in the game there is an horror component?

  • +1 contests – There’s enough news out there.

  • Wow Jeff, you’ve gotta be a brave man to read through these comments. After the three or so pages I’ve just read, There’s some people on here with no sense of proportion whatsoever.

    As for what I’d like to see on Facebook, It’d be interesting to have a trophy leaderboard of some sort. To be honest, I’d like to see that somewhere on the PSN or It’d be nice to know where we stack up, y’know? As for the rest, I’m not really that concerned about connection between the PS3/PSBlog and Facebook, but I understand there’s plenty of people who would like that.

  • Facebook fan pages are cool but I want to be clear, I do NOT want Facebook on my PS3. It has a browser built in, I can always check that if I need to. Same goes for Twitter Myspace and whatever social networking fad that comes along next.

  • Erm folks, Facebook intergration is great and all, but then Facebook needs to work properly on the PS3 and it doesn’t even now on the PS3 browser. Flash games work horrible (can’t run my Farmville properly on my PS3 *lol*) and the entire website seems to be stubborn to coorperate with every move (more like click) you make. If it’ll make Facebook work a lot better, then I’d jump of joy when it’ll be intergrated on the XMB.


  • Probably said many times before, but yeah the facebook page doesn’t load that great in the PS3 browser.

  • bring back the PLAYSTATION3 logo when starting a game please :(

  • I don’t visit any of those sites, I’m happy with the psblog.

  • I want you to get rid of the gray boxes around the friends list in 3.0. Thanks!

  • I honestly believe that the more information you can provide your customer base, the better. If there’s anything that can’t be described in a blog post, maybe follow-up with some more details on Facebook about it. Give us quick updates about what all is going on inside PlayStation, as far as hardware and software development is going. Interact with your customers even more through Facebook, and you’ll likely get more customers in the process. Also, exclusive contests and swag give-aways are always a big plus. I’ve been loving the PlayStation Blog on Facebook, because I use Facebook through the App on my iPhone. I live in a very rural area where there is no 3G network, only the Edge network, so Internet access is cripplingly slow – even when it comes to accessing the iPhone optimized PSBlog. Getting to read about new blog entries (even just small tidbits) through my Facebook App while I’m on the road (which is a heck of a lot of the time) is a really awesome thing, so thank you for the iPhone/Facebook optimizations you’ve made!

  • How about getting Facebook on the ps3? (not through the browser)

  • You guys sure want a lot for something you haven’t put a penny into.

  • @140…$1100 in hardware so far…your’s was free?

  • Id tell you somethings everyone will want to see:

    Trophies updated frequently like a gamertag but your profile account on facebook if you want so everyone can see your achievments what they were how many you got in a week, hours you’ve played / into what games, etc. Most played games of the week. There should be a card in which has all these details also on the ps3 as your profile card. The card should be something roughly similar to xfire? :) Facebook PS: Latest updates like news feed, frequent i want to hear about things as soon as they happen and yeah the trophies thing i really want to see it happen :)

  • SONY:

    In all seriousness, we need you to STOP asking us for suggestions on ridiculous topics like Facebook…and START concentrating on the laundry list of suggestions WE’VE ALREADY BEEN PROVIDING FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS.

    But if you want a legitimate Facebook suggestion: then use Facebook to post a list of the most requested features by PS3 owners (and potential owners). And then have the community vote on the features they’d like to be made priorities over all the others.

    Then post updates on which priorities Sony is currently working on — and be frickin honest and tell us which ones Sony is ignoring or unable to accomplish.

    You say you want to communicate with us, but you rarely do. At least not about the things we care about as customers.

    Here’s your chance. Don’t disappoint us (again).

  • I just don’t think you get it. “Cracking down” on unofficial groups just pisses off the people who took time to create those groups on Facebook.

  • I think Sony being on Facebook is a great idea since it allows people to provide feedback about the latest updates. However, the feedback here on the blog should be taken into account as well. I think everyone is waiting for an annoucnement from Sony about how they are going to address the disaster known as FW3.0

    -Its causing many games (PS3 exclusives in specific)
    -Its shoving ads down our throat
    -Its creating unwanted cosmetic changes without the option to change them

    Please just provide us with the ability to customize our own XMB. Let us turn off those ugly grey boxes, change the font size, and disable the PS Store icons under video and game.

    3.0 was a bad way to welcome in new PS3 customers who purchased a slim. You should show how Sony responds by providing a statement and then a quick FW fix.


  • #144:

    Companies like Sony don’t like the existence of “unofficial” groups or forums — because they can’t control or delete content when the mood goes sour.

    Look at the FW Downgrade 3.0 issue: Sony froze further comments and pushed the topic off to a litte-viewed section of the PS3 forums…then buried it under five new blog articles.

    Not possible on a unofficial group page.


  • I hate Twitter and will NEVER register. Ever since I saw the Today Show back in Februrary about Twitter it has been spreading like wild fire.

    I also deleted my Facebook account back in June so I don’t use that anymore.

    So for news I will check here. I think though for majority it would be better on Twitter since you can “tweet” all the time.

  • @49: As much as I am ticked off at Sony for killing the jingle when you boot up a PS3 game and kind of making the boot up like the 360 (which is fine because they never had a boot up screen for a game disc in the first place) to say that Sony isn’t making quality titles is just false. They have many quality titles that they are pushing out i.e. God of War 3 is coming next year and Uncharted 2 is coming this October with Ratchet & Clank.

    My complaint about this update is that the PSN Store is obnoxious and in your face. Why if I live in Canada must I have a PSN Store icon under the video store section which says to me “Not avaliable in your country/region.” Why don’t you follow the path of your rival company that MAKES the content EXCLUSIVE to their country so if you live in Canada you don’t see stuff you CAN’T get.

    Also I hate the ugly friends boxes with the grey background. I loved the update you did with in-game XMB and trophies but this one for the most part is ****

  • I wanna see my XMB fixed. Get off of facebook and fix this [DELETED].

  • I want to see Eric Lempel out of the Sony, and take with you this crappy Fw 3.0.

    What are you doing her? Go f*** yourself with this updates!!!

    On every place this PlayStation Store logos. sucks, all i see is grey and more grey.

    Go learn something with the real users and stop to launch this updates just for marketing!

  • is it possible for us to let us put our gameplay on youtube with out a video camera

  • Good thing you are getting rid of those unofficial Playstation pages on facebook. Wouldn’t want them to get all the great feedback on 3.0. How bout you unlock the comments on that blog post? Don’t want to hear the complaints?

    Seriously stop with all this type of stuff and just give the community what it wants. I’ll give you a hint – sparkles in the background and facebook pages are not what the community wants.

  • Don’t care about FACE BOOK OR TWITTER….



  • Yes, please, integrate tropies with facebook for real! All we have right now is a non-official facebook app that displays your gamertag and showers you and anybody clicking on ti with publicity to order PS3 games from amazon. It would be nice to have those little updates when you win a new trophy or play a new game for the first time.

    As for your facebook page, all I can say is… meh! The internet, and facebook, and playstation are used WORLDWIDE. It’s mostly useless for many of us to have a page where you talk about american blu-ray releases, american game releases, american PSN updates, and american video store updates. Sony was nice enough to prevent my PS3 and me from playing american blu-rays, from acessing the american PSN store, and from acessing the american videostore… I don’t even have a videostore I can acess in my country/region.

    So you’re have to try a lot harder than this, and make sure there’s something in that facebook page for everybody.

  • Ugh, Facebook?

    No thanks, I already graduated high school.

  • unofficial groups? always give you the straight deal when it comes to Sony.

  • I’ve lost respect for the blog after closing the comments section on the the 3.0 update post.

    This is a blog so we can voice our opinions and you decided that we didn’t matter.

    Thanks… NOT.

  • I voted, but I don’t use facebook.

    I would like to second the recommendation that all Playstion related things, remain on

    Skype would be awesome on the PS3. Please, please make it happen.

  • why is the mobile site not working on my iphone?

  • @49 then go away.

    1) Some of us want digital–not to mention the vast majority of BIG releases that are released digitally are also on disc (Warhawk, Burnout Paradise, soon every PSP game)—I, for one, love the fact that I can buy a few big releases on disc and buy a lot of games digitally.

    2) Wow. All I can say is wow. Wuggyboobeaufuf is crying…like we are all probably going to drown because the tears are filling up the place—quick man save us all and grow up!

    3) Uncharted 2. Ratchet. White Knight Chronicles. Fat Princess. LBP. You do realize the team focusing on HOME isn’t responsible for the games right? There ***IS*** more than one person who works at Sony. I know, shocker, but still it is true!

    Your commenting cred is washed up this gen, we want no further part–please go irritate some other fanbase.

  • all i have to said is that you fail on the 3.00 update, it suck big time.

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