PlayStation on Facebook: Tell Us What You Want to See

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If you’re new to the Blog, or just otherwise haven’t been paying close attention, we’re on Facebook. We’ve been syndicating blog posts, hosting contests and announcing details around upcoming meetups and events. You may already know all this. Stay with me here.

As of late, Facebook’s been cracking down on unofficial fan pages throughout the site, including those pertaining to PlayStation. Since we *are* PlayStation, we’ve decided to open our doors to all the PlayStation fans on Facebook, and have gathered everyone in one place. You can now find us at If you are an existing fan of the fan page formerly known as “PlayStation.Blog,” you’ve already made the move. That was easy, yeah? If you’re not, no time to join us like the present. Go on, I’ll wait.

With all these new fans (300K and counting), this is a good time for us to make updates to the fan page… but we want to get your input first. After all, it’s you who are our fans. So what should we do with our Facebook page? Please take this 1-question survey to let us know your thoughts on the subject.

We look forward to reading your replies!

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  • What 50 said. Actually I would like to see a widget for that too. Google desktop/igoogle would ROCK!

    I’m gong to add ya on facebook. However I have no idea what should go on there. I personally think this blog should be the be-all-end-all of consumer communication.

    So maybe it should be used for contests and such and “redundant” posting of blog news?

  • well…. i dont like very much the fact that the facebook, twitter and PS Blog published contents are the same, well, why not using Facebook for more stuff that you guys are using in this blog for example?

  • Not into the facebook and other tenny bopper stuff. The blog is just fine.

  • how about facebook on playstation, that would be nice, oh and cross game chat

  • Oh, here I thought this was going to be about Facebook integration into the PS3’s XMB.

  • some kind of facebook/PSN integration would be nice. (kinda of like what that other system has)

    nah screw that Just put BIG GRAY BOXES!!! around EVERYTHING on the XMB.

    sorry Jeff… had to be done.

  • I will never sign up for facebook. Regardless of who touts it or how you screwed up the firmware. My college theater group is only on facebook now too. I refuse to sign up for that crap just to get “special deals.”

  • I haven’t signed up to Facebook, but if it means becoming Christina Lee’s fan…

  • @ 15

    That’s if the browser doesn’t stop crashing or freezing the PS3.

  • @ 60

    Amen dude! Christina Lee is super model hot!

  • just look at the comments sony. you should figure out what most people want Get your Portable ID!

  • @ 39 mcx:

    Jajajjaa, you’re great best answer ever jaja

  • I don’t care bout facebook, but if yah could update the blog and that would be great. One of the things yah should have is a little sign and light that tells if the psn is on and working, like on the uk blog.

  • Anyone else notice that whenever a blog post is met with ratings of around or under 3 blocks Sony throws up a bunch of fluff articles to get it off the front page? ;) I.E. – the post about the latest firmware update…

  • @#7

    Open the web browser and google facebook, lol

  • I would like to see Firmware update information posted on the Facebook Site.

  • Got a bug with the new firmware. I have the 20gb and when I try to access the Playstation Store, it says that I do not have enough free space. Accessing the PS Store shouldn’t install anything, no?

  • @52.

    No good games? Hello? Stop living in 2006. Its 2009, and there are about 30 high quality exclusives for the ps3. And 6 more coming this holiday season. Wake up alittle.

  • Seriously,
    -i want multi language support ( i’m Algerian form Algeria)
    -Algeria, Morrocco and Tunusia added support in PlyStation Network
    -FaceBook application in XMB include : chat with friends, pictures and articles posting etc …
    – Trophy system added in our Facebook home page with friends
    – Communication with PSN friends through Facebook :)

  • @52.

    Actually, let me list some for you.

    – Uncharted 1 & 2
    – Resistance 1 & 2
    – Killzone 2
    – Metal Gear Solid 4
    – Gran Tursimo 5 (Gran Turismo 5 Prologue too.)
    – White Knight Chronicles
    – Massive Action Game
    – Demon’s Souls.
    – Sony’s Secret Game (Suppose to be an AAA title)
    – God of war 3
    – EyePet
    – Heavy Rain
    – Infamous
    – Agent
    – The Last Guardian
    – Littlebigplanet
    – ModNation Racers
    – Motorstorm 1 & 2
    – Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2
    – Quantum Theory

    There. Are you happy now?

  • I dont use Facebook/Myspace/etc, If you guys could implement it into PSN for easy to use for us console versions, I’d join.

  • Eh…. I don’t even use Facebook, but I voted in the Poll anyways.

    MySpace used to be one of the most popular social networking sites, and now it’s like FaceBook is the most popular and it’s the one most people use now… just a bunch of Fads to me… in another 3-4+ Years time there’ll be another site that everyone is clamoring about and another Fad will begin.

  • It’s that it’s ok to be complaining about something that you don’t like, it’s the fact that people are been too loud about it. Not everything is perfect. Oh by the way I rather have Twitter than Facebook for your updates, although I have both.

  • how about Facebook app on Ps3 or better yet fix FW 3.00.


  • I agree. Facebook on PlayStation is the way to win, or at least an app on the XMB with Facebook/Twitter like functions!

  • same here not big fan of facebook

  • Tell us what you want to see? We have been doing that for years now. Look where it’s gotten us. Face book would be cool if you do it right. I don’t think Sony can do it though. The PS3 is just a big mean beta machine.

  • an app which displays trophies please, just like the xbox gamertag

  • Don’t want facebook, don’t want twitter or any other. I think it would be nice just to have all news and info in one spot “” period.

    Why do we have to jump website to website.


  • The internet. Full of morons who had ‘popular kids’.

    I fanned the PS3 a year ago. I want to see more contest and a voting system for firmware updates. It would be nice to see Sony base their hard work on what people really want: cross-game chat, BC, couch co-op, and a better friends list!

  • Twitter FTW, I never liked facebook!

  • How about a Facebook and or Twitter app for the PS3???

  • 1. Twitter/Facebook/MySpace integration
    2. Playing your own music in games
    3. GTA IV Expansion packs brought to PS3
    4. iPod recognition
    5. More free items for HOME
    6. More games compatible with both PSP & PS3 (continue game play on PSP then re-sync it to your PS3 and continue playing)

  • Oh and no more intergration of crap…like twitter and facebook ….thats why we have a webrowser !!!!

  • Oh and Trophy rewards…maybe tied in with HOME?? We work our butts off to get those ridiculous trophies and for what?? It would encourage more people to buy more games to get more trophies and win more rewards for HOME…that would increase HOME’s gameplay right!!?!?! Common sense people!!

  • give away more stuff comeon for the holidays show wat u got sony


  • Hey,has anyone heard that 3.0 is freezing games now.There’s an article on the Examiner that Uncharted/Uncharted 2(Don’t know which)is freezing with it as well as Bioshock and UFC.All I have to say is,good job SONY=((I still love my PS3,even if 3.0 sucks)

  • just make it like an app put new feed and post stuff and pics

  • Get rid of the background blur from the new update.

    Gives me a headache.


  • I know a great idea!!!! Get off facebook and start working on a GOOD update for ps3. :D

  • I would like to see more contests that don’t includ myspace, facebook, & twitter never found use or intrest in them. it would just be a waste of hard drive space for intergration with them.

    youtube suppot has been on the ps3 before frimware 3.xx just that there are only a few games released staeside that support it. 2 of those games I know have it are noby noby boy and pixeljunk monsters.

    also use the web browser on your ps3 sometime you might be able to access more sights than you thought you could.

  • How exciting! Another way to attempt to stalk Sony PS3 branch! lol

  • all i want to see is cross game chat over anything else. Also more developers allow own music to be played ingame. I don’t mind update 3.0 too much but the new friends list is abit crap. Get cross game chat sorted Sony its been long enough!

  • There are problems with implementing cross game chat and its more or less has to do with in game music being left to developers.

  • very nice idea i use facebook all the time but could the EU blog do this as well?

  • On behalf of the non retarted PlayStation community I’d like to apologize to Jeff, Eric and co. for the retards here, who apparently have nothing better to do than trolling the blog full with retard nonsense, because they’re too retarted to understand that this kind of nonsense should be discussed further in the forums, as requested.

    Ontopic: I’ve got you… in my Facebook :-)

  • Hi Playstation,

    I really think that PSN should create a Facebook app that displays PSN friends and trophies, and posts a story in a user’s Facebook feed when they add a new PSN friend or win a new trophy.

    It would be good if the Facebook account was tied to the PSN name, so that people could search for other PSN users in their Facebook friends list.

    Also, it would be good to be able to post stories to your Facebook from the XMB on the PS3, or during a game. Screenshots of gameplay, or even uploading videos of what you’re doing in a game, straight to Facebook video, that would be awesome.

    With Facebook connect the possibilities are endless and I’d really love to see Playstation push the limits of it. Gaming could be so much more social if it tapped into our already existing social communities.

    Also, it would be great to have Facebook integration in Home.

    I’d welcome Twitter integration too, but I think Facebook is a much bigger priority!

  • Instead of use valuable resources on face book, fix THIS INSTEAD!!

    * Cross game voice chat (very important)
    * Install Chrome web browser. Sony cant make a good one!! (very important, just a mess that you cant access KZ2 homepage through the KZ2 game)
    * Party system in XMB (fix this!)
    * The PS Cloud that was a denied by Sony had some great things that will make PSN more interesting! Fix it!

    * VERY important. Get exclusive DLC so MS can know how it feels. (Payback is what I want. Use the blu-ray money Sony gets from movies and BD players now!)

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