Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – the New Gamescom Trailer

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Hello from Naughty Dog! All of us here are working feverishly to apply the final polish to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. I think I can speak for the whole team and say we’ve never been more proud of anything that has come out of this studio. One word we throw around here quite a bit is ‘epic’. We use (and abuse) the term every single day at Naughty Dog, but I think with good reason. From the lighting to the backgrounds, the animation to the score, the characters, the story, the gameplay, it all feels ‘epic’ to me every chance I get to play.

It was an easy task, then, when it came time to make our latest trailer for Gamescom this week. I just wanted it to feel epic.

One thing you all should know about the way we make trailers is there really isn’t much TO know. We think the best way to show off our games is to do just that, show the game. The footage in the trailer is generated directly from the Naughty Dog 2.0 engine. The only difference between what you see here and what you’ll get a chance to play on October 13th is the speed at which we set the game to run at the time of capture.

I hope you all enjoy the trailer and I look forward to seeing you online when our open multiplayer beta launches September 15th.

Also, hang tight after the trailer to see Naughty Dog Arne Meyer and PlayStation.Blog’s Chris Morell talk about the single-player campaign, which is playable on the Gamescom show floor.

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  • Beautiful…that reminds me to pick up a copy of the first one. I’ve beaten it already, but it still deserves a spot in the collection.

  • OMG! This is one of those games that just gives me goose bumps and warm chills up my spine every time I see a trailer.
    God can’t wait any longer, I wish it was here already :)

  • I have a problem with the flash videos on the blog. Whenever I mouse over, it reloads. I can click play but not move over to full screen for example. Firefox 3.5, 64bit beta flash player for Linux. I’d say it was the 64bit beta flash player but the blogs videos are the only ones I have issues with.

  • I want Backward Compatibility

  • SOLD, SOLD, annnnndddd SOLD!!! :D

  • Still don’t know if I’m getting this.

    A september release would have been nice my time is very limited and I like to ace my gams. You guys are right on my Borderlands October schedule.

  • Why isn’t the gamestop promo beta up yet… the starting date says today the 19th… anyways, I can’t wait for this game !~~!!!

  • Cant wait for this game to be released this is a first day buy for sure, Now if only I could get an invite into the MAG beta…….

  • This is one of the best trailers for a video game ever IMHO! Wow at the music! Greg Edmonson is the man!

  • Hey jeff im also having the issue with the rollover video thing.. it started about a month ago maybe?? and ive been using Firefox 3.5 (or 6.. what ever is most current) and i think thats when the problem may have started.. trying to help … hope i did.

  • IFNO to PS Blog about Video player glitch:

    If you roll the mouse over to the player, it reloads/refreshes itself. Happens with FireFox 3.0.13 and (I think) 3.5 as well. OS is Vista Basic.

  • certainly the best game of this gen

    wont be surprised if it averages at 99% or 100% at meta

  • Sweeeeeet!

  • This game will kick every game’s ass this fall

    I cant wait to see most games getting rated down because of Uncharted 2 magic
    Honestly who would even want to play any other game after playing this

  • this comes out around my b-day. a wonderful way to take my mind off getting old.

  • it will be… amazing!

  • I’m not gonna watch either. Sry. I just don’t want to spoil anything!! Even tho Sony has so many great xclusives uncharted 1 is still my favorite game on any console period! I know pt 2 will take that place soon!!! Can’t wait for october! Already paid for this game!

  • Can’t…Stop….Watching over and over again.

  • @20/Jeff

    I think I know what he’s referring to…

    I use OS X 10.5.8 with Minefield (a Firefox 3.6 beta)and when I roll over the vid while it’s playing, it’ll disappear, reappear, and I have to start from the beginning again. This is the only browser that I know of (on OS X, at least) that’s having problems with PS.Blog vids.

  • Amazing looking game, my most wanted this year, very nice music too.

  • @Jeff

    For me, the movie frames flickers a bit, and clicking play seems to make it jitter through two frames then stop. I have to try a few times but then it works. Trying to FF/RW resets the video however.

  • For the people with the video messing up:

    Do you have Ad block Plus?

    Try disabling it only for PS.Blog, it has no ads anyway.

  • @Jeff the fix to that is disabling ad block plus addon for firefox. then the video will work normally.

  • “The video still does that thing where it disappears when you rollover. Has this been looked into?”

    I thought it was only me!
    Im using the latest Firefox.

  • just like YouTube…. GOTY

  • You guys have done an incredible job on every game youve made. I mean it fully when I say that I see your standards in gameplay, environment, and over all fun-factor as miles beyond any game company to date (the only game to ever compare to anything of your talent was Medievil on the PSone). I greatly look forward to this game I really hope to see what you have crafted this time around. Thank you for all your hard work to making a good game, not just any game :)

  • all those people with BC must shut up I have good reasons.

    1) my PS2 is 9 years old, it will die soon of old age.
    2) Then I’d have to buy another one? No thanks, I just upgraded to this swanky new $299 thing from Sony, why the hell doesn’t it play the games?
    3) why should I have to have two Sony systems to play Sony games?
    4) PS2 games on an HDTV look like crap without the scaling that the PS3 does.
    5) When they announced the PS3, Sony stated categorically that it would be backwards compatible. Removing the capability in the first place was breaking a promise. Not restoring the capability is simply pointlessly pathetic.

  • Jeff,

    Here is some information about the rollover problem that I have noticed. It happens in Firefox if you have the Adblock Plus (addon) enabled. Disabling it for this site (which is what I am doing, since there are no ads on this site anyways) fixes the problem.

    Just a note that this “bug” does not happen on the PS Europe blog (I was able to watch the EyePet interview with problems), which means there is a way to fix this.

  • Um why is it September 15th now. It was supposed to be August 19th, which is today!, on the voucher. Explain the date change please.

  • that new trailer rocked, I can’t wait until the release date. it does suck that there isn’t a single player demo being released like for the first one

  • Will this game have “Forced-Blood-Off” with JAP PS3 even if the filter is disabled, like the first Uncharted?

    Hope no… -_-“

  • Someone found the epic stick and beat this trailer senseless.

  • Uncharted 2 is just so amazing! Every new bit of footage released gets me so hyped! Naughty Dog knows exactly how to develope a perfect game.

  • wait so only way to get the beta mutiplayer redeem code is by pre ordering it from GameStop? how bout the single player demo when does that come out and where do u get it?

    also in the last edition pulse they say there will be a add on for Uncharted 2 called revenge attribute if u pre order it from GameStop as well.

    I don’t get some one tell me straight about this please tell me if i am right

  • I’m sorry but this trailer is too melodramatic for me. Definitely not the best

  • @20

    This started for me recently also. Interestingly this doesn’t happen on the viddler site or even the EU blog.

    I’m using Vista Ultimate and the newest Firefox. And it started suddenly without me doing any updates that I’m aware of.

  • amazing can’t wait

  • wish i could have played that demo or the beta evry thing i saw looked amazing

  • I am buying this game in October or for xmas. depending on the cash that i have. But just one question. Does this game support 1080p? because the previous one only went up to 720p.

  • If it’s all the same to you i’ll pass on the MP demo.

    I want it to be fresh when coming in on October 16th =D

  • Nice trailer, it got me even more pumped! :D :( Uncharted 2 merchandise in Home would be nice because I’d love to support my soon-to-be favourite game ever. :D

  • Hey Jeff, I have that same problem with the video stopping after I roll away from it. I’m using Vista Ultimate and Firefox version 3.5.2. I don’t think you need a list of plug ins right?

  • Ok I tried what @80 dragonmagician said and it works. So it does have something to do with Adblocker Plus.

  • oh n by the way for people who still complaining about bc (backward compatible) there was 3 types of ps3 that are 80GB witch is version CECHA0 , CECHB01 ,and CECHE01 but if u have these but still cant play then buy it in PS store for free N

  • Sony’s John Koller think we don’t want BC.

    lets express some feedback and claim .


    copy and paste this.

  • @Jeff
    I’m having the same problem as Kwietstorm. Vista 64bit, FF 3.5. Whenever I move my mouse on or off the video, it goes back to showing the Arrow/play symbol.

  • Me and my brother have the same problems with the videos and they have been there for a long time now!

    Vista 64 bit
    FF 3.5

    Windows XP
    FF 3.5

    Whenever you move the mouse away from the video it goes back to the play symbol.

  • No, I’m not gonna spoil the game anymore, really looking forward to it though.

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