Smash Cars Coming to PSN August 20th!

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We’ve been teasing you about this for a while now. But we’re good at it, and we can’t help ourselves. Now you can relax… the teasing is finally over.

The response from the Game Developers Conference in March was great. The E3 reactions were even greater. And, finally, coming to PlayStation Network on August 20th, it’s SMASH CARS from TikGames / Creat Studios!

So, just what is Smash Cars? Why, it’s is our tricked-out single or multiplayer online RC toy car racing game. With real-time physics simulation and vehicle customization, players can twist and turn, grind and gear up, perform aerial tricks and stunts while racking up points as they knock friends off the track and race to the finish.

Everyone can download all the high-end action and six-player online multiplayer competition starting Thursday, August 20th for $14.99. TikGames and Creat Studios are very excited about this launch, ‘cause we know you will have a blast playing Smash Cars.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A great action racing game at a great price might be cool, but… what about trophies? What about downloadable extras? What about a contest to win a convertible sports car? Here’s the deal:

  • Trophies, trophies and more trophies. Rack ‘em up and brag to your friends.
  • Downloadable content is being discussed. Stay tuned to this here space.
  • Oh, please! We’re not giving you a car. We’ve already worked hard on a great game… sheesh!

Thanks so much to our fans for your support. We really appreciate all the kind words and helpful suggestions. Please share your thoughts about Smash Cars. We just know you’re gonna love it.

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  • Just one question though for you Scott. Is the Sixaxis motion going to have any use in Smash Cars?

  • @Scott Hyman

    Read this OFFER AND gave me your opinion:

    or this

    or this

    if you interested(Creat Studios) why not give it a try.

  • how many tracks are there in the game, also how many different cars/schemes are there?

    • The game takes place on one island with a variety of tracks, both on-road and off-road. There are dozens of track and race variations.

  • why are you making new posts instead of replying to people? PS Blog n00b?

    • So, does this mean I now have to get trapped with you in Nakatomi Plaza, and spen Christmas away from my ex-wife, McLane?

  • looks too expensive and why cant all games put split screen and online its so stupid. maybe a demo will change me

  • Look’s like hybrid of motorstorm and burnout paradise’s “MINI’S”….Witch is a good thing.

    • We like to think of our game as a little slice o\’ originality. But, to be compared to great games like that is quite a compliment. And we\’ll take it!

  • WOOO thay looks like alot of fun just hope it wont take modnation racers over or somthing like that

  • Got the video working on Google chrome!

    Consider this bought :D

  • A combination of MotorStorm and Pure, huh? Not bad, but I only have $9.99 left on my wallet lol

    • But just think of all the action and excitement to come your way for five more dollars. Worth every penny, and then some. Especially when you can keep pushing other players off the edge!

  • Aren’t you the same guys that did Magic Ball? If so, I can’t wait for this!

    • Indeed we are. And Cuboid. And Mahjong Tales. And soon… Digger HD, Mushroom Wars and more! We loves us some PSN, and we really loves us some PSN gamers.

  • Wanna stay alive, stay with me

  • please say online multiplayer (after college my gaming friends no longer live in the same state).

    • Online multiplayer. Online multiplayer. Online multiplayer. Online multiplayer. Online multiplayer. Online multiplayer. How about six player online multiplayer. Will that do?

  • Yea, reminds me of Motorstorm… seems hi in price… don’t let MvC2 price get to you developer’s head now.

  • *reads the article instead of just watching video* okay, never mind. I am sold.

    • Now THAT is what I am TALKIN\’ about. How cool is that video, eh? We\’re just honored that you like our efforts. We spend a lot of sleepless nights working away to make sure that you can have fun.

  • Awesome. A slightly overhauled mediocre PS2-game for 15 bucks. This is such a good deal.

    • I guarantee you that this is far, far from \”slightly overhauled\”. It\’s a very different and very fun game. But do as you will… we won\’t mind *sniff*.. go ahead and taunt away *sob*

  • Will you reply to my comment too? (I’ve never seen so many replies!)

    Anyway, looks like Excite Trucks HD! Awesome.

    • You know it! Here\’s your reply.

      Seriously, we make an effort to participate in these blogs because we really value our customers. Creat and Tik are very devoted to PlayStation Network and we can\’t do what we do without you.

  • I’d have to agree with anyone that said $14.99 is too much. $9.99 is about as much as I can afford, and there must be a demo if I’ve not heard about the game that much, at the very least.

    For $14.99, it should support not only Trophies, also YouTube recording, messaging, tournaments, joining friends in-game, XMB music, A/V support for online play like Zen Pinball, and any other features the PS3 has that I’ve missed.

  • Thanks for giving the date AND price… a lot of people come here and forget to do that. Doesn’t make sense… if you want us to buy your game you might want to tell us how and when to get it lol.

    Anyway, I have the utmost respect for both TikGames / Creat Studios you guys make excellent PSN games and I can’t wait to check this out next week. Keep ’em comin’!

  • This looks so great! The flips and drifting really got to me.

    • If you like the flips, wait until you find some of the cool spots where you can get really airborne- as in see half the island airborne!

  • You guys are gonna take all my money.

    I’ve bought Mahjong, Cuboid, and Magic Ball, and will definitely get Digger HD and now Smash Cars as soon as they come out.

    Haven’t heard, read, or seen anything on Mushroom Wars though, must have missed that somehow.

    • All your money? Well, please make the checks out to Scott Hyman…

      More information about Mushroom Wars is coming. Think of it as if Miyazaki made a casual RTS…

  • Will we see any Home content, maybe launching ;)

    also very cool to see you getting back to so many people on the blog :D

    • Thanks, Jim. As I mentioned above, we like to be accessible. PSN is imoprtant to us. Nothing for Home just yet, but there\’s a lot of discussion about it at Creat.


  • I love this game. Been playing it since PS2 Glory Days. Definitely going to get this next week Thursday, no questions asked!!! I do want to know one thing, does it have split screen multiplayer, and if so up to how many players? Great work Dev. Team of Smash Cars!!!!!!

  • A diminutive Pacific Rift on crack.

  • I’m srry but i’m jus gunna wait 4 modnation racers.
    I wud probably buy it if it were cheaper. Y is evry PSN title $15 now? It used 2 be $5-$10 with sum $15 titles here & there, but now they are all $15 :'(

  • @Scott Hyman

    CHECK comment NO:52

  • Hm this looks like a poor mans Motorstorm, only you can get the full retail version of Motorstorm for just $3 more on Amazon, so…

  • $9,99 is usually for off-line PSN games, $14,99 is for on-line PSN games.

    Guys! The servers these developers are putting together will cost them money, so they have to charge a little more for that.

    I think people REALLY need to realize this.

  • I am liking the devs being so into interacting with us, even those of us that gripe about the price of a PSN game.
    I know Titan has earned healthy respect by being so active on the boards and giving honest answers about glitches and issues w/ Fat Princess. I hope Tik will follow suit.

    • Creat and Tik arevery committed to PSN, and we do everything we can to be as forthcoming as possible. Everyone is allowed to gripe. That\’s what the interenet is for! ;-) We\’ll keep working hard to make the best games we can for the best price.

  • Home content would be cool too. Is there a campaign or single player element worth playing? Whose controlling the RC cars? Does that girl end up going to the hospital and if so, does she charge your insurance company? Can I upgrade my RC car insurance so I’m prepared? Do you have to maintain your cars between races (oil, fuel, air pressure)? I need to know!

    • There is a single player element that allows you to unlock various chassis, bodies and customizations, as well as new tracks and lots and lots of Trophies. As for the girl, I have no idea about her insurance and I wouldn\’t dare ask her given the situation in D.C. right now.

  • Looks very good. Reminds me of a remote control version of MotorStorm

  • I will say the stunts with the car’s seem a lil unrealistic … but I’m thinking possible “bike” dlc or something could fix that….hmmmm

    And thanx for replying to our comments…Shows DEV. support for the future ..IMO

  • @PSN-God

    That’s not true. Plenty of online enabled games are online. Most recently Zen Pinball and The Punisher both have crazy feature sets and have online play including tournaments, all for $9.99. There are other titles too.

  • Is this coming out on disc?

    No disc – no sale.

  • As as inspiring game creator myself currently in school learning how to make games, I must say this looks really well done. Cant wait to give it a go.

  • Quick reply. Thanks for the info. Smash Cars here I come…next week Thursday…now I can’t sleep

  • Given that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is releasing on the PS Store today, I’m ass out next week for anything. Thanks alot Capcom, now I can’t play other devs games because everything has to be $14.99 now.

    • Well, gundamman had an interesting suggestion at the start of the blog about ways to earn extra cash. But I promise you that Smash Cars is well worth it.

  • Looks awsome, i will buy this day 1.

    • OK, class. Everyone please look at djsifer\’s work. See how well this is done? Simple. Precise. Knows a killer game when he sees it and commits right away. Let\’s have every gamer out there follow his example.

  • Also, I think most gamers are spoiled nowadays. I mean an online game like this for S14.99 IS really cheap for a game on this caliber, especially when you consider the production value.

    Just because it’s on PSN, doesn’t mean it has to be $9.99 or lower.

  • ohhhh! Finally, besides Marvel VS Capcom 2 (Today, finally too), Smash Cars AND Critter Crunch is another game I want! This game will have Platinum Trophy?

  • No thank you, for bringing a quality title to good people who want to play good games!

  • @KosmoCrisis,

    Both games are developed by Zen Studios, and honestly speaking, I was surprised when I saw The Punisher for $9.99.

    But maybe Zen Studios has some kind of ‘magic server’ for their games!?!

  • it seems im the only one that had this game on PS2, i feel proud !
    it was FREAKING AWESOME!, and this is going to be an instant buy.

    • If you liked the PS2 game, then this will make your brain explode. It pushes everything from the last game through a steroid-laced meat grinder!

  • Buying this Day 1.

  • ur presentation is a lot like exitebots on wii. The stars,the tricks. Where did u guys get ur inspiration? Im looking forward to this

    • I\’d have to talk to our designers about their inspiration. I know they love racing, stunts and action. Plus, they\’re a little bit crazy, so that may have something to do with it.

  • First, can you tell us when the next content pack for Magic Ball will come out? My family and our friends have gotten all the trophies and are waiting for more! We can’t decide if a cowboy/wild west or alien theme would be best, but either will do nicely :) If the music in the XMB could be lowered a few decibels and the in-game music and sound effects get a bump in quality in the process, that would also be great.

    I’m not too excited about Yet Another Toy Car Racing game. Does it render at 1080p native? Use FSAA? Are the audio assets 24-bit and/or lossless? For such a high-priced title in a genre PSN is saturated with, I hope that it’s competing on these technical merits to justify the higher price.

    Also, thanks for the Cuboid updates, I’m working my way through them now. So difficult — some of them seem downright mean ;)

    Keep up the good work!

    • Sorry. You\’re going to have to wait in line with everyone else for more Magic Ball news. But stay patient.

      Don\’t think of Smash Cars as Yet Another Toy Car Racing Game. Think of all the others as Not Quite Smash Cars Toy Racing Games.

  • This really does look good. Although I am too cheap to spend 15 dollars, if it was 10 I would probably do it. hmmm. Maybe if you guys release a demo some time down the line I will try that and then decide.

    It does look worth $15, but I am too cheap

  • @rafael_martines,

    Games below $20 price tag are not allowed to have Platinum trophies.

  • Is the multiplayer Local or online?

  • reminds me of the good ‘ol days of playing Hotwheels for PC. any chance of a giveaway?

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