Smash Cars Coming to PSN August 20th!

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We’ve been teasing you about this for a while now. But we’re good at it, and we can’t help ourselves. Now you can relax… the teasing is finally over.

The response from the Game Developers Conference in March was great. The E3 reactions were even greater. And, finally, coming to PlayStation Network on August 20th, it’s SMASH CARS from TikGames / Creat Studios!

So, just what is Smash Cars? Why, it’s is our tricked-out single or multiplayer online RC toy car racing game. With real-time physics simulation and vehicle customization, players can twist and turn, grind and gear up, perform aerial tricks and stunts while racking up points as they knock friends off the track and race to the finish.

Everyone can download all the high-end action and six-player online multiplayer competition starting Thursday, August 20th for $14.99. TikGames and Creat Studios are very excited about this launch, ‘cause we know you will have a blast playing Smash Cars.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A great action racing game at a great price might be cool, but… what about trophies? What about downloadable extras? What about a contest to win a convertible sports car? Here’s the deal:

  • Trophies, trophies and more trophies. Rack ‘em up and brag to your friends.
  • Downloadable content is being discussed. Stay tuned to this here space.
  • Oh, please! We’re not giving you a car. We’ve already worked hard on a great game… sheesh!

Thanks so much to our fans for your support. We really appreciate all the kind words and helpful suggestions. Please share your thoughts about Smash Cars. We just know you’re gonna love it.

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  • Scott is a good sample for those who have posted and want to post on this Blog. He’s just too awesome at this!

  • Wow! That looks like a lot of fun, it really does remind me of an Exciting game on another system which I loved. Can’t wait to give it a shot!

    Is there any chance of a future patch for motion controls?

    • That\’s a cool idea, Rabid619. Always a possibility. I know that Creat and Tik are as excited as all the other developers out there to learn more about Sony\’s cool new motion controller.

  • Really nice graphics for a PsN

  • Thanks for replying to my posts Scott.

    As I’m sure your aware, a tester’s salary doesn’t really pay that much. And PSN games are just not gifted to us yet. I will eventually get to play your game. If overtime was one of gundumman’s suggestions, then I’ve got nothing to add to this post.

  • Man, This looks like an Awesome day, For sure ill buy it!


    I agree, but the record still belongs to Gordon Van Dyke, the Battlefield 1943 producer who replied exactly 111 times. :D

  • Game…Dont know how i got day

  • To be fair, the original PS2-game from Metro 3D was better than the name of the publisher hints, but still I think that 15 bucks for a revamped PS2-game is heavy. If there will ever be a demo, I would love to take a look at it, but the sheer thought of buying a game like this blindly is ridiculous.

    This no-demo-situation is really a no-go and I’m pretty sure it hurts games like flower very much.

  • I liked Majhong, any chance of putting out an RPG, even a 2-d sprite based one such as Chrono Trigger, early FF’s…the PSN lacks new rpgs…

  • any news comming about digger hd and Mushroom wars? they both look really cool, and i really want to hear more.

  • Looks pretty good actually!

  • The game looks like allot of fun, SOLD!!! :D

  • 2 quick questions aswell.

    does this game feature local multi-player?
    and does it have xmb based custom soundtrack?

    • Unfortunately, Zezzler, that\’s no on both counts. But, the six player online multiplayer will exhaust you so much that nothing will matter. Not your job, your pet, your significant other. All you will do for days on end is play Smash Cars online.

  • so i love how they let u go buy the retail copy of marvel vs capcom only to find out u cant download it yet because theyre lazy slackers… and yes i know this has nothing to do with this topic but i couldnt comment on the last and this is infuriating. get it done.

  • Looks like a lot of fun

  • Will definitely wait on the demo for this one. $15 is far to high to take a chance on without taking it for a test drive first (see what I just did there? um … yeah).

    This new $15 standard is not a good direction. And yes, there have been $10 PSN titles with online support — Crash Commandos amongst many others.

  • Scott great job on the game, can you tell us how many tracks come with the game and how many different car types??? thank you!!! :D

    • There are three chassis car types, each with a variety of bodies. Plus, you can customize the color and decals of the body, windows, etc.

      As for tracks, everything takes place on one resort island, with dozens of on-road / on-boardwalk / off-road combinations. There are a variety of race modes as you progress through the single-player campaign.

  • The speed of Burnout… the acrobatics of Uniracers, all in the neat little package similar to Micro Machines. Looks good, though I hope there’s a demo to give us the chance to try before we buy.

    Also, other than a few instances of the driver running into an object or tapping another driver as they race past each other… I didn’t get the sense anything was really “smashing” together. Is there vehicle damage or some epic crash possibilities to temporarily or permanently disable an opponent for the duration of a race?

    • \”The speed of Burnout… the acrobatics of Uniracers, all in the neat little package similar to Micro Machines.\” Can I offer a job in our marketing department?

      There\’s quite a bit of \”smashing\” going on, both between cars and other destructible objects. Your car can sustain a good amount of damage along the way, and ou can temporaily disable your opponents, especially by pushing them off-track.

  • not going to buy it without split-screen support, sorry…

  • Looks really really fun, it seems like another nice game from Creat Studios, cant wait for Digger and Mushroom Wars.

  • Any chance it supports Sony’s Motion Control + Camera?

  • Looks like a pretty fun game, but for 15 dollars?? Ehh, maybe Ill get it someday when its on sale.

  • Sahweet!

  • @Scott, first thanks for answering, it sounds awesome, you mentioned a resort island, now are we free to explore the island (free roam) or do we just move from track to track depending on the mode we choose??? thanks again!!! :D

    • It\’s not sandbox, so you can\’t just go exploring. But the tracks in each race don\’t just stay onthe road. And there are hidden shortcuts throughout, so you never know where you might end up.

  • $15 is too much for a game that will probably have really short legs in the online community. By the time the price drops for a week, it’ll be off people’s radar anyways. When Everyday Shooter, Eden and Flower all clock in at $9.99 while huge game with solid pedigrees like Battlefield are out for $14.99, it’s hard to justify a 6-player online-only racing game. If this had 4 player split screen I’d buy it at $14.99, and if it was 9.99 as is I could convince my motorstorm: PR group to pick it up pretty easily.

    Really, there’s no reason this shouldn’t have offline 4 player racing. If it did you could probably get a decent long-tail of sales as the inevitable lack of an online community in a month wouldn’t matter much at all.

  • Scott Hyman replied on August 13, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    “The speed of Burnout… the acrobatics of Uniracers, all in the neat little package similar to Micro Machines.” Can I offer a job in our marketing department?

    There’s quite a bit of “smashing” going on, both between cars and other destructible objects. Your car can sustain a good amount of damage along the way, and ou can temporaily disable your opponents, especially by pushing them off-track.

    Hah… if it’s a part time job and/or I can work from home, sure… I’ll take it! I hope you guys will release another preview before release showing the smash aspect of the game (maybe throw in some of the customization creation as well)… as this first video (at least to me) focused more on the speed and acrobatics (which isn’t a bad thing at all).
    Alternatively, you could also release a demo… *nudge* *nudge*. All in due time, I’m sure.

    Thanks for the quick reply, hope to see more of the game.

  • Has anyone suggested a “Dev Day” or two?
    If not I would like to suggest it.
    I think it would be fun to play with the devs of Smash Cars, if you guys can find time away from making all these great games!

  • Scott, you and the rest of the crew at creat studios are brilliant! How long is the single player and how many trophies are there?

  • You are at 44 good sir. Pass along the word to other devs to actually talk with the people who puts food on their table!! We don’t bite..hard.

    • At 44, I have a long ways to go. I can\’t speak for other devs, but Creat and Tik consider this direct communication with our gamer base really key.

  • This looks like a lot of fun. I buy most racers on spec, so for one as cheap as 15 bucks, I’m definitely in.

  • This looks like an interesting game, but I want to hear more of Mushroom Wars.

    Will there be a demo?

  • How many tracks? Are there weapons or is it just straight up racing with a few backflips?

    • Everything takes place on one island, with a large combination of on-road, on-boardwalk and off-road paths. They combine in a variety of ways for dozens and dozens of tracks and race modes. But hitting your opponents and other objects is the key to your success. The more damage you do around you and the more tricks, stunts and flips you perform, the more speed ability you gain.

  • @Scott, sounds great Scott thanks again for answering my questions and consider the game SOLD!!! :D

  • holy smokes, Scott is a rely beast. 45 replies and rising, anyways Im looking forward to this game. Hopefully we can get a demo first.

    • I\’m workin\’ it. Creat and Tik love our customers, and want more of them. Just be happy that I\’m only allowed to type on here, and not sing or dance. Then you wouldn\’t buy anything.

  • Please bring out another expansion for Magic Ball please. It’s by FAR my favorite brick breaker of all time. And I feel it redefines the genre more than Shatter does. Shatter’s great, the boss battles are awesome and a great add to the genre. But Magic Ball takes the BreakOut genre to a whole new dimension. PLEASE bring out another expansion, And please make one of the Themes UFOs/Aliens.

    I also suggest though that if you guys ever make another Magic Ball, you totally rip-off Boss battles.

    • We love gamers who love Magic Ball! Now imagine that instead of breaking bricks, you were smashing ca… oh forget it! I can\’t make a cool segue. Just trust me and buy Smash Cars.

  • For the reply of #106

    I’m keeping you in track, Scott. You have 65 replies so far, I’m even counting 1st page replies. ;)

  • Looks interesting to me so far. I have only seen so much but alot of it seems to be influenced by excite trucks on the wii, not sure if thats a good or bad thing.

    • If it makes you have an uncontrollable urge to buy it, then it\’s a good thing. Definitely a good thing.

  • this game looks awesome! first day purchased!

  • It says on the first page how many was made and that only says 50…though I am sure he will beat the record with little to no issue.

    • Wow, the pressure\’s on. You should know that I\’m doing all of this with a splint on my right index finger from a repetitive stress injury. Now I feel like Curt Schilling in 2004.

  • Wow, this looks a lot like Excite Truck. $15 bucks though, I’m unsure of..

    I’d rather cheaper games with more DLC options than spending more upfront for a game that may play awful online or in general. (Ragdoll Kung-Fu anyone?)

  • What!? You trying to tell me you cant type with your feet yet?….just make sure no one is around when you attempt it :D

  • Oh noes! Don’t break the great $9.99 and under PSN game streak!

    • Alas, gunm14,it was time. Smash Cars will bring you every penny\’s worth of that $14.99, I promise you. We wouldn\’t do it if it wasn\’t worth it.

  • #140 dragonleader33

    Scott was not using the reply feature, he was replying just as we’re doing. But his 1st page replies still count toward the record.

    • Somehow, my brain froze and I forgot about the Reply feature. Fortunately, NYPD veteran and underappreciated hero John McLane pointed out my error. I just hope that he doesn\’t get trapped in another life-and-death struggle to save us all.

  • does this game have 4 player splitscreen?

  • also does this game have headset support and easy way to race with your friends online
    ps my bad for posting twice

  • Yeah it certainly has a Motorstorm/Mirco Machines vibe.

  • So Scott, you crazy commenter. Care to discuss or reveal why no local multiplayer. Some of us do have actual friends IRL.

    • It was a very tough call, but we put the focus on online over local for this version. Local multiplayer is a strong future possibility for you and the people you pay to be your friends IRL. (just kidding)

  • Also, whats with all the $15 games? Fat Princess, MvC 2, and now this.

  • Thanks for the update on the game. It looks interesting! I’ve really enjoyed some of the other PSN games by TikGames / Creat Studios.

    Please consider adding game launching for Home to this title and any of your upcoming multiplayer games.

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