Smash Cars Coming to PSN August 20th!

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We’ve been teasing you about this for a while now. But we’re good at it, and we can’t help ourselves. Now you can relax… the teasing is finally over.

The response from the Game Developers Conference in March was great. The E3 reactions were even greater. And, finally, coming to PlayStation Network on August 20th, it’s SMASH CARS from TikGames / Creat Studios!

So, just what is Smash Cars? Why, it’s is our tricked-out single or multiplayer online RC toy car racing game. With real-time physics simulation and vehicle customization, players can twist and turn, grind and gear up, perform aerial tricks and stunts while racking up points as they knock friends off the track and race to the finish.

Everyone can download all the high-end action and six-player online multiplayer competition starting Thursday, August 20th for $14.99. TikGames and Creat Studios are very excited about this launch, ‘cause we know you will have a blast playing Smash Cars.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A great action racing game at a great price might be cool, but… what about trophies? What about downloadable extras? What about a contest to win a convertible sports car? Here’s the deal:

  • Trophies, trophies and more trophies. Rack ‘em up and brag to your friends.
  • Downloadable content is being discussed. Stay tuned to this here space.
  • Oh, please! We’re not giving you a car. We’ve already worked hard on a great game… sheesh!

Thanks so much to our fans for your support. We really appreciate all the kind words and helpful suggestions. Please share your thoughts about Smash Cars. We just know you’re gonna love it.

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  • YES!
    This looks like a blast!
    Can’t wait!
    Thanks for the update!

  • Uh… I don’t know. Maybe when the demo comes out I’ll look into it.

  • For a second I thought this game baished away. Because we didn’t hear or read anything about it since a long time ago.

    Thanks for letting us know the release date. You guys make awesome PSN titles as well, it’s a pleasure to have them.

  • @TRIX_BOL Thanks for the kind words. Our folks have been working hard for a while, annd we’re looking forward to everyone enjoying it!

  • I meant to say; banished away.

  • Looks fun !

  • @PatriotEyez27 It is fun!

  • Is there a demo coming out? When?

  • @thestr1ker Demo is a possibility. It’s in discusison now. Stay tuned.

  • It reminds me of Excite Truck for the Wii. But that’s a good thing, I loved that game!!

  • haha rc toy racing… :) that sounds cool!

  • The game looks awesome but please! please! PLEASE! Support a Replay feature! I was devastated that Motorstorm didn’t have a replay feature because there were some awesome races I wish I could go back and show people.

  • In-game music? Youtube support?

    Youtube support just seems like a no brainer cause it’s free publicity to you guys

    I think i’ll pick this up!

  • “Trophies, trophies and more trophies. Rack ‘em up and brag to your friends.”

    Hahaha, will do! :D

  • This game looks pretty awesome! I gotta say though, when it comes to DLC, think about licensing or “being inspired by” some of the great real RC cars out there, like the Ricochet from way back when. It could drive on either side!! Or I had this other one that had an arm underneath that would make the car jump….

    Anyway, I love the concept. I admit I thought it was a little cheesy at first… but then I saw you running over the toes of a lady and driving underneath a moving van. That sold it for me!

  • Kinda reminds me of Super Battle Rocket Cars if it were a racer, it could be fun :)

  • @freakyzeeky Isn’t the what Trohpies are for? And with six-player mulitplayer, you can brag to them while you push them into the drink off the boardwalk!

  • @Xoonha You can do more than just run over her toes. If you’re not careful, she might pick up your car and throw it. Now, if you can bump your buddy’s car into her… even better!

  • I want this game =]

  • Hey, I even liked the fact we can manage to do any flip we want. :)

    It was a great idea for both Studios to team up and create this title together, this game is magnific!

  • @Ckff71up You can have this game! But, the real question is… can you hold out for a week until then? I know it’s hard, but I believe in you!

  • @TRIX_BOL You, too, are magnific! Imagine how much more magnific you will be once you start playing.

  • $14.99 is becoming the normal price on PSN. LOL
    The game looks fun but I’m not willing to pay that much for it. To be honest I find it extremely difficult to pay more then $9.99 for any PSN titles. Even if I really wanted the game.

  • Racing wheel support?

    What about a traditional RC car control system (left analog stick to move fwd/rev, right to turn left/right)?

  • Will there be a platinum trophy?

  • looks like that remote control race game on the PC that came out about 9 yrs ago. looks fun.

  • OMFG , i don’t know how old everyone is but this game reminds of a game WAY BACK WHEN one the ps1 called like Rc cars or somethin, that one and rc helicopter was AWSOME, i wana get this but i need more money, maybe i should pimp my self out, lol. thanks for the updated =D

  • @adolson While we played around with all kinds of control systems, we set out to make a very accessible game to everyone. The controls are standard, but the fun is well above par!

  • $15 HA! and no demo on launch.

  • Looks very fun–like a more fleshed out version of Wii’s Excite Truck at a much lower price point and played with a controller I like—nothing to lose!

  • @gundamman I can’t tell you what you should do to get paid, but I assure you that Smash Cars is well worth your $14.99, no matter how you earn it.

  • Oh i can handle waiting lol

  • @Zookey That’s right… NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain. Well, if you want to gain lots and lots of fun.

  • @DTXSFC Not sure about the specific trophies. :-( There well may be. I’m just not good enough at it yet to have earned that many.

  • I’m sorry but this game looks like a small version of Motorstorm which is not bad considering I like Motorstorm. I guess if you can’t afford Motorstorm this should be in your budget.

  • Will this be available to all regions?

  • Scott, you’re an awesome person. Thank you for your responses.

    I have to admit it, when Smash Cars was annaunced and we got to see some pictures, I thought it wasn’t that great at all. But after watching the trailer and from your perspective enthusiasm, it seems like it will be hard to let the controller down. :D

  • Any news on the Euro release?

  • @chris3211 Eventually, yes.

  • I want to buy this game, but my only question is about the multiplayer. Is it online only or will there be local split-screen too?

  • @TRIX_BOL I’m only awesome because you MAKE me awesome. So glad that you’re excited about the game. It’s a lot of fun.

  • @betahoven soon… stay tuned

  • Why do PSBlog videos never play for me :( they just flash white.

  • @Cruizer8 Multi-player is only online. It was a very tough call for us, but we wanted to deliver a game at a good value, and that was one way to do it. With 6-player matches, you’ll barely have time to catch your breath.

  • Now this look’s like a cool PSN game. Something possibly worthy for “all” to download, even us “ADULTS”.


    Custom soundtrack would be nice if it’s going?
    Been looking forward to this game.

  • @Jack-Bauer-89 That sounds like a browser issue to me. You might need to install Flash. I hope you get it working, because the video might be the greatest thing you’ll ever see in your lifetime. (Or, at least, it’s just cool!)

  • @Godlovesugly05 This game has been looking forward to being played by you, and to destroying every virtual watermelon it encounters.

  • @DANO69 Yes, it’s a great game for us grown-ups. That said, my three-year-old can’t get enough of watching it. Something for everyone!

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