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gamescom Cologne starts next week, and of course, we’re getting some quality time with Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream at the show. So you know what that means — we need your questions!

You’ve no doubt recently seen or read about the game, whether from our E3 virtual booth tour or the PlayStation.Blog.Europe‘s Friday interview with Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Executive Producer and CEO at Quantic Dream.

So once again, we’re opening the door to you! What do you want to know about Heavy Rain? Do your research, then drop your questions in the comments section below.

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  • How much does the player’s actions with one character influence the game experience when controlling another character? Or are each character scenarios independent from all the other characters (besides the underlying story connections)?

  • Any chance for multiplayer offline? Same console coop or something like that.

  • 1) When Quantic Dream released their previous game Indigo Prophecy in the US it was censored and two scenes were edited out of the NTSC version that appeared in the PAL version. Is this the case for Heavy Rain? Are there scenes in the PAL version that will not appear in the NTSC due to nudity or violence?

    2) Will the game be region locked?

    3) Will there be a demo or will the tech demo showcased a while back be released on PSN?

  • Thanks you Chirs for opening the doors!

    Like some of my PlayStation colleagues that have already submitted their questions, I have mines undergoing too.

    And here they are:

    – Will the clime/weather of Heavy Rain viri at any point, or will always be raining?

    – Are there any game out there the played influence on making Heavy Rain?

    – If you could rate Heavy Rain, what type of rate would you give it?

    – Gamers don’t want long load times, Are you planning to recap that?

    – Is Game or Data Installation required?

    That’s all from me, thanks again Chris!
    I’m looking forward to this interview and many more. :)

  • Do you guys have plans for a Collector’s Edition?

    I’d love to see a dedicated Blu-Ray with tons of features to see how this game was created and how it has evolved.

    @ Comments 7,10, 23 ,27,29,38,39 …wow what is up with some of these comments. The other comments keep asking the same things. Like you barely found out about the game’s existence a few hours ago.

  • ok loved Indigp Prophecy, I still come back to it from time to time but as for Heavy Rain obviously there has to be trophy support and my question is WILL IT HAVE HOME SUPPORT!?!?

  • how many play throughs will we have to do to have seen all the different things in heavy rain?
    will the story be like a film so u want to play on and see what happens (like uncharted)

  • ** Are we going to see some sub-misions after completing the game? Like “The Taxidermist” (Not talking abour DLC here)

    ** Will the game require an Installation? How much space will occupy?

    ** We saw some flaws in the demos shown before, like faces showing no emotions at all when something critical was happening, this will be fixed in the final build Right?

    ** Are we going to have unlocks, like Dev. Videos, ArtWorks, Character Bios, 3D figurines, maybe alternative costumes for some scenes, not-included scenarios (videos or screens)?

    I think that’s everything from me.

    @ #50 Yes, they are planning DLC.

  • Wow I feel bad for the people in charge of reading these comments. Forgive them for their painful-to-read-comments and their ignorance. OH MAN I get annoyed just from reading these now.

  • I just want to know when it drops!!!

  • How does the switch of characters happen?

    1. Deaths only?
    2. Chapters?
    3. Selecting it on the fly?

  • Will it be 1080p native?

    That’s all I want to know.
    Please no more info, I just want to experience the game. I’m sold already! =)

  • Let’s see hmmm? I think if a game is good, what makes it even better is replay value (rewards). What are some reward system that you have included in the game? I’m going to throw you some (hints).
    Some could be like when you finish the game or during gameplay (find as a secret)where as you could activate on or off flip world, costume selection good/bad, special weapons, concept art gallery, game maker vids, staff pics, game bloopers, trophies things like that :)
    Oh and one that I would really like to see is multi language selection, like English and Spanish my top two.
    Ok chris, throw some of these at them. Don’t forget, write this stuff down and pin it on your shirt so you don’t forget lol. Heck just call me on interview day hehe..
    Ok takes care all.
    P.S. will there be a PSP version?

  • This is great and all but did all the Socom info vanish into thin air as well? C’mon Chris, make atleast this One Person happy this summer.

  • 1. I want to know if there are differences between the different region releases as well. I will want to import the EU version if the NA version is missing scenes.

    2. Please give a Trophy examples. Or will they all be hidden to avoid spoilers?

    3. Would you call this game a ‘Who done it’ kind of game? ie; would I be able to solve who the Origami killer is before the game reveals it? Would I be surprise at who the killer is?

    4. How much swearing is in the game? I know it is a mature game, but hate when games include swearing in their dialog to make it ‘cool’.

  • How drastically will the ending change depending on what characters are dead and which are alive? and if you manage to keep more than 2 characters alive will you be able to choose which one you want to “beat” the game with?

  • Is this game one of those games where there’s lots of button mashing involved?

  • 1-will it have custom soundtrack support?

    2-will it come to the psp?

  • I’m asking the same questions the people above and below me are asking. So please answer! :)

  • There’s been much attention to the rigid and obviously choreographed nature of motion capture/animation during fight sequences; will these issues be addressed now that the game content is completed?

  • 1) Is there any exploration in Heavy Rain?

    2) Will the graphic improve until release?

    3) When will you reveal the final boxart?

  • Hey Jeff/Chris any Chance you can do one of these interviews with the Final Fantasy 14 team? I know they will be at Gamescon and it is certainly a big PS3 exclusive.

    Thanks if you can.

  • If my bad experience with Ghostbusters is corrected with a patch, or many *independent* reviews all say it’s excellent this is a day one purchase for me. I want to see more story/character driven games.

    Will there be any gay characters in the game? Is who you chose the playable character to be romantic with completely open to the individual players’ choice?

    Will there be a visual map of the different story branches so we can track what branches we’ve taken and try exploring others?

    Will there be trophies associated with exploring all the story branches or dialogue trees? Trophies like “Get another person to slap you” and/or “Get another person to kiss you” would be amusing and fun.

    Can we look forward to 24-bit/lossless audio and/or 1080p native graphics and/or FSAA?

  • wiil ther be a indigo prophecy sequel

  • With so many different branches in the story how do ensure the pacing is good no matter what path the player has taken?

    Question 2 – will this game have a demo on the PSN? What about post-release DLC?

  • I remember reading somewhere that every object in Heavy rain is 3D and you will be able to interact with everything. Is this still true about the game?

  • this game looks better then movies on my sd tv i will be buying this

  • sorry to be off topic, but what ever happend to the Bioshock 2 Q and A?

  • Here are my questions:

    1) Can I play multiple games at once. What I mean is: can I start a game and can my sister start another game. It would be fun to compare the differentses.
    2) How much of the 50 GB blu-ray will be used.
    3) Any famous (voice)actors or singer(s) that worked on the project.
    4) Is there any use for the Playstation Eye?



    RELEASE THE GAME ALREADY. That’ll be all.

  • 1) Will there be a possibility for Co-op?
    2) Any chance it could work with Sony’s new motion control + camera?

  • Here’s one…

    HOW DO YOU PLAY THIS GAME! It looks like a movie to me…

  • 1.) We already know that Heavy Rain will have multiple endings. Is there a “true” ending? If so, is the “true” ending only achieved by having all four characters survive?

    2.) Will there be any mention of the Taxidermist in the final game, even if only briefly in the plotline?

  • during gameplay when you’re in the middle of one of those action scenes like the fight at the junkyard place will you be able to change the speed, or difficulty to make it go faster so everything flows perfectly?

    Well it flows perfectly now but with the speed up it would make people a lot more nervous knowing they could die at any moment during that scene

  • Big fan of Quantic Dream here. Just a few simple questions:

    1. Can we expect some great quality french voice recording/ dubbing as heard in Farenheit/ Indigo Prophecy?

    2. Was the script of the game written in English or French originally? It may sound like a silly question but it’s not.

    3. Sex scenes? Any plans to ‘not’ cut them from the American version? ( Shouldn’t be a problem for me since I am getting the EU version)

  • The biggest downside about Indigo in my opinion was the way the final scenes seemed rushed and went all out Dragon Ball Z which threw the down to earth simple story into a cartoon mode, im hoping Heavy Rain’s storyline flows better.

    Are there any sex scenes and are they already lining up the censorship team to remove them?

    thanks for all your hard work.

  • How much differently do the various characters of Heavy Rain play? What kinds of variety is there in terms of gameplay?

  • I think replay value will be very HIGH based on the previous interview.
    With so many choices through out the story as well as multiple characters that can learn more or”die” and not learn more about the story will create a unique story each play through.

  • 1. Will the game feature any multiplayer gameplay of some sort?

  • I liked the idea of this game and the game on PS2, Indigo Prophecy. So I have a few questions.

    1. Will there be so many different endings from the results of each actions or will this sort of be like Indigo Prophecy?

    2. How many characters will be in this game and are each of their stories different?

    3. Is this story supernatural, dramatic, or a mixture of it all?

    4. Final question, Will this game have online play or DLC?

  • 1. How much of your initial game concept were you able to make a reality with Heavy Rain?

    2. And where do you see this genre of game progressing in the next 10 years (into the next console gen).

    3. Will you be leading the development on the first fully vr game with the playstation 5 in 2025?

  • In what ways did you take advantage of the extra space given by a blu-ray disc compared to a normal DVD?

    Considering that all of the main characters can be killed off, is it therefor possible to die at the quickest possible moment for each character, and therefore complete the game in a small time-frame? Obviously this would lead to the mystery being unsolved, but i think that is pretty awesome.

    Related to last question: Do players get a few deaths a character before the ggame skips them and moves on? Or is it just one chance – as soon as you die the first time, thats it.

    As interesting as the concept of the emotional thriller is, i imagine it took quite a lot of work. Were here any large hurdles that came from trying to piece together the script when a charcter was killed, and in order to cover all possible outcomes??

    That’s all i can think of for now:)

  • What is the overall length of the game?
    What did you learn from Indigo Prophecy, and how did that experience influence you guys when making Heavy Rain?


  • @83 PSX5K
    I don’t think there is a “true” ending.
    It’s like life, the story is drawn out and no one knows the ending it’s dynamic so to speak.
    It’s about creating your own story and ending based on your choices. Well I guess the true ending could be death since everyone dies eventually, it’s all in how you get to the finish line.

  • Will there be alot of detective work in the game when playing as the FBI detective like there was in Indigo Prophecy or either expand on it in this game?

    Like in Indigo Prophecy, when the woman went into the police station and try to give a description of the killer and you had to remember what he looked and try to match his face on the computer. Will you do all things a detective do in real life in the game.

  • Did you guys run into any major difficulties when working on Heavy Rain?

    What made Quantic Dream decide on putting this game only on the PS3 opposed to other platforms?

    Does the game take advantage of space on a blu ray disk and use uncompressed audio?

    Will the game use FMVs or is it all done in “real time”?

    How do I convince my friends, who don’t normally play adventure games, that Heavy Rain will be awesome?

    and I just wanna say thank you to Quantic Dream for bring this kick ass game to the ps3 =)

  • I’ve heard that there will be sex scenes in the game (just like their previous game Indigo Prophecy). Will the scenes be censored in the NA version and if so then will they be uncensored in the EU version?

  • By the time of completion, will HR have better facial/eyelid animation? Based on walkthroughs shown in the past, its difficult to ignore the ever present uncanny valley, which could at least be alleviated by believable (or even exaggerated) facial animation. I hope that this will be carried over to how crowd npcs appear as well, with no one suffering from the same blank stare upon further examination.

  • yeah wtf happened to that socom dlc? is slant six still working on it????????

  • I would like to know:

    1. Will the characters have the ability to attack people outside of the little scripted interactions like instead of waiting for the black guy to come get you in the one scene with the CIA guy, you decide to sneak around and knock him out.

    2. Will all action that takes place just involve scenes with button presses at specific times to do things.

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