Heavy Rain Interview – Submit Your Questions!

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gamescom Cologne starts next week, and of course, we’re getting some quality time with Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream at the show. So you know what that means — we need your questions!

You’ve no doubt recently seen or read about the game, whether from our E3 virtual booth tour or the PlayStation.Blog.Europe‘s Friday interview with Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Executive Producer and CEO at Quantic Dream.

So once again, we’re opening the door to you! What do you want to know about Heavy Rain? Do your research, then drop your questions in the comments section below.

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  • “This Photo is Currently Unavailable.”

    That stinks! Well anyway, like, 1st or something….

  • …oh, I know!

    1) Will Heavy Rain play any differently on the PS3 slim?

    2) Do you think that the PS3’s drop in price will spur sales of Heavy Rain?

  • This (Gamescon) is where you guys are gonna reveal the PS3 slim right? :D

    I actually don’t have questions for Heavy Rain. I want to all be new when I play it. :D

  • I want to know, if i was to play the game in a enjoyable way, meaning not rushing, how long would the game take..

    Example mgs4 took me 25 hours.. should i be expecting around the same amount of “gameplay” for this game?

    I also want to know if co-op will be an option?

  • What is the release date?

  • Thanks Chris for taking our questions!

    I keep hearing about how the game is supposed to be emotional, and deal with a mature sense of emotion, but I’d like to hear more about that aspect of the game and its story. Will the game feature a broad spectrum of emotions? Does Quantic Dream expect a very strong emotional response from the players of the game?

    I’m going to be honest, I have very high expectations of this game emotionally. I’ve told myself since I first heard about it, “This is THE game that will make me cry!” I’d like to ask the developers though, if they think that the game is emotionally powerful enough to make players cry?

    Thanks again Chris! And I’m looking VERY forward to the interview!

  • 1.) How long will Heavy Rain be?

    2.) Does it have puzzles?

    I’m really looking forward to this game. :D

  • About how long will heav rain be?

    What have you guys done to up replay value?

    Will there be any Playstation Home support?

  • This Game looks really good, I can’t wait to play it.

    I just hope is in full 1080p

  • 2nd..i hope..if not watever..HEAVY RAN BETTER BE GOOD!…cuz according to the game play ive seen lately..the graphics is the only thing that is impressing me.so MY question would be..IS THERE ACTION?

  • I know this game is going different than anything else we have ever experienced this generation.
    So….No Question here..JUST tell them to take their time to deliver a very polished finished product.

  • Can’t wait for this game! I really want a release date! So my question is when does this game come out!

  • Only one question really.

    1) What is the length of the game from beginning to end? For each specific character, and the one play through (obviously you can play the game differently the next time through).

  • 1) Will Heavy Rain support PlayStation HOME?

    2) How many different endings will it have?

    3) Is the entire game based on button sequences?

    4) Does the game have 1 main character or many characters that can be considered the primary focus of the game?

  • How much can you effect each cutscene? They are all rendered in real-time, correct? Even the intro sequence? :)

  • will heavy rain have any ps3 features 4 it like take in-game screenshots or like upload vidoes to youtube like some of the psn games

  • from what I’ve seen a lot of the action in this game is quick time events… how many times can you miss something before you kill off one of the characters?… i’m really not too great with quick time events :(

  • 1) How are you handling the trophies in the game?

    2) What did you learn from Indigo Prophecy?

  • this game maybe epic

  • 1. Will each play through be different after completeing the game?

    2. How many hours of game play is there?

    3. Is there any unlockables?

    4. How will the trophy system work in ties with the game? And how will they be recieved?

    5. Will there be a sequal?

    6. How many FPS will it run at? And what max resolution will it run at?

    7. Will there be a system install and if so how much?

    8. Will there be downloadable content?

    9. Will there be unlockable HOME content?

    10. How many characters are playable?

  • 1) How many PS3s failed on you during development?

    2) Did my PS3 last the life span I was expecting for paying $600?

    Absolutely not!

    3) Do you feel the $150 ‘repair’ fee is outrageous? Paying 25% of retail price for a console, just to have it repaired seems way more expensive that the $600 retail price at launch.

    4) Is Heavy Rain worth me having my PS3 repaired? Even if Sony Consumer Services says it could fail again in 2 days?

    Honestly, the game looks great. Too bad my PS3 FAILED before the games release.

  • Has working with Sony been everything you thought it would be?

    Have you thought about joining Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios?

    Have any Sony developers offered any tips/help or asked you for advise/help with the PlayStation®3?

  • 1080p would be so sweeeeettt..

    And replay value.. what are you bringing to the table in this area??

  • – Is the game engine for Heavy Rain a modified version of anything previous or built up from scratch?

    – What graphical effects are you using that are noteworthy of the HD generation? Like lighting and particles, etc.

    – Can you change camera angles and/or rotate & move the camera during cut-scenes?

    – It would be awesome if you had something similar to the Killzone 2 “Behind the Bullet” interative feature, maybe unlocked after you finished the game and played again, where you could see different effects shown and pause and manipulate time/speed of cut-scenes. :D

  • Do you think Heavy Rain will start a new era of games, where game complexity reigns over “stunning” graphics? (This current gen has nice graphics but mediocre game engines / complexity. Look at all FPS around for good examples)

  • what’s your estimate, will this game be rated M or AO? I am really interested in getting it but i’m afraid I won’t be able to get away with getting an AO rated game.

  • Looks perfect for motion controls. Any plans to include them or maybe later in a patch?

  • will there be a demo?

  • This is a serious question to ask the developers.

    – Can we have some Heavy Rain avatar? Some of the characters look badass, and would like some avatars.

    – How is HR different from you previous games other than the story, characters, graphic, and setting?

  • i want to know if it’s possible to get the ‘taxidermist’ demo on psn as a demo to get the feel for the game play? i read it wasn’t connected to the story so it won’t spoil anything. i had fun with indigo prophecy, even though i never finished it.

  • roughly how long will this game play?

  • So I presume since this game is pretty massive It will take a whole lots of space out of my hardrive just like MGS4???

  • How much resources of the PS3 has you guys managed to utilize. I’m curious on how much percent of the ps3 is used to make this game run, SPU speaking… Thanks QD!

  • (to david cage)

    1. Where would you like to take games from here? What kinds of conceptual goals do you have beyond this project?

    2. Do you like working in this sort of vacuum or do you look forward to this being a competitive genre?

  • It’s been mentioned before that if the current character dies, the story will continue with another one. With only four main characters, though, what happens if all four characters die? Is there any way (other than a possible gamesave) to go back once a character has died (like a continue option)? Will there be any special rewards for being able to complete the story with only one character?


  • Will we see Heavy Rain Before December?

  • do i need to have played a previous game (fahrenheit) to understand the story and charectres?
    Does the game runs in full-HD?

  • Is it a free world type game like you can walk or drive to your destination or does the game automatically loads you to the location?

  • 1. How many different playthroughs will it take to see everything?
    2. What did you learn from Fahrenheit and how did that influence Heavy Rain? The ending of Fahrenheit was heavily criticized, how has that changed your approach to Heavy Rain?
    3. Are you working with Angelo Badalamenti again for the score?
    4. Fahrenheit was a mostly realistic game with a believable, contemporary setting that delved with the supernatural, is Heavy Rain going to be more realistic?

  • What are the trophies going to be like for Heavy Rain? Will there be just one way to play through to get all of them or can you get all of them in different ways in a single play through? Or will multiple play throughs be required to collect them all?

    What’s the ratio of progression trophies versus collection trophies, such as investigating x number of objects or whatever?

    Heavy Rain seems like a game that could really use the trophy system to encourage multiple playthroughs and exploring the story from different angles, if they are handled well, or it could reduce to exploration elements if they are applied too rigidly leading players to just use a guide to follow the “best” path.

  • Will you have lisesnced music in the game or will it be your score throughout the whole game?
    How “mature” will the content in the game’s story be?

  • How does this game differ from a branching laser disc game like dragons lair, other than mo-cap and blue ray?

    Should I wait to buy this game used?

    Y is there so much hype behind this one?

    Is it true the best of this game was revealed with the demo cast interview?

  • 1. Will we be seeing more games take advantage of the engine you use in Heavy Rain by you guys or other developers?

    2. Will there be easter eggs in the game!?

    Can’t wait for Heavy Rain, a breath of fresh air it is.

  • Was it hard to program Heavy Rain for PS3?
    Do you think you reached the ps3 limits?
    Will there be a Collectors Edition?
    Release date? ;)

  • Will the game have save anywhere like Oblivion, or will it be a time-drain like GTA?

  • hey my ? is will heavy rain push the ps3 power and if not how much % of the ps3 power will it use plz answer that?

  • I really liked the cinematic feel of Mass Effect. I know this is a very different game, but how
    1. will Heavy Rain bring in that emotion, decision choice, mood into the game?

    2. Will certain decisions change the outcome of the game play.

    3. Will each play though be different?

  • Are they planning any DLC?

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