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gamescom Cologne starts next week, and of course, we’re getting some quality time with Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream at the show. So you know what that means — we need your questions!

You’ve no doubt recently seen or read about the game, whether from our E3 virtual booth tour or the PlayStation.Blog.Europe‘s Friday interview with Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Executive Producer and CEO at Quantic Dream.

So once again, we’re opening the door to you! What do you want to know about Heavy Rain? Do your research, then drop your questions in the comments section below.

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  • @22
    Suck it up, the DS lite repair fee is $80, over 60% of the cost.

  • How long will an average play through of the game be?

    What was your favorite thing about working on this title?

  • Is there any chance of seeing Omikron and Indigo Prophecy re-releases in HD on PSN?

  • The only question I have at the moment is… When will we get to see Scott Shelby and Ethan Mars? We’ve already seen Norman and Madison, so it’s about time we meet the rest of the cast.

  • I’m so excited for Heavy Rain, and I want to know:

    Can you see all the scenes in one playthrough?

    In what ways can you interact with the environment?

    Heavy Rain is supposed to come out in early 2010, as you said that releasing a new IP in the fall may not be the best idea, but have plans changed since so many games are going to be released in early 2010?

  • Was it uncomfortable looking at the main character in the nude?

  • Hmm…

    1. What HD resolutions will it support?
    2. What technical difficulties has Quantic Dreams encountered, and overcome (They’re really talented, so I hope none!)?

  • Will there be any refrences to previous Quantic Dreams game like Indigo Prophecy? (Ex: In Indigo Prophecy there was an action figure of a charecter from Omikron: The Nomad Soul)

  • Would you say that Heavy Rain has more in-common to old school point and click adventures than todays action adventure games?

    If so with the retro gaming appetite increasing for this genre(point and click) do you feel your reviving it?

    I know you have made other games in this vein like Fahrenheit so this is not your first time out with this story driven gameplay. So it seems Heavy Rain could release to a newly revived audience fro this type of game. Looking forward to playing this myself.

  • Will there be any cool Heavy Rain merchandise or swag only available at upcoming game events?

  • Will the script and voice talents not suck? This type of game seems like it will be made or broken by the script and acting. How many clichés does the story include?

  • Hey guys, great work on the game! It looks awesome.
    Here are my questions:
    1. It’s been stated that if one of the characters die, player control switches to another of the remaining characters. In that case, it should be possible to kill of three of the characters early on, an so go on to play the entire game with the remaining character. If so, will you loose a lot of the story, or will it be fitted so that you get to see it all with one character?

    2. Can you choose what character you wish to play at any time?

    3. Does all the characters exist within the same time and space, and are they aware of each others existence?

    4. Is the man shown in the early gameplay sample the real Origami killer? (The man who stuffs his victims)?

    5. Any online features?
    I know I might be digging a little deep here, but I’m very curius of how this system works. And of course I’m looking forward to the game a lot. You guys are revolutionairies.

    – Cruore

  • *crosses fingers*

    1. Will Heavy Rain take an episodic approach to the progression of the game?

    2. Will there be any DLC in the future that isn’t a continuation or a part of the main story like maybe a “Short” (Short featurette) with new stories and new characters?

    3. How will sex and the killings be handled in Heavy Rain? Will they be interactive? How graphic are they?

  • 1.how long will be be?
    2. will it have any dlc
    and 3.how good is the replay value

  • Will there be any questions to answer throughout the game?

  • It’s hard to come up with a good question at this point since so many have asked some before me but my question is.

    How open is the game? let me jump back to Indigo real quick and say that the “sex” scene in Indigo was something that felt real but required actual effort from the player. Will this same aspect be present in heavy Rain?

  • how long is heavy rain? how does heavy rain make you care about it and emotional? will it have coop? in game music? why/ how did they decide to call the game heavy rain?

  • The demo that was shown off at last years games convention (known as the Origami killer demo) has been confirmed that it isn’t actually part of the game, could it possible be an extra to unlock?

  • @110 The replay Value will depend if you like the game or not, I say that the game will have more than 20 different endings, and everytime you play the game again, you’ll be able to do things different changing the story, dialoges and accions you can make.

  • Their previous game Fahrenheit was censored for the US version because the sex scenes were too graphic. How far will Heavy Rain go in this respect? Will you be pushing the limits again?

  • First of all, the game looks awesome. I’m really looking forward to this.

    My first questions is about the storyline. Who have written the story? Have the author(s) been inspired by other works, in case which?

    Could you tell me shortly about which programming language(s) is used in the development of the game, and why?

    And last, how do I get a job at Quantic Dream? ;p

  • I have a really simple to answer question for you guys:

    – Will there be a collectors/Special Edition? And if so, will it be full of awesome?

    Thanks Chris.

  • This probably won’t get read because it’s on the third of fourth page, but my question is will their be any nudity in the North American version of this game? The only reason I ask is because I don’t want to be playing it and have my Mom walk by and see the female character undressing herself. I realize I could choose not to undress her but then that would limit my options for the story.

  • In which City is “HR” placed?

    In one trailer you were able to see a hall and a statue which is originally placed in a Philadelphia Train Station, does Heavy Rain placed there too?

  • Has the framerate been improved since the footage was unveiled on GTTV?

  • My question:

    How awesome is Heavy Rain?

  • We dont need anymore infos lol we just want the game!

  • Will the game be set in an open world or separate chapters? Also, can you stay with one character through the story?

  • Will there be any cameos from previous games Quantic Dream has made?

  • Is the environment confined to one area, (such as a town or country), or will it be huge with many places? ( such as a country or continent) It doesn’t matter to me what the answer is I’m still getting this.

  • Is all combat quick time related?

    Will there be multiple stories for each character within the game? If so, does karma affect the outcome a la inFAMOUS.

    Will individual decisions with the characters affect the story down to the smallest detail or just the ending?

    Will we get to play as the villains at any point?

    How emotionally draining will the game be once you complete it?

    Are there any pre-order bonuses’? I hope not, I hate having to pre-order from 2 different vendors.

    Is there a release date or will there be one soon?

    Will there be a demo available on the PSN?

    How would you compare Heavy Rain to your past games on the PS2?

  • Quantic Dream, what games have you developed in the past?

    Do you have any projects planned fore the future?

    Are you a first party developer?

    Whats the first console you developed for?

    Do you listen to podcast beyond?

    Congratulations to Jeff Rubenstein on the baby.

  • Will this be as much of a movie as Metal gear Solid 4?

  • Indigo Prophecy had to have content cut to get its MA rating. Did anything have to be removed or edited from Heavy Rain to appease the ESRB or was there anything that preemptively changed or avoided specifically to avoid the risk of potentially getting AO rating?

  • Indeed, “Heavy Rain” is a compelling experience with all its details, dialogue, and realism. However, as our human universe continues to evolve, the question of ethnicity is called into question. Is “Heavy Rain” an Eurocentric game where all its inhabitants share the same racial makeup, or is the “Heavy Rain” world a representation of the “real world?” In other words, is one of the protagonist (playable character) of African, Latin, Asian, etc., decent, or is this just another “white” character-based game. As a scholar and one who enjoys playing video games, I think there is a danger in creating a “real world” with “real people” that can only be experienced through a whiteness lens. This seems to be the case for “HR.” I understand that two characters are not yet revealed, and I hope there is a true representation of human kind. My other question is perhaps less aggressive, will “HR” have DLC? If so, what will it include and when can gamers expect to experience it?

  • 1. Who are the characters that have yet to be introduced to us in gameplay footage and what role do they have?

    2. Does the game have multiple difficulty settings?

    3. Does the game run in 1080p?

  • 1.) WIll there be any use of the motion control? Six-Access, not the wands.
    2.) Home Rewards?

  • will this game be enjoyable for the shooters fans?

  • I really liked Indigo Prophecy. I’ve been very much interested in Heavy Rain since announced. The game looks amazing. What I want to know is do you have any online functionality planed? Will there be a demo? Do you have any DLC ideas after release? If so, will they add to the story? I know that some of these questions you can not answer outright. Thanks.

  • Will there be an option to see a sort of demo theater, with the cutscenes you’ve already seen to be strung together and the interactive bits to be automated? Perhaps set parameters before viewing to view a unique or random string of actions? I like to pop in a game sometimes just to sit back and watch cutscenes, and was wondering if HR would have something like that as well.

  • 1. Is this game going to make me cry?

    2. If so, what brand tissues do you recommend? (the aloe variety are too oily)

    3. Is it possible to play as one character throughout the entire game? Or are there different chapters that force you to play from other characters perspectives? (Sorry, did my research but the game still seems confusing without a hands-on)

    4. Is the game objective/mission-based, or is it COMPLETELY fluid in the sense that every situation can go in the direction you take it via your own choices/curiosities?

    5. What do you think about the criticisms that the characters often seem to be staring off into space, and not actually ‘looking’ at anything?

    6. Is DLC a possibility or are you guys completely void on the idea? (not asking for a confirmation, just if you guys are even open to the idea or not)

    7. Is there any nudity in the game? If so, will there be a blood/gore/nudity filter option in the menu for if girls are over watching the game? (emphasis on the if)

    8. How much effort are you guys putting into sound design? Will this game make me glad I have surround sound (headphones)? Please tell me you don’t use any ‘doom door’ sounds or other recycled (licensed) garbage.

  • 1.will dlc be a big thing in heavy rain? should we expect new characters, new places to explore and more endings in heavy rain?

    2.how long will the game be? will the game have replay value on all the characters? and not just have one ending for that specific character?

    3.Are you guys planning on making heavy rain a trilogy?

    4.what made you come up with heavy rain?

  • I haven’t read any questions, so I might be repeating what someone else said. And I also apologize if these questions suck, as I haven’t followed the game all-that-closely.

    1.) Will the game always end in the same manner (with catching the Origami Killer and whatnot) or can your choices lead to failing to catch him and/or arresting the wrong guy without necessarily getting a Game Over screen?

    2.) Up to now we’ve seen mostly videos of QTE action sequences. What is the approximate ratio of these action scenes to other gameplay elements, such as investigating the case, gathering evidence, etc.?

  • Is the European version of this game going to be different from the U.S. version? I’m sure the ESRB is going to put pressure on Sony to eliminate some adult oriented content from the U.S. version. I may need to import this game.

  • Will this game contain elements from Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)?

  • Given that the player’s choices can affect how later scenes play out, how hard was it to keep track of all the different permutations for each scene and make sure that each player’s story remains consistent? Did you have a particular process that helped (I’m imagining a desk covered with flowcharts) or were you able to keep track of it all in your head?

  • My question: Will the EU version of Heavy Rain have content that will likely be edited/censored in the NA release? This was the case with Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit.

  • 1.will heavy rain support all HD resolutions? 780, 1080i, 1080p?

    2.whats the sound setting? dolby digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 or 7.1pcm?

  • i have 3 questions.

    1. How does Heavy Rain challenge the PS3’s hardware?

    2. How many endings do you think are in this fantastic game?

    3. Will this masterpiece be censored in the US like Indigo Prophecy?

    I am very excited for this game and I know that this game might be the very first game to get me emotionally attached to the characters. And I garentee that this story will be thebest story ever, possibly even better than Indigo Prophecy’s.

  • 1. what books/films inspired you?

    2. are there any ghosts in the game?


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