Gran Turismo PSP — Your Questions Answered

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Gran Turismo PSP - Replay 1

Last week we gave you 3 and a half minutes with Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo PSP. That’s not enough, you said! So as promised, we fired off your questions to the game’s US Producers, Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Taku Imasaki, and below are their responses.

Also, we know you have a lot of questions about Gran Turismo 5, and we’ll be calling for those soon. But for now, we’re just focused on GT PSP.

Could we expect any compatibility of Gran Turismo PSP with Gran Turismo 5 (like Resistance: Retribution with Resistance 2)? – TRIX_BOL

Polyphony has always pushed the hardware boundaries of every console it’s been released on…and while this isn’t really answering your question, it does leave it open for you to imagine the possibilities.

Is GT PSP going to have DLCs (such as new cars, tracks, etc..)? – TRIX_BOL

We’re planning on having 800+ cars right out of the box, which is pretty much a lifetime’s worth of racing (I’m still unlocking cars from GT4). With that sort of breadth and reach of options, having DLC would be like tossing water into the ocean.

Will cars get damaged on GT PSP? – TRIX_BOL

Damage? No. 800+ cars, 35 tracks, on-the-go awesomeness, and a lifetime’s worth of racing, yes.

Will we see Porche, Lamborghini in the PSP version? – wbrinkman

Our car selection is pretty broad — there is a lot of candy, that’s for sure — but as far as flavors, you’ll just have to wait a bit more.

Will there be a downloadable demo of Gran Turismo for the PSP? – grashopper

We wish we can provide one, but at this time, there are no plans. We are focusing our efforts on Gran Turismo and GT5.

It appears that the AI car count is 3 cars on track. Counting you, there would be 4 cars in the race. Wouldn’t it have been better to drop the framerate of the game from 60 to 30 and increased the car count? – grashopper

We went through many experiments but came to the conclusion that having three opponents gives you the best portable racing experience while maintaining the Gran Turismo level of quality.

Cmon fellas…GT5 Prologue update? Eh, eh? Custom soundtracks? Maybe trophies, a lobby system? Screenshot function? – FoomMan

Sorry FoomMan, we’re around the bend and down the straight: the team’s main focus at this point is making sure GT PSP (and GT5) are in your hands.

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  • im also very disappointed in the lack of support, other than videos(most of which werent free), with Gran Turismo 5:Prologue.. we should get our money back for that demo.. very limited tracks… limited cars.. nice to look at, sure… but thats about all it ended up being..

  • Thanks a lot! Can’t wait to play GT PSP and GT5. Thanks again.

  • There better be car damage in GT5 or a lot of fans are going to be pissed and the media is going to have a all you can eat buffet with the hate articles directed at Sony and GT5.

  • Why does everyone only care about car damage? Seriously, it’s a racing game, not a “break your car down until you can’t race anymore” game. The main focus should be RACING not crashing. It may be important to a certain extent, but seriously? Not to buy a game because of a small thing like that is sort of ridiculous, looks to be an outstanding game, whether it has car damage or not.

  • The questions seemed to get nowhere at all imo.
    Anyhow,I think the prologue game needs to drop below $20 now to get ready for GT5 and PSP.

  • @54 blackmajic13
    I do not, but the media just love bashing Sony any chance they can get their hands on. If GT5 do not have car damage, you bet the Xbox 360 fanboys and the media will be LOLZ at Sony and GT5 because Forza 3 has car damage.

  • Did it take you 2 years to go round the bend Polyphony? :)

  • Could we expect any compatibility of Gran Turismo PSP with Gran Turismo 5 (like Resistance: Retribution with Resistance 2)? – TRIX_BOL

    Polyphony has always pushed the hardware boundaries of every console it’s been released on…and while this isn’t really answering your question, it does leave it open for you to imagine the possibilities.


    I think you guys will push it even further. I’m so anxious to play this game already!

    Well, thanks for answering my questions.

  • I thought GT PSP turned into another Duke Nukem Forever.

  • I wonder what all the hoopla about car damage is? I watch racing not Nascar, when these dudes wreck their cars. Ain’t nomore racing , then what start over and complain it’s too hard. This is a ” simulation game” you have to have a license to play. No kiddies to be more accurate, go bad no kids allowed. Almost the same argument.

  • Im really excited for this game and i hope Lamborghini’s are included in the final product .

  • No damage?! At least Gran Turismo 5 will have a damage system.

  • PLEASE no big game installs for GT5 ?

    GT5:Prologue was about 6/7GB ? So i sold it. Won’t buy GT5 if it has a big install like GT5:Prologue. Sorry guys.

    Looking forward to GT5 & GT:PSP anyway. [GT5]without installs :D

  • Not much info there, but I don’t see why people get their feathers ruffled so much about it. You can rest assured that Polyphony Digital’s offerings to the gaming community will be of the highest quality, as is their way of doing things. Petty details won’t stop me from purchasing GT5 and, more than likely, downloading the PSP GT game.

    So I say thanks to Polyphony Digital for their continuing dedication to quality, that’s all-too-rare in the modern marketplace.

  • After reading this post, I have less interest in the game.

  • Pretty awesome that they took the time to answer some questions from the fans. Sure, there isn’t much in the way of answering the questions. But, they are working to create something great. Now if they don’t live up to their words, then we will make them eat them.

    Good luck in trying to please the masses! Maybe GT on my PSP will make me a fan again. I haven’t played GT since the PSone.

  • What we know is this: GT-PSP is pretty much a portable version of GT4 with updated cars, has more cars than Fartza 3, can only have 4 cars on the track due to hardware limits. Have we not known this since GT-PSP was announced at E3?

    Why would you guys take some questions and then not answer them?

    Why did you answer 3 questions from 1 person and 2 questions from another?

    Why did you not give us some new info? Like maybe “the license system has been done away with and GT-PSP uses the same Event system GT5P has”?

    To tide us over until GT5 comes out, why do we not have some sort of “Car of The Day” screenshot/description like Need For Speed does?

    Why is SONY/PD still not understanding the necessity of community participation in this age of instant information?

    Why don’t you just come out and tell us, “we will give more info on GT5 each week”, or “we will announce GT5 at TGS”?

    This cloak and dagger crap is getting old.

  • #54 and #60:

    Why do people care about car damage?

    Because GT is supposed to be a REALISTIC racing simulator. And in real life, when drivers make mistakes, bad stuff happens — modest damage, crippling damage, multi-car damage, and everything in between.

    In GT5, you can smash off a wall (or directly into one), and nothing happens. You just keep driving.

    Why WOULDN’T we want car damage? Every other frickin’ game on the market has it. And it’s getting to a point where it’s embarrassing to not have it in a franchise as celebrated as GT.

  • Ok to everyone claiming that car damage is not needed think about this. Every racing game (simulation or not) that comes out in 2009 needs to have damage. It’s a feature that has become a standard to the genera.
    Imagine a FPS with no online multiplayer just local; it’s a required standard.
    Honestly I’m more upset by this post then pumped. This blog is used to inform and establish hype behind games and this post did neither.
    HEY Polyphony, if you don’t include damage you are just falling behind and it will be very clear with sales numbers when Forza 3 sells more copies faster. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

  • @ enewtabie

    Forza is a very good series and beats GT in many ways. Don’t bash it, because you’ve probably never played it.


    Yes it does show damage, but the rumor is, only racing cars will have damage, not production cars.

  • The lack of info regarding GT5 is bordering on stupid, we barely know anything more than when it was announced. Pretty sure that GT5 will do well but the competition has expanded a bit since the PS2 days. It’s a bit worrisome that the PSP version doesn’t have damage, that doesn’t bode well for the console edition and if that version doesn’t have it expect a backlash.

  • buddy did not answer a single question.. this guy should try his luck in politics, he’s already adept at dodging questions..

    gt psp is porbably a no buy unless there is a connectivity feature between it and gt5. btw where’s gt5???

  • 800+ cars, damn this little game outdoes Forza 3 already! Haha

  • After I have read all of those Post’s..

    its like half of you act like 5 years old and wanting something. lol…

    as for GT PSP it’s alright, probably will end up buy this one. and as for GT5, I am well aware that there will be a damage included and I guess they will announce the details of GT5 soon.


  • can the blog syphon out the xbots that make accounts here? theres nothing worse than some broke kid with a broken system that has zero summer games to play commenting on this site.

  • Why do people feel like they need to bash GT5:Prologue? First of all, you all knew it was a demo of the full game.. albeit a very big demo. Secondly, they aren’t supporting it? Last I checked they had many updates to the game, it’s got an online component with dynamic competitions as well as Gran Turismo TV features. Sure it’s not the full GT5 game yet, but they never said it would be. They are working on the full game, and I do appreciate that since retail release, Polyphony did add a lot to GT5P. Give credit where it’s due.


    Don’t be a dick dude. Just because someone might like Forza over GT, does not make them a fan boy.

  • That’s probably the worst interview I’ve ever had the displeasure of taking the time to read. Seriously PS Blog, don’t give me this [DELETED] anymore. This is laughably pathetic.

  • hey hey….im doing this from me nokia e71!!! I like the mobile version and l like gt psp……sweeeeet

  • After reading this, I am no more excited than before I clicked the link.

  • I’m super excited about GT PSP and I’m not even a big fan of racing games. This game sounds amazing, and GT5 looks so Incredible. Thanks Polyphony Digital, you guys rock.

  • The losers comparing GT5 to dirt and forza obviously dont own a car or even know how to drive. Maybe a game like burnout paradise would suit you guys more.
    While damage would help enhance the experience, it would have to be done right.

  • Typical PD pr, you picked a bunch of uninspiring questions that were already answered before, and the ones that wern’t answered yet, did not get an actual answer. Getting pretty tired with this “wait and see” mentality.


  • but im still looking forward to gt portable and the psp go.

  • That Is Really Nothing And Disappointed

    I’ll Wait For GT5 News And I Hope It’s Not ‘YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED’ !!

    All We Want Is Details

  • I’m not seeing any answers… haha

    These were GREAT questions though, but… they didn’t answer any of them… They just said, “We’re working hard” and “You’ll have to wait and see”.

    Good questions.
    Great Post.
    TERRIBLE answers!

    But, I’m still really excited for this game!

  • I’m glad there’s no DLC, and I hope you take the same approach with GT5.
    F*** pre-conceived DLC!

  • atleast there was not really biased questions and questions that are always asked.

  • i want grand turismo 5 news.

    i want to know about online, new races modes and cars!

  • No damage in the PSP verson because of all teh cars? I guess its safe to assume GT5 won’t have near as many cars..

  • To those questioning the need for damage: it’s not about smashing up your car. It’s about punishing those who can’t or won’t play by the rules. Using someone else’s car as a bumper simply isn’t a valid strategy in racing, and it shouldn’t be valid in a racing sim either. Once people realize that they can’t simply smash their way to victory, they’ll change their driving style.

    You’ll end up with griefers, sure, but the same strategy applies as before: kick ’em, report ’em, ban ’em (for life, ideally).

  • Superstrokey1123

    Only 4 people a track? Thats pretty low, i was hoping for 8…

    Oh well im sure its a day 1 buy for me.

  • Well that looks and sounds neat (except for the 4 car limitation) but all I really care about is Gran Turismo 5. The game that apparently will never come…

  • okay these are my questions i want to know when you guys do another chat

    1. will you be able to do 2 player drifts in gt5?

    2. will we have gt tv still?

    3. will we be able to play with more people once gt5 comes out?

    4. will we be able to set up a car club in the game?

    5. will we be able to have teams go against each other?

  • scoobyonline2000

    Dissapointing Q&A, questions were not answered. Try to get someone that has something to say rather than just say things we already know in different words…

  • I’ve been a die hard GT fan since the first one. It pretty much got me into console gaming..

    This BS “q&a” is a slap in the face of everyone interested in the franchise. I bought your 40 dollar demo that you said you would continue to support until the full game comes out..

    And you dont? WTF is that BS?

    Take your time with GT5.. Ill be buying a 360 & Forza3 In october. GT5 was one of the only real reasons I had to keep the PS3… ill buy a used one in 2012 when GT5 comes out. Maybe by then you will earn some respect back from your customers.

    This is such bs. GTpsp, no one gives a rats ass about the psp. Not 4 million that bought prologue, thats for sure.

  • Almost forgot:

    (-_-) to polyphony digital and sony. You guys just lost a lifetime supporter. Get your act together and you wont continue to be dead last.


  • Jeff Rubenstein & Chris Morell!!!!!!

    Can You Guys PLEASE! PLEASE ask my questions when it comes to Gran Turismo 5 Q&A.. PLEASE!

    1.) With Gran Turismo 5’s Very HQ Detailed cars is there any way that you guys can ADD a new camera angle that is CLOSER to the car so we can really see the details? (GT5P’s camera angle is very very far away from the car )

    2.) Can we expect Custom Soundtrack Support for Gran Turismo 5?

    3.) Since the game is ready for ship but its being fine tuned, Can You guys give us a Hint on how the Trophies are handled ? ( Win a Race, Buy a Hidden Car, Set a Lap record, All Gold Drivers License, etc.. )

    4.) IS Gran Turismo 5 FULL 1080p compliant or is it Full 720p UPSCALE to 1080/60p?

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