Gran Turismo PSP — Your Questions Answered

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Gran Turismo PSP - Replay 1

Last week we gave you 3 and a half minutes with Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo PSP. That’s not enough, you said! So as promised, we fired off your questions to the game’s US Producers, Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Taku Imasaki, and below are their responses.

Also, we know you have a lot of questions about Gran Turismo 5, and we’ll be calling for those soon. But for now, we’re just focused on GT PSP.

Could we expect any compatibility of Gran Turismo PSP with Gran Turismo 5 (like Resistance: Retribution with Resistance 2)? – TRIX_BOL

Polyphony has always pushed the hardware boundaries of every console it’s been released on…and while this isn’t really answering your question, it does leave it open for you to imagine the possibilities.

Is GT PSP going to have DLCs (such as new cars, tracks, etc..)? – TRIX_BOL

We’re planning on having 800+ cars right out of the box, which is pretty much a lifetime’s worth of racing (I’m still unlocking cars from GT4). With that sort of breadth and reach of options, having DLC would be like tossing water into the ocean.

Will cars get damaged on GT PSP? – TRIX_BOL

Damage? No. 800+ cars, 35 tracks, on-the-go awesomeness, and a lifetime’s worth of racing, yes.

Will we see Porche, Lamborghini in the PSP version? – wbrinkman

Our car selection is pretty broad — there is a lot of candy, that’s for sure — but as far as flavors, you’ll just have to wait a bit more.

Will there be a downloadable demo of Gran Turismo for the PSP? – grashopper

We wish we can provide one, but at this time, there are no plans. We are focusing our efforts on Gran Turismo and GT5.

It appears that the AI car count is 3 cars on track. Counting you, there would be 4 cars in the race. Wouldn’t it have been better to drop the framerate of the game from 60 to 30 and increased the car count? – grashopper

We went through many experiments but came to the conclusion that having three opponents gives you the best portable racing experience while maintaining the Gran Turismo level of quality.

Cmon fellas…GT5 Prologue update? Eh, eh? Custom soundtracks? Maybe trophies, a lobby system? Screenshot function? – FoomMan

Sorry FoomMan, we’re around the bend and down the straight: the team’s main focus at this point is making sure GT PSP (and GT5) are in your hands.

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  • Almost all the questions answered were in a abstract way. I understood them, but a simple answer would have done it. Also, if you can’t answer a question just say the usual and that you can’t answer them at this time. Stop avoidin the questions, the game is almost out. I hope yah don’t answer the GT5 questions the same way. We wait patiently for GT and yah just give us crap to dream about.

  • Nothing but PR speak. Only 4 cars on screen? grumble grumble

  • Why don’t people think before they talk? First of all if you read the interview they said there will be no downloadable content for GT PSP, they nothing about GT5’s download content. Second SONY REQUIRES ALL NEW GAMES TO HAVE TROPHY SUPPORT! I don’t understand why people keep asking if a game will have them. Sony made it mandatory late last year. Third of all just because the PSP version doesn’t have car damage doesn’t mean the PS3 version won’t. They said they will have further information on GT5 later so wait until then before you start accusing Polyphony of being bad developers.

  • They basically said nothing

  • remember Polyphony Digital….graphics is not evrything in a racing simulation game.

  • ford racing ps1 download for psp is awesome!!!!!

  • @75 MAGNUM-RAM

    I know what you mean, it’s been like this all summer… Sony needs to put moderators on here or something. I am starting not to like this blog because of the xbots and the 13 year old whinny babies. They do this with Sony weekly store updates, they do it with firmware updates, they are rude to a lot of 3rd party devs, and now they are even rude to 1st party devs… I do wonder if it is mostly those kids who own a 360 and bought a ps3, buy like 3 games and bash on it constantly. Those people that own both are ususally spoiled brats that need a dose of the real world! And the xbots really need to leave!!!! Seriously.

    I am a ps3,PSp, PS2, Ps1, PC, Ds, owner and will be buying gt portalbe day 1. Same with GT5. The guy said what he could, and if anyone thought there would be damage modelling for 800 cars on psp you need to lay off the crack! It’s a portable device.. you people feel entiled to everything and whine about $6 kz maps….god I really hate people here anymore!

  • @77 Stoffinator —

    Last i seen this is a SONY site, not the Don Matrox fanclub… A lot of us here are PS3 only owners or PlayStation brand loyalists with pc gaming rigs too…. This site is not about advertising your failbox, now I understand some of you may have got the rrod for the 7th time and came over to the better console, but still show some respect on the SONY blog….stop advertising the competition… seriously. There is nothing worse than xbots who have nothing better to do waiting for their machine to come back in the mial.

  • @ 97 commedieu –

    good ridance…the less xbot trolls the better, this place has been crawling with the xbox kiddies since summer break happened for them. You just admitted to not even having a ps3 so why are you here? And I love the PSP so don’t say no one cares. You and your xbot kiddies may not but the real ps owners here do!

  • Rather get the PSP3 version??!! :/

  • Why????…..the GRAPHICS SOO CRUMBBY???!!! :/

  • This should have just been a press release instead of a Q&A. Most of the questions weren’t really even answered, and those that were the answers were so vague there might as well shouldn’t have been and answer at all.

  • Well, the questions they answered were things already suspected, so good for the confirmation on those things. And then playing coy on some other things…if that was to hide a no people will be upset (more than the river of tears we have now).

    So far nothing disappointing or preventing me from getting the game. I’m still excited about it. Once pre-order bonuses, or lack of, are announced I will place a pre-order.

  • So many apologists on this blog. Just because some of us are critical doesn’t make us “x-bots”.

    I’ve had a PSP for over 4 years and was enjoying 6 person online multiplayer – with damage modeling – on Burnout Legends back in 2005. This game would have been decent over 4 years ago, but is no longer relevant compared to other PSP racing franchises already released.

  • If there is going to be a Q&A at least give straight forward answers and don’t beat around the bush. If the game is going to have some form of PSP Plus let us know. Either way the consumer is going to find out by launch when reviews are done on the game.

  • Thanks PSBlog for not posting my reply. Yet you leave his on. Thanks.

  • Meh…I just want useful things to be done.

    Don’t really care bout games until proper functionality in all areas of the PSP are added.

    I mean… how long has it been and we are still unable to do something as simple as watch a YouTube video?

    Like I said meh…

  • I’m excited for this game. Some people here need to relax, if it doesn’t have a billion player mode, or do the newest coolest things it sucks!!

    I can’t wait for both to come out. I do hope they would put custom play lists in GT5, unless they have 5000 songs so you don’t hear the same songs a thousand times.

    And to post 47, Do you have a 2 gig HDD or something? if the trophies are taking up that much room then you shouldn’t take up extra space with game saves since there so big too.

  • i dont get why were all talking an xbox racing game, when forza isnt on any portable platform. i have also looked for a racing game on psp and so far havent found any that meet what im looking for. did anyone really expect damage modeling on the little psp, when physics and proper rendering without a drop in FPS take priority?

    i also dont have a problem with waiting for the gran turismo games to come out, but would rather wait for them to do it right. developers that rush their games into the market are too common, and too often ruin what could have been an interesting game by being unpolished and glitchy. if someone has a problem with the way polyphony digital runs things i think they should play those games they compare to GTportable and GT5, [DELETED] it, and forza themselves.

  • A little disappointing….

  • Love the way the GT handles and with 800 cars this will be a buy day one for me. No damage? yea it sucks hopefully it will be included in GT5 can’t complain though GT has never let me down.

    Another thing , it seems there are more people that hate GT on this forum then like it. I understand there is no damage and I understand it would make it more realistic , but the tight controls , the large amount of content (tracks and cars) , and the graphical prowess of the games are all reasons why this is a must have. I understand you think this threatens your loyalty to the 360 but it is okay to like GT its a good game really you guys should try playing it sometime.

  • Why would you not get this game when it came out? It’s Gran Turismo! Polyphony digital has set the bar high for sim racers and no has yet to top it. Don’t even say Forza. They are second hand to GT PSP, 400 cars to 800 Hmm. Lastly when have you seen a PSP racing game with damage? I am still bouncing off cars when I play any racign sim on psp and I own every racing game on the PSP.

  • this game is ok not that good tho.

  • hows the graphic it does not look good but i would buy it

  • Everyone bashing GT or Forza has clearly never played either series. Yes i have a 360 no i don’t have a PS3 but a PS2 instead but i support both series as i have all games from both series (except GT5P). I have always liked GT cause of the car selection and licence tests, which i have benefited from, but it never had damage and like i’ve read before the cars in GT don’t seem to have as much grip as they should. I like Forza cause of the realism of the damage and the overall physics, but the lack of driver training in some way and the limited car choices constrict it. I hate when 10 year olds play Forza online and always run into you. Back on topic. This blog is about GT PSP anyways which i most definately will buy so don’t go off topic about Forza or GT5.

  • Am I the only one who wants a 60FPS replay on GT5? I like the film-like look that is currently available on Prologue but sometimes I wanna watch the replay like I’m watching a live-broadcast of the event :D

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