Gran Turismo PSP — Your Questions Answered

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Gran Turismo PSP - Replay 1

Last week we gave you 3 and a half minutes with Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi on Gran Turismo PSP. That’s not enough, you said! So as promised, we fired off your questions to the game’s US Producers, Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Taku Imasaki, and below are their responses.

Also, we know you have a lot of questions about Gran Turismo 5, and we’ll be calling for those soon. But for now, we’re just focused on GT PSP.

Could we expect any compatibility of Gran Turismo PSP with Gran Turismo 5 (like Resistance: Retribution with Resistance 2)? – TRIX_BOL

Polyphony has always pushed the hardware boundaries of every console it’s been released on…and while this isn’t really answering your question, it does leave it open for you to imagine the possibilities.

Is GT PSP going to have DLCs (such as new cars, tracks, etc..)? – TRIX_BOL

We’re planning on having 800+ cars right out of the box, which is pretty much a lifetime’s worth of racing (I’m still unlocking cars from GT4). With that sort of breadth and reach of options, having DLC would be like tossing water into the ocean.

Will cars get damaged on GT PSP? – TRIX_BOL

Damage? No. 800+ cars, 35 tracks, on-the-go awesomeness, and a lifetime’s worth of racing, yes.

Will we see Porche, Lamborghini in the PSP version? – wbrinkman

Our car selection is pretty broad — there is a lot of candy, that’s for sure — but as far as flavors, you’ll just have to wait a bit more.

Will there be a downloadable demo of Gran Turismo for the PSP? – grashopper

We wish we can provide one, but at this time, there are no plans. We are focusing our efforts on Gran Turismo and GT5.

It appears that the AI car count is 3 cars on track. Counting you, there would be 4 cars in the race. Wouldn’t it have been better to drop the framerate of the game from 60 to 30 and increased the car count? – grashopper

We went through many experiments but came to the conclusion that having three opponents gives you the best portable racing experience while maintaining the Gran Turismo level of quality.

Cmon fellas…GT5 Prologue update? Eh, eh? Custom soundtracks? Maybe trophies, a lobby system? Screenshot function? – FoomMan

Sorry FoomMan, we’re around the bend and down the straight: the team’s main focus at this point is making sure GT PSP (and GT5) are in your hands.

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  • So basically they said nothing at all…

  • So what I suppose to get out of this. Besides, we got nothing to say but we are working hard?

  • With no car damage in PSP is that to say that the console version will not have damage. If that is the case then I will have to rethink the any purchase since car damage is included in most of the competitions offerings and makes the driving experience more like a “racing simulator” than an arcade game.

  • man..SONY sure knows how to ruin good games.:/..SOCOM got horrible developers..and now GT5 is taking 4ever!!!…well..guess u gotta have ALOT of patients with SONY..i know i it does certainly pay off.

  • Reasonable answers, but not very exciting ones.

  • Kind of useless answers I’d say. Nice that they took the time to answer them, but maybe this should of waited until they could of actually told us something useful.

    I really really hope GT5 has damage on all cars and not just racing ones. Its time GT catches up with the times.

  • GT5 HAS to have damage because they showed damage in the trailer. It seems likely that damage will only be there for certain races (like only rally races) or only offline races.

  • I can’t imagine people were expecting damage on the PSP version? It hasn’t been in any other version of GT before or on the PS2 versions,but would show up now?
    Now GT5 is a different story.

  • GT5 is going to get trashed by Forza 3. Maybe if Polyphony didn’t waste time with garbage cars, fixed the damn physics and AI, and stopped releasing $40 demos, they would actually have a chance to make a decent product.

  • Weak. You guys at the blog just convinced me not to buy GT PSP with this blog update.

    I see others are now questioning whether there will be car damage in GT5 as well now. I bought Prologue but found it TERRIBLY disappointing. Too few cars I can deal with; but the lack of tracks and lack of updates made it a total waste of HD space.

    If Polyphony is listening to these first few comments (and I hope they are) then they should take a look at DiRT. DiRT managed to get REAL cars and still have damage. Not only that, but damage that affected your driving. If Polyphony can’t get their act together to include REAL damage, not just graphical changes that don’t affect gameplay, they’ve lost ALL of my support.

    Good luck releasing PS1 games with updated graphics Polyphony. WEAK!!

  • is gt5 at least gonna have trophies? since prologue wont or custom soundtracks at least?

  • @9
    Forza 2.5 you mean?
    I have 840 out 1000 on Forza 2 and nothing has been mentioned making F3 “awesome”
    Good try though!

  • btw if you guys dont know already you should check out the E3 trailer it hints that gt5 will have car damage

  • I found the lack of support for Prologue to be dissapointing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but for some reason I thought there would be additional functionality added via DLC or patches.

    I’m still looking forward to GT5.

  • te only thing that i don’t like it’s the fact of just 3 opponents…5 opponents was already too poor, but 3?…

  • that was kinda lame

  • I am hoping for Lamborghini!
    Also I would like them to rethink their stance on DLC.
    What happens when new cars come out?
    Is the 2012 “Whatever” going to be in the game?
    Probably not and I am not really keen on waiting another 5 or 6 years for GT6 so I can race with a new car or cars on a new track or tracks.

  • Polyphony probably listens, but their translator is probably conveying to them the wrong thing like at E3.

  • I am mad that it has no damage

  • Hey I want to know if they will be any PSP to PS3 conetivity beteen GT PSP and GT5 PS3? Remote play any thing. Be able to trade cars from PSP to PS3. Also a PSP used as a rear view mirror for driving in GT5? any thing like that?

  • Not a big fan of the genre, but I have prologue and I do expect GT5 and GT PSP to be the most beautiful racing games in the market.

    More power to you, Poliphony.

  • The rest of the industry passed GT by many years ago. This game may have been decent 4 years ago, but it’s feature set is too out-dated to matter anymore.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    There wasn’t really any new info……at least give us a car and track list please.

    To all whiners about damage:


  • As pretty as it looks, the GT franchise was eclipsed many years ago — and has done nothing to catch up.

    They need someone new at the helm, with a willingness to break new ground.

  • I probably won’t be able to get the S class license, never could. The main question that should’ve been asked is,” when is it coming out?”

  • Well i always loved gt i still have all copies, so will i buy it for PSP? yes. Will i buy it for PS3? yes, i have that steering wheel and it’s getting a bit dusty so i’ll need gt5 lol. Damage would have been nice but, i know the man loves his cars so i respect that.
    Hey Chris if your a fan i’ll see you at the starting line——— :)

  • ThreeLeggedFreak


    LOL sure, that’s why Prologue, a demo, sold close to 4 million copies worldwide right? You’re clueless dude.

  • I could have answered those questions myself.

  • I don’t think these people understand that this was about PSP version and not the PS3 version. I’m not surprised by any of these answers, the PSP is already coming packed with content and should easily be one of the best looking games on the handheld.

  • Worst Q&A ever.

    Half answers for most of these questions and the answers they did give are disapointing. I particularly like the answer on GT5P: no further support. When it came out they acted like they would be fine tuning all the time… discussed a damage update etc. Now that they have my money, they’ll “focus on GT5”. Lame.

    I used to be the biggest GT fanboy ever created. 4 and 5P were huge let downs though. They have the same “just not as fun as it should be” feeling as Forza. I’ll wait to pick up GT5 used thanks.

  • LOL!

    Xbots trolling a GT thread.

    It must be humiliating to have a PSP GT game have better graphics than that crappy little GT wannabe Forza on the RRoDbox.

    Don’t fret Xbots, the PS3 is getting a price cut this year and you’ll be able to play GT along with the rest of the world. Stop wasting your allowance on 50 dollar a year fees for laggy P2P online gaming would help you save up for a PS3 even faster.

  • Well it is a handheld version and since it also fits on the PSP 3000 it has to restrict memory allocations, but it does feel like a Trophy dash with only 4 cars at one time. But them is the cards that have been dealt so that they can fit it onto the older PSP’s I don’t think the PSPGo would have that problem so that should have made them create a different version in code. Like if you have a go the software recognizes the installed hardware and then modifies the parameters to fit it, like more cars in the race etc., but it is dependent on the graphics engine and if the engine is the same for both PSP’s then that will decide the code.

  • And as far as damage comment when you see the video the damage was so negligible that it would not have affected driving physics, if that is the only damage that is coming then it is not worth it for a full size game when I can get Dirt2 Grid and other games that do have “REAL” damage. The damage needed in GT5 is to create a penalty system that is closer to real life that it makes punting cars into walls and off track really penalties to the person initiating the offensive behaviour. The current penalty system that is in GT5 is more of for teaching you how to drive a car fast rather than racing incidents type of learning. This is especially apparent in the Online races. It is why I have not played Prologue for a few months.

  • Gran Turismo since the original has an always will be my favorite racing game(s) period. Please release 5 soon!!! Also I will be buying GT:PSP day one ;-)

    Thank you Polyphony for the memories had and too come.

  • Did they actually answer any of those…?

  • For the questions about trophies and custom soundtrack for GT5, I’d be surprised if they don’t have those features. GT5 has been in development so long and it’s one of Sony’s prized IP’s. Expect it to be in there. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift has them, I wouldn’t expect GT5 not to. Besides, trophies are pretty much mandatory now for PS3 games.

  • So he only answer like…nothing…and like we even care…

    Polyphony, read my lips:

    G-R-A-N T-U-R-I-S-M-O 5

    We know enough of GT PSP, it’s portable and it’s on sale October 1st. That’s enough, we get it, we love it , we’ll buy it. Now where’s the ^%%^%%$$ GT5 for PS3!!!

  • @31 Really? Do you think GT PSP is going to be better than Forza? You’re outta your friggin mind. You’ve only got 1 analog stick and two shoulder buttons. Plus it only runs on a non HD screen.

    People like you make the rest of us PS3 fans look ignorant. Asking for your favorite PS3 games to be higher quality, doesn’t make you an xbot. Quite the opposite actually.

  • DANM IT!!!!!! WE WANT A DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WE WANT DEMO!!!!

  • WE WANT DEMO!!!!!!


  • this means nothing to me how sad

  • I got such a negative feeling from this game after reading the post.

    I hope (for the sake of the buyers) those 800+ cars are more than re-skinned cars with more speed. I understand the PSP haves limits but come on, my nokia cell phone could do better than that. >_<

  • “having DLC would be like tossing water into the ocean.”

    hahaha :D

    GT PSP looks incredibly good but i skipped GT5P for GT5 and i’ll be doing the same for this one.

    I want the whole thing(GT5) or nothing… :)

  • I am digging the love for the PSP. I found myself playing Resistance Retribution till 3 last night. Can’t wait for a great PSP racing game. I have heard GT5 is ready anytime now…any chance on a release date confirmation?

  • I want to delete my trophies!! Why Can’t I when I no longer have the game?? Trophies are ridiculous. Alot of people want to delete their Trophies but can’t, it should be an option to keep, not mandatory. (Trophies – Worst Idea Ever!!!)
    It’s Wasting space on my HD

  • ” Do you think GT PSP is going to be better than Forza? ”


    It already does…

    Running in a higher resolution doesn’t fix Forza’s crappy lighting model.

    It is funny though to see the Forza fanboys stuck with trying to claim Forza 3 is obviously better than GT PSP because of the resolution, but then at the same time try to brush off the huge resolution advantage GT5/P has over Forza…

    That’s what happens when you have a company that sucks with console hardware design rush console hardware out the door like Microsoft did with the 360. But, hey!, at least 360 fans will always have those old fake Epic Gears of War marketing shots to cherish.

  • Thanks for wasting 5 minutes of my time with that.

  • I would get this game when/if I ever get a pSp.

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