Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Challenge

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Hello PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Yosuke Hayashi, producer at Team NINJA (Tecmo). Since the announcement of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in March, I’ve been looking forward to sharing more details on the title, so here we are. We received great feedback on our playable demo at E3 (both Ryu and Ayane were playable) and as you can imagine, we are working very hard to finish up the game in time for the fall release.

Since this is the PlayStation Blog, I’m going to refrain from comparing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 to Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360). All you really need to know is that this isn’t just a port and this will be the most complete Ninja Gaiden game released to date. Team NINJA has put out five Ninja Gaiden games in five years and we are confident that this is THE one you want to play and own!

Today, I’d like provide a quick overview on our three sexy, female PLAYABLE characters: Rachel, Ayane, and Momiji.

Rachel: Strong and powerful. Signature weapon – War Hammer. New weapon – Machine Gun!

Ayane: Young, purple-haired female ninja from the Dead or Alive series. Quick. Weapons – Dual short swords and a dagger with a pinwheel carrying her signature iris.

Momiji: Heroine from Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, who trained under Ryu. How much sexier can a female ninja get? Weapons – Naginata long sword and bow. Check out this video of Momiji:

Each character has its own unique set of weapons, moves and ninpos. If you thought you mastered Ryu, that won’t be enough in Sigma 2! There are plenty of melee and projectile weapons to unlock along the way.

Here’s some fun until next time: On the cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s May 2009 issue, there’s an image of Ryu with his sword standing in the urban landscape. Our artists decided to do a version featuring each of female characters, all for you to download, available exclusively on the PlayStation Blog. We wanted to have some fun with the images, so each picture has three “things” that are different from Ryu’s image. Since Ninja Gaiden is known to have a high difficulty level, this challenge is no different. Some of the differences in the pictures may be unnoticeable to the naked eye, so download the images, look closely, and have fun!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Ryu Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Rachel

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Ayane Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Momiji

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  • @50:

    Japan’s release is Oct. 1st so hopefully NA/EU is somewhere in that ballpark as well.

  • Will this game come with Collector/Limited/Special Edition? If so, would you please elaborate on what we will be getting? Thanx!

  • Finished, that wasn’t as hard as you might think, make sure you something that can’t be found in photoshop.

  • iv found them all!



  • Rachel- 1. Crack or scar on statue’s face.
    2. Two bullet caps instead of petals.
    3. Bullet Marking on the bridges fence.

    Ayane- 1. Extra hair bead on statue.
    2. Flying car has an extra light on.
    3. Dagger stuck on the bridges fence.
    4. Extra petal infront of her left leg.

    Momiji- 1. Five leaves instead of petals.
    2. Necklace on the bridges fence.
    3. Has both doors open at the temple under the statue. (It has more light than the others.) I’m not sure if it’s a temple or not I’m just assuming it’s called that.

    There’s a lot more difference but too much to say. You only said three right. I’m sure I got the main one’s.

  • iv found them

  • I can’t find the last one for Ayane, Curse you!! :P

    Rachel. Bullet shells, bullet holes in railing, cut/line on statues face

    Ayane. Shuriken on railing, extra gold dot on statue

    Mimiji. necklace hanging from railing, orange/yellow leaves to her left and right instead of cherry blossoms, and no gold/black thing on the red building between the two leaves, below the statue…

    Can’t wait for Sigma 2. I absolutely love this game. Even though I have NG2 I’ll definitely be picking up Sigma 2 day ONE. I know you guys can, but I just hope the game runs smooth on the PS3 and doesn’t bog down like it did on 360. Complete faith though, you guys are amongst the best. ;)

  • Sorry Mohsin, I posted first. I won. Everyone before me had it wrong.

  • I’m not sure if it’s a door closed or a shade covering half of the window. But i know I posted everything right 1st. So I won.

  • That’s BS. How it just switch like that. That’s not fair. How you just switch mohsin to be in front of me. I have a pic with me being the 1st to post everything right.

  • More blood, no shotgun for Ryu, fixed camera, no annoyning off-screen ninja throwing all sorts of weapon, while you can’t see them, thanks to camera position, and we need nothing else. Well, the new female characters are a good add-on to the game.

  • does it still have online co op?

  • hate to break it to you guys but I don’t think the car light is correct. Unless I need glasses I just don’t see the difference there…

    As to you syk, this isn’t a give away so who gives a rats … who got it first. :P


    Yes, gamestop/ebgames has another exclusive limited edition listed online. Came across it last night. That’s probably all we’re getting again in terms of Limited Edition. Nothing is stated as to what you get but it’s probably something trivial like last time. An exclusive slip cover case and a trivial bonus disc… Doubt it will be anything of true substance worth paying the extra $10 for. ;)

  • is it the little leaves dat they jus in different spots

  • not that I want to complain and all, but shouldn’t the Game Case have the PSN logo on the top right to show it uses the PSN because of Co-Op??

  • FIRST DAY BUY FOR ME!! :D The first Sigma was a blast.

  • I appreciate the effort Team Ninja are putting into this game.

  • PUT THE PSN LOGO IN THE COVER!! So people can see it has ON-LINE mode on the PSN. If people knows about co-op and other PSN things, the game will sell more.

  • The reduced gore seems like an odd choice to me, since Ninja Gaiden and gore have always gone hand and hand. It’s practically it’s the brand’s signature effect. I also heard they are making the game easier. Hopefully this is an option that can be turned off, since I am a veteran of the original Ninja Gaiden. Still excited about this since I never got to play all the way through NG2 and the new features look good.

  • It says there dificulty has not changed

  • No blood, no limbs, no good

  • I dislike the purple mist, wish there was more blood, but that aside, looks good.

  • i have play NG2 over 150 hrs, i think this will have me play over 200 hrs and maybe more because it has online co-op.
    also more characters has more playtime so yeah.
    i had master every moves in NG2, i will in this game too.

    Hayashi-san, hope u make NG3 as awesome as this game.

  • I was going to get this game. Then I found out they were cutting out some of the gore.

    No Gore = No Buy

    • We hope gore isn\’t the only element that makes a cool action game. Team NINJA aims to sustain the goal of creating challenging games, and NGS2 still retains violence and blood, although in a tasteful manner.

  • Takehaniyasubiko

    OK, Hayashi. Cut the crap. We all remember how pathetic NGII turned out. A cheap gameplay, stupid level design, atrocious bugs, laughable story and no bonus content. It was a disgrace for Ninja Gaiden franchise and you know it. So don’t try to cover the fact that NGS2 is a rehash of that crappy game your former master Itagaki has committed. This game better be truly good or Team Ninja honor will be shattered once and for all.

    Adding three characters seems hot but they aren’t exactly new and it seems that all of them visit Ryu’s levels in reverse. Also, why are you spamming boobs? I know it’s Tecmo’s style – drinks and boobs – but open your eyes, 90s are over and people want more than just boorish sex. Why didn’t you add Hayate or a totally new male character? Why did you bring back Rachel? It’s clear she wasn’t meant for NGII so why? Why? People hate her gameplay and her story. Keep your fetishes to yourself!

    Oh, and remember that you have to add some bonus outfits to the game’s disc, not as a DLC.

  • @ KingBroly

    Exactly. A mission select would be nice. It was in the early builds of NGII but scrapped later one for some reason.

  • @ Thrill_Kill

    The first NGII was actually rendered at sub-HD resolution of 1120×585 then upscaled. Sigma 2 runs at true 1280×720 and does support 1080p output.

  • Wow, people are really REALLY demanding……talk about ungrateful T.T. I’m just thrilled that we are finally getting this game after everyone said PS3 owners would never see it in any shape or form.

    A big thanks to Hayashi-san and all the members of Team Ninja for remaking this game. NGS was my first PS3 game and after almost two years is still one of my most played ones. Can’t to play, including getting to try out and practice with all the new characters.

  • I really enjoyed the first one on my last gen box. I just wish the PS3 didn’t have to be a year behind on the release for this game. But I’m sure you’ll make it bigger and better for us.

  • Thank You very Yosuke. I love Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I cant wait for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I like the direction you are taking the franchise to.

    The graphics looks good, gameplay seems very smooth. I appreciate your hard work. Keep it up.

    Whats the release date for UK and any news about the demo?

    Again, thank you.

    • We are targeting a Fall 2009 release date for Europe. A demo will be available on PSN before the game release.

    *Scar on Buddha’s cheek
    *2 bullet holes on wooden ledge
    *2 empty shells on floor

    *Extra orb on Buddha’s head/hair
    *Explosive Kunai stuck on the wooden ledge

    *Sanji’s necklace tired to the wooden ledge
    *Blossom leaves replace with autumn’s leaves
    *TV Advert shows an image of something (looks like Ryu), possibly Ninja Gaiden 3:)

  • @ Takehaniyasubiko

    Totally agree.
    When NGS2 was announced, a lot of people were happy, just because it was an x360 exclusive coming to ps3. Like a revenge for the FFXIII. But come on, I wasn’t happy at all. This game is as boring as it gets. Its frustating, crap gameplay, lifeless scenarios, not to mention the story. The only interisting thing about the whole game is the gore, and now they take it away, giving one crap excuse after another. We all know removing the gore is about getting a rating other than mature. Purple cloud? Purple? It not a game about Barbie.
    The difficulty of this game is for hardcore gamers, and they want gore.

  • Make the costumes free. Paying for costumes is the dumbest thing ever.

  • NGS 2 looks very familiar…

    I want to play :)

  • @TakiFuGu come on now…its a different game..its been fixed, has co-op better graphics more characters extra’s not just a port… its full priced. why are so many of you so cheap?

    And to top that off a lot of us (hopefully most of I despise M$ and the crapbox) have a PS3 as there only “HD” console…so this is new and the proper sequal to the great NG sigma1….

    To Tecmo..Thank you , thank you, thank you!!!! Keep them coming! I will buy everyone.. and when is the Quantom release date? I want that game too.

  • @ 87

    Looks like an updated Ninja Gaiden 1 to me. Sorry dude, I just call it like I see it. Even the play looks the same. Now way I’m paying full price for that. I’d rather pay Naughty Dog double the amount for Uncharted 2.

  • Please make NGII style blood and gore optional selection. Purple lights does not fit Ninja Gaiden theme. It’s like watching Kill Bill and 300 with purple lights instead of blood, not the same.

    Make an Option, this way you can have your style and we can turn on the blood and gore and have our style, everybody is happy.

    You say you want to make this the most complete version of Ninja Gaiden 2, please add this option, or it will be missing and asked why you left it out forever.

    Many people all over the internet, on youtube, on other game sites, and facebook etc already want this option.

  • Looks like an outstanding game and will most definitely purchase it on the first day.

    That being said. I also have a question for Mr. Hayashi and/or the rest of Team Ninja.

    It was stated that this version of Ninja Gaiden 2 was for fans of the franchise.

    Considering fans for this particular franchise go beyond just one console, Are you planning on bringing it to “other” consoles ? so that “every fan” has a chance to experience these new features. If not, why not?

    Not trying to disrespect or stir up any trouble. just curious.

    Either way I wish you prosperity and success.

  • Yosuke Hayashi I have a few questions myself.

    1. How will co-op play with Ninja Gaiden?

    This is going to be the first NG game, I believe, which featured co-op and i’m sure i’m not the the only who’s wondering it it’ll effect the quality or gameplay that NG fans has come to expect.

    2. Would it be possible to out have an optional gore or violence as a downloadable content in the future for those who loved that from NG2, or is it a permanent no go?

    And my last one which really isn’t pertaining to Sigma 2:

    3. I know the game is 2 years old, but would you or have you considered adding trophy support for the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma or is it entirely a no go?

    Oh and one more thing: Will gamers have to install the game on the HDD before we play or is it optional or no?

  • Give us an option to change the purple essence to red essence please. It looks very out of place and clashes with red blood sprayed on the floor.

  • Yosuke Hayashi,

    I hope you realize you are competing against Ninja Gaiden 2, you know, the game that has all the blood geysers and gore. I don’t know whether or not the lack of blood geysers and gore in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is really an aesthetics choice, an attempt to get a lower age rating in Japan, or a workaround for any ps3 deficiencies. I hope that you change this game to put the same amount of gore and blood geysers or more in order to make it worth a $60 price when compared to a $20-$30 price for a version that has blood and gore. Delay it for as much time as needed to accomplish this. This game in its current state will still get a mature rating in the states, so on that account, there’s no reason to not have the blood geysers and gore. I remember you once saying that you would prove whether or not Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 would be a disgrace as Tomonobu Itagaki said it would. Well up to now you are proving Itagaki correct. All that’s needed is to add the blood geysers and gore to prove him incorrect.

  • Thnx for clearing it up that this is not just a port. I am looking forward to this game and have been looking forward to this game before it was announced for Ps3. Please add the unlockable games that were in the original xbox version, those would be much appreciated

  • Awesome graphics, thanks for sharing!

    One small thing though – and trust me, I’m not trying to sound ungrateful or petty, but I think it would have been cool if these had been widescreen images we could have used as wallpaper on the PS3. Maybe there’ll be some in the future? :D

  • @chriscowboyd – Really don’t know if that’ll fit onto the style of NGS2. I mean for DLC add on I’ll use it, since the toned down blood is really a concern as me being used to it, but I don’t think they’ll add it.

    While it seems more unrealistic at times with the Geysers blood, I personally think Itagaki tacked that on for no reason. It didn’t really enhance the game play only violence. Itagaki focused all his efforts on the violence and the game came out with many bugs and problems. That’s not to say it wasn’t fun, it is, but just felt too much for the effect. I’m not denying Itagaki is a brilliant man and developer like Kojima. Both have made some tremendous titles. Although Kojima goes overboard with the whole long drawn out scenes like in MGS4. :o

  • @93chriscowboyd

    Man, you are talking nonsense. This game is so much better than NG2. It has better graphics, more weapons, more story levels for Ryu, additional bosses, more playable character with their respective story plot. Also it has ONLINE CO-OP.

    This game is well worth the $60. I also prefer more blood in games, but the lack of it is no reason to think this game should cost less than it is worth.

  • I have a request for you Hayashi.

    I was highly disappointed with Itagaki’s decision not to make Sonia playable. I feel its a shame everyone else is there and Sonia is missing out.

    Can we talk dlc with a mode with chapters for sonia? I would love to fill the entire NG2 story in and I would also love to use her in co-op.

    If you do a seperate mode then people who don’t want to use her don’t have to but on behalf of me, and all other NG2 fans who wanted to use her please answer these prayers Hayashi?

  • less blood huh? fine by me its a great game anyways loved ngs1 cant wait 2 jam on this 1.. for all u gripers out there dont let such a trivial thing as lack of blood deter u from what is sure 2 b an awesome game. and if u choose to let it deter u, well your loss

  • Big NG fan and love all of them. Please port the arcade version in NGS2!!! Or even the orignal ones! I know NGS2 is going to be co-op online and different playable characters, but it will be a great add on and or unlockable extra that finish the game off!! Great work keep it up!

  • Hey creator of Ninja Gaiden 2 PLEASE add Blood. i say this cause people r losing interest in the game. a lot of people love violence. Now for quantum u really have a game that could be the best on ps3. i preorded quantum already. but u have to add ALOT of BLOOD and VIOLENCE. forget about your doubts and who cares if its compared to gears. i think people will flock over to that game even 360 fanboys look at god of war 3. please and thank you.

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