Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Challenge

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Hello PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Yosuke Hayashi, producer at Team NINJA (Tecmo). Since the announcement of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in March, I’ve been looking forward to sharing more details on the title, so here we are. We received great feedback on our playable demo at E3 (both Ryu and Ayane were playable) and as you can imagine, we are working very hard to finish up the game in time for the fall release.

Since this is the PlayStation Blog, I’m going to refrain from comparing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 to Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360). All you really need to know is that this isn’t just a port and this will be the most complete Ninja Gaiden game released to date. Team NINJA has put out five Ninja Gaiden games in five years and we are confident that this is THE one you want to play and own!

Today, I’d like provide a quick overview on our three sexy, female PLAYABLE characters: Rachel, Ayane, and Momiji.

Rachel: Strong and powerful. Signature weapon – War Hammer. New weapon – Machine Gun!

Ayane: Young, purple-haired female ninja from the Dead or Alive series. Quick. Weapons – Dual short swords and a dagger with a pinwheel carrying her signature iris.

Momiji: Heroine from Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword, who trained under Ryu. How much sexier can a female ninja get? Weapons – Naginata long sword and bow. Check out this video of Momiji:

Each character has its own unique set of weapons, moves and ninpos. If you thought you mastered Ryu, that won’t be enough in Sigma 2! There are plenty of melee and projectile weapons to unlock along the way.

Here’s some fun until next time: On the cover of PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s May 2009 issue, there’s an image of Ryu with his sword standing in the urban landscape. Our artists decided to do a version featuring each of female characters, all for you to download, available exclusively on the PlayStation Blog. We wanted to have some fun with the images, so each picture has three “things” that are different from Ryu’s image. Since Ninja Gaiden is known to have a high difficulty level, this challenge is no different. Some of the differences in the pictures may be unnoticeable to the naked eye, so download the images, look closely, and have fun!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Ryu Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Rachel

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Ayane Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - Momiji

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  • Heh. I’m not much for the “notice the difference” sorts of games, but I’m glad to hear you guys are putting some real effort into this thing. Speaking of DOA… Well, I think you know what I’m going to ask, so…

  • Thanks for the info. Any word on when a demo might be released?

  • This post has just made my day, ive been replaying Ninja Gaiden Sigma and man its a blast. Its got me hyped for the new game.

    Thank you SO much for bringing this brand new version of Ninja Gaiden tot he PS3.

    I hope you continue progressing the series furtuher on the system. Im really interested to play co-op online with other masochistic Ninjas!

  • Thanks for the wallpaper and the challenge, i’ll have to pass on the challenge my naked eye doesn’t see so well as it is :).

  • I can’t wait for this game, is there any specific release date yet? (For Europe)
    Now make the same with the DOA… I want that game so much on my PS3!…

    Congrats for the amazing game Tecmo ppl!

  • i think momiji is the hottest and ayane is a close second.. i’m terrible at ninja gaiden games but i’d buy this one jsut because of the babes lol

  • The last pic of Momji has one red leaf falling on both sides, and there is a small ring on the bridge.

    And on the far right corner of Rachel’s, there is an empty shell casing.

    Anyway, I’ll be 100% happy with Sigma 2 if all if not all the glitches of the original version were fixed. Fairly recently, someone discovered an invincibility glitch for example.

    Mentioning the crippling slowdown on higher difficulties and chapter 10 goes without saying. So I’m really looking forward to NGS2 for a variety of reasons.

    • Don\’t worry, all glitches from NG2 on Xbox won\’t be in Sigma 2. No more horrible camera angles or other glitches.

  • Eh, I gave one of them a go. Momiji has a bracelet on the fence behind her, 7 leaf petals on the floor while others have 9 or 8 and she I think their maple leafs falling.

  • Rachel has bullet casings lying on the floor,
    Ayane has a shuriken right behind her, and Momiji has red leaves falling on her pic.

  • how many diffrences are there? i spotted one already.

  • Whoa, whoa! I just noticed something- that’s a SWORD? I figured it for a spear… I suppose that detail isn’t terribly important, but hearing more on that might actually interest me. She does do a fairly good job of looking good while doing so much bad, though. :D

    Also, the bad guys seem to have a fairly impressive moveset now as well (I think I saw that big guy use the spinny-to-ground thingy…majig XD )

  • – Rachel’s picture has bullet holes
    – Momiji’s piture has a necklace/ring
    – Ayane has her ninja knife thing
    – Ryu has a orb attached to his katana handle

    Am i right? =D

  • ayane
    Kunai on the bridge handle
    One more “ball” on the statue head
    Red Detail on the floating car on the left

    bullet casing on the floor instead of the sakura petals
    gun holes in the bridge handle
    scar on statue face

    tree leaves instead of sakura petals floating on the right
    different outdoor near the “pagoda”
    Kind of medallion hanging on the bridge handle, next to her left leg

    Btw, hypeing this game to the moon \o/ Thanks for bringing it to PS3

  • I will be buying this game DAY ONE!

  • Sony the direct link to the blog from twitter works, but when I access the regular site ( it gives me the ”
    Be Right Back…

    We’re making a few quick changes and the site will be back online in just a few moments.

    If you were submitting a comment, please just press your browser’s “Back” button, and try again in a little bit (this way, your comment is not lost).” Not sure if you knew, thought I’d bring it up anyway. Thanks for your time :)

  • Thanks for the images. Ayane is my favorite from the DOA series. It’s going to be fun playing her in Sigma 2.

  • Is there going be to any DLC for the game?

  • Any chance of single system 2P Co-op?

  • Yosuke, leave the gore in. Make it optional if need be. Game is a violent ninja game, they use swords and the blood is part of the appeal of the game. Think you are making a big mistake by watering it down and using purple mist because it doesn’t have the same visceral impact. Pretty sure most would prefer the original blood is kept.

  • Oh, just cleared my cache and it showed up. Not sure if it was that (and therefore by extension what an idiot I am) or you, anyway working now. Ha. <.<

  • Three diffrences are dagger on the handrail 2. bullet cap on the floor leaf in the right floating TOO EASY! :p but thanx for trying to make it interesting..this game looks great and is great and i cant wait to play it! just wish ALOT MORE game producers would start making more games with CO-OP online or shouldn’t be that hard! its the 21st century of gaming cummon!

  • Boss guy with wings has moves (and shoes) like Tengu from DoA2!

    I just received a copy of Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword so I can catch up with Momiji and everyone before playing Ninja Gaiden 2 for the first time.

  • Already see 1 different in each picture: The character, DUH!/DOH!

  • Great, I want this game. Is it true that the violence has been lowered? is there going to be an option to have it like the 360 version?

    thnx team ninja for making NGS2 :)

    • Team NINJA\’s goal has been to create challenging games, which doesn\’t necessarily mean \”more violence\” or \”more blood\”. We hope and are confident that violence/blood/gore are not the only elements that make up a compelling, cool action game.

  • dam nice

  • I just got NGS, looking forward to playing it soon to prepare for NGS2.

  • Certainly is a lot less blood.

  • Bought NGS and loved every single moment of it. NGS2 is day one as well.

  • can i get a ryu avatar im gonna ask nicely ok…..please.

  • Several differences. extra bead in the bhuddashead, a kunai on the bridge, red leaves, differences in lighting and bullets on the floor. Cant wait to play.

  • Here are the differences:

    – Scar on statue face
    – Two bullets on floor instead of flowers
    – What looks like bullet holes on railing behind her

    – Shuriken stuck in railing behind her
    – Statue has one extra bead on her head
    – One extra flower petal is falling in front of her shin

    – Four flower petals are replaced with leaves
    – What looks like a bill board on top of the building is different
    – Necklace is hanging from the railing behind her

  • Welcome to the blog Yosuke Hayashi!
    I’m really looking forward to NGS2 on PS3, day one buy but can you guys give us an option to turn on gore and blood? Because this purple stuff isn’t that good in my opinion.

  • I’m a big fan of the first one but never got to play NG2, so I’m happy I will get to play the best version.

  • Guess I’ll have to hunt down NGS1 and that DS game (wonder what I did with my DS…. PSP is always with me lol).

  • Please tell me they will have their own game files (as in; not making me skip around from character to character) Each character with his/her own save file:D

    And keep all the blood and gore!

  • Freakin Sweet!!! Also We need Demo! As long as it does not mess up release date (I need it as soon as posible). Can’t wait. Using pic’s as wallpaper for my PS3. :)

  • This is great! But when can we expect to see a return of the Dead or Alive Series on a Sony Console? I’ve been a fan of DOA since WAY before DOA2 brought it to the mainstream and put it on the franchise on the MAP! DOA still remains one of my top fighting games and honestly, its the only one I’d venture out to buy, I’d love to see ports of DOA3 and the other Microsoft Titles come to the PS3, I’m sure I’ve missed a lot since DOA on the PSX and DOA2:Hardcore on the PS2.. Come on Mr. Hayashisan! Make this happen! =]

  • Please make it an option to include the absurd amount of “blood and gore” that was in NG2. I don’t mind having it default to the improved less gory version, but it would be super cool to be able to go full gore :)

    Day one purchase for me, I am a long time fan of the NG series and hold it in the highest regard.

    Will there be a collectors edition?

  • Thats great news! Now start bringing back the DOA series to its old home Console. I’m sure I missed a lot since DOA2:Hardcore, and I’ve been a huge fan since the first Dead or Alive on the PSX. As a matter of fact the Dead or Alive franchise is the only fighting series I’d venture out to buy. So come one Mr. Hayashisan! Make it happen, even if its just ported titles from the Microsoft. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot since DOA2:Hardcore!!!

  • thank you guys for this awesaome game

  • These japanese guys really love there breasts lol.

  • Nice, i will buy this on day 1 for sure. Also bring back the DOA series to Playstation, it’s original home!

  • There’s a rumor (confirmed rumor) that you guys are taking some of the gore out of the game.

    Leave it in please, or make it optional.

    Thank you.

  • Awesome to see you on the Blog :) Glad to see you adding in so much to the PS3 version (3 characters, story segments, bosses/enemies, new modes, etc.).



    –This one will not be so violent and gory. The new approach is to make the game more “cool.” Hayashi noted there are plenty of violent video games and he doesn’t wish to emulate that; he’d like to do something different this time.

    Personally, I’m not affected by the change and don’t mind.

  • I wish NG2 had a DMC mission setup where I could go to any mission on any difficulty whenever I wanted and stats/weapons/power-ups stacked.

    I also wish the camera on the final boss wasn’t so awful. I might double dip on this, depending on what the trophies look like (I’m not beating the game 8+ times to get a Platinum). I’m interested in it, I’m just waiting on all the comparisons.

  • I was looking forward to playing this one until I heard they lowered violence. Why? Why do that? I won’t play it now. I heard that was what made the game cool. Sorry.

  • I was really looking forward to playing this until I heard they lowered the violence. Why? Why would you do that. I won’t play it now. I heard that was what made the game fun, all the be-headings. Sorry, won’t get my money.

    • I\’m reposting the same reply from another comment to hopefully change your mind about this game. \”Team NINJA’s goal has been to create challenging games, which doesn’t necessarily mean “more violence” or “more blood”. We hope and are confident that violence/blood/gore are not the only elements that make up a compelling, cool action game.\”

  • – The moon is brighter on some of the shots.
    – Flying car on the left has a red light (Ayane)
    – Statue has a crack on the face (Rachel)
    – Statue has an extra hair bead (Ayane)
    – Leafs falling instead of petals (Momiji)
    – Billboard on the right is different (Momiji)
    – Bullets on the floor instead of petals (Rachel)
    – Necklace stuck on the fence (Momiji)
    – Bullet markings on the fence (Rachel)
    – Dagger stuck on the fence (Ayane)
    – Lighting differences everywhere on all pics

    That’s all. What do I win? :P

  • I just hope this is not a full price $60 game. Ninja Gaiden 2 is so last year. But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for the game. I’m just not willing to pay full price due to the fact it wasn’t a simultaneous release.

  • Epic stuff right there. The graphics look great. When will it be realeased?

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