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We’re back in the Bay Area from E3, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of the show yet. All this week, we’ll be sharing interviews, features, and other videos we shot in LA, right here on the PSB. You’ll meet Kazunori Yamauchi and the cast of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (wait til you see how close they look to their on-screen counterparts), you’ll learn the latest details about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken 6, Heavy Rain, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and more.

We’ll kick off “Week 2” of E3 with a play-by-play walkthrough of MAG in just a couple hours.

In the meantime, we wonder:

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  • PLEASE SONY make this one stick. We have a long way to go but i hope that Square has come to their senses. MS has already solved the multiple disc problem by now allowing the download of games from their marketplace. That could mean FFXIIIvs can be played on both console equally. I hope Sony has locked all other FF.

    P.S Sony is suppose to own stock in Square.


  • EternalMovement

    Biggest surprise was Final Fantasy XIV being exclusive then finding out under a day later its not exclusive after all.

    Poor Jack :(

  • I’d love to play GOW3 with the motion controller *.*

  • biggest surprise for me is that their no release date for GT5.. psp GT is not the same..

  • I really laughed when the PS3 motion controller prototype was demoed. It’s a great start. I hope it doesn’t come more costly than the DS3. But I love to see that controller on Ratchet and Clank and on Burnout Paradise. You can imagine the “accidents” that will happen…..

  • Ok, big question, is this Final Fantasy 14 ACTUALLY exclusive? Or are we gunna get slapped in the face again down the line?

  • why did Sony say Final Fantasy XIV was exclusive but then hours later Square says that they are looking at putting it on other systems? So is this going to be one of those games that in a few months it’s going to be on 360 as well?

  • thanks for the great coverage guys, looking forward for more interviews and stuffs this week, the biggest surprise for me was FFIV and the rockstar exclusive(duh every Rockstar game ROCKS!)

  • What gives Jeff? Where is WKC? You said that you will cover WKC at E3 and will give us a release date, but so far nothing on the PSblog involving WKC. If you are not going to post anything involving WKC, then can you at least reply to my post and tell us when the game is coming out? It isn’t that hard Jeff. If you do not know the release date, then that Ok, no hard feelings.

  • Alot of good things came from the Sony Conference, but FF14 had to be the most disappointing. As a long time FF fan I’ve felt that the MMO entries should never be apart of the main entries for the series. As a form FFXI player, I think it is a cruel thing to put gamers through that experience again.

    As far as Square goes I would have liked to have seen an original IP from SquareSoft members of Square Enix for PS3. It’s been ages since the last time we saw a good RPG that wasn’t Final Fantasy from Square and we’re long over due. I’d like to hear that Last Remnant was canned or not.

    So to sum, Square disappointed me and sony kept the flames going strong signaling gamers that the PS3 and PSP was the place to be if they wanted to play games.

  • Oh and Jeff
    Everyone and their mothers knew that Lost Planet 2 was heading to the PS3. We also knew about the PSP go.

  • Final Fantasy XIV was a surprise but, nobody the motion controller coming.

  • FFIV was a big surprise.. but Uncharted 2 was the biggest thing for me… cant wait for that game to come out… the Beta is nice and all, but nothing compared to the single player campaign…

    the real question on FFIV is if it will cost us money on a monthly basis… while we can play all the other PS3 games online for free, MMOs never really followed that line.. so, thats the big question on my mind.. I never played any FFXI, so, thats the big issue regarding whether ill play FFIV.. id love to tho, just hard to afford more money out of my checks each month..

  • i meant FFXIV… not FFIV.. hehe

  • FFXIV on PS3 was huge!

    Now I can play Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIV on my PS3! :D

    The Final Fantasy Console.

  • Hey, I went to my friends house and buch of us were chilling this weekend so I being the only one with PS3 and my PSP. Took it over there a bunch of wii owners LOL… But any way I let them play Infamous and watch all of new video’s fromm E3 and there ready to sell there other systems. And also I had one guy amazed by my PSP and the new (Media go) you have for PC. and showed him how easy it was to transfer video. Sony your finally on the right trak Uncharted 2 (I let them see beta) blew there minds :)

  • @50 Its not your favorite part, its the biggest suprise, what would be more suprising, a demo of a game with tons of hype or a sequel to an unreleased trilogy(XII, Vs., Agito)

  • I voted FFXIV as I don’t think anyone saw that coming!!! I also loved the matter-of-fact way Jack Tretton announced it, you got the impression that the audience were quite bewildered and wondering if it was some kind of attempt at a joke at first!!!

    What’s happening with FFvsXIII now though? Does this mean they’ll be 3 FF games released on PS3 in 2010?

    However, the new IP I was most impressed with was ModNation Racers, this game looks like a lot of fun, and if there is enough variety in track design (special request from my nephew – he wants to be able to make a dinosaur themed track!) and the handling is good this game could be the PS3’s answer to MarioKart. So on a personal level ModNation Racers was probably the best surprise.

    Overall I thought it was a brilliant E3 for Sony with a lot of games, a lot of exclusives, a lot of surprises, a motion controller, and car damage in GT5!

  • @67
    I meant XIII not XII

  • I voted for the PSP go revelation but what most excited me was Assassins Creed 2, the next Metal Gears, God of War 3, Little Big Planet for PSP and the whole support for the PSP that’s coming, apart from Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid addition to the PSN letting me think great games like Vagrant Story, Oddworld, and the resident evils, could be added as well.

    The motion controller didn’t surprised me at all, I have seen a tech demo of the PS2 camera before it even came out where the demoer used foam balls and other stuff to track movement through the tiny amazing thing. The new motion controller is just the same but with buttons (which is actually a great choice, I think music fans want the feel of music instruments on guitar hero and rock band = shooter fans want the feel of a gun).

  • After they announced FF14 I lost interest in FF13.

    I’m very excited that its going to be a MMO. I hope I’ll have enough time to play FF11 & FF14.

  • Do any of you guys know what a “surprise” is? Sony having a motion controller in the works was widely known and generally expected in some form at the show…

  • 3 words: The Last Guardian. Nuff said

  • Yeah, The Last Guardian was just stunning!

  • Can we get the high def videos for the God of War III gameplay demo and The Last Guardian trailer?

    Also, when The Last Guardian is released I think Sony should put ICO and Shadow of the Colossus bundled with the game. So many people haven’t played those games and they can be really hard to find (especially ICO!)

  • um i was wondering when they were gonna annunce ps2 titles for the psn playable on the pspgo. i mean for $250 i would assume it can play more than zuma and bejeweled. considering i could buy a mid level xbox or wii or 3 – 6 games for my amazing ps3 this thing better do more than the psp 3000. for $80 more we shouldnt get less features. so ummm when are they gonna announce a touch screen for it or something that the psp3000 cant do? or for that price something the xbox360 cant do?

  • The biggest surprise during the PlayStation conference was the $250 PSP Go Price tag!

  • exactly taki.

  • Clearl, it was the twilight zone moment when FXIV was announced, though I’ve gotta say that ModNation Racers was a great surprise too. I’m really lookig forward to that game, as well as the Batman content coming to the Blog later this week.

  • only FFXIV was a surprise, everything else i had already know weeks/months prior

  • I want both FF13 and FF14. But I have to admit that MAG and Uncharted 2 are the games I am looking forward to most this holiday.

  • so many FF fans.. the motion controller HANDS DOWN! come on guys. imagine playing tiger woods golf and swinging this controller or playing a hunting or shooter game and actually killing it with arrows. best news BY FAR!

  • I second #59 (Bloodycow). Where’s the info on WKC that was promised to us? Jeff, Chris, Inaba? :3

    Thanks in advance

  • Will we have some PSP firmware news ? *hope* *hope*

  • I play FFXI, so FFXIV wasn’t much of a surprise. Just that it will launch in 2010, which is AWESOME.

    Agent was the biggest surprise for me. I hope we get to see something of it sooner rather than later.

  • For sure it was the Final Fantasy 14 annoucment

  • Loved FFXI and i can’t wait to play FFXIV!!

  • In my opinion i have to go with FF14. The reason being, I already knew most of the games were going to be announced. I already knew that rocksstar was going to release a game to the ps3 exclusive list, i just did not know the name before E3. Same being with mod racers, and the psp go was online a few days before E3. Its not that it was the greatist, it was just the one most surprising, all this list of announcements in E3 was verry apreciated verry much.

  • Sorry but I cant commit to another FFXI online game. It takes way too long to accomplish certain things. Reaching level 75 with full god armor was a total pain. MMOs are awesome but they consume too much time of my precious life.

  • Eric i hate you

  • @12 I think you’re confusing Agent(the rockstar game) with Agency. We have yet to see a video of Agent. Plus the Agent won’t have cartoon animations like The Agency

  • TakiFuGu that was when the game was younger when zilart and lvl caps were just starting and the release of the toughest expansion and the best and til this day still has a mob that just does not die Absolute Virtue. Hopefully, they bring him over to FFXIV. For those “simple users” ToAU and WoTG reward for light work.

    Biggest surprise was FFXIV although it is exclusive to PS on console it is also available to those on PC. Lets pray they have divide servers to avoid cheating between PC users vs console users.

  • My biggest surprise was no new software announcements like Cross Game Voice Chat, or a price drop. I guess you don’t intend to catch up in sales this generation to anyone.

    My second biggest surprise was FF-XIV, which doesn’t matter much because FF-XIII and FF-XIII Versus is a still a long way off.

  • The biggest surprise is that Microsoft and Nintendo didn’t see their competition and quietly bow out.


  • Jeff, PS Blog party = epic win–thanks again so much dude!

    Oh, and I never heard Trevor get giddy about motion sensing (he warmed up to it in Flower, but still not giddy) until the bow-and-arrow demonstration with the new controllers–I was shocked to hear him giggling so insanely over it! Can’t wait to play with that more!

    Please tell anyone you know at Sony though: keep those a secondary controller, we don’t want our beloved DualShocks going anywhere! You guys have the controller that set the standard hehe :-)

  • How come Jack said we’ll only be able to play Final Fantasy XIV exclusively on the PS3, but then the next day Square Enix says its coming to PC and they’re considering the Xbox 360?

    (they said it, I’m not misstating what they said or anything)

  • The Last Guardian was the biggest surpise
    to me. I Don’t care about the other options .

    WHY is the trailer not on PSN.

  • @Jeff:
    I want the new Motion Controller ASAP! :D

    hey Jeff, please tell us, are there any news about Eyedentify, I know lots of people was expecting news about that game to be announced on this E3 but since 4 years ago there are nothing new about it, was it cancelled or something ?

  • Who didn’t see the PSP Go being announced?

  • Mos def Final Fantasy XIV. Hopefully it will be better than that “other” PS3 MMORPG “Angel Love Online”.

    Also, I’m surprised Lost Planet 2 didn’t get more votes. I mean, where’s all the cynical posters saying, “zOMG I can’t believe Capcom is giving the PS3 some love for once!” after the deal with Lost Planet 1 and other 1st-wave 360 Capcom games.

    BTW, is R*’s “Agent” formerly titled LA NOIR, or is that something different?

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