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We’re back in the Bay Area from E3, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of the show yet. All this week, we’ll be sharing interviews, features, and other videos we shot in LA, right here on the PSB. You’ll meet Kazunori Yamauchi and the cast of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (wait til you see how close they look to their on-screen counterparts), you’ll learn the latest details about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken 6, Heavy Rain, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and more.

We’ll kick off “Week 2” of E3 with a play-by-play walkthrough of MAG in just a couple hours.

In the meantime, we wonder:

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2 Author Replies

  • Heyy so how bout that motorstorm pacific rift downloadable racetracks?

  • I sure like to see some of that Agent thing!

  • The biggest surprise for me was FF XIV. I’m also looking forward to Mod Nation Racers. That game seems fun on so many levels.

  • I went with Rockstar’s game as I thought it was just Jack Tretton blowing smoke two years ago and never thought it would actually happen!

    However the motion contol is close second, not because it was surprise to see it there… it was kinda obvious, but more so because it looked damn cool and blew Microsoft’s demos out of the water!

    !!!! = win =P

  • almighty-slayer

    Ha, PSPGo…haha :)

    My biggest surprise was ModNation Racers. That game sounds awesome too O_O

    Looking forward to another fantastic week on the blog ;)

  • Final Fantasy XIV, hands down. That thing came out of no where!

  • the one that catch my mind was the motion control with that who knows what cool games we can play with it

  • i liked the psp go but i would like to see a full new psp with 2 JOYSTICKS not constant updates that do not greatly the enhance the psp experience although this is a bigger jump then the last 2 but i dont like lose of umds unless u can get downloads of games u already have for free i dont like umds but i dont want to lose my games or have to re buy them.I mean come on you could have so many shooters and people would buy it and u have a place for it where the start and select are u could just put them in bettween the joysticks. ps3 is amazing though The motion control was cool and MAG,GOW III and Uncharted 2 FTW!!!

  • Lots of amazing stuff was shown at Sony’s conference, but I would have to say the new motion controller was the coolest. Think of the capabilities… That can possibly be the best controller for a lot of genres! And the RTS example should probably get developers inspired. The Wii’s motion-sensing sucks terribly compared to this.

    ModNation Racers and Final Fantasy XIV were also big surprises for me.

  • I was disappointed with the lack of a price drop and no backwards compatibility announced.

    These things would have made me happy.

    However, can’t wait for MAG! :)

  • I really liked ModNation Racers and the Motion system, but as far as the two go, I want to get my hands on the motion sensor more.

  • I thought the FF series was going to stop being exclusive to Sony since the FFXIII announcement last year.

    Final Fantasy XIV was the biggest surprise ever period.

  • Ok Sony why didn’t you guys talk about a 2.80 update or better yet VidZone this is going to be huge in Europe when it hits 6/23/09 It is basically Music Videos that we’ve been waiting for here as well maybe like in HOME?.because right now HOME Sucks! Shame on you Gamer Producers for giving us stupid things like Maxium Tilt and Boring Arcades Echrome ZZZ and that Uncharted game is a joke! lol Jezz maybe if you’d give us what Japan keeps bragging about.There wouldn’t be any complaining SCEA! Stop making us wait an Eternity to play our MP3’s and our own stuff versus’s what you give us Hmm what is it yeah thats what its called crappy Music made from stupid people who Obviously don’t know jack of what is Popular in this day of Age Lady Gaga Sony! or The Killers etc- go look it up for petes sake lol..

  • The biggest suprise was the PSP Go price, ouch! It has less components, and should cost a lot less to produce.

    Plus its $249.99 in the U.S. and £230 in the Uk? Did you do the conversion right? Should only be around £150….

  • Good stuff

  • “you’ll learn the latest details about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2,” It better be new details about the game!

    Because I currently know everything so far about the game. We need new info!

    I don’t they can’t announce the Co-oP details yet, but please get some other valid info out of them to keep us out of hunger till they release more info.

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