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We’re back in the Bay Area from E3, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of the show yet. All this week, we’ll be sharing interviews, features, and other videos we shot in LA, right here on the PSB. You’ll meet Kazunori Yamauchi and the cast of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (wait til you see how close they look to their on-screen counterparts), you’ll learn the latest details about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Tekken 6, Heavy Rain, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and more.

We’ll kick off “Week 2” of E3 with a play-by-play walkthrough of MAG in just a couple hours.

In the meantime, we wonder:

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  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    ff14 was the biggest one for me but i dont like square they r back outs and sony needs to start paying for ps3 only also jeff any firmware coming this month?

  • New controller is great, but is not what tigers likes most ;)

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    buy outs oops dang it and we need an edit button

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Can’t wait to lose my adult life in FFXIV! >_<

  • Really looking forward to the continued E3 coverage this week from you guys :) Thanks for all the hard work :)

  • The PSP GO! was by far the biggest suprise, I was totally not expecting a new PSP, ive always thought to never trust Veronica Belmont!

  • yeah right PSP Go! revealed, nice one jeff.

  • It will be so cool to meet Uncharted 2 cast!

  • @ Jeff

    sorry for the 2nd post, do u have any idea when can we learn more about Agent? If we learn 1st here in PS Blog, thats huge epic win for you guys you know.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Good call. I\’ll have to talk to Rockstar.

      However, if the GTA series is any indication – they\’ll talk about things when they\’re good and ready!

  • great surprises to me were Rockstar exclusive game , Gran Turismo psp , Modnation Racers and Final fantasy 14 , sony had a great show Jeff , im pretty excited to play all the exclusive games that are coming to playstation 3 and psp this year and the next and maybe i pick up Assasins creed 2 ( not sure yet ) , hey Jeff are you guys putting God of War 3 , The last Guardian videos on the store??? i really wanna have them on my ps3 , only on playstation !!!!!! AMAZING show sony

  • Biggest surprise was FFXIV by far, but a far bigger surprise will be if the game actually stays PS3 exclusive.


  • I’m not really excited for FFXIV. MMORPG’s just aren’t my cup of tea. I’ll take FFXIII and Versus XIII though.

    Who can get excited about the Agency with no gameplay footage? Just announcing a game doesn’t mean anything to me. And that trailer in the PS Store didn’t impress at all.

    The motion controller demo was pretty cool.

    ModNation Racers is going to be hit I bet.

    My favs from E32009 are:

    Castlevania Lord of Shadows
    Final Fantasy XIII
    God of War III
    Batman Arkham Asylum
    Modern Warfare 2
    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
    Gran Turismo 5
    Heavy Rain (please don’t censor out anything)
    PSP Go
    Tekken 6
    MGS: Peace Walker

    Please get Kratos in the PS3 version of SCIV.

  • i knew a Rockstar game was going to come to the ps3 but i kind of thought they forgot about it or something… idk… well anyway all they had was a title so as much as thats pretty awesome that its a new IP but i have to say that FF14 “14 being me lucky number” was the biggest shock to the system and even a bigger shock when its said ONLINE… still dont know if im ok with that

    hope it rocks

  • Crap I forgot Uncharted 2! >.<

  • The only thing that would really make me jump with joy if they had detailed the contents of the next major firmware update.

  • hey Jeff another thing i really like sony getting behind developers with good ideas and how they have created a new genre ( play , create , share) on consoles , by the way what kind of game Flower is ??? and Heavy Rain??? is it an action/ adventure??? and one more thing i cant wait to play The Last Guardian , its one of those games you only get to play once in a generation , again ONLY ON PLAYSTATION !!!!!!!!!

  • a new FF was a given, but the fact that it gets announced before 13 & 13versus, and some of those remakes/rereleases get distributed was surprising.
    That and the fact that sony finally is giving the psp some love (which it deserves) but only 2 years too late.
    Very dissapointed that GT mobile is pushing a GT5 release down the line. All we got was a video, I expected a new (rolling) demo shown and at the very minimum a release date.

  • Final Fantasy 14 was definitely the biggest surprise at the Sony presentation.

    We’ve heard a couple of vague rumors about Square Enix MMO project ‘Rupture’ being PS3 exclusive but not only was that true, it was a mainline Final Fantasy title. My heart stopped.

    The motion controller as well was rumored but as a ‘wand’. I presumed that if it ever turned out true it was something cheaper but it turned out to be a fully functional controller with 3D pointing and extremely precise 1:1 3D. This was probably the most important reveal at Sony’s presentation and Sony did the right thing showing it off in demo form only, proving it’s usefulness in low key form. Now they’re free to beat the drum when they reveal the final product model and some supporting games.

  • Personally, i don’t care about none of that, just give me some info on the next firmware update and we’ll call it even.

  • As a current FFXI player the FFXIV trailer floored me. My wife and I were watching it as it happened pointing out the same races just excited to see that it was going to be the next MMO. Yeah, that made me very very happy and was the highlight of E3 for me. The fact that some of that stuff was real time (the fight on the boat with the Galka and the Mithra) makes me quite hopeful.

    Again, though, what happened to White Knight Chronicles. I’ve seen reports on two sites (Siliconera and RPGFan) saying that it’s not coming out until early next year. If true that is very disappointing, since there really aren’t any other console JRPGs I’m looking forward to this year (Demon’s Souls is too different to put in the same category). I would really hate to see WKC swept aside in the hype that will certainly be around FFXIII early next year.

  • controllingchaos

    Wow its about time! PS3 had a good E3 show.

    Exciting and broke for the future. Why broke!?!
    I plan on buying lots of games.

    FINAL FANTASY 13 [ a no brain’r ]
    MOD NATION RACERS [ kicks mario’s ass! ]
    LOST PLANET 2 [ many hrs of gameplay ]
    GOD OF WAR 3 [ looks solid ]
    UNCHARTED 2 [ looks better then the first ]
    GHOSTBUSTERS [ a classic brought back ]

  • ok..first let me say that the PS3 is -and probably bin- the best system around!yeah we bragg about all of our FREE features..thats because the “other”systems dont bless us gamers like the PS does.this E309 was kinda weak imo..maybe its cuz i read the blog and other game sites to stay upto date with new PS stuff..:p but nontheless PS has alot MORE to offer..not to mention our XCLUSIVES..:p which are only POSSIBLE on the by the way my cats name is SONY..yeah im that much of a

  • More info on Agent!!! Rockstar has yet to let me down and I can’t wait for this game at all. Any preliminary ideas on when we’ll be expecting this to drop?

  • FFXIV was the biggest surprise for me. I’ve been waiting on more news regarding SE’s next MMO for a long time (they mentioned it in several interviews on years past), but I surely didn’t expect it to be revealed during E3 at Sony Press Conference.

    As a former FFXI player, I’m eager to try it come 2010.

    The dildo-like motion controller was pretty interesting too, a lot more precise than the Wii. Natal is cool too, but I’d rather have something on my hands for most games.

  • Biggest surprise was the lack of video store roll outside the US and the lack of OS enhancements.

    From your list I’d say Agent.

  • rafael_martines

    What about the new games on PSN this week? I see Bomberman Ultra will launching this week on PSN, this is ok?

  • Best e3 moment: Uncharted 2 live stage demo. That was HAWT!

  • since im pretty bored at werk..:p i thought id say that..i was impressed with the pspgo but not enuff to buy a whole new psp with a smaller screen. the 16gb almost got me..but i just found a 16gb in j&r for 70 so its a NO for the for the PS3 games..OOH MAN…uncharted 2,MG Raiden..or too kiddie..but as long as they have 4players on one screen it would be kool..bring back some good ‘ol mario kart memories..:p)lost planet 2(although im gona rent it)GT5,Agent- hope its worth beiing an xclusive.:/, and last but not leat GOD OF WAR that its out nex year but alteast they have more time to polish it and make it the BEST GAME OF THAT YEAR..:p as for any other i missed..they looked pretty good..but not really my favs to play..:/

  • I’m the most excited about the Motion controls. I think the PSEye will allow lots of extra functionality to it.
    Some people may say that other companies have a more innovative technology but they are missing the point that the EyeToy was doing that years ago (not with the same precision, of course).
    I want so much to try God Of War with the two controllers as my Blades of Caos! That will be some workout :-D

  • I was really disappointed that Sony did not spread the tv and movie service to europe, but i guess a will just use my 360 for that stuff.

    and i was also sad to see no full download games on demand were announced for ps3… i can’t wait to put my 320gb harddrive to use

  • Definitely FF14. When he said FOURTEEN, I think I was like everyone else waiting for him to correct himself and say THIRTEEN, but he never did.

    I will say I’m slightly disappointed it’s using the Tolkien (for lack of a better description) setting instead of a futuristic setting. MMOs with elves and all that just turn me off.

    Give me FF8 Online using Gardens and such and I’m ALL OVER IT.

  • What about ratchet?

    I feel like ratchet got ignored and its one of my most wanted games :(

  • FF14: online!

  • Hey Jeff,

    Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but when will we know about the Uncharted 2 contest? Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  • Will the PSN have Facebook & Twitter also?

  • Bring on more info about FFXIV!! I want more info on the newest FF online. I can’t wait to spend the next few years of my life playing FFXIV like i did for FFXI.

  • @35…

    Both work in the browser…you already have them.

  • There was a lot of good stuff announced.

    However, the biggest surprises for me were that Sony couldn’t do a live presentation of their E3 conference in Home and that Sony was beaten to the punch in announcing a full game download service. The latter was kind of disappointing.

  • Final Fantasy XIV all the way. I never saw something more surprising ever.

  • @37…


  • cybershinigami87

    The PSP go was the worst kept secret in e3 history. I had heard about it since March so that should not be on the list. FFXIV is the real surprise. That shocked every body. The Rockstar exclusive was also known about for years.

  • @Jeff

    I don’t suppose anyone asked Square-Enix how The Last Remnant was coming for PS3. Did they send out a “don’t ask any questions about TLR” warning, or did you guys just forget to ask? They could at least let us know how long the “timed exclusivity” is, or let us know that they can’t talk about it due to a legal agreement. Please find out Jeff.

  • A few things for me. First was FF14 then the re-release of FF7 (Been playing every day since..memories) and the most surprising was the motion controller had no idea this was being worked on. The possibilities with this are endless.

  • FFXIV was the biggest surprise, its also good that you are considering to get into the motion controller game. (i think they are fun though i am not a big fan of those)

    @35 we already have twitter and facebook on PS3, just point your browser to those pages and done. :) However i would like to see a firmware update that maybe integrates a lot of those social services but in a huge way…think of a “social hub” in your PSN profile where you can access directly not only facebook and twitter but any social site and video sites like youtube as well. Think of it as an “add this” bar which lets you pick any social site you are posting on.

  • @43…

    No idea?


  • Stinkinmushroom

    ModNation Racers will be mine

  • I was hoping to see something new beside games… The ‘PS3 motion controller’ is something that I’m looking forward for, since it will be excellent to play any FPS game or Specially *GOD OF WAR III*!

  • I just pray that FF XIII uses standard 3D movement controls…not the reversed, unchangeable nonsense of FF XII. It made playing the game nearly impossible, especially if you were also playing other games (FPS, etc).

  • What surprised me was that there was not a similar announcement for PS3 regarding digital distribution. it’d be nice to have the option of either buying Bioskcok at retail or just get it off PSN.

    I was far from disappointed with Sony’s showing, however. Just hoped for that extra bullet point.

  • Hey Jeff, instead of
    “Final Fantasy XIV announced”
    You should of put
    “God Of War demo played live”
    who cares about ff, kiddos maybe?

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