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Hello again, folks.

Ben Judd Producer of Bionic Commando for my second installment here on the PlayStation Blog.

First off, let me say thanks for all your comments, both the good and the bad. I’m no fan of sugar-coating and whether you’re the type to forgive people for their mistakes or make sure they don’t ever make those type of mistakes again, it’s always good to be true to your feelings.

So Bionic Commando is finally out! Over two years of production, several 18 hour-long trips from Japan to Sweden and a lot of swinging. Working from Capcom Japan has really shown me the difference between Marketing, PR, and company policies between the East and the West. Sometimes trying to meet eye to eye was very difficult, but in the end, exchanging ideas and the occasional minor argument helped make the game better.

And that brings me to one of cooler things we have been able to do – some really great viral Bionic Commando videos. While they may not be for everyone, I think they turned out perfect, with the right amount of cheese and the right amount of, dare I say, awesome.

Fortunately, the good people in our US office have allowed me to debut the latest Bionic Commando viral video right here. Yes, I know it’s short, but some good work went into these pieces so hopefully it’ll get a solid laugh from you.

For those of you who aren’t on the cutting-edge of all the Bionic Commando news that’s fit to blog, the arm depicted in the video is the Japanese-created replica of the Bionic Arm. It weighs about five pounds and while I haven’t Trick or Treated for about 15 years, putting that sucker on just makes you feel like a kid again.

I want to say thanks again to all of you for sticking with the game and with all of us on the project. We’ve got a really great group of Bionic Commando fans on and, so if you pick up the game and are looking for some fellow swingers to share your stories with, they’re a great group of people. I frequent the forums on as well, so if you have any last-minute advice after this blog post has been buried beneath hundreds of others, feel free to speak your mind there.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but remember to keep on swingin’.


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  • Man.. I replied without even reading the previous posts. I am glad to see the majority of people feel the same

    PS: sorry for not spell checking on my post #48. I meant to type “decided”….LOL

  • Capcom is making better promises to Steam & live instead of PS3. LOL! And you guys expect us to go out and spend our $60+tax to support Capcom? Ben, I’m sure you’re a nice guy but the company you work for is very selfish.

  • No demo no buy. If you’re not proud enough of your product that you can’t put out a demo of it pre-launch, then your game isn’t worth buying. I’m not buying this title, it doesn’t look fun and the redesign of the character is awful. You are basically preying on our sense of nostalgia. What a shame.

  • I pass on this game for lack of support and all the games from this developer.

  • @53
    Well said, Thank You!!!

  • That trailer with the music mixed with the guns shots is hot!

  • I´ll choose inFAMOUS over this one. This one seems to be another game which has been hit hard by the dvd limit since theres little to explore, you can just go where the developers want you to go. And that´s in this narrow corridor. At least that what some of the reviews says.

    I like to explore, find new areas and stuff. That´s what gets me excited.

  • @57

    According to your logic, Uncharted was hit with the dvd limit?

    Linear games can be good…. not all games have to be sand box style.

  • LOL this game its sooo bad just check the reviews…I’m glad hope prototype goes bad so xbots don’t have nothing to play.

  • Hey Ben,

    Why arent any CAPCOM games, especially BIONIC COMMANDO on PS3, running in 1080p? I wont buy any multi-platform game thats not running in 1080p.

  • @ 58

    I think he/she is talking about the xbox dvd limit since PS3 games are on blu-ray.

  • Already said it last week, Capcom lost one sale with this one with the BCR Trophy lie.

  • @27: You’re exactly right — they’re running a business. A lot of people don’t understand that, particularly in an economic climate like the one we’re in, if Microsoft is going to pay you millions for an exclusivity deal (Lost Planet, Dead Rising, etc) that not only SHOULD you take it, but you HAVE to take it for your business to flourish. If allocating employees to add trophy support to BCR would have compromised products currently in development, it would have been foolish to do so, given the fact that it’s an added bonus and not directly profitable.

    People (#40) talk about buying BCR for trophies and exclusive content and such — I bought BCR because it’s a remake of one of my favorite NES games, and a damn good one at that. Completely worth the $10 it cost me, and, really, whoever didn’t take advantage of the recent sale on that item for $5 missed out on a great deal.

  • (Pt 2) I’m looking forward to Dead Rising 2 — very much so. Maybe it will be a big diappointment, like Metacritic is showing the new Bionic Commando to be, but I will make my decision on whether or not to buy it based upon whether or not it’s any fun. I would LOVE for Dead Rising 2 to pay my taxes, do my laundry and cook my meals, but it’s not going to. It’s going to be a game. And whatever is in the box is the game and if I don’t like what’s in there, I won’t buy it.

    I think #39 says it pretty clearly here and I totally agree with him/her… if I’m not impressed with the value or quality of a product, I won’t buy it. There’s no higher purpose or nobility in it apart from the satisfaction of being a part of the very best aspect of a capitalist system. But to make it out like I’m Atlas stopping the motor of the world because I’m dissatisfied with Capcom not coming through on trophy support, then I’d just have to be the biggest jackass on the planet, now wouldn’t I?

  • @58
    Definitely, linear games can be good!
    What I´m worried about is the length of the game. I´ve seen to many examples of third party games that´s just too short to convince me to spend 60 dollars on it. And I have a feeling this game won´t be very long, one of the reason is that it wont let you explore very much.
    I´d rather get a game which is booth long AND good…

  • dudes don’t buy it ….its a bad game! rent it first..

  • People are rating this blog post crap because Rearmed never got trophy support patched in? The games are made by different developers give Grin a break lol.

  • @53: Kudos!!! Very well said, BigRon!

    @Ben: I hope that the 2 other upcoming Capcom games (Dark Void and Lost Planet 2) that I’m looking forward to will be more desrving of my hard earned dollars than Bionic Commando.

  • This is the problem with this post. Capcom has had problem with supporting their games, they say they will do something and won’t. The problem is they never should have said anything if they couldn’t pull it off, instead of making us wait.

    The second is he comes on here like his stuff doesn’t smell and gives us a big PR talk about how they had to drop the trophies for BC:R for BC. Then they don’t even give us a demo?

    That is already 2 strikes.

    Now the game turned out to be mediocre? I’m sorry, I stop right there.

    They basically don’t even let us try their average product, make false promises and make us wait.

    If they made a quality game here and to achieve that quality they had to drop the trophies from BC:R, understandable.

    This isn’t the first time we get the short end of the stick and it won’t be the last. If fans don’t let them know, they will have their stupid grin on their faces and continue to peddle their inferior games in the face of us, the consumers.

    If they supported their games, the consumers will support them. Simple.

  • @67

    No both BC games are made by the same developers. People rate Capcom posts low not because of the lack of trophies for BCR, but for the lies, and secrecy and complete lack of honesty and transparency EXPECTED on a blog. John’s posts have been all PR and double speak to save face for promising features they never intended to implement, among many other things.

    People like him because he gives away free stuff via PSN, but that doesn’t make up for the lack honesty, trustworthiness and actual support for Ps3 and its fans.

    The fact that BC has no demo on PSN only proves how pathetic Capcom has become. Treat fans with the lowest of quality respect, and they will respond in kind.

  • capcom the only game we want us ps owners its Dead Rising 1 and we don’t want a port we want our proper version! look at tecmo they are doing a PS3 version of ninja gaiden 2 … gawd the only good game in this gen of capcom on ps3 was SF4 now die please .

  • I guess the complaining little kiddies won, trophy support update patch out now. I just BOUGHT THE GAME and yes there are trophies now for all the CRY BABY SOOKS OUT THERE.

  • trophy’s are overrated and still the game sucks

  • @72

    No there are no trophies. Good job. If you liked being treated like trash by Capcom, then so be it.

  • @72

    There are trophies for BC, not BCR which is where most of Capcom’s issues started.


    You must not realize that we are talking about trophies for Bionic Commando: Rearmed, the PSN game. Not Bionic Commando the PS3 game that has just been released in stores.

    Are people complaining because of the lack of trophies or are they complaining because they was lied too? I read all the comments and many people are just upset because they was lied to and has been getting the short end of the stick by Capcom this generation. Why would Capcom give Xbox 360 owners a multiplayer demo of this game and give PS3 owners nothing? Why is Capcom game producers and developers saying they have to give Xbox 360 owners exclusive contents for Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 because those two series started on the Xbox 360? Where is the Devil May Cry 4 PS3 exclusive because DMC started on the PS2?
    You are defending a company that favor one user base over another user base. When you are in the user base they are mistreating.

  • @72…

    Do you even know what the discussion is about? LTR.

  • The game failed to deliver the good for me.

    But cool videos.

  • Ouch. Lots of negativity on here, and I can certainly agree on the points if Capcom certainly and definitively said “no” to trophies when they might’ve said “yes” before. I don’t know all the history there, but I’d say that if that was indeed the case, then Capcom is in the wrong. In any case, we as gamer fans need to seriously evaluate our own wants as well… will you seriously pass up a game just because it doesn’t have trophies? PS1, PS2 and PS3 games (in 2006-2007) used to not have them as well. I guess it’s the way it is now. Thanks Microsoft! :P

  • your game is getting mediocre/terrible reviews and you cant even expect us to consider purchasing it after you screwed us over on the promised BC:R trophies.

    not even a demo. get out of here, what’s wrong with you people?

  • Again…if a small team that made The Last Guy can go back and do it so can Capcom.

  • Ps blog please delete this thread that no deserve to be in the same site the godly InFamous threads are.

  • Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the post. I have read both of your posts, and really get a sense that you are a nice, down to earth kind of guy. I apologize for all of the harsh criticisms you have been receiving. Unfortunately, there have been a number of very valid concerns brought up on these threads. Hopefully maybe you can relay some of these feedback to the big bosses back east.

    Exclusive Demo – PS3 fans are familiar with Microsoft’s practice of exclusive DLC and timed exclusives (due to there lack of first party studios). I think Bionic Commando looks pretty good, but it has been receiving mixed reviews. If I were able to play a demo, I might be more likely to take the $65 plunge, but since there is no demo, I will not. Infamous has been receiving critical praise, and does have a demo, so the choice is obvious. For your sake, I hope that Microsoft at least made it worth your while to sacrifice your sales on the PS3 platform.

    BC:Rearmed trophies – Frankly, it’s not such a big deal to me, but you can see that is not the case for a majority of the community. Perhaps adding trophies and keeping the price at $10 would have evened itself out.

  • ….

    Monster Hunter – The PSP has better graphics and online functionality than the Wii. If development costs were so high, it could have been released on the 360 as well. I think the series could have gained some western fans if it had a solid online component,good controls, and up to date graphics. Taking the series to the Wii seems like a few big steps backwards.

    Sorry to come at you with some criticisms, but please think of them as constructive criticisms. I still might check out Bionic Commando at some point though.



  • @ 80

    It isn’t that the game doesn’t have trophies, its that they said they would. Its not just this, Capcom has been promising things and going back on their word.

    For the record, this game that Ben is posting about, BC, does have trophies. But I won’t buy this game due to them not giving us a demo, lying about trophies and various other reasons, like it getting not so great reviews.

    How can I evaluate a game that isn’t getting great scores without a demo?

  • With Bionic Commando Rearmed not having trophies I won’t get remotely excited about future Bionic Commando products, the original NES game was never that great anyway.

  • WOW, talk about anal retentive, some of you guys really need to chill, it’s a game seriously, Ben is just doing his job!!! I bought the game and because I did that doesn’t make my opinion any less valid!!! You’re supposed to be gamers, If you like the game buy it, if you don’t like it or the company that makes it, then move on, but please spare us adults your dribble, please!!!

  • Capcom just shot themselves in the foot.

    I don’t know how much you know about PlayStation-Owners, I’m an expert by the way, but keeping your promises and bringing out trophy patches are huge parts of it. It’s not like on Xbox, where games have to ship with achievements. If you screw over Trophy-Collectors, you bring shame to yourself, and the only way to get rid of that shame is repentance.

    What this means is that PlayStation Fans, after hearing about this, are not going to want to purchase Bionic Commando for their system, nor will they purchase any of Capcom’s games. This is HUGE. You can laugh all you want, but Capcom has alienated the entire PS3 user-base with this move.

    Capcom, publicly apologize and bring trophies to BCR or you can kiss your business goodbye.

  • 88. with quotes like anal retentive you get owned yourself

  • this needs a demo

  • Lol, whatever kid, I’m just stating my opinion, you can take it or leave it, your choice!!! :P:D

  • My last post was meant for # 90!!!

  • 91

    The 360 demo its a multiplayer that sucks a lot!..the campaign its just between average/bad don’t let capcom fool you with the funny commercials the game don’t deserve your 65 dollars .

  • Its weird that Ben hasn’t commented once himself. I guess its easy when you don’t have every single person telling you straight up they will never buy another game you make.

    Responding to the negative comments would show greater respect for the fans than just pandering to the suck-ups.

  • that was awesome arm go off like that too bad the game suck

  • @ all the people who are now complaining about my comments. GROW UP IT’S A GAME. You think like they really owe you something. BCR was an OK game at best. Trophies for a game that is a year old is a bit lame to me. Like I said I don’t really care about Trophies for a game that I paid a few bucks for. I just don’t and until you all get past your ego’s over trophies you’ll realize just how SILLY YOU ALL SOUND. Complain complain complain is all I see. Think you can do a better job? Then start building your own multi-million dollar development studio or go buy Capcon.

  • @97

    The only one complaining is you, everyone else is stating their opinion about how they are being treated by a company. Do you want us to sit here and take abuse?


    You might want to look at your last few comments. Looks like “complain complain complain” is all we see out of you. Eh?

  • @97

    You obviously have no clue what it is people are actually upset with. Hint: it isn’t being able to claim fame with trophies.

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