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Hello again, folks.

Ben Judd Producer of Bionic Commando for my second installment here on the PlayStation Blog.

First off, let me say thanks for all your comments, both the good and the bad. I’m no fan of sugar-coating and whether you’re the type to forgive people for their mistakes or make sure they don’t ever make those type of mistakes again, it’s always good to be true to your feelings.

So Bionic Commando is finally out! Over two years of production, several 18 hour-long trips from Japan to Sweden and a lot of swinging. Working from Capcom Japan has really shown me the difference between Marketing, PR, and company policies between the East and the West. Sometimes trying to meet eye to eye was very difficult, but in the end, exchanging ideas and the occasional minor argument helped make the game better.

And that brings me to one of cooler things we have been able to do – some really great viral Bionic Commando videos. While they may not be for everyone, I think they turned out perfect, with the right amount of cheese and the right amount of, dare I say, awesome.

Fortunately, the good people in our US office have allowed me to debut the latest Bionic Commando viral video right here. Yes, I know it’s short, but some good work went into these pieces so hopefully it’ll get a solid laugh from you.

For those of you who aren’t on the cutting-edge of all the Bionic Commando news that’s fit to blog, the arm depicted in the video is the Japanese-created replica of the Bionic Arm. It weighs about five pounds and while I haven’t Trick or Treated for about 15 years, putting that sucker on just makes you feel like a kid again.

I want to say thanks again to all of you for sticking with the game and with all of us on the project. We’ve got a really great group of Bionic Commando fans on and, so if you pick up the game and are looking for some fellow swingers to share your stories with, they’re a great group of people. I frequent the forums on as well, so if you have any last-minute advice after this blog post has been buried beneath hundreds of others, feel free to speak your mind there.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but remember to keep on swingin’.


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  • @ 77

    Lying is something that Capcom does a lot to PS3 fans. They probably wouldn’t dare to do the same to xbox fans.

  • @Guardian

    Ben would be “doing his job” if he went back to his superiors with knowledge of an issue that their fanbase refuses to let go. And as for your opinion, we are also on here stating our opinions. So take it or leave it yourself. Otherwise, GTFO.

  • @101 TakiFuGu
    Why would Capcom want to lie to Xbox 360 fans when MS is writing 50+ million dollars check to Capcom for time exclusives? :)

    I find it funny that a Capcom Representative post a blog about bionic commando on a Playstation site when PS3 owners get nothing from them other than a crappy game. Where is the demo for the PS3, it can’t be that hard because the Xbox 360 got a multiplayer demo a few weeks back?

  • @MadmanEU

    I believe that Ben is in Japan, so he won’t be commenting until later tonight(when it’s morning in Japan). John popped on the last Capcom post with that info.

  • Add trophies to BCR and give us the BC multiplayer demo that is on Xbox Live instead of viral videos and everyone will be much happier!

  • 105 why lose a time adding that to a game that sucks ?

    seriously this is a really mediocre game .

  • Wow, theres a lot of hostility going on here. It does take a lot of hard work and talent to produce a videogame so for all that I thank GRIN for producing this game for the PS3. Thank you. However, I can see why some people are a little upset over this. On one hand we all know that capcom has been heavily favoring the xbox this generation (doesn’t make sense to me), but at least we can play one more game. Who knows it might even be really good.
    I do have one question though and its the only reason why i might not buy this game and why i might rent it instead…. WHY at least no demo???

  • It would have been nice if Capcom had been honest about the BCR trophies from the get-go. I probably still would have bought it, but having been promised something which will never be delivered is rather insulting. I’m still glad I have BCR and Mega Man (for which trophies were never mentioned, and that’s just fine) but I haven’t bought any Capcom games since, nor will I. RE5 wasn’t very impressive, anyway.

    Capcom has been dishonest and they’ve made no attempts at making right their wrong. I expect the same type of behavior from the company in the future.

  • it was well worth the money Ben. Bought the strategy guide to get all the collectibles and some help with more complicated challenges. I like the unlocks from rearmed. The swing mechanics are wonderful yet a little tricky. I don’t see why all the critics are making a big deal about product placement ads in game on the billboards doesn’t affect the game at all. I will still be playing this after I get the trophies. All though I place pretty low in multiplayer matches its still lots of fun to play. One thing I’m upset by is how GRIN handled Terminator: SALVATION the game is terrible its only a 3-5 hour long trip through LA on foot or by vehicle missions against spider robots, flying robots, and few terminators (endoskeletons). Game reminded me of Wanted with the cover system and a little Gears of War. I don’t see what the whole story of the game had to do with movie as a prequel story but I’m guessing bringing together the characters around J. Connor.

    Can the public expect downloadable content for Bionic Commando anytime soon?

  • 107

    Capcom give us the Marvel vs Capcom Demo(that one you cant play alone) that 360 owners don’t have instead they give them BC demo.

    I played the game on a 360 buddy and believe me isn’t worth 59.99 perhaps just a rent .

  • @107 / Airwalkinman17

    because the demo is exclusive to XBox, just like the MvC2 demo is to PS3.

    As much as I understand where some of these commenters are coming from – what with being lied to and all – I really do hope that this negative response doesn’t backfire on the entire PS3 community. I would much rather take the lack of support for one remade game than to lose the entire product lineup from said company.

    Good or bad, I respect Capcom. People make mistakes. We’re all human. I’m not gonna burn Ben, John D, or anyone else at Capcom at the stake for this. Sure, Capcom’s past track-record hasn’t been the greatest with PS3, but who’s fault is it really? Microsoft wrote big checks to get said games on their platform – timed exclusive or not – so Capcom starts there, with the MS platform, cuz they paid for it, and in time ported it to Playstation. I’d understand if Sony paid for it, and still got shafted in the end. But that’s not what happened.

    Err.. I digress. With respect to Capcom, and all my fellow gamers, I just hope the folks at Capcom can learn from their mistakes is all.

    Thanks. You still have my support.

  • Are we ever gonna get a demo? Or is this some more exclusive 360 BS?!?!

  • 112

    yeah but at least you have the Marvel vs Capcom demo.

    hey Ben you know.

    Kojima> all of Capcom.

  • I bet sNsKid is excited about this one!

  • Screw Crapcom and screw XBL getting the demo love

  • You guys have to understand that this is strictly business. All this preference for the 360 is strictly because it makes more money.

    With that being said, Sony has a huge E3 conference coming up, and with the almost inevitable price drop coming for the ps3…this might be the year Sony pushes more units than the 360 towards the end of the year. And with that the bias disappears.

    But for now we need to support Sony and our first party titles. So go buy InFamous! And get you and your friends hyped about Uncharted 2(which is already getting GOTY hype).


  • @111

    Even though we got the MVC2 demo early, Live owners will get a demo when the game is out. We won’t get a BC demo at all.

    We loose in the end, like always.

  • I am sooo buying inFamous next Tuesday.

  • OMG, it looks awesome. Oh, and the first video looks pretty too. Haha.

  • @110 dulcediana
    You mean the same demo that is being label as the worst demo of all time? And for the record Xbox live is still getting the demo before the game is release. So we get nothing at all if you look at it.

  • @111 rysamson
    It not the lack of support for one remade game, but a series of events is why PS3 owners are pissed at Capcom.
    1. Canceling Monster Hunter on the PS3
    2.Delaying Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3 so it can be release on the Xbox 360 on the same day
    3. Promising something special for PS3 owners and end up giving us a Lost Planet port that was worse than the Xbox 360 and PC counter parts. Oh and releasing a better version of the game a month alter for the Xbox 360 and PC with a lot more contents that was left out of the PS3 port.
    4.Giving Xbox 360 owners a time exclusive demo of RE5 while PS3 owners had to wait a full 2 months later to play it
    5. Tell PS3 owners than the PS3 wasn’t capable of running a beta. Beta is question is Super Street Fighter 2 or something.
    6. Promising exclusive contents to Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 because those series started on the Xbox 360. Where is the PS3 exclusive contents for DMC4 because that series started on the PS2.
    7. Making consumers pay for DLC that is already on the disk in both Street Fither 4 and RE5.

  • @116 Revariance
    Both Street Fighter 4 and RE5 has sold more copies on the PS3 than on the Xbox 360 worldwide.
    More companies make more profit on the PS3 than on the Xbox 360. So business has nothing to do with this. Capcom is just screwing over PS3 owners and it going to bit them in the ass as soon as more people start realizing it. I for one had and I am not buying a single Capcom game new. I probable get them used so that why they don’t get any money from me.

    As for Sony first party studios, I buy all their games. Buying inFamous day one next week and I can’t wait for that. Uncharted is my favorite game so far this generation and I can’t wait for the second one.

  • OOO, that’s a good idea! I typically don’t buy games used because it hurts the market, but I may make an exception for Capcom games. hehe

  • I just don’t buy games that I don’t know unless they have a demo.

  • Lol, awesome. Gonna have to watch these soon. I don’t think these will top the Resistance 2 viral marketing, however.

  • As many others have stated in this blog. I will not be buying BC either. When BCR first came out I was syked for it and for the next-gen BC. Age of Booty was the last game I bought that was published by Capcom and because after months of ignoring there fanbase about all of the online issues with it I refuse to ever buy anything Capcom again, until they began treating the PS3 fanbase with respect. Hence the reason I’m not buying the new BC. Not only that the reviews for BC have been anything but stellar and to top it off no demo. Capcom really needs to get there heads out of there butts!

  • well… hmmm ok

    after reading the comments, i can understand why they are pissed and yes capcom suck lately.

  • @121 BloodyCow,

    Ya I see where you’re getting at, and I concede to the fact that it was a series of events. I’m with you on that one, but to clear a couple things up:

    – How can you say Capcom doesn’t support Sony in regards to Monster Hunter, when a version of Monster Hunter is coming to PSP?

    – Using the word “giving” changes the whole context. As in you stating that Capcom “gave” MS a timed exclusive. You were aware of money being exchanged right? As is common for MS to snag exclusive rights to certain games

    – You can’t really use the whole Versus DLC / SF4 Costumes fiasco as Xbox owners were equally shafted as well.

    As far as everything else, ya, you’re right: lousy ports don’t translate well to consumers. But at the same time, you can’t skew facts around, either. Look, I’m not here to say you’re wrong. I’m just merely trying to straighten out a few things you said.

  • @128 rysamson
    PSP =/= PS3. The PSP doesn’t equal PS3, I just want to get that out of the way. Lots of people have played Monster Hunter on the PS2 was looking forward to Monster Hunter for the PS3. Not every like Handheld gaming. I have stated that they screw PS3 owners not PSP owners.

    Second about the SF4 and RE5 DLC fiasco. PS3 owners was also affect by that. That also shows how much Capcom cares about it consumers. Didn’t include Xbox 360 owners because this is the Playstation blog for Playstation gamers.

    Are you sure money was involve or was it that Capcom was expecting RE5 to sell more on the Xbox 360 than on the PS3? That the was I was looking at that situation. Capcom thought that RE5 was going to follow GTA IV and sell more on the Xbox 360 rather than the Playstation 3. But boy were they wrong. I just hope more PS3 owners are aware of this situation on how Capcom think of them and speak with their wallet.

  • Just played the inFAMOUS (SINGLE PLAYER)(DEMO) and think I’ll be spending my money on that. Thanks for the videos though…lol.

  • Capcom what low score you gained in this one.

    please don’t try to sell us games that suck Bionic Commando rates between question.. why lose that many time on a game that suck instead of give us our what we want?

    frigging Dead Rising!

  • @129 BlooodyCow,

    Ya, you’re right: PSP =/= PS3. But so many people on this blog are up in arms with the “Capcom is unfair to Sony” that I failed to differentiate platforms.

    In all fairness, in my perspective, it wasn’t fair to include the SF4/RE5 fiasco as part of the whole “Capcom is unfair to Sony” because, in that example, Capcom was equally unfair to both next-gens. Lol. But ya, I agree in that it wasn’t a smart move for Capcom to show they care for their consumers.

    Anyway, to each their own. I respect you, and other people’s decisions to swear off Capcom. I on the other hand, enjoyed BC:R regardless of trophies. I also enjoyed MM9 (no trophies) and SF4. Not a huge fan with Resident Evil’s direction (it’s not really survival horror anymore, more than horror action game), but nonetheless. I’m sure we’ve voiced enough disdain that Capcom simply cannot ignore us.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’ll give’em the benefit of the doubt. If they try to do something like this again, it’ll only show they didn’t learn the first time, so only then I’ll show some discretion with my purchases.

  • @132 rysamson
    I could care less about all those games you mention and I don’t care about the trophy fiasco Capcom did with BC.

    I lost a little respect for them when the cancel Monster Hunter 3 for the PS3. But I understand that was a business decision. But I really hated them for delay DMC 4 for the PS3 because the Xbox 360 version wasn’t finish. But what really pushed more over the edge with them was DMC 4 the game. I could tell the direction they was headed in this generation and I wanted no part in support them for their laziness. DMC was such an incomplete game in every area. Just look at the level design alone. You basically play the same levels twice but with different characters and only introduce 2 new enemies with the two different characters.

  • @133 BlooodyCow

    With all this talk about MH3, I’m curious about the series now. I owned one of the very first PS2s, yet I never heard of this series until it resurfaced this gen. Where would be a good place to start, if I were to, you know, sample this series?

    And as far as DMC, I stopped caring well before 3 came out, and I do remember feeling a ‘wtf’ moment when I heard DMC was coming out for XBox. Again, business decision, but yeah.. your sentiments about that game echoes everything else I’ve heard/read, so I’m kinda glad I skipped that game.

  • @rysamson
    Well if you own a PSP you can download they demo of the new one on the PSN store. If you don’t own a PSP you can find it for the PS2 if you still have your PS2 or you PS3 is capable of playing PS2 games. Basically all of the games are very similar but extremely fun. This game would be perfect on a console such as the PS3 or Xbox 360 with online.

    As for DMC4 going to the xbox 360…meh
    I didn’t care because I also own an xbox 360.

  • i brought the game its great not regretting it.

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