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Hello again, folks.

Ben Judd Producer of Bionic Commando for my second installment here on the PlayStation Blog.

First off, let me say thanks for all your comments, both the good and the bad. I’m no fan of sugar-coating and whether you’re the type to forgive people for their mistakes or make sure they don’t ever make those type of mistakes again, it’s always good to be true to your feelings.

So Bionic Commando is finally out! Over two years of production, several 18 hour-long trips from Japan to Sweden and a lot of swinging. Working from Capcom Japan has really shown me the difference between Marketing, PR, and company policies between the East and the West. Sometimes trying to meet eye to eye was very difficult, but in the end, exchanging ideas and the occasional minor argument helped make the game better.

And that brings me to one of cooler things we have been able to do – some really great viral Bionic Commando videos. While they may not be for everyone, I think they turned out perfect, with the right amount of cheese and the right amount of, dare I say, awesome.

Fortunately, the good people in our US office have allowed me to debut the latest Bionic Commando viral video right here. Yes, I know it’s short, but some good work went into these pieces so hopefully it’ll get a solid laugh from you.

For those of you who aren’t on the cutting-edge of all the Bionic Commando news that’s fit to blog, the arm depicted in the video is the Japanese-created replica of the Bionic Arm. It weighs about five pounds and while I haven’t Trick or Treated for about 15 years, putting that sucker on just makes you feel like a kid again.

I want to say thanks again to all of you for sticking with the game and with all of us on the project. We’ve got a really great group of Bionic Commando fans on and, so if you pick up the game and are looking for some fellow swingers to share your stories with, they’re a great group of people. I frequent the forums on as well, so if you have any last-minute advice after this blog post has been buried beneath hundreds of others, feel free to speak your mind there.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride, but remember to keep on swingin’.


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  • Wooo Hoooo

  • danm im 2nd!ALmost had 1st but had to log in..:p

  • So did I :P
    Bionic Commando Rocks!

  • Back when BCR came out, I was 100% excited for this game. The prospects presented were great. Except its taken FAR too long for this game to come out, especially since the time taken has had no benefit given that the games gameplay is getting panned quite a lot, on top of everything else in the game.

    After the travesty that was the lies and secrets regarding BCR trophies, and the lack of ACTUAL Ps3 support from Capcom and its developers, this is a game I can’t support and I will be voting with my 60 dollars by not spending it on this game.

    Its a shame Ben that you let it get this far out of hand before stepping in and making up for John Diamonon’s missteps. Maybe in the future I will feel right for supporting a game you worked on, you seem to have a lot passion for your work.


  • oh well..guess i should write a real message..since im already on the top wanted to say that Bionic Commando looks great..but ima pick this up USED ..why u ask?..cuz its a multiplatfrom..they can suck all of the money from the’d rather get a great discount from craigslist..:p

  • Great, BC is finally out. Now you guys have time to add trophies to BC:R. Make it happen Ben, you know this needs to be done.

  • BC:R won’t have trophies, Capcom and Grin don’t care to support us very much.

    So I guess we can move on, my money is going to inFamous.

    Sorry. Next time support your games and we will support you.

  • lmao..”We’re getting new spread sheets.”…HIGH 5 ARMOFF!..”WAOH!!”..WATS REALLY FUNNY IS HOW U CAN TELL THAT THE GUY STILL HAS HIS ARM IN HIS SHIRT…:P short and sweet ..NICE JOB GUYS..

  • guys bC:R is over..focus on the NEW BC..which im guessing has TROPHIES..RIGHT? :P


  • You can’t just call a piece of advertising viral. You’ve made unusual videos for your game that you hope will become “viral”, but it takes acceptance, enthusiasm, and additional distribution by consumers to make marketing viral. This is just a series of silly videos advertising your game unless we decide it is worth sharing.

  • I agree with LokeSTL there’s no excuse now. I am also quite disappointed that there’s no demo, there’s people out there that would have liked a BC demo instead of a MVC2 demo. I understand that exclusive games are a necessity to drive sales for that particular console but when games are multiplatform and the demo is exclusive it’s like your backing that console and not the other.

    I think it was you Ben who once said either in an interview or your site that I use to frequent that when a game you worked on gets released you like to go to the store and check out who buys the game and what not, well I wonder how many sales your going to see from the other platform and how many you guys lost on this platform over a demo. I know some people think it’s just a demo but when you spend 60 dollars on a video game you want to make sure you get your pennies worth and a demo helps you do just that.

  • Unfortunatly, it’s like this No trophies – No buy, games without trophies should be REALLY good and the developers should at least keep their promises, this game look good, but unfortunatly the developers didn’t keep the promises they made, so no buy for me.

    Even concidering putting Capcom on my personal blacklist – same place IW has ended up with their treatment of the PS3 community.

    I raise my children to always keep the promises they make, there is no excuse for not doing it.


  • Ugh… typo correction “that you use to frequent”


    As soon as the call come I will n=know MY copy is at the store ready for me to pick it up. Seems like last night all G4tech tv could talk about was this game. I am so HAPPY today is here. I am going to spend this beautiful day outside inside playing this freaking amazing wonder of gaming technology!


  • Strange how a little team that made The Last Guy can go back and add trophies.

    Has Capcom decided to let us play the game first via demo before dropping our money?

  • Come on people, give up on BCR trophies.

    And let this be a lesson to you: until the game has the feature you want patched in, do not buy it.

    I didn’t buy Fallout 3 till it got its Trophy patch and fixes on the PS3, and I didn’t buy BCR despite the rave reviews. And this week I didn’t even buy it at five bucks. I have lots more Trophy-enhanced games I would rather play.

  • There sure is a lot of whining going on here… why SHOULD Capcom go out of their way for a group of people that consistently give them nothing but grief? If it isn’t the lack of trophy support in a game released quite a while before the system was introduced, it’s that the dev cycle for Bionic Commando took too long. And if it isn’t that, it’s something else.

    You are entitled to NOTHING, folks. And when you come on here and belittle the people that are out there making games for us to enjoy, it only highlights your own pettiness and immaturity, and shows just how little you all actually deserve.

  • @18, you realize Capcom gets greif because they don’t go out of their way…not the other way around.

    Capcom had always been a solid supporter of Ps2, one of the best. Their games were second to none.

    Now, Capcom doesn’t give a crap about Playstation 3, treats the fans like idiots, and underdelivers on every product they create because they’re eating out of the pockets of Microsoft. On top of that, Capcom likes to make people pay for content already on the disc they just bought. Capcom has more than earned the grief they get.

  • Thnx for the BCR discount last week :)

  • @18 …Well said..these gamers now and days need to grow up..back in my days it was all about how FUN the game is..not about what im gonna get if i do this or that. Trophies are just bragging rights. YOU CANT DO NOTHING WITH THEM.LOL. YES IS NEAT TO HAVE BUT SERIOUSLY..ITS NOT GOING TO REWARD U ON ANYTHING. SO PLEASE PS3 GAMERS..JUST ENJOY THE GAMES AND APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT DEVELOPERS ARE PUTTING THIER BEST EFFORTS IN MAKING A GREAT GAME FOR US TO PLAY! :)

  • OK we all know we will have to pay $5 to unlock something down the road that is currently on the disk. Would you mind tell us what that is so we wouldn’t be surprise when it is announce.

    Oh and where the hell is my Monster Hunter?

  • hey Ben aren’t you the voice for Phoenix Wright?

    i love that game LoL

    i HIGHLY doubt will we see on the Ps3???


  • @18 jqtaxpayer
    You say we give Capcom grief. Why shouldn’t we when they have been treating PS3 owners like crap this generation? Delaying Devil May Cry 4 for the PS3 so it can be release on the xbox 360 the same day.
    Giving PS3 owners a crappy port of Lost Planet only to give xbox 360 owners a better version a month later with addition contents.
    Saying they are going to give both Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 addition contents on the xbox 360 because those two series started on the xbox 360.
    OH and this is why I give them grief. Cancelling Monster Hunter for the PS3.

  • @21…


    For most I’d say this issue isn’t the trophies, it is the falseness of Capcom’s public persona when it comes to serving their customers. For instance, JD insulting their customers right here on this website is a little extreme. JD knowingly using words to obfuscate Capcom’s intentions is another problem.

  • @ 18 – jqtaxpayer

    I think you forget if it weren’t for us they’d have no job. We are the consumer and they try to please us in order for us to go out and spend our money on our games. They aren’t making games just for our enjoyment only, they are making it to get paid as well. It’s business nothing more. So as a consumer I will always voice my opinion whether they like it or not, it’s THEIR job to try and convince me their game is worth my hard earned money.

  • @ 18 – jqtaxpayer

    I think you forget if it weren’t for us they’d have no job. We are the consumer and they try to please us in order for us to go out and spend our money on their games. They aren’t making games just for our enjoyment only, they are making it to get paid as well. It’s business nothing more. So as a consumer I will always voice my opinion whether they like it or not, it’s THEIR job to try and convince me their game is worth my hard earned money.

  • No trophies in Bionic Commando Rearmed means -1 sale for you on this game.

    The promise of future trophies in BCR made me by the game on day one.

    you fail

    sur svensk.

  • Ah crap how did I double post, can someone delete post #26 please.

  • Hello Ben, look it’s nothing personal. The company you work for, has been putting out games that look good. Yet they want to charge us for everything, and we don’t even get our $ worth out the box. Times are hard and good games are few and far apart. Can the Ps3 get some love from developers and can we get a response. Thanx

  • @Ben: I am very upset with you & Capcom for producing such a lousy game as Bionic Commando. I played the multiplayer demo on my Xbox 360 and I’m very disappointed! The graphics were lousy and looked like a terrible last generation game. What were you guys at Capcom thinking?

  • @29

    No, your double post stays. You are now called Vengeful-Double-Poster..


  • @31…


    What is this strange thing you speak of?

  • 11 / Darkwend is spot on, if you want to mix in some buzzwords in your little PR story, make sure you know what it’s all about.
    This isn’t viral at all.

  • I have enjoyed the “viral” Bionic Commando videos, except I already saw that one last week.
    Bionic Commando was close to being a day-one purchase for me, but since the PS3 hasn’t gotten a demo, I have no idea how the transition to 3d has gone.

    Also, as a note to all people who ask about trophies – I am pretty sure that all games released from Jan 2009 on MUST have trophies in order to be released.

  • damn everyone in here seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed today! you should have been forwarned Ben these bloggers will eat you alive when they hold grudges from months ago it only builds up there anger. there are few things scarier than an angry gamer. whats wierd is taht they are spiting you for BC:R and that has nothing to do with the new BC. oh well i guess not every1 can be happy. good luck to you sir! on that note,


  • DevilsHunter2007

    i will not buy it


    support BC:R first !!

  • @…incorrect.

    See: Silent Hill Homecoming, 50 Cent: BotS, Afro Samurai etc…

  • wow… people are really lame. I personally won’t buy the game at launch, because its not one of those games I jump on at launch, but all you people’s values-laced reasons make me a little sick… Only supporting exclusive games and ignoring multiplatform games (especially from a company with the track record Capcom has) is lame. Buy the games you want to buy because you want to play them, don’t sit around making stupid “statements” about “making a stand” or “voting with your $60” or whatever. Most of all, cry more. seriously. cry. more.

  • The spite in lieu of BCR is well deserved. Considering its the same development team who made BCR and BC…its hard not to be spiteful. First they conned everyone into buying BCR for trophies and exclusive challenge rooms (which don’t exist), and promised that trophies would arrive by the time BC released (before that it was “soon after launch”) which at the time was November.

    So after being fooled once into buying an incomplete, flawed product, no one is going to feed on the bait Ben, John and all of Grin are dangling for BC. The game is going to flop on Ps3, and it is 100% their own fault.

  • Please go out and support the exclusive people! Capcom haven’t been that good to us Sony fans.


  • Like I said before, I’ll buy Bionic Commando when there’s a price drop.

  • The fans demand respect. This is the internet. We know what you are doing, and what your not doing. Can we get more original games from Capcom from now on?

  • @ 19

    Nice comment dude! I couldn’t say it any better myself.

  • Lotta hate going on here.

    I agree with NarcMonkey to a certain extent but I see were everyone else is coming from.

    Capcom has quite a few PS gamers upset and that doesn’t just happen for no reason. I don’t think I need to list the reasons, just read the previous posts.


    You commentors are all WACK! Trophies aww poor babies don’t got no trophies to brag about. The thing about this game is that in the original there weren’t trophies it was about GAMEPLAY and HAVING FUN. I’m sure there are alot of people out there like myself who will just ENJOY the game. I don’t care about trophies all that much. Only Socom because they are Hard to get. But I loced this game “Back In Tha Day” and I’m sure I’ll LOVE IT TODAY! Just go play the game out of it luh.

  • Hey Ben Judd,

    I think Lost Planet 2 lost it’s way to the PS3.

  • Once again, Capcom dediced to give the PS3 community the left over, like they did with they previous games. Therefore I will not be buying this, just like I did not buy RE5, Lost Planet and DMC4 on the PS3.


  • No demo, no buy, period.

  • Ben,

    In light of your reply to my comment in your previous post, I’ve changed my mind about purchasing the next-gen BC.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that you guys don’t feel too great about yourselves for what happened with the BC:R trophies. I also know that you guys at Capcom and GRIN are great developers, and great developers usually learn from thier mistakes.

    Anyway, like I said before, thanks for being honest about it, and I’m gonna pick up Bionic Commando tomorrow.

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