This Week in PlayStation Home: Resistance Space Unleashed, Game Launching Confirmed

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Whether you are a heroic Sentinel triggerman or a heartless Chimeran killing machine – it’s high time you log into SCEA’s PlayStation Home and join your fellow soldiers as we launch (pun intended) into the next phase of the platform’s evolution.

This Thursday, May 21st, the epic sci-fi shooter franchise Resistance comes blasting into Home with a dedicated game space featuring an awesome turret-style FPS mini-game, reward items, leaderboards and full-on game launching support.

Visit the space early in the day and use the “Four Barrels of Fury” mini-game to trigger your itchy finger. You will be awarded special virtual goods as you further hone your Chimeran ship blasting skills and a nearby global leaderboard will capture and display the highest scores. Then take advantage of your war-torn surroundings and meet up with fellow Resistance fans, old and new, and launch into either co-op or competitive multiplayer matches of the critically-acclaimed apocalyptic shooter, Resistance 2, developed by Insomniac Games.

On launch day, your favorite Community Managers (ahem!) will be on-site to battle with you, and the folks from Insomniac will be dropping in over time to do the same (like next Thursday, from 5:00-6:00pm PT). Best of all, we’ll be designating every Friday night from 6:00pm – 12:00am “Resistance 2: SRPA Siege” nights. We’re inviting you all to show up and contribute to the carnage, whether you are currently fighting the virus or happily succumbing to it.

See you in Home!

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  • Home is getting better and better with each passing week. Between all the new content and Xi I find myself visiting my Home at least once every other day to see if there is any new stuff to explore. Thank you and keep up the hard work.

  • This looks absolutely great, I hope EU gets it within the next few months.

  • My question is why it took so long and why we still have to wait for Home game launching from a game space at this rate unless there is a game a week it will take more time than the system has days left to get them launched in Home. Since game launching was touted as a main feature of Home at concept it seems that some egos are a little more inflated than they need to be and it could cause some interference in the force called Home…

  • Yet another reason that Home is showing growth through time. Tell the devs keep up the good work.

  • Awesome guys, thank you!!! :D

  • Sweet. Can’t wait!

  • I hope it wont be another one of those that you can’t launch because there are people in the way crowded around thanks to the target system.

  • looks like fun can’t wait.

  • The mini game in R2 space looks fun. I’ll give it a go.

    Locust_Star, I have a suggestion for home… you guys should create a massive Playstation Home theme park with a lot of roller coasters just like in Six Flags Magic Mountain here in Valencia California! That would be so fun. And maybe add a bunch of mini games like lazer tag, go karts, a shooting gallery, and more! ;)

  • What about SOCOM you scrubs. Announce something and dont even follow through. By the way, Home is SO boring. Nothing in there draws me into it. Who wants to go play bowling 100+ times????

    add some flare..
    – Currency system
    – Weather changes?
    – Free items??
    – Tv’s, Radios that stream live, Picture frames
    – MAKE IT FUN! your the DEV’s its your JOB!!

  • Awesome!!! I can’t wait.

  • @ whoelse

    I hear this a lot and it puzzles me. If you check out the on-screen display when targetting, you’ll see thst you can easily re-target with the d-pad left and right. Once you do that, it’s not hard to pick out what you need, even in a huge crowd. Now actually getting into the space you want (ahem…Siren?) is anoter story entirely…

  • If game launching was universal to all games. I’d actually use home to hang out. I only log into PS Home where there’s something new to see or check out. The mini games in PS Home is a real hassle to play. The waiting is annoying.

  • I take it this will only be available on the USA version of Home?

  • That looks pretty cool, but it’s completely different from the Resistance space that was showed at E3 last year. Was that one scrapped?

  • Better late than never. I may be playing R2 again now.

  • If this is the extent of the R2 update, I am very disappointed. I was hoping for some DLC for Coop not a Home mini-game. Superhuman is great, but some new areas would be awesome!

  • Where’s our trophy room?

  • Good stuff. Am I the only one that thinks it kinda looks like it is a Fallout 3 gamespace though?

  • Shouldn’t most first party Sony games feature game launching by now? Most of my friends don’t use Home anymore. They are disappointed there isn’t more game launching and would use it that way instead as social network it seems to be becoming. We also don’t use the Home forums much, we find it very childish and cliquish.

  • It’s been awhile since i’ve been into HOME but I will check it out.

  • @60

    Home is what you make it. If you’re a boring person, then you’ll think it’s a boring place. Part of the fun is interacting with others.

    As far as flare:
    – Currency system? Not sure how you want that to work.
    – Weather changes? I don’t find it fun hanging out with friends in the middle of a rain storm.
    – Free items? There’s plenty of free items, you just have to look.
    – Tv’, Radios that stream live, Picture frames? The Listen@home area has selectable music playlists. The live content request would be a huge licensing issue I’d imagine.

    There’s plenty of features they’re still working on that was demoed in the past. I believe displaying custom videos on your private home space TV was one of them.

  • sweet I love Resistance!!!

  • Great news.
    I’ve been addicted to Warhawk and Socom for quited some time.
    I missed the boat on the first resistance. I wish I didn’t cause my wifes sister has it. Her family uses and loves the split screen.
    So in turn i was turned off to the game(R2) when I heard there would be no local split screen. : (
    Any way Home Rules. I have been really enjoying the entire experience lately.
    I hope that apartment music, video and some sort of in home space vaio laptop internet portal are coming soon.
    Peace and War
    E-Co(Warhawk)+ MTV(Socom)= WAR

  • I bet you guys are pretty happy you finally released this space…

  • Locust Star can we get these updates a week in advance it? It would really help plus, I know you hate this, Eu Home is telling them a week in advance with TedTheDog.

  • one question ive had for awhile but never seen addressed is are we ever going to see public voice chat back in home public spaces? sure text chat is alright but it’d would really add to the experience if you were able to talk to people over voice chat in public spaces like you used to be able to and not just in your apartment. is this just technical issues being worked on? if so when can we expect the feature to come back? or is it just a feature that has been removed entirely?

    thanks i hope to see a reply

  • okay i just wanna say that game launching is ALWAYS a major major plus that should be included in every game, I personally think they should be required like trophies are but devs we really do love that feature and if you support us we’ll support you, Thanks for all your hard work.

  • going back to previous posts on home it looks like questions similar to mine in post 77 are ignored. could you guys respond to the issue with public voice chat in some fashion? being the the community managers i think everyone would appreciate it if you answered this question that alot of the community has. thanks

  • Yep mini games is what gets me in there….i just wish home was the main boot up program this way im in my pad straight away and can invite people over. chat and then play games, mind you the chat must carry across into the game.

  • @72…just have Vidzone work within home. Done.

  • YESSSS! Resistance 2 is the only title that I own that has Game launching since now! Also, Cyd will the virtual PSP make a return?

  • This is great Locust! Thanks for the improvements! HOME is growing more and more each month!

  • good home space but not game

  • SOOPERGOOMAN187 | May 20th, 2009 at 11:27 am
    Nice but where’s the Socom space that was advertised long before Resistance? Also no vouchers for Warhawk or Socom have yet to show up from the Ninja Day. Still waiting on that one…

    You weren’t a winner, duder. Now shut-up about it. ‘kay? ‘kay.

    @Locust: I really, really hope you guys get it through developers/whoever does the game-spaces mini-games heads that 5 people in an instance playing a mini-game for five minutes is downright STUPID and frustrating for Home users.

    Hopefully the siren space will FINALLY clear out to where it doesn’t take me ALL DAY to get into the game only to die within the first two minutes due to someone pushing my avatar into the enemy. *sigh*

    At least point them toward the EA Sports space that has more than enough Poker tables, or the Godfather space that is NOTHING BUT Poker tables.

  • :D – Yea now I can tlk to Admins :)

  • silverthehedgeh

    nice job on the gamespace what are the unlockable stuff that i can get

  • I’m very glad to see Resistance 2 finally getting its very own space in Home. I can’t wait to try out that mini-game and see how many aircraft I can shoot down.

    What kind of reward items will there be?

  • Finally, i love Resistance!

  • Also any hints on the prizes?

  • Great, thanks Locust_Star.

    Read about this on some other blogs, but since it’s here….I now know it’s official.

  • @33: Resistance 2 is NOT dead!!! I play both Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 and love both games. You are correct in stating that it is time that we got a Killzone space in Home.

  • Locust_Star.
    Is the SOCOM space in the works or is it scrapped?
    the SOCOM community (as well as Resistance) would love to have their own space in home =]

    • It is still in the works. We wouldn\’t have scrapped it! You will see this space in the near future.

  • very nice! cant wait to try it

    QUESTION about home

    Why cant i download the new home space? it says error each time i try to download it


  • Merchant_of_Doom

    if there is a resistance 2 game launching thing then there definately should be unreal tournament 3 game launching….again just a thought…but again seriously consider it….or else!

  • Awesome, I’ll go and see it tomorrow.

  • I’m full of requests today (more item space in the Home apartments, smaller #s in the Siren space) but can we also do away with the fact that I have to hold a button down to talk to someone I’m in a private conversation with? It’s terribly annoying to have to hold the trigger down, it’s easy to forget, and finally the lag with voice chat is atrocious. I appreciate having the feature, but it’s too hard to use and I find my friends and I will begin talking at the same time and abruptly stop to wait for the other one constantly because of the lag. It’s pretty much impossible to have a smooth conversation…

  • Very cool, thanks! Keep the content coming plz :)

    PS, the one playing in the video should really play more game. His aim is baaaaaadd…. ;)

  • cool =)

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