This Week in PlayStation Home: Resistance Space Unleashed, Game Launching Confirmed

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Whether you are a heroic Sentinel triggerman or a heartless Chimeran killing machine – it’s high time you log into SCEA’s PlayStation Home and join your fellow soldiers as we launch (pun intended) into the next phase of the platform’s evolution.

This Thursday, May 21st, the epic sci-fi shooter franchise Resistance comes blasting into Home with a dedicated game space featuring an awesome turret-style FPS mini-game, reward items, leaderboards and full-on game launching support.

Visit the space early in the day and use the “Four Barrels of Fury” mini-game to trigger your itchy finger. You will be awarded special virtual goods as you further hone your Chimeran ship blasting skills and a nearby global leaderboard will capture and display the highest scores. Then take advantage of your war-torn surroundings and meet up with fellow Resistance fans, old and new, and launch into either co-op or competitive multiplayer matches of the critically-acclaimed apocalyptic shooter, Resistance 2, developed by Insomniac Games.

On launch day, your favorite Community Managers (ahem!) will be on-site to battle with you, and the folks from Insomniac will be dropping in over time to do the same (like next Thursday, from 5:00-6:00pm PT). Best of all, we’ll be designating every Friday night from 6:00pm – 12:00am “Resistance 2: SRPA Siege” nights. We’re inviting you all to show up and contribute to the carnage, whether you are currently fighting the virus or happily succumbing to it.

See you in Home!

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  • Nice – Resistance space in Home! Can’t wait to check it out!

  • Awesome. Can’t wait.

  • game launching confirmed for all titles?? or all future titles? the resistance space has been kinda under the radar but im glad that its finally being released and with awesome content!


    • Game launching support in Home is on a title-by-title basis, but positive comments about the feature, such as your own, is what inspires devs to get on board. So keep \’em coming!

  • **DROOLS**


  • Great, this is awesome. You should add game launching for RFOM also ;)

  • Hurrayz! For my personal friends I don’t realy see the point in using the game launching thing when we could just go straight to the game, but this might be a good way to meet up with other people who want to play some.

    Anyway… I haven’t actually heard yet- is the first Full Moon Show (TOMORROW! :D) going to be video or audio? (I really do prefer audio since I can play a game while listening. And just put the thought out of your heads right now that looking at your faces induces vomiting. Pay no mind to the rumors or petitions.) XD XD XD

  • I always love new spaces, especially when they’re as fleshed out at this one.

    But is this not a little too late? R2 is dead and gone by the way side for the most part.


  • Gee, I can’t wait to wait on line some more after the Siren space!

    Please tell me you don’t have to wait on line to play. Make them like the mini games in Xi or the scavenger hunt in the RE5 space.

  • locust_star hey i got a ? my ? is when will we find out what all comes with the ps home update tomorrow besided these 2 cool things and also will we be able to watch e3 live in ps home? and will the trophy rooms come this yr> just wondering answer atleast one of my ?s

  • Will that framerate from the turret game remain constant in the live instance, with all of the others connected to the space?
    It looks great!

  • really cool Home space.. Next a Ratchet and Clank Space and a Killzone Home space plz…!!!!

  • Nice mini game.

  • I wish you guys would fix it so that anyone can play the games in Home with out them always being busy. You can never get on anything in Home because they are always occupied.

  • looks amazing! The good times just keep rollin. Its a great time to be a ps3 owner. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • Cool. Took long enough but I’m glad it finally here. Is this the DLC that was mentioned the other day? Hope not.

  • Probably not available in Europe though..

  • game launching will be good

  • Great, finally!!

  • Will you guys be adding multiple mini-games in the game space because I have yet to play the Siren: Blood Curse mini-game which some people hog all the time and even Guitar Hero. If so that will be great.

  • Cool but the game launching feature should be an option for all games, not just game specific home spaces. Like in the closed beta we could select any game on our ps3.

  • what time will the managers be in the space?

    A certain community manager(ahem!)owes me a resistance match ;)

    • We\’ll be in there for the majority of the day. We do have a few other odd tasks to attend to on Thursday, but we\’ll be spending every \”free\” moment we have blasting away with you guys. I mean, wouldn\’t you be playing Resistance 2 at work if you could get away with it?

  • Never saw this coming. Also what ever happend to music on my hard drive I can’t seem to play it in home. Wish I could listen to it at my pad!! :)

  • Neat but I wish R&D time and money went into things like:

    -Cross game voice chat.
    -Playstation 2 BC.
    -Trophies for epics like for Metal Gear Solid 4, and Valkyria Chronicles.
    -PSN titles like Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Cross.

    You know Sony? The things that EVERYONE wants? These Home updates are cool for like 10 minutes then no one touches them again.

  • I hope that more than 5 people can play this at once, or at least, it’s instanced. ;)

    At least now the Siren space will be clear.

    • Like all spaces, this will be instanced. We think you\’ll find it easier to access this mini-game than you might imagine…

  • Yay! I have been asking for R2 game launch support for a while now! :)
    Thanks IG and Home Dev Guys

  • Awesome, The COOP is fun stuff. Insomniac rules. Any news on a Killzone 2 space? Or Motorstorm PR space? All sony exlcusives should have one at launch.

  • Will the SCEE areas be getting this too, or will we be left behind as usual?

    And here’s to the return of a universal game launching tool ala closed beta!

  • How hard will it be to actually access the mini game and get to play? Most mini-games are a pain in the button to play.

  • awesome!

  • This is awesome and all, but sony and third parties really need to get these things out day to date with their release of hte game or I simply won’t care. R2 is understandable though.

  • Resistance 2 is so dead now who cares.

    Bring on the Killzone 2 home space.

    Flash and Thunder coming June 11!

  • Looks very neat and the game launching is a win, thanks Sony.

  • Interesting. I’ll be to busy that night playing the Red Faction Guerrilla Multiplayer Demo. Didn’t you guys film something at the RF:G SF Event last week?

  • @25 all that stuff you mentioned is a different division…..hell VC & MGS4 Trophies have to be done by the developers….i.e. Kojima & Sega…

    Home is Separate from any other entity….

  • 100% dopeness!

  • Omg! Best thing that ever happened in Home.. Now I can REALLY experience the FULL home, since I now have a game that can launch games from home! ;]
    AWESOME NEWS! Keep that home content & updates Coming Locust Star! =]

  • yes i love resistance cant wait to see whats in home.

  • @33 Ummmmmmmmm….R2 is FAR from Dead….its just as many people that play KZ2

  • We need game launching across as many games as possible post haste. Can we at least get it for 1st party titles like Motorstorm and WipEout?

  • SWEET! Been waiting for this!

  • Home is coming along very nicely ! It makes me a proud PS3 owner. thanks !

  • Please increase the object space in the personal areas. I’ve spent quite a bit on objects and I can’t arrange my spaces the way I want at all. I run out of space in my cabin apartment before I’ve even touched the second room, let alone the deck area. What’s the point of spending money in home when I can’t even fill the spaces I buy with the werchandise I’ve paid for? Why should a tiny action figure take up as much space as a couch? PLEASE GIVE US MORE ROOM!!!

  • Wow very nice!

  • heh… ummm, merchandise- not werchandise. :)

  • This is awesome. Four Barrels of Fantastic.

  • Also, please thin out the number of people in the Siren area’s instances. I’ve spent (wasted) about an hour and a half of my life trying to get into that game and it never happens. I wait patiently, tapping the X button on the counter, waiting for the PLAY icon to appear and hit it immediately, and I get nothing. Too many people! PLEASE fix this, I’m sick of wasting my time here!

  • it about time i was wait from this one from a lost time since closed beta i saw it in the 2nd home trailer it look 10x better and the item i cannot wait

  • Nice but where’s the Socom space that was advertised long before Resistance? Also no vouchers for Warhawk or Socom have yet to show up from the Ninja Day. Still waiting on that one…

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